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report | Apr 9, 2015


Study Design & Documentation The Pew Research Center’s Teen Relationship Study was funded, designed and analyzed by Center staff. Fieldwork was conducted by the GfK Group (GfK, formerly Knowledge Networks.) Specifically, the survey examined the attitudes of teenagers age 13 to 17 years old, as well as those of their parents, toward technology. The survey […]

report | Sep 3, 2015

The Whys and Hows of Generations Research

At the center of the Pew Research Center’s mission is a commitment to measuring public attitudes on key issues and documenting differences in attitudes between demographic and political groups. An individual’s age is one of the most common predictors of differences in attitudes and behaviors. On issues ranging from foreign affairs to social policy, age […]

report | Nov 12, 2014


In the wake of Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations of widespread government surveillance of Americans’ phone and email records, various news organizations have explored the idea that “privacy is dead.” At the same time, others have suggested that renewed public attention to the topic has meant that privacy is, in fact, “thriving online,” or at the […]

report | Oct 22, 2014


For all the benefits it bestows, the internet has a dark side. Recently, much attention has centered on online harassment. It is a phenomenon that can take a variety of forms: name-calling, trolling, doxing, open and escalating threats, vicious sexist, racist, and homophobic rants, attempts to shame others, and direct efforts to embarrass or humiliate […]

report | Sep 10, 2014

Younger Americans’ Reading Habits and Technology Use

Reading Habits Our previous research on younger Americans’ reading habits has shown that the youngest age groups are significantly more likely than older adults to read books, including print books; reading and research required for schoolwork contributes to this, along with a decline in overall reading rates for adults ages 65 and older. As a […]

report | Sep 10, 2014

Younger Americans’ Relationships with Public Libraries

Public library use Some 61% of Americans under age 30 have a library card, similar to the rate for the general population. Younger Americans’ rates of library usage are generally similar to that of older adults, and in the aggregate they are slightly more likely to have used a library in some form in the […]

report | Aug 22, 2013

Our latest research on teens and technology

We’ve published several new reports on teens (ages 12-17) and technology over the past few months, with lots of great findings based on our nationally representative surveys as well as insights from in-person focus groups.

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