April 14, 2015

6 facts about marijuana

Attitudes about marijuana have undergone a rapid shift in public opinion, paralleled by few other trends in the U.S. Our recent data, along with historical figures from Gallup and the General Social Survey, reveal how views have shifted about the drug over time. Our most recent survey, conducted in March 2015, finds that many more Americans now favor shifting the focus of the nation’s overall drug policy. Here are six key facts about public opinion and marijuana:

FT_15.04.14_marijuanaLegalization1Support for marijuana legalization is rapidly outpacing oppositionA slim majority (53%) of Americans say the drug should be made legal, compared with 44% who want it to be illegal. Opinions have changed drastically since 1969, when Gallup first asked the question and found that just 12% favored legalizing marijuana use. Much of the change in opinion has occurred over the past few years — support rose 11 points between 2010 and 2013 (although it has remained relatively unchanged since then). 

FT_15.04.14_marijuanaGeneration2Not all groups support legalization. Only about four-in-ten Republicans (39%) do. While most non-Hispanic whites and blacks say marijuana should be made legal, only 40% of Hispanics share that view. Among generations, 68% of Millennials say marijuana should be legal while only 29% of the Silent Generation (those 70 to 87) share that view. Baby Boomers, who were the most supportive generation in the 1970s before becoming opponents during the “Just Say No” 1980s, are now about as likely to favor (50%) as oppose (47%) legalization.

FT_15.04.14_marijuanaPublicUse_v23About seven-in-ten (69%) Americans believe alcohol is more harmful to a person’s health than marijuana while 15% pick marijuana as worse (14% say both or neither), according to a February 2014 Pew Research survey. If marijuana became as widely available as alcohol, 63% still believe alcohol would be more harmful to society.

4While support for legalizing marijuana has grown, 62% of Americans would be bothered if people did their smoking in public even if marijuana were legal. On the other hand, 57% say they would not be bothered if a store or business selling legal marijuana opened up in their neighborhood. And just 15% say they would be bothered if people used legal marijuana in their own homes.

5Nearly half (49%) of Americans say they have tried marijuana, and 12% in the past year, which the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health says is the most commonly used illicit drug in the U.S. The government survey showed that 18.9 million Americans 12 or older (7.3%) had used marijuana in the prior month.

Marijuana Laws in 50 States6Four states – Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska – and the District of Columbia have passed measures to legalize marijuana use, while an additional 14 states have decriminalized certain amounts of marijuana possession. Including those five locations, nearly half of U.S. states (23 plus D.C.) allow medical marijuana.

Note: An earlier version of this post was published in November 2014. It has been updated to include March 2015 survey data.

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  1. is a research analyst focusing on U.S. politics and policy at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous1 year ago

    I have schizophrenia and marijuana helps me out socially. I hear a lot of talk about marijuana causing psychosis but from personal experience that is untrue… personally beer causes me psychosis where weed does not. I don’t worry about doing stupid things when I am high on pot. When drunk on alcohol I have made poorer mistakes but I’m sure these things are the case for most people.

  2. Anonymous1 year ago

    I’ve seen the best actors, athletes, and etc use marijuana and I have seen 0 problems with it. It’s a bs of a crime and its proven but people some people don’t want to believe in it. It’s also proven that if you smoke it, the thc and cannibas helps regenerate lost blood cells and brain cells.

  3. Anonymous1 year ago

    This is anonymous,
    In regards to the propaganda in legalize recreational marijuana I’m for it. Why let’s make a list;
    Pro. Con.
    Medical benefits. More regulations
    Tax revenue. Costs more
    Available law enforcement. N/A
    Pleasant citizens. Less crime
    Young ppl vote. More voters
    Slows down criminal s. Faster arrests.
    Less cartel. N/A
    Economic boost. overpopulated
    Too accessible. Minor usage
    * I have seen first hand the benefits from this mislabeled so called drug. I’ve seen it help with depression,anxiety,suicide, and autism. It’s not a gateway anything. That term needs to be abolished. Too Judgemental. All things can be addictive. All people do something ilegal in one form or another. To calm down society and open up new opportunities for all citizens. Legalize the bud AMERICA. At least give us an illusion we can feel free!

  4. Anonymous1 year ago

    It amazes me how many Americans can’t enjoy this beautiful world without getting high. I appreciate all my senses working at top levels…nothing beats being “present.”

    1. Liberty Love1 year ago

      For some, cannabis helps make them more “present”.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Keep it private your not on top of it like you think you are.. I’m not against it but you let responsibilities slip..recreational nothing wrong. Chronic pain I get it. When that’s what you live for you’ve got a problem. Your not as smart as you think you are if your doing it 24/7.

      1. Jennifer Roemisch1 year ago

        you don’t know as much as you think you do, dont be judgy-you will always regret it live and let leve

  5. Sharon2 years ago

    I started reading on another site; a .org site no less and quit when I read what the author said about alcohol in comparison to marijuana. I do not smoke marijuana and probably never will legal or not, but come on. This author said that alcohol was easily metabolized, most people did not drink to get high (What? what planet do you live on). First, alcohol contains ethanol which leads to a host of health problems. (Ethanol is more or less fermented sugar,) and the liver is the only organ that can metabolize ethanol which is a toxin. (The article also stated that marijuana was a toxin. Also most people drink alcohol to get a high!The article also claims that alcohol is not addictive. Tell that to all the alcoholics out there. From what I understand of marijuana users, you are not left with a hangover either. Legalize it! I’m pissed about all the flagrant lies being published about it!!

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Native Americans like myself can hardly metabolize alcohol. hmm

  6. Christina2 years ago

    First and for most society needs to get educated before making any judgments. Lack of knowledge and education is our own ignorance as Americans.

    1. jake2 years ago

      … like spelling “first and foremost” as “first and for most”

  7. mitchy2 years ago

    I was getting stalara injections for psoriasis. This serious drug was $2000 per shot, four times a year. Each shot required blood work and a doctors visit and an annual test to make sure I could handle stalara. I found a cannibis extract in colorado for thirty-five dollars that eased the symptoms within the two days I got to use it. If I tried to bring it home I would have been guilty of smuggling .

  8. Damek2 years ago

    Cannabis legalization is a civil rights issue and needs to be addressed as such. It is natural for adult humans to enjoy alcohol, caffeine, and cannabis. Some prefer alcohol. Some prefer cannabis, or coffee. Different brains work differently. I personally don’t enjoy alcohol and don’t touch it. In fact, I see a lot of potential benefits to prohibiting alcohol due to it’s destructive effect on society and many individuals I’ve known. However I don’t believe in oppressing a whole segment of our society just because I feel differently about alcohol than they do. It is culturally valued by a large part of American society – what right do I have to keep it from them? As with alcohol, cannabis users make up a significant segment of American society. It is not a “fringe” group. Why therefore should anyone be persecuted for their preference to cannabis? Someone should be locked up just because their brains work differently than their neighbors? No. That is not right. That is against the very spirit of civil rights in this country. A gay person cannot be persecuted in this country just because their brain works differently than a straight person. That is-of course-good and just. Why should a cannabis user be persecuted just because their brain works differently than someone who drinks alcohol? Cannabis users deserve the same level of civil rights protection that any other demographic in America receives.

    Of course the case can easily be made, as to why cannabis deserves to be legal well before alcohol should be. But the conversation does not need to go there. This is America. We are supposed to be a free nation. The people want both cannabis and alcohol. And caffeine. And refined sugar. Let adults make our own decisions. We are a free people. Stop telling us we live in the land of the free – just give us our freedom back! Legalize cannabis.

    1. David2 years ago

      I really like the way you define and understand freedom. If you run for president, I will vote for you!

  9. Dr. Charles decan2 years ago

    These facts are ridiculous and are all just trying to ostracize the use of marijuana in the recreational use. What about medical use? Some people actually need this drug. It is no more harmful than alcohol, tobacco or any other legal drug substance.

    1. Anny2 years ago

      I smoke to control my Ptsd and bipolar, without it i am a wreck I can’t talk to people, I am constantly worried about everything, it gets so bad I want to curl up in a ball and cry, when I smoke I can get work done, I can exercise which helps my mood even more. I used alcohol for a while but it was horrible I would feel sick all the time. I tried actual shrink prescribed meds and ended up a zombie with liver and kidney problems, lithium is bad especially for kids. So now I smoke and I can sleep through the night without waking myself and my family up. Why am I a criminal for wanting to be Normal? I found something that helps me live my life the best I can without leaving me sick or at risk of organ failure. But yeah I am a criminal and I guess I’ll just stay that way.

      1. Jordyn Seefeldt2 years ago

        This comment made me incredibly happy. I’m so glad you were able to find something that worked for you!!

  10. Nateeeeee2 years ago

    Are we really this worried about it? i mean honestly, legal or not people are going to do it. Why would we continue to lock up OUR OWN CITIZENS just for some bud? People are so closed minded about this whole thing. almost half of all convicted felons are in prison for posession of marijuana. Its almost insulting to call this a free country at this point…

  11. Lee2 years ago

    This website should have a ‘vote up’ for the good comments.Going through the comments, its quite obvious that the legalization of cannabis is long overdue.

    1. Barb2 years ago

      I thank that marijuana should be leegalized

  12. Mona (not my real name)2 years ago

    People for recreational use of cannabis in these comments act like it does not have any disadvantages. A quick google search reveals much is still being researched. There is much unknown about cannabis, I don’t know why people are so rushed to legalize it or try it. It took years for scientists to figure out that tobacco was bad for you, so who knows what we will uncover about cannabis in the future? In the past, it was illegal to research it. Not only that, but in the time it has been legal to research it, much negative information has been discovered, regarding the brain, how it functions and develops over an extended period of time, and pregnant women who use it. I also must point out these people for the use of cannabis have very weak or use the same arguments all the time. “Alcohol has killed more people.” “It’s not a gateway drug, and you can’t get addicted. (both untrue).” “It JUST helps you relax” “It hasn’t killed anyone” (doesn’t mean it isn’t bad for you long term)

    1. Weed Head2 years ago

      Hmmm the fact that cigarettes have been “researched” as causing cancer has yet to be illegalized and discontinued. Do you know how many doctors and nurses go on smoke breaks, inhaling the very thing that was “researched” to kill people over time? Doesn’t that sound kind of odd how health professionals will tell you smoking cigarettes is wrong but at the same time, that person or a colleague smokes? Weed has been around for a long time but has yet been considered something that will kill us. Alcohol kills when people consume too much, decide they can drive home and kill themselves or innocents, or both! But these two death of users are still legal! And of course research has been done on weed, where have you gotten your research? Was medical marijuana given to sick patients without health professionals making sure smoking weed would help? You, of course, have never tried marijuana a day in your life but are so sure to know what effects it has on one’s body. Get over it, marijuana being legalized is here to stay! It’s fast growing and when the states finally wise up on how to tax users and dealers, they’ll shut up and approve it!

    2. Kaitlyn2 years ago

      The Culture High is a documentary providing a comprehensive analysis of both arguments for and against legalizing marijuana. It delves into the effects of legalizing weed and the current of effects of criminalizing it. If you have Netflix, it’s there. I agree that many people for legalizing marijuana use the same arguments, but The Culture High looks beyond those surface value thoughts using research and historical context. I highly recommend you watch it.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        I am a pre-med student, work a full-time job, and have smoked marijuana every single day for 3 years as a substitute for amphetamines. Having ADHD is a bitch, and I am very opposed to using prescription medication unless it is absolutely necessary. There is no research that has ever proven any detrimental effects. I have been on the dean’s list every semester since entering college, I am living proof that it doesn’t lower your IQ. In fact, I would say my intelligence has raised quite a bit since starting. Marijuana has given me the confidence to do things I never thought I could. It literally changed my entire life. Let’s get informed people. Legalize marijuana!

  13. gail2 years ago

    I have been around for awhile and have heard from honest veteran police that someone under canibis influence is a lot more driver friendly than someone under alcohol influence.
    I am wondering if the DEA is afraid of having to down size if it were made legal.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Spot on. You got it. Tha’s true.

  14. Ron T2 years ago

    We’ve heard all the hype about marijuana being a “gateway” drug yet where are the statistics proving this? If anything, alcohol and nicotine are by far gateway drugs and the most costly, dangerous, addictive and destructive (but don’t let those documented facts get in the way). If 49% of Americans say they have tried marijuana (that’s over 160 million people) then where are the hundreds of millions addicted to heroin, cocaine and all those other drugs that marijuana supposedly drove them to use? This is nothing but a crock of bravo sierra. The reality being there are certain individuals and populace with dependent and addictive personalities who do not know when to say no. The liberal solution is always to punish and take away the freedoms of everyone rather than treating specifically those with the real issues. Just like gangs, gang violence and shootings: You would deprive every law-abiding citizen of their protection thinking (falsely) that all criminals will magically and mystically come to the realization they must turn in all of their weapons. (even if you confiscated weapons from them, they can form makeshift firearms in a matter of a half hour!). Liberals are naive…

  15. Jason2 years ago

    For all the people in opposition to marijuana legalization, I truly hope you consider one hard fact. To vote against legalization is to vote against freedom of choice. In a society where our civil liberties are under constant attack, we should be fighting for this dearly held freedom, not begging our government to take it away from us. If you choose not to use marijuana, that’s your “choice”, but please do not give up that freedom to your government. Research the history of prohibition and the claims of dangers your government has expressed, and ask yourselves, why do government controlled studies conflict so much with unbiased independent research? Why is the pharmaceutical industry the largest lobbying opponent of marijuana, yet is obtaining patents and producing medicine from this plant? How can the federal government list marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance (“high probability of abuse and has no recognized medical value”) while awarding Big Pharma the rights to patent medicine from this plant? Why has our government suppressed the findings that were discovered in the 70’s about the research that showed this plant killing cancer cells? Do your own unbiased research, question what you’ve been told, and stop repeating the same propaganda rhetoric that has been disproven by modern science.

    1. Dory2 years ago

      If we have gone years with it being illigal its not being taken away from us it is not changing If you have the ability to get medicinal good luck to you but recreational is just bad what i say to you is your vote is the only one you should be worried about not others we all have many opinions yours is just another voice of thousands i hope you make a conscious decision on if thats what you really want aswell i know i dont want to see it smell it or know im driving with people who could be high or whatever the case may be

      1. Dugo2 years ago

        you sound like someone who also is against gay marriage.

        “I don’t want to see it or smell it”

        You think because you don’t like something, no one else should have the freedom to like it.

        Women were unable to vote for a long time. Would you have had the same mindset when they fought for suffrage? “Women couldn’t vote this whole time, why do they care to vote now?”

        America deserves well informed, well educated, and well mannered voters. This country needs to purge all of the biggots and prohibitionists.

        1. jimeast1232 years ago

          “America deserves well informed, well educated, and well mannered voters. This country needs to purge all of the biggots and prohibitionists.”

          Yes lets build camps for these people we’ll show tham how well mannered we are. lol

      2. Simplyblunt2 years ago

        You sound like such a hypocrite! Go have this talk to people voting yes on open carry, yes on having alcohol be legal, having cigarettes be legal which actually do cause hundreds maybe even thousands to be harmed even killed!

    2. Damon2 years ago

      I agree, alcohol has been proven to be worse for one’s health than marijuana. Marijuana should be treated the same as alcohol at least (21) or even as tobacco, which is also worse for you, (18). Definitely should be legalized medically everywhere, not even a debate. Also, recreational should be legalized, but definitely medical

    3. Luke2 years ago

      I respect you very much.

    4. Georage2 years ago

      Thank you for your obvious grip on this subject.

  16. Edgar2 years ago

    Dea holds there position that my medicine has no medicinal value yet the US has had the only patent for cannabiniods since 1999!
    To date in the US They release fake thc Marinol, approved Sativex which is derived from whole plants with cbd/thc for the American corporate monopoly to potentiality profit. But all you American citizens who want to grow natural organic medicine for free, you’re Not allowed because it holds no medicinal value. Are we not intelligent beings? How is this still going on?

  17. Donald R Stanley2 years ago

    Smoking anything is bad for you. Period.

    1. Quin2 years ago

      can you back that up in any way? That’s a pretty bold statement.

    2. Quin2 years ago

      And even IF it was harmful then why do non-supporters care? Does someone else smoking in their own home somehow effect you?

      1. Bigdaddy2 years ago

        Yes, it affects us all….. unless you have an unlimited supply of money to pay your own healthcare bills – (oh, that’s right, I’m probably paying for your healthcare, or should I say obamacare, anyway…) – then I and everyone else in this country that is a working stiff, paying our bills and our taxes have every right to question what everyone else is doing. The thing, most people tend not to pay any attention to is, when you keep getting the government involved, it actually becomes everyone’s business. I could give a rip what you or anyone else does to themselves, but when you get into my pocket book to pay for your bottles oxygen, lung transplants or any other medical needs because of something you did to yourself…… I have a problem with that. Wake up and smell the fresh air.

        1. shockedandentertained2 years ago

          If that’s the case bigdaddy, then why not petition your government to ban tobacco use. That is the drug causing most of “your” medical expenses. Comment logically not just to rant.

          1. TheDoc2 years ago

            Fast food and soda too

          2. Phadreus2 years ago

            One word. Prohibition. What did it accomplish? The Drug war has accomplished alot though. Taking away American citizens entire life for a plant. Anyone who thinks it should be illegal does not believe in freedom of choice and should lock themselves in their house. Because the times, they are a changing.

        2. Doctor2 years ago

          Have you ever even done research on marijuana? Don’t use all these bias statistics on the internet to state your argument. Alcohol and tobacco both are more harmful than marijuana. There has yet to be one confirmed case that marijuana has caused any deaths. Marijuana was made illegal in the U.S. as a money scam. It was used in most medicines up until 1937 when the National government began to cause controversy by feeding false information to the public. Also hemp which is also illegal is good for clothing, foods, paper, building and can be mass reproduced at a much quicker rate as well as it being a stronger fiber than anything we use today. The reason for it being illegal in the first place was the same reason the cure for certain cancers hasn’t been released. The big businesses in the U.S. wouldn’t be profiting like they do now because of the material being inexpensive for the public. So do some research physically (trying marijuana) and mentally before you degrade a plant. Most of our population is failing to see what’s in front of them and would rather believe the media.
          “Real eyes realize real lies” -Tupac

        3. Anonymous1 year ago

          Big daddy! You know where your taxes are going? #1 Military #2 CORPORATE SUBSIDIES WAY > then 1% too well fair

    3. Jason2 years ago

      First of all, there are other ways of consuming this healing plant besides smoking. Second, there has been extensive research done on this topic that has revealed that marijuana smokers have no increased risk of developing lung cancer, and some studies showing a slight decrease from that of their non-smoking counterparts. Injestion of marijuana, however, has displayed a more powerful healing effect. Countless unbiased studies have proven that cannabis kills cancer cells, but you probably wouldn’t credit these findings because they’re not endorsed by your trusty government and Big Pharma. Pull your head out of the sand and do your own research, but then again, your government is counting on the fact that you won’t.

      1. Sharon2 years ago

        Love this post!!!

    4. Leslie Powell2 years ago

      It does not have to be smoked! They are extracting the THC and putting it into edibles. So if you think it has to be smoked you are wrong!!!

    5. jimeast1232 years ago

      What about vaping?

  18. Jack2 years ago

    I am 16 and believe it should be legalized. It’s a victimless crime that too many people go to jail for. Its a very petty crime and the consequences are ridiculous. Legalize it, tax it, and make a hefty profit, and then use that money for education. It stimulates the economy and will help people who suffer with medical conditions that cause pain and nausea. I have been occasionally smoking marijuana for a few months and I managed to achieve all A’s, 12th in my class of 465(so far), and two 5s on AP tests this year. I don’t believe what I was told in DARE in elementary school and the lies must stop. Education on the drug must be non bias.

    1. Brad2 years ago

      My friend, I identify with your comment so much. When I was a senior in high school, I was a state runner for cross country (my school was one of the best in state too so that’s a hard spot to get), a tri-athlete, I was in all accelerated classes with almost all straight A’s except calculus, released an album with my band, and I was one of the most well liked students in the whole school by my teachers and coaches. I was smoking weed on an almost daily basis and constantly advocated for the legalization. It’s not a problem drug, it’s a hobby.

    2. grimacingtomato2 years ago

      Thank you.

  19. Christian Carlini2 years ago

    I am 16, and live in New York. I’ve smoked pot since 7th grade and don’t regret trying it. Obviously, I am a firm believer in the movement towards legalization. I smoked pot almost everyday and it does not affect me in anyway possible. I believe it made me a better person in all reality. I know some of you people are going to say I have bad parenting or something stupid like that because I smoke marijuana at a young age. Just know that I am taking college coarses at the age of 16 and am in advanced placement classes. I have a job currently and in high school. I am a 94 average student overall. Marijuana made me a better student. If you’ve used pot in the past you know it’s just stupid marijuana is illegal. It is completely harmless, the only thing I am considered a ‘threat’ to is food. I don’t go mad and start to want to eat people’s faces off. I just wanna chill out and enjoy myself when I’m smoking weed. I consider it a social thing just like going out with your friends and having a few drinks. I have no desire even trying crack, heroin, or meth. Like come on, if you really think there’s any sort of correlation between marijuana and the use of harder drugs you are listening to nonsense and things made up because of the war on drugs. People that are ignorant or have no knowlege of Marijuana believe that nonsense. Anyone with any sort of common sense knows Marijuana is not that big bad drug that is poisoning our society. Funny, because it does the opposite and there is textual evidence. If you don’t believe me just go on the Internet and type in ‘marijuana benefits’ and it will tell all the benefits of marijuana you can handle. It’s a harmless plant that we don’t know even half of the good it could do to the world medicinal purposes and industrial wise. It could be the next gas that we put in our car. The plant has the potential to end the abuse of pain killers, help patients who are suffering from cancer or to be honest, anything. This plant has the potential to change the world but we’re too busy deciding whether it should be legal or not. This has happend exactly with alcohol in the prohibition era, and what happened to alcohol? Exactly, but the United States is too dumb to realize there just doing the same thing they did 100 years ago. Now, I don’t even care if it goes legal tomorrow or never. To be honest I’m going to smoke weed legal or illegal. Just legalize it and use some of the money towards school this time not making some nukes to blow up other countries. We have enough nukes. Thanks. #Legalize

    1. Anonymous2 years ago

      Good job dude… Love,peace,happiness…. 420

    2. Stan2 years ago

      Has anyone close to you commented on personality changes? Are you able to motivate to play sports, do schoolwork and think about college? These are just examples and hopefully you get the gist

      1. Quin2 years ago

        I know people who smoke weed and do fine in school. And there are plenty of athletic people who do. Just because sometimes certain people who smoke weed are lazy and don’t think about their futures doesn’t mean that weed is the cause of that behavior. It has more to do with someones personality. As it is now, it’s illegal so when people want to get it they have to be all sketchy about it. So a lot of the time it’s the kind of people who would break the law anyway that get the most attention from the public which is why it’s been made out to be this terrible thing that only the drug addicted scourge of the earth partake in. But that’s not true. There’s other people-good people who aren’t causing any problems and just want to smoke every now and then.

      2. anon2 years ago

        I smoke, on a daily basis, I’m flying through school, and have been holding the same job for over a year. I’m 17, a senior in high school, and marijuana, literally helps me focus. I have severe ADHD and depression, which marijuana actually helps a lot; For the ones who say it’s dangerous, and it makes you lazy, unmotivated, you’re just uneducated living off the lies of your tyrannic government. Open your eyes and see, that cigarettes and alcohol should be illegal if they were really ‘concerned’ about your health. Just saying.

    3. Lisa Hernandez2 years ago

      Do you have a job

    4. George2 years ago

      Hear..Hear! Good job

  20. eddie2 years ago

    either the government needs to re-lax their laws on it ,,or let the people in TEXAS VOTE ON IT!!!!!!

  21. Cary2 years ago

    Jeanette you may want to proof read your post I believe you meant to say ” marijuana should be LEGAL for 25 and older” (not trying to be a smart a$$)
    I agree a lot with your post but disagree on the age I think the laws should copy alcohol, thank you for your support.
    One day we will all be enlightened on the truth to marijuana and its benifits, bless that day.
    I’m a non smoker non drinker but I’ve seen first hand how this plant can save lives.

  22. Logan Seymore2 years ago

    Shame on you Boomers who’ve drunk the Kool Aid.

    1. jimeast1232 years ago

      Did we do something shameful besides drinking kool aid?

  23. Jeanette Canida2 years ago

    Marijuana should only be illegal for individuals 25 and older. I have researched and find out that the brain does not fully develop until around 25. Therefore, any toxins such a smoke from marijuana, alcohol, or any other drug can be harmful to the grey matter in the brain. Also, statistics have proven high school children who use marijuana are at a higher risk to make lower grades or drop out. As well as college students. I’m a advocate for legalizing marijuana however, it should not be used until 25 years of age.

    1. Frank2 years ago

      White matter’s more useful for you anyway. Connected memories are better than more of them.

  24. Lama Rema2 years ago

    I am Papua New Guinean and would like to say that, marijuana is affecting most of the young children who are the potential future leaders of this beautiful nation. Currently marijuana use is illegal but many young people are using it maybe because our laws are not strong to arrest and prosecute those who use marijuana

    1. Pueblo Potter2 years ago

      Here in America we are learning that prosecuting people for using a harmless drug is a waste of valuable resources. Marijuana is almost completely harmless, that is a fact.

      If you need to research the plant, or need a place to produce your state regulated crop you might want to contact healersfarm.com. I understand they are building cannabis research facilities in Colorado.

      1. Dexter2 years ago

        Stop spreading lies. Go to scholar.google.com It FOR A FACT lowers your IQ, and diminishes ability to plan and use data to think. I am not making this up based on an article in a liberal news source, this is the scientific fact. Not a single doctor or report is in existence that supports your claim.

        1. Exile2 years ago

          It is true that heavy use of marijuana worsens short term memory and critical thinking skills so long as the individual does not continue regular puzzle solving practices. However, criminalization only allows this drug to remain on the black market and remain within easy reach for an overwhelming majority of the youth in our country. Legalize it, regulate it, and only then will you protect people. Prohibition taught us this lesson decades ago with alcohol, yet we keep beating that tired old drum like it actually works. All going against the majority does is stuff money into the pockets of criminals and puts the vulnerable members of our society at even greater risk. By putting them in prison, fining them, confiscating all their property, or forcing them to go to pushers for something that is subsequently less harmful than the other products those individuals want you hooked on. From a societal, medical, and financial standpoint, there is no good reason not to legalize it outright.

        2. MsRepresented2 years ago

          Actually, alcohol has been found to lower IQ points. You are misinformed, marijuana has not been found to lower the IQ. When it is finally legal a lot of people are going to be extremely surprised to find that well educated & high achieving people have been partaking of MJ for years, they simply couldn’t publicly admit it. Of all the supposed reasons for keeping this immoral prohibition going on in this country, I’ve not yet found even one that was a good enough reason to justify prohibiting people from exercising their freedom to enjoy this helpful plant. Right now there are over two dozen people incarcerated for life simply for nonviolent marijuana crimes. Over half of all arrests in this country are for marijuana, leaving less than half of arrests for all other crimes combined. The injustice is outrageous. Nonviolent people are condemned to our prisons for decades, while pedophiles & rapists get slaps on the wrists. This is an enormous cost to our country & it is also an enormous sin to do this to so many Americans. You people who want to keep it illegal should be ashamed of yourselves. You really should. Shame on you.

          1. jimeast1232 years ago

            First off let me say I’m for totally legalization for people over 21 and am an occasional user.
            How can anyone who’s ever used pot not think it can affect your ability to think or function. How can anyone think it’s not habit forming.

    2. Thryptamine2 years ago

      Yeah, people should be free to do what ever it is they want as long as they aren’t harming themselves or others around them instead of being prosecuted by people with your mentality that have plans to live your lives a different way, no one tells you how to live your life, don’t tell others how they should either specially if ALL they are doing is consuming a plant of mother nature that’s been around much much longer than what civilization and society is now a days.

  25. Stranger2 years ago

    Over 242,200 emergency room visited in the United state involed with marihuana!!!!!

    1. hannah2 years ago

      You people are crazy. Marijuana is harmless. I’ve watched my father be an alcoholic my entire life and its ruined his life as well as my childhood. But that can be legal, right? Idiots. Me and my boyfriend smoke weed everyday after work. All we do is smoke eat good food and relax. Why wouldn’t something so beautiful that grows within the earth be legal? Does anybody not understand how insane that sounds? Weed takes you to parts of your mind and you can expand your mind and you can self evaluate and become a better person. Not only that, but there are people who need marijuana. Marijuana has changed life and made me realize so many things about the world. And I think it’s silly how something could be illegal. I’m from Texas btw. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!! 🙂

      1. person2 years ago

        Really I guess it affects everyone different. Every time I tried it (a lot) I would have a panic attack and could not control myself

        1. Dr.Schröder2 years ago

          You must have used the cannabis at a high dosage. Try a lower dose next time, even if you’re buying for medical purposes or recreational.
          Sincerely, Dr. Schröder.

        2. Don Thomason2 years ago

          Read my post, today on facebook………..If you want some good news……. The strains you have tried are probably too strong for you! Try a strain that has a lower THC count, and stop smoking when you have had enough

      2. Jeralynn Malline2 years ago

        You don’t need marijuana unless you have an extreme medical disorder that your body is in terrible conditions. People love to fry their brain cells and that’s not why marijuana is here. It was used as medicine before it was known as an illegal drug people used to feel high! It is supposed to be for medical reasons and nothing else so, to everyone who smokes marijuana for no reason you’re not being wise. Stop. Think. And puit down your “joint” we all should just find health. Stop being ignorant bastards and leave the marijuana to medical use! WHO’S WITH ME!?

        1. Thryptamine2 years ago

          What makes you think you are a superior human being that can just tell others how to live their lives? No one is telling you how you should live and marijuana fyi is less dangerous than driving a car, and frying your brain cells, have you done some actual research about that or are you just repeating something you heard from someone who you probably at this point can’t even recall, oh btw want to talk about frying brain cells, take alcohol for example, meh you decide to just drink a bit and hey fuck it you decide to drive because you think it will be fine, then from being drunk you crash killing yourself as well as someone else who was driving, not only did you “fry” your own brain cells but you killed another human being that had nothing to do with it, and wait a minute alcohol is legal, you ever think about that?

          1. MsRepresented2 years ago

            You are absolutely right. Alcohol does, in fact, destroy brain cells & lower the IQ. I’ve noticed that quite often the most vehement hatred of pot smokers comes from alcoholics. I just ask them “how much do you drink? Because you do drink a lot, don’t you?” They generally clam up then because they know it is true. They often just want someone to look down on. I don’t dislike those who do drink alcohol, but I don’t care to be around a bunch of drunk people really because many times they are dangerous & obnoxious. This doesn’t happen with pot. Neither do hangovers, because it is not a poison like alcohol!

        2. Sarah Rama2 years ago

          i fully agree with you Thyptamine

        3. MsRepresented2 years ago

          Jeralynn Malline, Marijuana does NOT destroy brain cells. In fact, research is now indicating that it helps create new brain cells. It may help delay the onset Alzheimers in fact, so I’m really excited about that because I have loved ones who it might help… if it is legalized, because they would need to smoke it before they develop Alzhiemers. Alcohol does lower the IQ & destroy brain cells, by the way. Another thing great about marijuana is that it is now officially known to inhibit the growth of cancer. Do some research about this if you doubt this. Smokers who smoke tobacco without smoking marijuana at all actually have higher rates of lung cancer too. That would likely be why. So, you know what? A lot of us would like to be able to use marijuana to prevent developing certain illnesses & we should have that right. These people are so right when they tell you that you have no right to dictate such decisions for other people. Shame on you. You would rather see good people arrested & put in prison for years over something so petty. Shame on you & all others who want to continue this awful business of keeping people from this helpful plant. I really doubt you realize the damage that you & others like have done & continue to do, but it is time to stop it. Millions of lives are at stake and have been ruined because of this ridiculous prohibition of a plant. Shame on all of you.

      3. Thryptamine2 years ago

        right on, i’m with you 100%!!!

      4. Sarah Rama2 years ago

        i am 100% agree with you Hannah

    2. Stranger danger2 years ago

      Yet no ones ever died as a direct result of use….

    3. anon2 years ago

      Wherever you made this number up, it’s completely wrong. You are completely ignorant, get your facts straight before you try to participate in a debate. Thank you. +

  26. William Lee2 years ago

    first off alcohol and this is according to the papers published by the CDC, and the NIH has no , repeat NO benefits what so ever, and causes 50,000 deaths each year from MVCs, another 50,000 deaths caused by medical problems associated to alcohol abuse, also 13% of the U.S. Population is addicted to alcohol. Of those who use marijuana only 3% become habituated to its use, the difference between addiction and habituation is that habituation does not the adverse problems seen with trying to quit its use unlike alcohol where people sometimes die during tempting cessation of its use. Secondly the benefits of marijuana are as follows, it works in relieving seizures not treated by the usual medication regimens . Also it has shown benefits with neurological problems such as Parkinson’s , neurological injuries respond to use of thc as far as rejuvenation of certain nerves. I worked at a FDA research center during the seventies and early eighties which did studies on hypertension and aggression and both showed effectiveness at doses low enough to use with effecting daily function. Our government has known of these studies for forty years yet they do nothing, I presume it’s because the pharmaceutical companies pressuring the government to not allow its change in narcotic status,of marijuana. I also spent the last 25+ years as an ER nurse and have seen the problems associated with alcohol use, I also am familiar with the effects of both alcohol and marijuana on people and marijuana has virtually no side effects from the use of pot. As a person in the medical field and having done research on both I have no problem with the use of pot recreationally with those over 18 years of age, nor would I have a problem with the CBDs in use on children under 18 years of age.m

    1. Thryptamine2 years ago

      kudos brother, agree 100% and it’s people educated like yourself and I who really see the bigger picture and reality as a whole clearly and don’t just repeat/believe everything we hear, experience is key to understanding something when it doesn’t harm you.

  27. William2 years ago

    i worked at a FDA research center in the late seventies and early eighties where we did research on the effectiveness of marijuana on hypertension, which worked at doses low enough to allow for Dailey activities without without effecting them. The same results were seen on the study to decrease agitation and aggression.

  28. Bryant carter2 years ago

    weed is one of the things God gave us is a plant I would let my kids smoke once they’re older thin 19

    1. Cjmacintosh2 years ago

      God also gave us cocaine so will you want your kids using it also ! ,
      It is always funny to me when an article that posts something negative about Marijuana–even ones from research from top Universities–that you STILL will have people dismiss it.

      They will think of EVERYTHING—and make up something that they think in their mind dismisses facts. It is truly unbelievable. We on the left think that only the right dismisses facts and scientific evidence.

      I have always been someone who respects science, I can identify solid, accurate studies and research. A study is solid through and through and has been backed by multiple centers with a large number of patients and reviewed by peers before publication. You cannot dismiss that as bogus.

      The Internet’s being manipulated by ones who are going to profit Billions of dollars from legalization marijuana !

      If it has medical properties like everybody says , why do we have marijuana dispensaries with some corn rolled hippy selling it ! it needs to in the hands of doctors , pharmacies , hospitals only , because I do believe it does help some small children (only) about 20-30% with seizures from the videos and from what I read from parents with children that are having seizures . The rest use conventional medicine ,

      1. Jason2 years ago

        Your greatest strength as being one who adheres strongly to the ways of science and its principles of discovering or being able to ascertain certain truths and falsehoods in the universe should be to discover something for yourself.

        Marijuana or Cannabis has many benefits to offer our local communities and society at large but like anything else we, or those entrusted, need to measure the potential harmful benefits.

        If you do RESEARCH you will very easily be able to gather data, innumerable data, suggesting that many people over experience the wonderful healing benefits and of cannabaceae.

        Many people are living in the old paradigm of life and are either unable or unwilling to shift their point of view to match the predominating reality of the age.

      2. Thryptamine2 years ago

        The sad reality is that you’re not for one second in a position to decide anything for anyone but yourself, don’t believe in smoking marijuana, great for you but the reality is that matters like these and basically any, all have one underlying similarity and that’s $ and lot’s of it, besides god didn’t give us cocaine, we manufactured it in a lab and it comes from the coca leaf but that’s besides the point.

  29. chris2 years ago

    bre weed isant good for you if you do it day in day out. every other day with good diet and excercise. weed really isant a problem.

  30. marie2 years ago

    If alcohol is legal marijuana should be too honestly.

    1. Logan2 years ago


    2. Cjmacintosh2 years ago

      Right , how american doing with Alcohol , let’s just add another vice !

      1. Thryptamine2 years ago

        your adding nothing, it’s already there, been there and will be there.

  31. Ronald Deziel2 years ago

    I wish you would survey people to see if they appreciate the difference between legalization and decriminalization; to see if people would support decriminalization over legalization, or decriminalization as well as legalization. Legalization does not automatically include decriminalization.

  32. Temogo2 years ago

    smoke is dangerous to you health aspecially when you are still young lets be aware guys

    1. Kevin Silva2 years ago

      and lets also be aware that alcohol can give u brain damage and can lead you to death so what do you mean by being “aware”

  33. Dallas Duff2 years ago

    A few points to consider in your arguments…

    1. marijuana is not hard to get. Anyone who wants it can get it already.
    2. Most users of hard drugs likely started with marijuana because it so much more widely accessible with about half of the population having tried it and is much more sociable than other drugs.
    3. Just because most users of cocaine started with weed doesn’t mean that most people who smoke weed go on to cocaine. In fact the statistics show this is overwhelmingly not the case.
    4. Even more than weed, hard drug users admit to first drinking alcohol.
    5. It’s logical that a certain percentage of people who are into getting high will try different kinds of highs. It doesn’t mean marijuana is a causal agent in people doing harder drugs. If we didn’t have marijuana it would just be something else for those who are wanting to get a high. It’s simply the first high for most people because you’re more likely to come in contact with it and at an early.

  34. Van W. Cottom2 years ago

    I am not a user, but have no problem with others as long as control and taxation is in place. Just like with alcohol, controls as to quantity and quality. I do believe Genesis 1:30 includes marijuana.

    1. Cjmacintosh2 years ago

      But if your experiment live and let live with marijuana turns out to be wrong and my taxes have to foot the bill for your medical bills the rest of your life like were doing with cigarettes ! What you thought was Your rights are now my problem !

      1. Matt2 years ago

        Cjmacintosh, are you paying for someone’s medical bill for being hospitalized for marijuana? You need to tell someone because people are saying that nobody has ever been hospitalized for marijuana. I paid for my mothers hospital bill for consuming too much junk food but never for marijuana.

  35. Ronald Larsen2 years ago

    Major changes take place over time, like eating an elephant one bite at a time. I believe legalizing marijuana is just a first step to legalizing other drugs. Approximately 85% of illegal drug users started with marijuana. Where do we go from here; stoners at work, that will be fun. How about every other car driver being a stoner. Driving DUI will become one more excuse why people will not take responsibility for their lives.

    1. Average Joe2 years ago

      “I believe legalizing marijuana is just a first step to legalizing other drugs.”

      Not necessarily, Marijuana will be legalized based on it’s medical applications and the lack of physical addiction [mental addiction is still prevalent, just not as much as other drugs. You can get addicted to donuts too]. Also Marijuana is not harmful physically, other drugs are.

      “Approximately 85% of illegal drug users started with marijuana.”

      Great statistic, I’m just not sure the prevalence of it. Is it implying, 85% of [hard] illegal drug users started with Marijuana? If so, this is implying Marijuana is a gateway drug.

      Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Prohibition is the only gateway aspect of Marijuana. If I go pick some bud up from a dealer and he is slinging LSD/Coke, he may offer me LSD/Coke. If Marijuana was legal, the guy behind the counter at the dispensary is not going to offer me LSD/Coke. So prohibition is the reason Marijuana is considered a Gateway drug.

      Or is it implying 85% of [all] drug users start with Marijuana? If so, this doesn’t mean anything, because the majority of drug users smoke Marijuana, meaning I might have smoked pot first [because it is easier to find], but I may not ever do any other drug. If it is implying this then it is a useless statistic.

      “Where do we go from here; stoners at work, that will be fun.”
      This is a lack of education and research on your part, sorry if that is offensive. The term stoner implies a lazy person. If you know anything about Marijuana, you would know there are 2 [main] types of Marijuana: Sativa and Indica. Indica is the strain you would smoke at night or on your day off when you plan to relax. It is Indica that gives the “lazy” feeling, because Indica is meant for night time, not morning. Sativa is the strain that energizes the user. In many cases [depending on the specific strain], Sativa can be compared to coffee. It makes the user more motivated, energetic and alert. It also makes the user happier, which in turn equals less stress [boy could we all do without stress].

      The problem with “stoners at work” is prohibition. With prohibition the Government decided to assume no one would smoke [wrong]. What the Government should have done [and should do now/when Marijuana is legalized] is educate citizens on the types of Marijuana. An educated user is not going to smoke the Indica strain prior to working. He/She would understand the downsides of this. The lack of Marijuana education is the main problem with the “stereotypical stoner”.

      “Driving DUI will become one more excuse why people will not take responsibility for their lives.”
      Millions of Americans drink, they do not all drive. This problem can be fixed with strict regulations on driving under the influence. Educating the users on Marijuana will prevent many respectable people from getting behind the wheel.

      My Point: Prohibition is the reason Marijuana has negative effects on the users and those around them.

      My Question: Why can a citizen in Colorado smoke recreation Marijuana when I cannot? Am I not a citizen too, am I not created equal as the user in Colorado?

      Stop the violence, stop the corruption, bring happiness. Legalize Marijuana.

      How does me smoking Marijuana in my home harm others?

      The Constitution states that all citizens are entitled to their Unalienable Rights. Unalienable Rights are rights given by the Creator, these rights cannot be taken by man.
      They include, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      Well I’ve been smoking Marijuana since I was 12 [I’m a Junior in college (3.5 GPA :O of man pot kills your brain)]. Marijuana is a large part of my life, I use Marijuana for spiritual purposes, to reduce stress and anxiety, to increase my awareness and more importantly for happiness.

      Prohibition on Marijuana is a direct violation of every citizen’s rights. Prohibition makes me feel less of a human. I cannot be myself, I feel trapped, I feel like property. Man is [trying] to take away ALL 3 Unalienable Rights by prohibiting Marijuana.

      Life, because I’ve smoked Marijuana for almost half of my life. Without Marijuana I would have succumb to the depression placed upon me by society. Marijuana is my life.

      Liberty, because innocent men and women are placed in prison. For what? Smoking a plant. “Oh, that’s okay though, they were a burden to society.” Many held respectable jobs before their conviction. They supported their family, they smoked and were happy. We imprison millions of people yearly, because they are happy.

      Pursuit of Happiness, because lets be frank, Marijuana brings happiness to the smoker. Personally I’ve smoked for 8 years, I’ve been happy every single day I’ve smoked Marijuana. My Pursuit of Happiness is to simply be able to smoke a flower.

      Stop the unnecessary funding for the War on Drugs [which was declared by a President that was impeached].

      Change the world, 1 vote at a time.

      1. Thryptamine2 years ago

        I honestly could not agree more with what you said and i’m really happy to see that i’m not the only one who shares my point of view exactly on marijuana, kudos to you and i’m sad not to have someone like you around because i’m sure we would get along magnificently! Take it easy and stay true 🙂

  36. William Mattingly2 years ago

    I was a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 1955 to 1973, when we became the Drug Enforcement Adm. (DEA). I retired from DEA in 1975. I worked in Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, Pittsburgh, and L.A. I served as Agent in charge in Nashville and Pittsburgh, and as Group Supervisor in L.A. I’ve spoken with hundreds of heroin addicts and every one told me that he/she started not on heroin but on marihuana. They all stated that they started on pot; became curious about the high that heroin may give them; then went on to try and later become addicted to heroin. Not a one heroin junkie started on heroin alone. This legalization of marihuana will lead to the further decline of the USA IMHO.

    1. Vicki2 years ago

      I am the Coroner in a community of approx. 33,000, mostly rural farm, but accessible to a major city within 25 minutes drive ……99% of the families that have lost loved ones to overdoses will state marijuana was the start, leading to addiction down the road…poly pharmacy and/or heroin.
      We are kidding ourselves as to the long term consequences of legalizing marijuana for medical/ recreational use. Marijuana is and has been in pill form to dispense for medical purposes…….. It’s ALL about the money folks!

      1. Patrick2 years ago

        Well let be entirely honest here. The real gateway to drugs is prebuilt into American society and it is pushed on us from as early on in our lives as it can possibly be. Oh you have a cough dring this. Your running a fever take this pill. Can’t get a boner, not a people person or here is something else we made up in order to sell this medication we researched but found no use for. The absolute best part is the side effects range from nothing we have found to death. What the hell is the FDA approving for human consumption anyways?

      2. MsRepresented2 years ago

        Oh my goodness. You two are are quite the pair. Do you two think people are not already smoking marijuana? Do you realize that by keeping illegal that people are forced to go to dealers to buy it & thus might be exposed to other illegal substances? Do you realize that alcohol is the #1 gateway drug, if there is such a thing? I lived in FL in the 80s and can absolutely tell you that alcohol and cocaine go together like peanut butter & jelly. I saw so many lives ruined & so many die because of cocaine then that I was never tempted to even try it. But, then again, I don’t drink alcohol at all either. It is absolutely absurd for you two, who are supposedly intelligent professionals, to support keeping a natural plant with mild effects illegal because someone might try heroin later. That is some of the most ridiculous reefer madness propaganda that I have ever come across. Millions of people are missing out on the benefits of this helpful plant because of unjust laws against using it. Millions of people are being persecuted, arrested & locked in prison for decades because of this injustice. I can appreciate your concern for people regarding heroin, which is a horrible drug. But how dare anyone profess to have the right to arrest & incarcerate people for this just because some other people used bad judgement & got addicted to heroin. Arresting people for what they might do in the future? Does that seem like freedom or justice to you two? It certainly doesn’t to me. It is almost unbelievable that intelligent people could be so clueless, but it is not amusing at all. Not when this sort of irrational thinking is used to persecute people, incarcerate people & deny people the right to something that may help them with their health in so many ways.

    2. Charles Bradley Quillen2 years ago

      What is the role of the federal government? Is it to protect the rights of the people to liberty and self rule? Or is it to rule the people, regardless of whether they agree with or consent to that rule? It is becoming clear that Americans are slowly turning their backs on the drug war. If the public does not want it to continue, and the government continues to impose it…well, that is not democracy, that is tyranny. This drug war hasn’t controlled drug use or availability, and it has generated gang warfare on a scale many times that of alcohol prohibition. It’s a failure, and it’s time to try something different. BTW, your anecdote about IV drug users starting with marijuana means nothing. Correlation is not causation. That pot smokers invariably progress to injection drug use is ludicrous. I know many highly educated, functional, intelligent professionals who have smoked cannabis for years. OUR LAST TWO PRESIDENTS ADMITTED A HISTORY OF MARIJUANA USE. Given this, how is continuing the drug war anything more than the height of hypocrisy? How in the hell would locking these people up in cages provide a benefit to anyone who is not employed by the drug war industry? What the legalization of marijuana will lead to is a society where people are locked in cages for imaginary crimes.

    3. RyanR2 years ago

      William, with all do respect, that is why there is now the majority of people advocating for its legalization- because people are figuring out how untrue your statement is and how baseless and non factual it is. I don’t smoke marijuana at all but if alcohol is legal, so should be this plant. Let’s just be consistent in all of this. Alcohol will continue to kill 1000 times the amount that weed, coke, and heroin ever will. Also, the bulk of DEA agents push paper around and don’t peer into the circumstances in real time. Are you saying that every heroin addict you came across, you looked into their personal history and found they smoked marijuana?? Is this even a real study?? Lol. Highly doubtful I would bet…

    4. Anonymous2 years ago

      Ask any one of them whether they drank water before starting their heroin use, and their answer will be the same. Can we not in the same sense reason that water is a gateway drug, a substance which leads to heroin use?

  37. Keith Trawick2 years ago

    I am unsure of the effect “stoned driving” would have on public safety. If this was mentioned in the current article, I missed it.

  38. Cheech2 years ago

    The first fact is just so redundant it is almost not even worth mentioning. Let’s see, if the rate of people who support one of two options is going up, there is no way the other one could be traveling in the inverse direction! Seriously this is a fact posted by Pew? Come on, step it up.

    And for those trolls who will say there is a third option to be indifferent, yes I understand. However that population never seems to be larger than 8% of the total survey across the whole graph so with it remaining relatively constant, the rates of the other two should be just next to dead on inverses.

  39. Seniors MMJ Network2 years ago

    Thank you for conducting the research and offering it in an easily digestible format. We work with Seniors and yes, there does appear to be a fading stigma to medical marijuana consumption but there are indeed generational differences.

  40. Jourdon2 years ago

    They need to legal marijuana it helps people it will decrease drug dealers and other drugs if we can get it legal then we won’t have a drug dealer offering and introduceing other drugs it is safer than alcohol and cigs we need to stand up to them and get it legalized for LA and every other state in USA but I can’t do it alone

  41. Dave2 years ago

    The debate doesn’t matter because regardless of any pending or published data which is available its all about justification. So if one want’s to legalize Delta 9 Tetra Hydra Canabanol (THC),then one will justify it. So words like “mind altering substance” and psychoactive are really irrelevant nuisance words. Enjoy!!

    1. Jim2 years ago

      Well Dave, you probably used a “mind altering drug” today.
      Did you enjoy your coffee/coke/energy drink ? Why ?

  42. jomi2 years ago

    I think weed is great. but I live in south Carolina and I really really really think it should be legalized here …

  43. John Melrose2 years ago

    The numbers are rising and as people get better informed they (#s) will continue to grow. We are waking up. Research is revealing new truths and at the same time revealing lies. Why were we sold the “reefer madness” line when it could only have been known to be a lie? Money? Yes. Control? Yes. So much harder to control those who don’t necessarily buy into the established “truths” created by those who seek to control.

  44. seth2 years ago

    people need it because it can help them survive threw stuff

  45. jemmy2 years ago

    pot is bad for you

    1. teresa2 years ago

      it helps more then it kills

      1. ayden2 years ago

        Yeah but how many do it, or steal it or even kill for it? No drug is good to use without being used for medical use and even then it can still be abused.

  46. Cooler3 years ago

    I Think it should be because alcohol is more deadly

  47. Rob3 years ago

    Smoked all through college, had over a 3.0 GPA at a Top 100 University. Now that I am out of school I still smoke everyday and still manage to workout, work 60+ hours each week, am learning Arabic, and still find time to volunteer. What do you Prohibitionists do with your time?

    1. Katie3 years ago

      I support decriminalization of marijuana, but unless you have a bachelor’s in Engineering, Rob, a 3.0 GPA at the undergrad level isn’t very good, unless you attended Reed College, Swarthmore, or University of Chicago.

      So you’re kind of hurting the cause if you think a 3.0 at a Top 100 is meaningful. You probably could have done better.

      1. Adam2 years ago

        You’re kind of pathetic if you believe that getting all B’s in college isn’t an accomplishment. And if this is the only argument you have against the legalization of cannabis and don’t know the facts such as Colorado gaining over 40 million in tax revenue within the first five months of legalization, then you need to highly consider doing some research. You would also find that crime rate went down significantly in Colorado; So why not legalize? Care to retort?

      2. Jay and Silent Bob2 years ago

        Uhhhm Katie, He said he had over (>) a 3.0. 3.0 is B. So he was a high-B student. No Pun Intended. Which is good. Better than most students. And college is college wherever you go, it is going to require responsibilities and a workload of school work. Just because someone goes to UChicago does not make them brighter or smarter than someone who goes to a state funded school. It is what you make of those college experiences and what you do after that counts. Plus, GPA only measures test taking skills and ability to memorize material. If someone gets a 2.2 GPA that does not mean they can’t sing, draw, create, or inspire others. Just as if someone gets a 3.9 GPA does not mean they are going to solve world hunger and obesity. Considering Rob today volunteers, works a lot of hours, is making time for learning a new skill (Arabic) and still smokes – he probably had a similar lifestyle in college. Clubs, co and extra curricular activities, community service, sports, whatever it may be. So that on top of a 3.0+ is fairly impressive. You go Rob. And you too Katie. You both Rock. I am so high right now. But I love you both. Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

    2. Deb2 years ago

      I guess you are one of the super lucky people who can. Unfortunately I have seen the other side of it w people I know and care about . I have seen the effects of tired, no motovation for life, work, nothing!!! I really think it all depends on your brain chemistry. And of couse what kind if weed you are smoking. I know people who feel they need it for anxieties but when it makes you dead to the world nothing matters.
      I have very mixed feelings. I am a cancer survivor and have seen where it has helped many people. I also think it is great they have made the Liquid form with the new Pot Charlottes ? It is the one that helps children with seizures. I guess with any med, drug people are affected differently and it just depends on the individual whether they can handle it or not.

      1. bing2 years ago

        The people u speak of r weak minded with no work ethic that’s all pampered and looking for an excuse . I no many people business owners teachers cops american soilders we all smoke pot. I’m fifty feet in n the air hanging off a board everyday I make 80k and I smoke everyday twenty years and counting get some!

      2. Rick2 years ago

        “Dead to the world”? There are those who would disagree with you:

        “…a drug which helps produce the serenity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”

        “The cannabis experience has greatly improved my appreciation for art, a subject I had never much appreciated before.”

        “Cannabis brings us to an awareness that we spend a lifetime being trained to overlook and forget and put out of our minds.”

        -Carl Sagan-

        Contrary to your assertion, cannabis actually opens you to the world.

        The problem is that many people attribute their own psychological demons and shortcomings to the cannabis experience. Someone that is lazy while using cannabis, was probably lazy before they began to use it.

      3. Anonymous2 years ago

        My thoughts exactly…
        People with no self control will abuse it, just like alcohol, prescription drugs and food!

    3. kl2 years ago

      Rob, I agree and a 3.0 is good..especially when they tell you it destroys your short term memory, etc. I finished my graduate degree with a 3.8 and have partaken for over 40+ years. It is good for pain and anxiety and much better for your body than alcohol. and, with the sa remark above, what did they do? It is funny, but with all of the information available, only humans would allow something that would save millions of lives if legal. food for thought!

    4. john eicher2 years ago

      I had a 4.0 GPA at a top school because I never messed with marijuana. I work 80 hrs a week. You could be at my level if you stopped this drug. Drug use is a weakness.

      1. Bill2 years ago

        Funny, because I work 78 hours a week and I have graduated from Harvard with a 3.5 GPA. I smoke just about every week and I am as fine as can be.

  48. Johnny Walker3 years ago

    People against Marijuana completely baffle me. Those who say its the fault of the “young” generation, read this!…. First of all, it was your generation who nearly destroyed our country. Second, if you would educate yourself you wouldn`t have the need to make such a conjecture filled presentation. This country is hypocritical. It`s perfectly ok to allow cigarettes, THE number ONE killer in our world today, and Alcohol, THE number TWO killer, to be legal whilst simultaneously cleaning the blood and guts from the interstate and the tax payers paying the bill. AND while nearly 78% of americans are currently using or have used those prescription drugs that they so easily hand out by the bucket loads you stand and point your dirty little finger at WHO!?! Get it straight, Marijuana is a gift from GOD. It needs no processing, nor additives. You simply take dirt and water and there you have a flower that has been PROVEN …OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to HELP mankind. To CURE CANCER, to DEFEAT HUNDREDS of illnesses. A substance that has not ONE single death on its score sheet and you point at the new generation and place blame on the ones who have FINALLY stopped the lies and FINALLY stood up to those billionaire pharmaceutical companies???!!! Please God help these people see that this gift is EXACTLY what we need. Make the poison alcohol and killer cigarettes illegal if you want to do something with even an ounce of logic. But don`t cry cry cry to us, the ones who have had enough of the BS. Enough of being told what is and isnt good. Cannibus IS GOOD. Anyone who thinks differently IS BAD…..or just plain stupid

    1. Yamina Ahderom2 years ago

      May I redirect you to this website?


      Personally, I do not believe in the use of marijuana, but I do believe in its legalization. People use it anyway, the imprisonment rate is biased towards non whites, even though it’s use is about the same throughout all races, and cigarettes and alcohol are both legal.

      1. Matt2 years ago

        Actually, I would like to address that list of 8 reasons why pot is bad.
        1. 1 in 10 will develop a dependence. (Really? Another way of saying this is that when people do something they like, they do it again)
        2. Driving while high will double risk of car crash (That is incorrect. The Washington Post just had an article Feb 9 that the National Highway Safety Administration found that drivers who tested positive for pot were no more likely to get into a crash than others that had not consumed pot. Weird but true.)
        3. Teenagers who regularly smoke pot are twice as likely to drop out (It is more accurate to say that it is more likely that teenagers that drop out are more likely to consume mind altering substances.)
        4. Chronic use of pot as a teenager increases future cognitive impairment (Chronic use of anything that alters your mind, including alcohol, when your brain is developing will cause impairment. Moderation of most things by people old enough to know better….)
        5. Regular smokers have double the risk of developing mental disorders, like schizophrenia (It is more accurate to say that people that have mental disorders are drawn to substances that lower anxiety.)
        6. Marijuana smokers are more likely to develop chronic bronchitis (this is true but is moot for people that user vaporizers or edibles)
        7. Those that smoke pot will end up using harder drugs (It is more factual to say that people that go on to use harder drugs have also smoked pot)
        8. A strong link exists between smoking pot and the future development of cardiovascular disease (That article is in WebMD and the title is “Pot smoking MAY pose heart dangers, study SUGGESTS but some believe the study is FLAWED”)

        Why are people reaching so hard for this?

  49. stoner3 years ago

    I have been smoking for 28 yrs no health problems at all. Loving it!!! I think I might move to Colorado.

    1. G3 years ago

      and you should

  50. MarilouDJIQ3 years ago

    And that commitment is really what is blu electronic tobacco cigarette. Their products or services have been in cigarettes tend to be prohibited from bars and restaurants without reprisal.

  51. HelenaGlasheen3 years ago

    It reduces fats and carb absorption, reduces urge for food, stimulates the metabolism promoting fats burning and offers you extra vitality. It’s conceivable to accomplish this objective the conventional path moreover through an equalized eating methodology and exercise. With more time now passed, those rates would be even higher as obesity is still on the rise.

  52. jerry3 years ago

    Funny everyone against cigarettes and smoking in general but another drug introduced legal another problem of accidents dui ect, the fall of the US . lot harder to tell if person high than drunk . Small group pushing for compared to 300million . Watch the decline of students added delinquency of society.

    1. Disgusted3 years ago

      You are so correct on that always finding reasons to give the majority the demented recreation they want…like if they don’t have enough problems ..legalized this garbage and they will certainly reap what they sow..only problem is us who are innocent will also pay the price….no matter how you put it ..it is a drug that people don’t need at all…but people want to be high and that is not the natural way to live…

      1. You’re stupid3 years ago

        Do you even know why Cannabis was made illegal?

        Do your research and you will knock yourself out facepalming.

        Watch Sanjay Gupta’s 2 documentaries on it as well.

        YOU ARE WRONG. We have been duped by our Government, this is fact.

    2. Derp3 years ago

      People who use Cannabis daily normalize on it, and can drive absolutely normal. It’s non-toxic and does not impair those who use it everyday.

      1. Deb2 years ago

        Ha ha! Unfortunately not ever human being is alike! , so this might go for you but definitely not everyone.

        1. Dave2 years ago

          Some people can drink a 6 pack and function normal , others get drunk on 1 beer
          So what is your point ?

    3. doug j3 years ago

      You do realize that since legalisation in Colorado accidents have gone down a lot. Pot doesn’t intoxicate like alcohol. People can control themselves, I even go to work after I smoke and no one can tell the difference between me and an employee who doesn’t smoke. You just aren’t educated on this issue.

  53. Vicki Enyart3 years ago

    For the past 34-years I have dedicated myself as a teacher/coach/administrator in public education. When did we decide in this country that children have the knowledge and wisdom to make decisions that will “haunt” them the rest of their lives. Are we such cowards as the older generation to set limits on the “unknown”? It appears so. We justify our approach to accountability and the bottom dollar line. Our country, and thank God I lived in a time it was valued, was built upon the principles that one’s own personal hard work and effort yields success in life. It appears now that our “adult leadership” decisions are to simply find the quickest and easiest way to pacify the voices of children so we don’t have to deal with them. I now spend at least one day a week sitting in Juvenile Court testifying to the system on how a child that doesn’t come to school, doesn’t do his/her homework, chooses not to try, can be helped. We’ve incorrectly juxtaposed “high expectations” with “anything goes tolerance”. Based upon my 34-years of experience, how in the world can we keep our “children” safe in our public schools when we keep lowering our laws. Truth be told, we can’t. We have multiple students fail the random drug testing we do every time we test. What will it be like 5-years from now. For every one student who can handle the risk, there are 10 who can’t. In 6th grade my nephew was introduced to marijuana. His MS and HS years were spent dealing with the law, in and out of juvenile, completely destroyed his family with the financial expenses. Two years ago, he owed the dealers so much money that he chose to hang himself in his closet with his own belt. Was his life so worthless that we couldn’t set higher standards for him? It appears so. Short of running for office on a platform of “Let’s Stop Being Politically Correct and Get Back To Right and Wrong” I’m at a loss as what to do as an American! God Help This Country!

    1. Derek3 years ago

      Just because your nephew had a negative experience with weed it doesn’t make it wrong. You’re just taking your feelings out on weed because your nephew killed himself. That sucks, but it doesn’t make weed dangerous. I smoked all through high school and consistently had great grade and now am going to college. Don’t be so quick to judge, not all stoners are criminals. Weed will be legalize nation wide soon enough, so you better come to accept it.

      1. Against smoking weed2 years ago

        But are we ALL mad??? If weed would not caused any mental retardation or mental disability or illness would be already legal!!!! People are confusing the plant with smoking the plant!! I met ppl who smoke weed and the aSy they talk .. They just fucked up! Weed caused pressing , hateful thinking and lots of effects! different ! White society want to suck black society again! If will be legalized will be only so much money for them and more problems! Smoking weed DO cause problems and we need to recognize it! The oil of the plant is different ! Ppl are comparing weed with alchool ! Are you normal? Are both bad for health in different ways! And if they legalise weed we’ll be for the same reason as alchool make money on “poor” people ! And poor is not workout money is poor inside!

        1. Mom of2 years ago

          YES, you are so right!
          Everyone thinks because some people can smoke it and be sane then all people can, WRONG!
          People have to remember we are all different individuals w different brain chemistry. I have seen the same moody behavior, nasty, irresponsible, they turn into strangers.a different person.

    2. Scott3 years ago

      My son has phase syndrome and is seeing 5 different specialist and a family doctor. They all agree this medication with pot . Everything I heard from those who used this medication had nothing but good things to say about it . Show to be safer than others medication and compare it to alcohol it’s better, and how many life was ruined when that was illegal.

      1. Sexy Beast2 years ago

        Smoke weed every day!!!!!!

    3. Shawn Perry3 years ago

      Vicki your way of thinking is very narrow minded. You probably know nothing about any of the laws that have been created the last hundred years. For you to call yourself a teacher shows why American youth have become less educated in America. Teachers only know what their taught to know and guess what we been fiddling with America’s education for decades now and it clearly shows. You know nothing of why Marijuana is Illegal so here you go I will show you a place to get real knowledge that was documented by the government. Go to this website which will tell you everything you need to know ozarkia.net/bill/pot/blunderof37…

    4. Kenneth Braddock3 years ago

      Vicki, your nephew’s problems were caused by the laws against cannabis.

      1) Family finances destroyed by paying lawyers to defend him.
      2) Dealers in the shadows who are just like Al Capone.
      3) Imaginary line crossed by those who smoke pot equals guilt and criminal identity.

      When cannabis is legal these problems are gone.

      1. CR Liberty3 years ago

        Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could. -William F Buckley Jr

      2. Against smoking weed2 years ago

        If the nephew would not been interested in weed at all ! There would not be s problem !

    5. Nana3 years ago

      Vicky Thank you so much for this post! I agreed with every line you said! People just think for themselves and try to make out a good reason for find an excuse to valid their point. I;m not saying all in favor are potheads, but still you touched something important: people are losing principles and values, while alcohol cigars and now dealing with marihuana (recreative) children are being more exposed since is easy to find., In Colorado children are getting to ER from consuming edible marihuana, they confuse it with candies and more students are being introduced to pot. Another article I read was about a husband killed his wife under marihuana effects…I come from a country that is famous for cultivate the best marihuana and cocaine all over the world, I remember in my childhood house we used top have a bottle with marihuana’s leaves mixed with isoprophyl and this would be applied over the skin to heal any body aches, muscles tenderness. Marihuana became from a medicinal plant to become a cigar and that’s what I say that people are using this plant for misunderstood purposes. Marihuana should be approved for medical purposes only like cocaine.

    6. George3 years ago

      I have recently retired after a very successful career, and I am a 40 year daily user.
      My mind is clear, my body healthy, my moods are good, my doctor is happy with my 23 body mass index. Let me tell you, I know from personal experience it should be legalized. My family sister and brother who consume alcohol, have the big bellies to show for it. They have the fat around their organs from alcohol etc.
      People who have not used it and are ignorant as to its effects should simply try it before deciding. People typically let their egos get in the way and will not deal with their prejudices. That’s why change comes with generational changes, where no ego is invested and minds can be open. I love the push for liberty and legalization, it is way overdue.

      1. stoner3 years ago

        I’m with you buddy. 28 yrs and going

      2. concerned mom2 years ago

        How old were you when you started. I am for legalization and education. IMy 19 year old daughter started using at 15 and still uses. I believe is has caused damage to her memory. There is a lot of research that demonstrates it causes brain damage in teens. I deeply deeply regret I didn’t catch this earlier and do more to intervene. I worry about her everyday.

      3. Ronnie Graham2 years ago

        There is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana I have been smoking weed and hash since I was 11 years old graduated highschool honors program and went on to be a great man.

    7. Bubbles3 years ago

      You are wrong.

    8. KW3 years ago

      I wish you had to walk in my shoes. Is it better to treat chronic pain patients with opiates in your mind?

    9. Deb2 years ago


    10. Matthew Chertos2 years ago

      Its not a fair to generalize on the evidence of a few. Once a week is only 52 people. /milllions is an astronomically small percentage. There are responsible and irresponsible people why should we all be punished and discriminated against for the acts of a few. The truth is to many people wanna be zealous for a cause.

    11. Matt2 years ago

      Vicky, you wrote long comments about not letting children make their own decisions but who was suggesting we let children consume marijuana? Is this different than alcohol?
      BTW, nobody has ever told me why people that fight marijuana legalization don’t fight for alcohol prohibition. Can someone at least attempt to answer a justification for this?
      Truthfully, Im curious because I have no idea what the answer could possibly be that didn’t contain contradictions.

  54. Sj3 years ago

    I think that it can positive effects for medical purposes but also has lots of negative effects to me it’s their choice not mine

  55. Mac Hoban3 years ago

    How can people still believe cannabis is dangerous? I have watched several friends stay baked every day for forty years, they are none the worse for it. Millions of people have had this experience. As for it leading to harder drugs, well if we force our kids to go to organized crime when they buy their weed, it’s hardly surprising if organized crime manages to recruit some of them into criminal behavior of one kind or another. No one hates legal weed more than your local dealer, it’s a disaster for them.

  56. nth3 years ago

    William. I’m also against marijuana.But leme pick ur brain. Back Iin 2008 my sister was diagnosed with epilepsy she would have 3-5 grandmal seizures every day. She tried all the pill form medications they ddidn’t work. A doctor threw out the idea of marijuana. My sister was completly against the idea. In 2010, 2 years after that doctor recomendation she had no other options. She then said she will try it for 7days. 3 times a day. The first day didn’t look promising. But on day 3 of 7 she didn’t have one seizure. And for the last 4 days she only had 1 seizure. So plz don’t say there’s nothing positive about marijuana. As of today she is still using medical and hasent had a seizure in 1and a half years. So if u want to say there’s nothing positive about marijuana that’s ur opnion. But answer this. Tell me something positive about alcohol. Not trying to start anything because like I said I’m fully aginst marijuana use

  57. William Mattingly3 years ago

    Why don’t you ask me? I was a DEA Agent for 20 years; never saw any benefits in the use of the stuff; can only cause more auto accidents; more hard drug use. These druggies have fallen for George Sorros’ con, that’s all. Poor ole USA! Yes, I’m a retired Agent; yes, i,m a retired Korean War Veteran. So, take your chops.

    1. brandon3 years ago

      Your a “druggie” if you consume coffee, soda, or anything with caffeine. Also if you take prescription drugs. Most prescription drugs are worse for you mentally and your health than a lot of illegal drugs. As for marijuana being a “gateway” drug, you need to understand its a choice to do anything. I have used marijuana, and support the legalization of it. I pay my taxes and work just as hard as the next man. I am not a criminal, and I engage in activities to support my community. I’m sure you drink at least occasionally, but I will not stoop to assume you beat your children or wife if you have them. Everything you do is a choice, I do not care what goes on behind the doors of your home. And neither should you mine.

    2. Zak3 years ago

      My opinion is how can you propose that America cannot use a plant that makes someone happy? It’s proven that it helps people in multiple scenarios. My case is I was going through depression, and I felt like the world rejected me, I didn’t want to like but then one of my friends introduced marajuana to me and I was happy again! I was amazed the at how a plant could change someones view on life. What I belive should take place is that the government should legalize it and tax it, then let people do what they want with that benefit, no one is making you do any thing and if you are worried about kids there is so much worse stuff in the world that could harm them. If you are worried about your kids then tell them not to do it, your the parent and you shouldn’t ruin the benifit for someone just because you don’t want to try it. If someone abuses marajuana then they should be cut off, simple as that. It would cut down on the drug dealers, people in juvi/prison and lastly make sure that the people who do use it have a safe and secure medicine.

    3. CR Liberty3 years ago

      George Sorros? You may mean William F. Buckley Jr.

    4. Kerri Accardi3 years ago

      We have an endocannibinoid system, for lack of better words we create a chemical similiar to cannabis which is why it works synergestically with our bodies…we have receptors for it! CB1+CB2

      Cannabis can cure cancer and heal most ailments.

      The reason it was made illegal was for greed, money, power under the guise of protection and use of racist tactics.

      It’s the biggest genocide to exist.

  58. Patrick3 years ago

    I have yet to meet a cop who was called to a bar fight or a domestic dispute that was fueled by the use of marijuana! The same cannot be said of alcohol. If the individual states are too timid to legalize it then at least decriminalize it and avoid criminally stigmatizing a teen who wants a toke.

    1. 420 Friendly3 years ago

      Exactly, I’ve brought that same point up to my grandparents and they had no answer for me. The old generation just hates change and is still caught up in the reefer madness they learned. I can guarantee no smoke shops are calling fights in on a nightly basis like local bars do on the regular drunks.

  59. Dorothy Long3 years ago

    Percentages are not representative of all America. This is misleading. In Australia recently a group defiantly smoked cannabis in our city gardens and a few were interviewed. Of those interviewed NONE were coherent. Relaxed to the point of non-reality is dangerous. There is a risk of brain cells being destroyed over time. Only one market would benefit from cannabis promotion, a profit that would reap chaos on society, like most other dependencies.

    1. William II3 years ago

      That is your opinion, and unlike many people on the internet, I will respect it. But it is in my opinion that your opinion is completely ignorant and biased. Claiming that the use of cannabis will cause chaos on society is similar to saying eating apples is bad for you.

      1. Against smoking weed2 years ago

        William .. Are you saying ignorant to Dorithy ? Are you sure that the ignorance is not you ???? Dorothy made a really good point that only few people would understand! Legalising weed will only a profit move for this capitalist system that does not care about what will happen to the society but just the greed of money!!! Technology they are not saying that make people less sociable or more alone of course having a new iPad make money !!! Who cares that people will not be able to communicate face to face anymore ahahshAh my God . I just feel sorry for ALL of you that smokes weed thinking that the act of smoking can be beneficial! You are confusing the potential of the plant with smoking!!! The plant for medical purposes when you are sick is different! The legalisation of the weed must be only as medical purpose but not to light it up!

    2. m3 years ago

      “Percentages are not representative of all America. This is misleading.”
      Huh? How is a statistic showing that some people are supportive while some are not not representative of the two viewpoints? What is “misleading” about it?

      Would a group of people who drank a whole lot of alcohol in your city gardens be any more coherent? If they were even conscious, that is.

      I don’t think this article suggests that using too much of ANY kind of drug is a great thinkg

    3. Michelle Saenz3 years ago

      So false. , I attended college classes fully lit ,, spewing out answers . My teacher was tripped out non smokers were not as highly charged and ready to answer his questions ,,,, I enjoyed and now I’m ready for tax revenue to light up my state

    4. Buzz Mills3 years ago

      I’m old and retired, taking oral chemo (a $300 pill, the side-effects of which are endless and atrocious) daily for CML leukemia, with severe cervical disc degeneration, the end product of a football injury as a 12-year old, which causes me no end of pain and complications.

      Marijuana keeps me focused on the task at hand; that task being to compile, for openers, an index to help educate Americans, for openers, on Federal and State Issues. bit.ly/1dLfO0Y

      The more we know, the better off we will be.

    5. Dingus Smith3 years ago

      This poll was conducted with a sample of over 2,000 people. This means the margin of error is about 2.5 percentage points. That is very low. The odds of this poll being very misleading are slim. While it may not be a majority but instead about fifty-fifty of people who support legalization, the message remains. People’s views are changing.

  60. William J. Phillips3 years ago

    My how things have changed in much of the country! This comes from a person who received a 5 year felony conviction for the possession of two marijuana “roaches” in 2000 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Finally, at least some states and people are realizing that we, I, are not criminals!!!

    1. Just a+Guy3 years ago

      Amen. Marijuana being illegal in the first place, if it is remembered in the history books, will be one of the darkest times of our countries history. How we fell into trillions of dollars of debt by our own governments inability to retract their own veracious lies. How the lies kept going for half a century and how HALF of the public CAN STILL BELIEVE THOSE LIES with all the easily re-searchable material on the internet.

      It boggles the mind how far people will go to NOT think for themselves. “If the government says it, it must be true”. The first thing you learn in college is how to think for yourself. Taking in all information and accurately judging what is a lie and what is fact. If you believe anything on TV is “scientifically proven” to do anything, you need to learn to think for yourself. If you think marijuana kills brain cells, gives cancer, and causes gravity to stop, then you should probably learn how to think for yourself instead of eating every lie the government spoon feeds you. News stations are also heavily influenced by the government, to help credit their disgusting lies with false truths.

      I’ll say it one more time, if even 1 person reading this understands the error of their ways it was worth it. LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF!

      1. Ron2 years ago

        Right on

  61. Sheila3 years ago

    Yes I think it should be legal it’s a kick back make you relax.

  62. Guy3 years ago

    Let me first that I’d like to thank those who made medical marijuana so professional enough so that the government was even impressed with the way it’s been handled from seed to plant to patient someone really took time to take make it so professional it makes me proud of those who took the time and do it right. I think with the professionalism that this has been handled with the government will finally agree to having medical marijuana legal. I’m a Vietnam veteran who has suffered chronic pain for over 40+ years so with the speed of MM becoming legal has excited me to the possibility of having something more to get me relief I need. God bless those who have taken on the task of making this valuable medicine become a reality for us who are suffering;)

  63. Ned Morlef3 years ago

    i want it legal b/c I have seen the sheriffs in multiple counties around NC involved in felonies like threatening murder & ruin with theft of property under color of law. It has corrupted our LE in the worse way. I didn’t believe what I saw until I saw it. The country would be shocked at what goes on in the dark .

    1. Dusty Relic3 years ago

      Ned I agree with you but this is not a NC thing it is a US thing. LE has gotten totally out of control. Asset forfeiture gives them too much independence from the taxpayers that employ them and they are spinning out of control. They are doing more to ruin the American way of life than any hanky-headed terrorist could ever do.

  64. J Fernandez3 years ago


    enough said. To many people lack basic common sense. Making it legal will get rid of drug dealers?? Really? No it won’t. In fact seeing how they won’t be able to target adults anymore where do u think they will make up for their loss $.. people who can’t but it aka YOUR KIDS! Common sense! Please use it

    1. Some People…3 years ago

      If marijuana were made legal drug dealers would have to rely on selling hardcore drugs to the people that are ALREADY buying them. Marijuana has this funny term people made up called “Gateway Drug” and it’s 100% true, it is a Gateway drug because it is illegal and forces people that want it to go to drug dealers who will try to sell them hardcore drugs. It being illegal is the only thing that IS wrong with marijuana, and it isn’t marijuana’s fault, it’s greedy politicians and ignorant civilians that lap up lies like a cat laps up milk from a saucer. Drug dealers would NOT start targeting children more, that would be the BEST possible outcome as finding them around schools and places children are would make catching them next to a cake walk, as kids don’t like to wander around dark alleys at night by themselves, it’s rather easy to find people targeting children.

    2. jack3 years ago

      Did you even read the article you posted? There are serious limitations to that study.

    3. Dusty Relic3 years ago

      Drug dealers would not start selling to children; that is just silly. For one thing I doubt that very many drug dealers could make a living just off of kids, unless they lived in a really rich area where the parents don’t pay attention to what their kids spend their parents’ money on. To the extent that they stay in business it will be by switching to another product, but with cannabis legally available they will likely have to find other lines of work. This is of course assuming that cannabis is not overtaxed which unfortunately is a troubling tendency that threatens to undermine legalization.

    4. Educated Citizen3 years ago

      So you’re telling me that because Marijuana has contributed to 12 percent of fatal crashes in 2010 it is acceptable to keep it illegal despite the fact that alcohol has been present in FORTY, yes 40 percent of all fatal crashes? You realize that is about 10 percent of total crashes that involved marijuana? And you still think alcohol is completely safe and legal? Wake up, use some common sense, marijuana is not the problem here. I see more people driving like idiots completely sober than I have seen anyone under the influence of marijuana. I would also like to point out that just because a person had marijuana in their system at the time of a fatal crash, does NOT mean marijuana had anything to do with said crash. Correlation does not equal causation. Anti-pot heads have been using that argument for years, and Colorado’s legalization has PROVEN that fatal crashes involving marijuana are DOWN, the lowest they have been in years, since 2002. It’s easy to pick and choose which information to put out there to alter someones opinion, but you have to also recognize that there are actual facts out there that tell you you’re wrong.

  65. Ann Price3 years ago

    I am a teacher of the baby boom era. I have occasionally smoked pot and do think it can impair a person’s ability to think clearly. Even though I know empirical data is necessary to REALLY ascertain truths in those or other issues, I offer an anecdote of an observation of a student I made in a classroom.
    The student came to class at the first period if the day, sat down and was supposed to write a short report about her weekend at her work-study job. I noticed that she was having trouble doing this but normally when she was asked to submit that regularly-required report, she’d completed it in about five minutes. I went over to her station to help. As I approached her I noticed that she wreaked of marajuana smoke to the point it was difficult to be near her and I do no have a sensitive nose at all. I noticed also that she could not manage to type a partial much less a complete sentence. She never did finish even the first two garbled sentences. So, from my observation, at least for her she was impaired and should NOT have been driving ANYTHING. And yet, that’s how she had gotten to school and with a younger sister in her car. I wouldn’t have wanted anybody I loved to have shared the roads with her.
    However, some uses of marajuana I think are ok. I have a relative who was very stressed in his job as are many people. He was alleviateing that stress with an after work, at home drink that became two or three.. It was getting to be problematic. His wife suggested a little weed in the evening and that helped a lot. And he has not increased his use at all. Granted other things might have been just as good, like exercise, but sometimes time restrains don’t make that feasible.
    I offer this with the currently popular quote “I’m just saying.”

    1. Dog3 years ago

      I have to respond to you Ann Price because you’ve committed a fallacy that many anti-legalization arguments make- you assume the unusual behavior of someone who has smoked pot is strictly an effect of the drug. This is wrong. Being high is largely a blissful wonderful experience, that at times can peak into paranoia, munchies, or fits of laughing. Smoking pot puts you in a different mindset, where you perceive and understand, and respond in a way that may reflect the effects of the drug. To me there is nothing wrong with this. Where these changes in perception and feeling become dangerous are when they can land you in jail, or get you suspended from school. I can imagine that girl in your class. Probably inexperienced with marijuana, finds herself in a classroom after smoking, conscious she reeks of weed, and with a teacher watcher her and taking note of her behavior.. well i’d freak out in that situation too myself.

      TL;DR Negative effects from marijuana are compounded by intolerant views on it’s use, and arcane law and policy. Taking drugs is as human an experience as having sex, and as awkward a subject for our “educators” and “guardians” to talk about.

    2. Ohio Person3 years ago

      I liked Ann Price’s comment because she gave two personal experiences with the marijuana use of others, one that was inappropriate and harmful, and another that was helpful to the user.

      I think what explains the surprisingly rapid turnaround in Americans’ views on legalization is that suddenly we are allowing ourselves—and each other—to hold opposing thoughts about it in our heads at the same time.

    3. Matt2 years ago

      Ann Price, sounds to me like the moral of the story is don’t smoke pot and drive or go to class.
      Regarding your second anecdote, I used to drink a half of a bottle of vodka a night and sleeping pills because I couldn’t sleep. A couple days of no sleep will make anyone more desperate than they can imagine if that has never happened to them….almost constantly. Now, I use marijuana and my sleep, physical/mental/emotional health is far better than without it.
      It bothers me that people want to control how I manage my health when it has no impact on them either way.

  66. Benjamin Brandenburg3 years ago

    If marijuana isn’t legalized, it fills up the jails, and that’s just stupid.

  67. Randall Burns3 years ago

    I live in Washington state where Cannabis is legal to use–but not yet legally available to buy. We also have the strange situation where police are often not tested for drug or alcohol use–even though we have lots of lawyers, cops and judges with substance issues, while some government employees have a zero tolerance policy on cannabis.
    I think with legalization we need a more sensible testing policy for all drugs. Yes there are people that become unfit to do their jobs using both cannabis or alcohol-or even some prescribed medications. We also need to revisit the fact that even though the effects on the public of drug use by folks in positions of responsibility can be far greater, those folks are rarely tested or arrested. All public officials, officers
    of publicly traded companies and licensed professionals or law enforcement officers should be subject to drug and average alcohol consumption tests. We should not put casual users in jail–but chronic users need to be kept from jobs they cannot really do effectively or safely.

  68. Kenneth Fulford3 years ago

    I would like to use it for medical reasons. Pain and cancer don’t want to get high but the oil form will help many.
    The government knows it has medical uses. Big drug company don’t want the compaction.
    For 3000 years it was used as a medication. In the late 1930’s they were expanding the uses of it.
    I understand keeping it away from children but they can’t keep alcohol away from them.
    At least when its legal children will not be able to get it as easy as they do now.
    I can get off the narcotics that I take for pain that kills someone every 29 mins.

  69. L. W. Fries3 years ago

    Well, it seems where you get information is WAY more important than the truth. What’s more sad is that it has been with us since 1937! The audacity of lies and lawmakers to write into treaties such dribble as our stupid drug laws. Every signer was under threat of losing millions of dollars. SAD

    So, the children shall lead! I know a bunch of “GRAYS” who indulge in secret just as they always have. All of them have medical prescriptions but fear the “LAW”.

    OH, they all started on mikl!

  70. Richard McDowell3 years ago

    Down & down we go where it stops no one knows.

  71. William Mattingly3 years ago

    I’m a retired DEA Special Agent. In my 20 years on the job in 7 major U.S. cities, I’ve never interviewed a heroin addict who stated that he/she started drug use on heroin. No, their first entry into the drug world was pot, then they looked for a “bigger high” and off they went. Contrary to current myths, FBN, BNDD, DEA leadership forbid we agents on working on any cases under 100 lbs. and this was Chicago circa 1958! Small cases like this we turned over to local or state police. Our targets then and now are organized crime traffickers and lab operators. States that have liberalized pot use will see an increase in major auto accidents as a result of drugged drivers. As for me, I don’t intend to drive in either state. It’s bad enough in the state where I live now with alcohol intoxicated drivers!

    1. Williams Katherine3 years ago

      If you are a DEA agent, you have effectively demonstrated why your group has been one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer money in the history of this nation, because clearly you don’t know much about the drug you’re policing.

      The entry drugs are nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. Every study has said as much – it’s just that most addicts are as oblivious as you apparently are, that those are mind-altering substances.

      2.3 million people reported trying marijuana in 2009 – 617,000 tried cocaine and 180,000 tried heroine, in the same year. Facts are facts – marijuana is the most easily obtainable illicit drug (despite all the money wasted by our government trying to maintain a prohibition), so most people who’ve used other illicit drugs, have tried it too. That they found pot first, is in no way, shape or form, an indication that marijuana had any part in their later drug use. Some of them found LSD first – LSD isn’t the cause of their further drug use. Your attempt to suggest otherwise, is a joke – the facts overwhelming support that there is no gateway affect between marijuana and other drugs.

      States that have had medical marijuana have NOT seen an increase in major traffic accidents, because the drug that causes driving impairment, is the legal one – booze. Every legitimate study on the use of marijuana while driving, showed that for most people, it made them highly observant (i.e. paranoid) and that people drive slower and more carefully when under the influence of marijuana.

      Which is not to say that it isn’t an impairment, but if you’re in an accident involving marijuana, you are likely to be going a lot slower, and it’s less likely to be a major accident. Because unlike most other drugs, on marijuana, you are AWARE that you’re impaired, and you try to be extra cautious. Unlike with alcohol, where you imagine you’re bulletproof. There is zero correlation, between a relaxation in marijuana prohibition, in any state or nation, and an increase in major traffic accidents.

      You think your experience makes you the expert, but it demonstrates the lies that parts of the drug enforcement engine have been telling themselves for years – because they refused to call Anslinger the liar he was.

      And it he was a liar – just ask Portugal. They have proven, conclusively, that a responsible drug policy doesn’t involve jailing users. They have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that decriminalization works. And right now, 17 states are in the process of proving it too.

      But you continue to tell yourself, that the facts – that we jail a larger percentage of our population than any other nation, and that an insane amount of people serving life sentences are doing so for non-violent possession crimes affected by the BS three-strikes rule, and that while white and black people use marijuana at roughly the same rates, black people are three times more likely to be arrested for possession – are good things.

      The rest of us will rely on rational evaluation of the facts, not anecdotal stories from someone who clearly hasn’t bothered to ever research the lies he tells himself and others.

      1. true blue3 years ago

        Couldn’t have said it better! Thank you for your writing skills & knowledge of BS. All of the info is out there to know the facts. It is amazing how many governmental & law enforcement employees only repeat the propaganda that they have been fed & never take it upon themselves to check actual facts & history. The ignorance of not checking the validity of one’s own beliefs is the cause of many of the problems in our country. I hope & pray that our citizens will really begin to be more responsible for the “info” that they pass along.

      2. Sheila3 years ago

        Tell to them again they can give me a medical marijuana card and get me off all these pills I take for one thing but may cause something else the don’t work when you go back to the doctor he give you something else I’m tired of being a geniepig for pills .children are going to try everything out there on the market or off.It’s up to you as a parent to check you children

      3. Mom of2 years ago

        The medication is totally different than Pot, no thc in it.
        That is what makes you high and many other traits that are not acceptable!

      4. Mom of2 years ago

        The medical pot does not have THC, so there should not be any
        impariment! The last thing these parents want for there young children having seizures is to worry about them getting high!!! They are looking for relief and less heartache.

    2. smorty3 years ago

      You say heroin user started with marijuana?
      What about alcohol? I believe exposure to booze is more prevalent than marijuana … and to go further, can we trace it back to Mothers milk?

    3. Destry C.3 years ago

      GO AWAY! DEA!
      GO AWAY! DEA!
      GO AWAY! DEA!

    4. DrT Happy3 years ago

      Mr. Mattingly, You are telling us you were a DEA agent? From your comment I would guess you are telling us a little fib aren’t you? What % of the total population did you deal with, maybe 1%? Or even Less? And from that group you have made a global statement that marijuana is THE entry drug? So obvious you have no idea what you are talking about. I personally know 30 or 40 people ( and in my 71 year on this planet maybe 200) that have used it and never went to anything else. Now I do know people who are alcoholics who use MJ excessively. People who are prone to addiction will go on to other stuff. People who are not won’t. I would so much rather be around a pot smoker than an alcoholic. And be driven by one. You just do not know what you are talking about, Sorry.

    5. Some People…3 years ago

      Your views have been so skewed by the laws you’ve been blindly enforcing for decades that I doubt even if the truth did come out, straight from the mouths that have been lying to you your entire life you would still not be able to comprehend it. It’s such a sad fate…

    6. Gary g3 years ago

      Heroin was the first drug I ever used & even Heroin lives under propaganda. . .you do not get a habit off the first Few uses.You are just another brainwashed Dea agent trying to brainwash the public through prejudicial ignorance!

    7. Ohio Person3 years ago

      Anticipated uptick in traffic accidents and overall increase in use are valid arguments against legalization—valid, but weak. The argument for legalizing is far stronger because the social costs of mass incarceration of marijuana users is quite clearly several magnitudes larger than the costs of the use itself.

      As for the ‘gateway drug’ argument, this is probably a very complicated topic unto itself, but my feeling has always been that in general people don’t just sort of drift into heavy-duty heroine/narcotics use. I think that people who end up in that dark place got there due to some deep personal issues, not just because “whee! that’s fun!” So, while it may be true that many hard core narcotics users may report having tried marijuana before their eventual hard drug choice, it does not necessarily follow that their lives would have been just peachy if they only hadn’t smoked that one joint that one time back in 10th grade. I think it’s a combination of physical predisposition and some inner turmoil or traumatic experience that compels a person to try drugs, and stick with them.

    8. Matt2 years ago

      William, you are incorrect. The most commonly used drug for the first time is alcohol. In 2014, 26.8% of all 8th graders have used alcohol but only 15.6% have tried marijuana. If this is correct, are you still going to tell people that marijuana is more commonly tried for the first time? If you consume alcohol but not pot, can you truly be objective even when you hear facts? More curious than anything…

  72. slk3 years ago

    what i’d like to know is when a cop pulls over a driver, how do you tell, whether they just smoked, or it was weeks ago???

    1. Williams Katherine3 years ago

      They can’t, which is a concern. But there are cognitive tests that can be used, to determine if someone is incapacitate to drive. It’s just that, thanks to the breathalyzer, we stopped bothering to actually test if someone is impaired, and instead decided we could arbitrarily decide at what blood-alcohol level someone is impaired. Which was a pretty stupid path to take, in any regard.

      1. slk3 years ago


    2. Mom of2 years ago

      They are working on that! So people can’t smoke pot while they operate on you, or give you medicine, work a construction truck, ect. You ever think of that!

  73. Annaemma3 years ago

    Marijuana stays in the system for up to 30 days, and daily or frequent use means that one is under the influence all of the time. A young person is dangerously affected by constant use, and since you can’t control cigarettes enough to keep them out of young people’s hands, why would you do such with marijuana? It smells, it is unpleasant to be around people who use it. Many years ago we were exposed to it, kids used it, it didn’t make sense to me. If you can’t find ways to feel good about life, without using any drug at all…..alcohol, heroin, marijuana., tobacco…..then go out and volunteer for some good cause. You will feel really, really good.
    Marijuana legalization will be a money maker bonanza for the same kinds of corporation as are behind alcohol and tobacco, so when you see the corporations are behind legalizing marijuana, you will know why. Is there anything more ugly than a display case of all the different kinds. Of course, I am 81, and never smoked and rarely drank alcohol, maybe that’s why I am smarter than all who want to escape instead of live their lives as true members of society. I know, I know, all societies have used escapist mechanisms when life is hard, but the better groups have found ways to simply use their own intellects to feel good, and perhaps then have the ability to use wisely what is available. I am adamant about legalization, and will just say, you mark my words, you will be sorry in the long run. A society that can’t get along without drugs disappears from history. This is rambling, but at my age, I am entitled. It would be interesting to see if anyone can prove that what I write here isn’t true. You want your young teen to be smoking pot, or tobacco, or drinking underage, and driving? I guess there aren’t enough people having kids these days, birth rates are way down for whites. Welcome to the doped up world, it’s on its way.

    1. DrT Happy3 years ago

      I agree with most everything you say. And to make it a criminal offense and jail people for it is still just plain dumb. Alcohol is so much worse.

    2. moose3 years ago

      Also, not sure if you have noticed, but weed being illegal also doesn’t keep it out of kid’s hands, so why do you think wasting billions of dollars on prohibition is a good policy? I think its completely unpleasant to be around very drunk people, but I don’t want to throw people in prison for drinking, because that would be DUMB. I also think it would likely be unpleasant to be around you. “Many years ago we were exposed to it”. We are STILL exposed to it. It is WIDELY available. It has been used by humans for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Get a grip on reality please.

    3. Mr. Nice Guy3 years ago

      Actually marijuana can stay in the system for really however long it takes for the body to break down the THC, which depends on the person and their weight, metabolism etc. Furthermore, I am almost 18 years old and have been immersed and around marijuana and the lifestyles of kids and teenagers today that smoke the reefer on a daily basis. Any moderately competent person with a cell phone can get weed from four different people. Weed is so widely accessible it’s a joke really. Making it legal would most definitely put restrictions on the illegal obtaining of reefer by younger kids who are choosing to get high for a few hours on the weekend with their friends trying to make an ordinary life extraordinary. We’re just young and reckless in an advancing society that is promoting the notion that to be seen as being older and more mature is the way to be cool and smoking and drinking every weekend is what makes that happen. The reality is, although getting “Turnt up” is a hell of time and they’ll probably be able to look back on these years as the best years of their lives, which I have yet to figure out is worth saying or not, marijuana itself does not affect their contribution to society in any shape or form. They have a choice to keep their lives in check and have their priorities straight while still enjoying whatever lifestyle suits them. I play hockey, go to school, take AP courses and get good grades, mind you, work a job and I still live it large whenever the opportunity presents itself. I have unparallelled personal experience in the world of drugs today by simply being a semi-popular kid in High School and through these experiences I have witnesses both the ridiculously idiotic things people have done on drugs (foolish shenanigans are 90% of the time the cause of multiple drugs and or ALCOHOL and a drug at the same time combo but ALCOHOL the main culprit) and also the harmless friendly neighborhood stoners who just want to get ripped and live life content to the fullest with nothing other than an Iced Tea and some food. Kids shouldn’t be prosecuted for doing only what is natural for teens today, it’s turning innocent smoking into an entire scandalous adventure of lies and deceit that turns sons against fathers and the people against the government. This article proves that people are beginning to accept weed as the magnificent tree it is and the amazing abilities it has.

      1. Cassandra Garffie3 years ago

        They are just now starting to see the long term effects of chronic use. But just go ahead and keep smoking. See where you are in 25-30 years.

    4. Violet3 years ago

      Great way of thinking that’s the same thing I say more money for the goverment and less for the people who need the money!

    5. Dusty Relic3 years ago

      Just because the metabolites are detectable in your system that does NOT mean you are under the influence for 30 days, which typically peeks after a few minutes and almost completely dissipated within an hour or so. I laughed so hard when I read that; I said to myself “wow a real expert here” LOL!

      Also, we actually CAN control tobacco well enough to keep it out of kids’ hands. Since strict tobacco regulations have gone into effect combined with aggressive educational outreach teen use of tobacco is near record lows right now. It is in fact the only substance where we’ve managed to reduce rates of teen abuse. And we did it without banning them completely or criminalizing their possession or use by adults.

      Also, although I myself haven’t used cannabis in over 30 years, I still find the photos of the displays showing all the different kinds absolutely beautiful. Really really lovely.

      Also your rants about youngsters getting into hijinks after smoking cannabis don’t make sense. Don’t you read? Don’t you know that the point of moving cannabis into a regulated market is to take it OUT of the hands of kids and put it into the hands of adults? And as far “welcome” to the doped-up world, it is no more doped up now than before and it will continue to be doped-up at approximately the same rate as always. Legalization doesn’t mean its use is required, after all. There are plenty of people who choose not to drink even though alcohol is legal.

      All of this adds up to one thing: you’re wrong Annaemma!

    6. Against smoking weed2 years ago

      Exatly!! You made a really good point that most people who smoke weed will not understand. Weed legalisation will be only for profit and nothing else!! Weed profit will be in the hand of the si called “minority” in the capitalist system and this is alarming! Another good point is one in the fact that most people who use drugs, alchool and so one they do not live Thor lives without. They become addicted. This is sad in therms of REACTING TO LIFE! We know life is difficult and we need learn how to live not escaping from the problems that if you use weed become multiplied!!!!!!!! Yes weed is relaxing to ppl who know how to put a limit but most people don’t they smoke because they need it to be ok and this case is not a good thing anymore!

  74. R Tonn3 years ago

    The Federal Bureau of Narcotics was formed under the treasury Department in 1930 and Harry J. Anslinger was named director. He is more responsible than anyone else for advancing laws that made marijuana illegal. His tactic was promote racist connotations to marijuana use, suggesting that it made blacks feel equal to whites, and made white women susceptible to seduction by black men. William Randolph Hurst sensationalized these assertions and further moved criminalization legislation forward, also linking marijuana use to various forms of violence. The result was that marijuana became illegal under federal law in 1937.

    We may find these tactics laughable today, but our continuing prohibition of marijuana use can be traced to these lies and the ambition of Anslinger and the yellow journalism of Hearst.

    It’s time to reconsider, with a focus on the actual facts.

    1. Phaedrus3 years ago

      Nice writing R Tonn. Your argument is sound and quite honestly carries more weight than any of the other comments addressing this study. I am all for nationwide legalization of marijuana. It is truly less damaging than alcohol, and though it needs control, it is truly the best choice.

    2. Some People…3 years ago

      Smart man R Tonn, at least SOMEONE on this thread actually knows what they’re talking about. I hope this widespread ignorance gets fixed soon, I’m not sure how much more badmouthing of this wonderful plant I can take, marijuana is the jew to our governments nazi power, when will we stop the unneeded hate and wasted money…

    3. Gary g3 years ago

      Yes, very well and factually put!

    4. Dusty Relic3 years ago

      You are correct.

  75. Cares3 years ago

    Who would want a person “stoned” or high as a “kite” on this drug, driving a car or working a complicated medical procedure?

    1. DrT Happy3 years ago

      Who would want a person drunk doing all these things. So you would rather jail all who want to get “high” but let the alcoholics keep doing what they are doing? If you drink any alcohol you are in the same category as someone who gets high. Because you do not know there is no difference, makes you unqualified to comment. You think that your one or two beers or glass of scotch does not impair you, yet it has the same effect as one or two hits of marijuana. And that is the whole point. If you occasionally get drunk, some people occasionally get to high. Same thing. Are you responsible when you are drunk? No driving, no beating your wife? Pot smokers are the same. (Except pot smokers, not drunk pot smokers, would never beat their wives.)

    2. moose3 years ago

      If you go to work drunk, you would get fired. Why do you think it would be any different for cannabis? Did you think this through much? Oh, and by the way, if I had to choose between someone doing a heavy night of drinking or someone doing a heavy night of smoking, it’d be the smoking 100% of the time. Alcohol can pretty much disable a person for a full 24 hours with the hangover – not so with weed. Get a grip on reality please.

      1. jimeast1232 years ago

        Getting a grip on reality can be a real challenge especially if you’re really high.

    3. Dusty Relic3 years ago

      Somebody needs to google “non sequitur”.

      1. Jim3 years ago

        hahaha exactly what I was thinking reading these comments

  76. dcinnovator3 years ago

    The fact that it was ever made illegal in the first place shreds the constitution and it should give you great pause. If any of you ‘firmly against’ MJ folks can actually explain the process through which MJ became illegal, I’ll be surprised. If you knew the process, or more precisely the lack of process that went into making MJ illegal in the first place in the United States of America, I think you, you the Patriot, in the land of the Free, Don’t Tread on Me, stay off my property Uncle Sam and keep the Government out of my life- you would be ashamed you ever went along with this in the first place.

    You talk about being ‘Conservative’ (which really doesn’t mean having the government tell you what to do around every corner) and living in the land of the free, but the minute the Gov makes up some silly law that creates good guys and bad guys, you roll over and take it- because inside, deep down, you’re weak and don’t think for your self.

    I’m glad we’re all finally waking up. It will be nice to have fewer tax dollars being wasted on incarcerating those who are otherwise hard-working, tax-paying citizens.

    The End.

  77. jay3 years ago

    So many uneducated people don’t get it! Why don’t the people that don’t understand, actually do some research before spouting off with their ridiculous jargon? Seriously!

    How many of you studied biology or anatomy in college, or even went to college?

    BTW, you’re on the wrong side of history. It’s coming one way or another. Regardless if it’s this year or in 3 years. It’s coming. Don’t be the one standing on the sidelines.

    Empty the jails and stop wasting tax dollars on stupid laws.

  78. Jody3 years ago

    The fact is, that the gov. sould just make it leagal so we can stop putting the wrong crimals in jail. I mean who would you rather see in jail sombody on the street selling drugs trying to make money or somebody stealing from your bank account, like that stupid TV show mob wives and it turns out they commited faud, which everyone knows what the mobs famous for. I mean the gov. Should be more focused on other things besides what we do with or put into our body, do they have control over you. I watched documentry on posions does anyone remember the radium girls, when the gov. Said it alright to use radium. Why do think we have a stong pill dependicty because the gov.say that alright. And that they say cigarettes kill everyday but have they done anything to shut them down, no just stupid ads that dont do anything and cost money. I remember something from a news broadcast saying that muiltvitamins were bad for you. So I dont know what to believe anymore, what I do know is people are going to do what they want to do and theres nothing you can do about it, so if they want to do drugs their going to do drugs and come up with other ways to do them so you might well make them legal. I mean its pretty bad when you see it all the on the TV shows and the news that police arrested somebody for selling marijuana. And reason they were selling it was to make money which is what everyone wants. I mean think about if could make a 1000 a week selling weed, verses working a legal job that you work 40 hours or less, making maybe 8,9,10 dollars hours, witch job would you choose.

    1. slk3 years ago

      and when they only try to make a living off of your kids???

      1. moose3 years ago

        Versus the unregulated, unethical drug dealers that indiscriminately sell to your children under the current failed policy of prohibition? How about the scores of people who are regularly killed as a direct result of prohibition? How about the fact that you, as a parent, should take some responsibility and actually exhibit some sort of real parenting abilities.

    2. Melinda Lockwood3 years ago

      I would much rather see a drug dealer in jail. Making pot legal would effectively eliminate the black market. If I could make 1000 a week selling pot legally, I would do it. But the fact remains that drug dealers take advantage of our children (8, 9, 10 years old) who don’t need to be doing drugs of any sort. People who sell drugs to children (anyone under the age of 18 – sorry) should be thrown in jail. Adults should be allowed to consume whatever they choose but children do not need to use drugs. Comments like yours are ill-considered and short-sighted.

  79. Hasan Hussein3 years ago

    I do not support legalizing Marijuana, but if this is done then it should be treated in public like “open container” for alcohol and beer.
    As for decriminalization, misdemeanors with fines, and short-term incarceration for repeat offenders (like public drunkenness. No longer make it a felony except were alcohol is likewise so treated.

    1. Timothy Steele3 years ago

      Do you support oppression? It sounds like it.

      1. slk3 years ago

        oppression??? how do you feel about bamacare???

        1. Kathryn3 years ago

          Insurance if you can afford, help if you can’t, and all leading to a healthier population, which will lead to a stronger country. Healthy kids can learn better. It’s a win/win all around.

          1. slk3 years ago

            “afford”??? young people “aren’t” signing up, 400,000 uninsured only signed!!! how many millions that signed up, were kicked off their insurance??? how many are getting freebies??? how many are getting huge discounts??? what good is pediatrics and maternity to a 62 year old man, and millions like me??? “affordable”??? what do you think the insurance companies will do, when they see the people who are supposed to pay for this, are paying pennies to what was expected??? and now there’re more uninsured then before!!! and before you say no, remember over 5 million were kicked off their ins!!! the only thing affordable is…the name!!! remember the government never gives anything for free, someone has to pay first!!! so when you or your children grow up, and make it in this world, try to think what it feels like to be punished, for those who’ll do nothing!!! fortunately, not everyone are moochers, some are down on their luck, and will climb back up, but many don’t expect to do anything, which explains why there are jobs out there, with no one to hire!!! and don’t tell me about inequality, why are middle aged people flipping burgers, with 4, 5, 6 children??? everyone should know 2+2 doesn’t equal 10!!! looking forward to your reply!!!

    2. jay3 years ago

      You’re on the wrong side of history. Just like when white people said it was “race Mixing” when white people and black people were seen together.

      Are you a medical doctor Hasan? Do you actually know the benefits of Marijuana?

      1. slk3 years ago

        i want you to think about that, for a while, really, only “white people”??? i don’t have to say you’re on the wrong side of history, because you’re babbling!!!

  80. Lisa Porter3 years ago

    I believe the biggest reason people have a hard time accepting marijuana is the ‘smoking’ aspect. Too many anti smoking campaigns have taken their toll. We need to educate the public on the various uses. Not only can it be turned into products, such as paper, rope, etc, it has incredible medical benefits. It can be used as an herb and added to many many dishes. It shouldn’t be that hard to regulate. Classify it with alcohol, put on age limits, with showing proof before buying and the normal no public consumption clauses with it. Farmers that currently grow tobacco can apply for a license to grow the marijuana. As for selling, it can be taken to the same warehouses as tobacco, taxed appropriately and sold to the businesses that will be using it. The amount of good it can do medically speaking is huge. Tack on the amount of revenue it can bring to a city or state, and so much more good could come out of it. Those people taught to believe it is evil and only used by evil need to be educated. This won’t happen unless they agree to read the literature and I am sorry but proclaiming it ‘toking’ or ‘smoking’ they won’t even open a link. Those of us in favor need to put our comments on the government sites where it will do the most good.

  81. StunnedbytheIgnorance3 years ago

    IF I SHOUT DOES THAT HELP? What the heck does smoking something have to do with the question of legalization of cannabis? If cannabis is legal there is no reason to smokeb it. You can if you liked, but there aren’t many out here claiming that smoked marijuana is healthy.
    What we really have is a situation where unjust laws have forced those who would use cannabis to do so in the most efficient manner. In other words, people only smoke it ( in general) because they don’t knowany other way to consume. Once prohibitionists get out of the way real research can be done on the best way to ingest but until then most people are forced to simply smoke it. Let’s get this law changed so people can become more acquainted with safer forms of ingestion.

  82. William Clark3 years ago

    As we review these six current political facts about marijuana, may we indulge a few in the medical, cultural, and historic realms?

    Prohibition of marijuana is a premise built upon a tissue of lies: Concern For Public Safety. Our new law in Michigan saves hundreds of lives every year, on the highways alone. In November of 2011 a study at the University of Colorado found that, in the thirteen states that legalized medical marijuana between 1990 and 2009, traffic fatalities have dropped by nearly nine percent—and nearly ten percent in Michigan–while sales of beer went flat by five percent. No wonder Big Alcohol opposes it. Ambitious, unprincipled, profit-driven undertakers might be tempted too.

    In 2012 a study released by 4AutoinsuranceQuote cited statistics revealing that marijuana users are safer drivers than non-marijuana users, as “the only significant effect that marijuana has on operating on a motor vehicle is slower driving”, which “is arguably a positive thing”. Imagine the further reduction in fatalities if marijuana were legalized for all adults.

    Marijuana has many benefits, most of which are under-reported or never mentioned in American newspapers. Research at the University of Saskatchewan indicates that, unlike alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or Nancy (“Just say, ‘No!’”) Reagan’s beloved nicotine, marijuana actually encourages brain-cell growth. Research in Spain (the Guzman study) and other countries has discovered that it has tumor-shrinking, anti-carcinogenic properties. These were confirmed by the 30-year Tashkin population study at UCLA.

    Drugs are man-made, cooked up in labs, for the sake of patents and the profits gained by them. They are often useful, but typically come with cautionary notes and lists of side effects as long as one’s arm. ‘The works of Man are flawed.’

    Marijuana is a medicinal herb, the most benign and versatile in history. “Cannabis” in Latin, and “kaneh bosm” in the old Hebrew scrolls, quite literally the Biblical Tree of Life, used by early Christians to treat everything from skin diseases to deep pain and despair. The very name, “Christ” translates as “the anointed one”. Well then, anointed with what? It’s a fair question. And it wasn’t holy water, friends. Holy water came into wide use in the Middle Ages.

    Medicinal oil, for the Prince of Peace. A formula from the Biblical era has been rediscovered. It specifies a strong dose of oil from kaneh bosm, ‘the fragrant cane’ of a dozen uses: ink, paper, rope, nutrition. . . . It was clothing on their backs and incense in their temples. And a ‘skinful’ of medicinal oil could certainly calm one’s nerves, imparting a sense of benevolence and connection with all living things. No wonder that the ‘anointed one’ could gain a spark, an insight, a sense of the divine, and the confidence to convey those feelings to friends and neighbors.

    What gets to me are the politicians, prosecutors, and police who pose on church steps or kneeling in prayer on their campaign trails, but can’t face the scientific or the historical truth about cannabis, Medicinal Herb Number One, safe and effective for thousands of years, and celebrated by most of the world’s major religions.

    1. Dennis Johnson3 years ago

      Wasn’t cannabis first made illegal in the early 40s to protect the paper industry? There are so many uses for cannabis other than medicinal. In fact, in Colonial times you could be fined for not growing it – again for paper.

      1. Hasan Hussein3 years ago

        In WW2, hemp was needed by the Navy for rope.

      2. Ritchie Santor3 years ago

        Hey, Den John – Project Grow? – As mentioned above, William Randolph Hearst had his hand (and Anslinger’s) in assuring pot (and all hemp) was outlawed because of his life being wrapped up in Hearst Publishing and the lumber used to create the paper the newspapers were printed on. Harry J. Anslinger quote: “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.” Ha! Sounds like all we need is a couple show tunes and we’d be ready for “…a little night music.”

    2. true blue3 years ago

      Thank you William Clark. This information is something not many know about & usually is supressed. If only Americans would take the time to research all the oppressive lies pounded into our heads by the greedy capitalists & the political brainwashing, they would be amazed at the amount of truth covered up for the sake of money & specifically, control of the public opinion. With the continual propagation of lies it is much easier to control us & when we don’t know the actual facts & truth we stay confused & unable to see & know how to stop the fraud & the stealing us blind that the majority of those in power are accomplishing. If marijuana is legalized (which I am all for) then the “war on drugs” & those with top positions in this regime would lose billions of taxpayers money. Enough money to pay for health care for all of our country. I am very encouraged by the fact that now, because of the internet, it is becoming easier to share the truth & facts with each other. The greedy & the political & the Nancy Reagan followers into the “war” are becoming more exposed by the day. And once we are not so oppressed anymore by these kinds of people, we won’t be so sick & full of stress related diseases thereby not needing so much medicine!

  83. Walter Heimert3 years ago


    1. James3 years ago

      There are other ways to consume cannabis than smoking it.

      You can vape it, cook it, bake it, etc. THC is a fat soluble molecule. You can put it in salad dressing.

      1. cr73 years ago

        i think james is right thats a really good point

      2. Against smoking weed2 years ago

        Good! I’d like the thè with marijuana better than camomile I guess:D

        Smoking it is not beneficial at all!!

        But the problem is that if they legalized the medicine , people who smokes it will have another stupid say on it! Because they want to snoke it to solve their problem ! They have a distorted view of the weed!

      3. Mom of2 years ago

        Oh yeah and how many people really do that!

    2. Dennis Johnson3 years ago

      Smoking tobacco products is bad for your health.

    3. Jeremy Helbing3 years ago

      Are you telling us that you are incapable of understanding that smoke can be more or less harmful for you depending on what is producing it?

    4. Randall Burns3 years ago

      Smoking anything is questionable. However some substances are more harmful per puff than others-and some substances are less likely to be used frequently. Tobacco is highly addictive and users develop a tolerance and tend to smoke frequently. Thus even if Cannabis were more dangerous per puff it might be less hazardous in typical use.

      1. jefferson2 years ago

        Every opinion i have read here is actually irreverent!!! This is my USA and to think that Any In society or government would think that it is ok for our republic to take away the freedom of men to eat, drink or smoke whatever they so desire is unconscionable. I have been rolling in my grave for almost 100 years now knowing that my once great nation is slowly losing its way.

      2. LS2 years ago

        How about you talk to someone with epilepsy or Parkinson’s or Tourette then get back to us?