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short read | Dec 13, 2022

Striking findings from 2022

Here’s a look back at the past year and some of its biggest news events through 15 of our most striking research findings.

report | Jul 11, 2022

Most Israelis Express Confidence in Biden, but His Ratings Are Down From Trump’s

As President Joe Biden embarks on his first visit to Israel as president, he does so against an amicable backdrop: A majority of adults in both Israel and the United States have favorable views of the other country and the current state of bilateral relations, though Americans’ views on Israel differ sharply by party and age.

report | Oct 7, 2020

Appendix: Grouping respondents by major news sources

The survey asked whether respondents use any of eight news sources as a major source, minor source or not a source for political and election news. (Responses for all eight sources are available here.) The sources identified as major sources were combined with the respondents’ partisanship to identify those who get news from only sources […]

report | Feb 22, 2021

1. About a quarter of Republicans, Democrats consistently turned only to news outlets whose audiences aligned with them politically in 2020

At the outset of the election year, a Pew Research Center study found Democrats and Republicans increasingly relied on two divergent media ecosystems. During the course of the presidential campaign, the Americans News Pathways project reexamined these news habits multiple times, with a particular focus on partisans who got more news from outlets with audiences […]

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