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How we estimated an election’s outcome before all the votes were counted, Huffington Post
How fed nominations have played out in Senate, The Wall Street Journal
What inferences can/ can’t be drawn from the “Republican shift”? Cultural Cognition Project
Poll: Support for legal marijuana soaring, with topline, CNN/ ORC International survey

Chart book: The war on poverty at 50, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Are older Americans “winning” the war on poverty? Urban Institute’s MetroTrends Blog
Economic confidence improved again in December, Gallup
Drivers of mortgage choices by risky borrowers, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Getting married makes female economists poorer, males richer, The Washington Post
Metropolitan area employment, November 2013, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Decline seen in consumer credit civil lawsuits, TRAC Syracuse
Euro area annual inflation down to 0.8%; Eurostat

Employment to fall for people under 55, rise for older groups, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Analyzing the labor market for college graduates, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Interactive: Top states for job creation in 2014, Pew Charitable Trusts

Science & Technology
Americans’ tech tastes change with times, Gallup

Medical debt among people with health insurance, Kaiser Family Foundation
Impact of Affordable Care Act on coverage of people with HIV, Kaiser Family Foundation
Medicaid: Use of claims data for provider payment rates, GAO
Detailed report delivers good news on health costs, but will it last? Kaiser Health News

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