July 15, 2014

Which countries don’t like America and which do

Sacré bleu! France makes the list of top 10 fans of the U.S. and Germany makes the list of the top 10 critics.

A decade ago anti-Americanism was on the rise around the world, in large part thanks to public opposition to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Today, despite recent revelations of U.S. National Security Agency spying on foreign leaders and global opposition to U.S. drone strikes, there is little evidence of profound anti-Americanism except in a handful of countries, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of 44 nations. Foreigners’ love affair with the United States remains strong in Africa and most of Asia, Europe and Latin America. But who likes Uncle Sam, who doesn’t and whose affections are evolving paints a pretty accurate road map of the overseas challenges facing Washington in the years ahead.

10 Biggest Critics and Fans of the U.S.Anti-Americanism is particularly strong today in the Middle East. In Egypt only 10% of the public favor the United States, which long backed the regime of Hosni Mubarak and failed to oppose the military overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood government that succeeded him. Support is not much higher in Jordan (12%) and Turkey (19%), both countries that are notionally Washington’s allies. Those not-so-warm feelings for America have fallen 17 percentage points in Egypt and 13 points in Jordan since 2009, the first year of the Obama administration, when there appeared to be some hope in those nations that Uncle Sam would pursue policies more to their liking.

In addition, less than a quarter of Russians (23%) have a positive view of America, whose image is down 28 points in just the last year, a casualty of Washington’s opposition to Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine.

But there are still corners of the world where America is held in high regard. In European countries surveyed, half or more of the publics in seven of nine nations say they see the U.S. in a positive light. Top of the list are Italians (78%), French (75%) and Poles (73%). Only in Germany, where U.S. favorability is down 13 points since 2009, has the positive image of the United States slipped significantly. And, despite this slippage, roughly half of Germans (51%) still see America favorably.

Asians are also pro-American. In fact, the Filipinos are the biggest fans of the U.S.; 92% express a positive view. South Koreans (82%), Bangladeshis (76%) and Vietnamese (76%) also agree. Even half the Chinese give Uncle Sam a thumbs up. However, Pakistanis (14%) share no love for the United States (but neither do Americans have much affection for Pakistan).

The U.S. is also feeling the love from Latin America, where majorities see the U.S. in a favorable light in eight of nine countries surveyed. Salvadorans (80%) are particularly positive in their assessment, as are Chileans (72%) and Nicaraguans (71%). Notably, despite all the tensions between Washington and Caracas, more than six-in-ten Venezuelans have a favorable opinion of the U.S.

And Africans express particularly positive views about America. Strong majorities in all seven nations surveyed back the United States, including roughly three-quarters or more of Kenyans (80%), Ghanaians (77%), Tanzanians (75%) and Senegalese (74%).

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  1. Photo of Bruce Stokes

    is director of global economic attitudes at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous1 year ago

    i love amercia it is better than russia ,eqypt and all countries all over the world

  2. Anonymous1 year ago

    I am Italian , maybe politicians are US friendly, but about people, I never heard someone talking good of America or American policies..but American people is different , they are well integrated amd welcomed here as long as they are not rude.. however we are the most pro US? I wouldn’t bet so much, there is a huge anti americanism in Europe because of Lybia and Syria and also because of sanctions to Russia..

  3. Anonymous1 year ago

    I actually think most countries want to break away control from USA, because most of the time the US is using them, for their own purpose

  4. Anonymous1 year ago

    USA was built by genocide

  5. Anonymous1 year ago

    I personally hate America

  6. John Pierre1 year ago

    I was knowing that Lebanon Half hates America half Love It!!!

  7. KLRJUNE1 year ago

    I think this has more to do with jealousy than like or dislike.

  8. sk c1 year ago

    Do Brits feature in this at all
    Or are we just the butlers and bad guys as usual
    Despite populating the bloody place from the Mayflower
    The world would have been better off without good ol usa

    1. Reinhardt Steiner1 year ago

      That is hilarious coming from a Briton. Many of the modern era’s problems were created by British hands. The British Empire’s supremacy during the 19th century is one of the greatest tragedies in history; humanity is still recovering from the evil Victoria and her lot inflicted upon the world. What a shame Napoleon did not crush your island, we would all be better for it.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      If the US didn’t exist, you’d be speaking German right now. You’re welcome.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Please learn your history – this is very untrue. The Russians helped Europe ON TIME and in good fashion. Smartass.
        Maybe the situation in Europe now would be better than the disaster it is now, had Germany been the victor. Who knows?

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Learn your history! If the Americans weren’t hammering the Germans from the west Hitler would have took Russia with ease.

    3. Pamela Kennedy1 year ago

      Yeah, Brits hate the US. As evidenced by the way they treated me, someone born in Canada, when I went over there with a Maths teaching job offer to teach in, of all places, East London. I got treated like absolute CRAP. I’d get hit with various versions of “what’d YOU come HERE for, we don’t want YOUR KIND teaching our kids Maths….” sort of rubbish. Sorry if that’s not my idea of a “positive” view of “Americans.”


      Someone BORN IN CANADA, educated in the USA.

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      uBut without the USA, British Power would have ended during World War I because after russia quit the Germans moved all their troops from the russian front to the Western front. The Germans had the Austrians, Bulgarians, Roumanians and the Turks on their side. After russia quit, Britain only had France, little serbia and insignificant italy. Because Americans were being trained behind the lines, they could pick up the guns of the dead Western Alliance’s soldiers (British, French, mostly). The British Navy brought them over the Europe and the French armed them and trained them behind the lines. I have never heard anything similar to this being said about serbia and italy. Actually, when the American gov officially declared war and sent their soldiers, US top officers noticed the lack of unity between the Allies whereas the Germans had a strong command. Both the British and the French did their own thing, the French could hardly wait until the last of the Belgian troops would leave France and as far as the italians, there was complete contempt toward them. A very good example of italian insignificance is when one typical daily report was described as follows: “None of the ships were sunk because none left the harbor.”

  9. Scott Zaiser2 years ago

    My Favorite European Countries are as follows:

    1. Germany – I am third generation American on my fathers side. Love the people, culture, Beer etc. I especially appreciate the North Rhineland area. I am working to improve my German but found the majority of the German people speak a little English and some have a very nice grasp of it including the slang. Most all of the German people I have met have been the most friendly people in all of my worlds travels. They are very interested in music, pop culture, fine dining, history etc. Remember, just be respectful, and realize that this is a very proud people with a rich heritage. Some they are not proud of and they will tell you but other parts of engineering, agriculture, technology, the Germans have very contemporaries in this space. Some of the best engineered products in the world originated in this land. I drive a Mercedes, it is over engineered but the best car I have ever owned.
    2. England – My Mother is an Airforce bride from Bury St. Edmunds. I am 42 now and spent most of my summers in near around this lovely town. I would not go to England for the food except, the fish and chips from a neighborhood shop or local restaurant. But I love my British family dearly, love British humor and once you get to know most of the blokes you meet, you will find a very honest lot. One thing to keep in mind as Americans, not everyone in the world is willing to tell their whole life story to you at first meeting. That is a uniquely American quality. It would be helpful to understand and appreciate what the people you are visiting are interested in. I am a very proud American but sometimes am embarrassed when I see how inconsiderate some of us are in other peoples countries. The English in large part like us Yanks. They don’t always understand our sense of humor and our rather forthrightness. Get to know a few English people, ask them about their country, where they go, what they like; keep it light. Eventually, they will open up but remember, they don’t know you from any other yank so give them a bit of a break. btw..The Brits are just as proud of their country as we are of ours. Celebrate that with them, don’t get into a pub pissing contest over who is better. Chances are, at some point in your history, you came from this lot so be careful where you cast stones. Could be your cousin twice removed..)…

    1. Geppetto2 years ago

      I can tell you’re a lover of capitalism.

  10. David2 years ago

    what are they talking about El Salvador is from the Americas you can’t ask countrys about the same place Lol,

  11. Rich2 years ago

    If we have these countries that hate USA. Then why are we giving them foreign aid?

  12. Veneny2 years ago

    And 80% of Americans hate France and make fun about French because of the War of Iraq and the WW2.
    What do you think ? That we love to see all the time “olel French fagget surrender honhonhon baguette” ? It’s not funny.
    Don’t be suprise that nobody loves you if you mock them everytime.

    1. Harry2 years ago

      It’s not serious. The jokes at the expense of the French go way back. I assure you, they are just jokes, and most Americans respect the French more than ever. The French are one of our closest allies as well as one of our first.

      1. Olivier2 years ago

        No one of the first, THE first…And the alliance France/USA is the world’s longest and oldest still standing between two independent and sovereign nations..

        1. Bruno Amado1 year ago

          You just need to google to see that your statement is false, the world’s longest alliance began even before the continent of america was discovered…

    2. shawn2 years ago


      Don’t pay attention to the jokes. Most educated Americans realize the French helped us win our independence and even helped fund the war. If it wasn’t for Benjamin Franklyn’s ways of persuasion and the French’s act of compassion and comradery, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Most Americans love and respect the French people.

    3. Christopher Winkler2 years ago

      Americans do not hate the French. Not at all. The jokes are silly and stupid, but there will always be ignorant people who say stupid things. As others have pointed out any educated, knowledgeable person knows that France is our oldest ally. They also know that The Statue of Liberty, the most recognizable symbol of our country and the liberty we enjoy, was a gift from France. Vive la France! And long live the USA!

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      American’s hate the French? I don’t know where you get that Idea. France is oldest ally. We like to make jokes about them surrendering in WW2, but we understand. They didn’t really have much of a choice. Surrender or have your country destroyed, and many of your people killed. I know these things as good as anyone. I am American of French descent, and both of my grandfathers were in the U.S. Navy during WW2. Judging by the comments on here some people sure seem to have a warped idea of what America is like, and about. Maybe it’s just only Anti America people that care enough to comment on the topic.

  13. Bobby2 years ago

    Very interesting.

  14. Nick2 years ago

    We as Americans have the most guaranteed freedoms of any other country in the world. This country was founded on freedom to be individuals. I’ll agree that our media spews mostly garbage, as its a ratings whore regardless of political stance. The media in most of the known world is just as one sided and hateful as ours. Propaganda spews forth from the desks of most media outlets, that has become their job. Dare I say most all Americans share one common feeling, and that’s a hunger for peace throughout the world. It’s unfortunate our elected leaders don’t always show the true voice of our people. This country was built from the ground up by honest hardworking people, not by money hungry, oil crazed maniacs. Please don’t judge the American people by the actions of her leaders.

  15. Zena2 years ago

    And I am sure 90% of Americams hate the rest of the world . Specially the non Eiropean world. Americans are racist and ignorant

    1. Josh2 years ago

      I am an American and I would love to travel the world and see its wonders. I don’t judge the people of other countries, yes many have not gotten over the race barrier in some states because every state has their own little culture and teachings. In fact I always thought other countries hated us because are always the kind of people that like to know whats going on over seas.

    2. Casey2 years ago

      Yeah I’m sure you’re “sure” lol. Give me a break, saying that 290 million people hate the rest of the world is total BS.

    3. Liam2 years ago

      Bad accusation mate, last I heard Americans had an over 95% approval rating of the UK. From what I know Americans like people that like them.


    4. Kt2 years ago

      Anything unknown is uncertain. And it’s easy to judge from afar. However, there are those countries that rule with fear, physical punishments and death for such things as being raped, not covering yourself appropriately, drowning your own daughter in your pool in front of family and others because she dared to embarrass the family by being molested or raped. Those will never be just uncertainties. That contributes to the less than polite feelings toward some of the countries. No country is perfect. But I can honestly say some are horrible. Countries that rule in that fashion. Time to come out of the dark ages. In time, it will change for the better. But for some, it will take a lonnnng time.

    5. James Phillips2 years ago

      Overgeneralize much? It’s not just Americans, uneducated people in all countries tend to be xenophobic and ignorant. It probably doesn’t help that our media are so parochial, and scarcely cover events in the Third World at all, but there’s al Jazeera America and the internet now, which are excellent sources of information. People who are content to stay ignorant can do so, but there’s no need to anymore.

    6. Lu Noel2 years ago

      You must have not been to America then.
      There are SO MANY reasons as to why Americans come off as ignorant.
      It’s NOT because we hate the world! We have, honestly, everything we need
      right here in the USA! All food, all biomes, all kinds of people!

      Wonder why we don’t travel?
      The world hates U.S!
      Why travel to a place were you will be mocked and bullied just cause your American?
      Now I am not saying this is every Americans opinion.
      And I still wanna travel,
      I am saying that in these newer times, with ever fact I learn about other countries,
      in the end,
      you all come off as ignorant, yourself.
      Cause often time the things we don’t like about other people,
      reflect what we don’t like about our selves.

  16. Curious Buddy2 years ago

    There was Ethiopia in the list. What happened overnight?

  17. Laurent2 years ago

    Untrue because I see in France that we don’t trust anymore Obama because of rising inequalityin USA and his politic against Russia to get Europe as a battlefield . Obama is only a war monger whose only wish is to destroy Europe . He is not spying Iran leaders,Al Quaïda leaders,North Korea leaders,Taliban Leaders,ISIS leaders,but his OWN ALLIES : Germany,France etc………. We have the kind of friends we deserve . If you read blogs in French,Swiss,Belgium you will see that USA is not SO POPULAR AS YOU TRY TO TELL US . There is more brainwashing in America than in former communist countries because I saw most of his people not trusting politics in this countries . In USA you can make a war against another country and present that as a freedom war . Someone told me ,few years ago ,the day that USA will become a facist country we will have a serious problem . WE ARE ON THAT DAY ,THE DAY OF BIG BROTHER ,THE DAY THAT PEOPLE LIKE JULIAN ASSANGE ARE CONSIDERED LIKE CRIMINALS ONLY BECAUSE OF FREE SPEECH. USA IS NO MORE THE LAND OF FREEDOM

    1. Shane2 years ago

      If you think Obama is popular and his policies are trusted in the U.S., you have another thing coming. The American People’s trust in their government is at an all time low. Although, for different reasons than you state here. Obama is seen as weak and ineffectual, since all he did to Russia was slap them on the wrist with Economic Sanctions when Russia took a whole chunk of territory.

      He can’t call a spade a spade and even spit out that ISIS is a Radical Islamic Terrorist group. He won’t get serious with ISIS and finish the fight we started. He can’t even get their name right. Obama has a worse approval rating than Bush, and you have to work for that.

      As for the spying, they were spying on Americans too, and many here in America hail Edward Snowden and Julian Assange as Heroes.

  18. Julian Assange2 years ago

    The reality is that War Prone, Trigger happy and selfish Americans and their subservient wagging tail European cronies represent the single greatest threat to peace to the whole humanity.

    This pathological pursuit for geopolitical dominance and cheap access to resources at any cost will only bring more wars and wealth to the American war industries.

    The result of this research is nothing but a show of how much the very effective American propaganda machine (entertainment included) reaches the population of these countries at a level sufficient to influence their minds.

  19. Eric2 years ago

    Wow, this has to turn into a political conversation. I’d say it’s not Obama and more anger towards Boehner and his radical tea party. Countries are just afraid they are going to take over them as soon as Obama leaves office.

  20. Enis2 years ago

    where is !!?

    Kosovo with 87% pro-US


    Albania with 80% pro-US

  21. Jordan2 years ago

    Albania had always wanted to become 51st state of America but, there is still decition of if California should be spit into two states because more gold in th north and less gold is in the south

  22. Bob2 years ago

    Canada because of war of 1812

  23. Ryan2 years ago

    Where is the UK in all of this. The UK has been with the US for a long time and has been helping in the Middle East

    1. Kaleb Sagehorn2 years ago

      I was wondering the same thing, to be honest. I am going to look that one up… give me one second…… No pole that I could find did one of the population, but they are a Representative government so this should be almost, sort of accurate. Maybe. If it isn’t than there is something wrong with their government. statista.com/statistics/283482/u…

  24. Donald Kokona3 years ago

    this poll is not accurate….. the most pro american country in the world is surely ALBANIA with 100%…….

    1. Burim3 years ago

      And of course Kosovo. All Albanians across the world are pro Americans.

    2. Olivier2 years ago

      Monaco is right up there too…

  25. Sergio3 years ago

    Serbs hate USA since NATO bombing of Serbia and Montenegro in 1999.

  26. Daniel Cabrera3 years ago

    Now that is shocking to me. Every good and decent German at least I know wishes only the best to the Weltpolizei.
    Always a filled belly full of good olde genetically modified food and always a good jug of fracking water to go along!
    However, since You got the National Stasi Agency, you know that already anyways…

    …and please, dear Americans, stop bombarding us with Your nice trade agreements of the kind of ACTA and TTIP, we’d really appreciate that 😉

    1. ricg2 years ago

      Happily. I don’t think we need a trade agreement with a country whose leading business is VW. Keep selling to/exploiting the southern Europeans. And now that the Weltpolizei has withdrawn from Iraq, I hope you are enjoying all the fruits of regional stability.
      Americans, this ill-mannered lout is typical of Germans commenting on mainstream German newspaper articles. You’ve got Google translate, try using it in comment sections of an online German news article, particularly anything dealing with US policy. I used to be a friend of Germany, and still admire some aspects and some individual Germans, but as a matter of national policy, no more involvement with these people. As the survey amply demonstrates, the Germans are not our friends.

  27. Alex3 years ago

    If they had polled Iranians/Persians, they would have found they are the most pro-American!

  28. vincenton post3 years ago

    And yet America under the New Leftist Obama regime is losing its allies and gaining more enemies by trying to police the world. Post-American President Barack Obama’s foreign policy appears to have been designed to finance and aid America’s… haters (e.g., the Arab dictatorships) and to ignore America’s traditional allies, particularly Israel.

    By trying to police the world America stupidly created and armed so-called agents and ‘allies’ (like Al Qaeda and other Muslim groups) that turned out to be monsters and terrorists.

    America should stop ‘spreading democracy’ and helping other countries like the Philippines and South Korea. Rather it should stick to its founding principles– that is, it should stop intervening and trying police the world unless it is attacked.

    Within just TEN YEARS America should–

    1. Stop sending financial, economic and military aid to other countries.
    2. Stop helping countries that face threat of invasion
    3. Stop creating agents and groups to help its army police the world
    4. Stop arming so-called allies
    5. Stop conducting ‘humanitarian aid’ and helping poor countries
    6. Focus only on its territories and national interest

    However, if during this ten-year period America’s traditional enemies (like Iran) and false allies (like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Palestine) continued to sponsor, finance, train and arm terror groups– and if these terror groups carried out attacks on America’s citizens at home and abroad– the U.S. government should declare an all-out war and totally destroy the attackers’ sponsors.

  29. Jerry Spevak3 years ago

    North Korea and Iran should be on this list.

    1. Guest3 years ago

      I’m surprised Vietnam is a fan.

      1. No Name2 years ago

        Vietnam never really hated America; America stepped in to help France attempt to retain Vietnam as a colony, which actually surprised the Vietnamese given the US’s revolutionary roots as a former colony. Many Vietnamese fighters fought for independence, not for communism, and incidentally the communist movement grew as a result of the people wanting independence. The more you know, right?

    2. Kaleb Sagehorn2 years ago

      Jerry, if we sent scientists and pollers over to N. Korea, they would likely be tortured and killed. So, not a good idea. Iran is kinda iffy, considering how much tension was between Iran/US nuke deal. Who knows what kind of crap they are spewing in order to slander us.

  30. DaToad3 years ago

    So stop giving them foreign aid and see how they react.

    1. Kaleb Sagehorn2 years ago

      Unfortunately, that wouldn’t really work. Unlike individual people, nations tend to still accept aid when given it, even if by enemies and will likely not like us -nay, hate us even more- if we revoke such aid. A country can convince the unwashed masses that we are evil because we don’t do (insert what we don’t do here) and want them to starve. If we ever need allies there, we likely won’t get help and allies are much more useful than enemies.

  31. Max3 years ago

    It is not surprising about germany. With the NSA listenning a huge part of the european citizens ( by the way totally revolting! ), specifically germans and worst, the cell phone of Angela Merkel herself. Remind them the bad time of the Stasi when the communist party was listenning them in east germany. As a frenchman ( sorry if my english isn’t perfect ), I trully love the american people and culture, but I dislike the us policies. Not because it’s bad, but just because in a various way and on the long term, our interests are not the same. Europe should start making its own choice in its own interest. As General De Gaulle said about France ” France doesn’t have friends, only interests”, I think that’s the same for all the country around the world and so for Europe too.

    1. Nick2 years ago

      Being from america we are getting pretty pissed off about the NSA spying, and many of us are wanting lobbying and superpacks to disapper which would solve a lot of America’s political problems.

  32. se chang Oh3 years ago

    Hmmm top3??? We want top1

  33. Robert Nauck3 years ago

    I’m just surprised that Germany is only 51 in favor of USA

    1. Matt Schwartz3 years ago

      There’s nothing surprising about that. Germany is far more anti-American than most people realize. Germans have let the past few years go to their heads and now have a massive moral superiority complex.

      1. Daniel2 years ago

        Couldn’t be because the US military still occupies their country, when France, UK and Russia have left some time ago now. It’s never America’s fault of course.

        1. Kaleb Sagehorn2 years ago

          We have bases in the Philippines, and you don’t see them going on an anti-american gripe. Germany is hitting one of it’s high points again. It will pass, and they will either still hate us or won’t. I don’t personally care.

        2. Tony Jackson2 years ago

          Actually, Germany has bases in the US as well. I think it may be more of a policy basis and perhaps our political tensions in congress.

  34. Max Forte3 years ago

    Bruce Stokes writes that the dramatic decline in US popularity in Russia is “a casualty of Washington’s opposition to Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine”. It’s never a surprise to see just how easily American writers reproduce the national propaganda of officialdom. That statement completely erases US intervention in Ukraine, which provoked the Russians to act, rendering the US as a disinterested, neutral, and innocent bystander. But then, isn’t it always?

  35. Newborn3 years ago

    Pew probably missed some of most pro-american states. I bet Albania and Kosovo would be right on top with Philippines.

  36. Francis Mahe3 years ago

    Neither Canada or Mexico is on this list anywhere. Did they leave out North America? This leads me me mistrust the validity of this survey,

    1. Andrea Caumont3 years ago

      You can see the views of all 44 countries surveyed here: pewglobal.org/database/indicator/1

      63% in Mexico have a favorable view of the U.S.

      Canada was not surveyed in 2014, but in 2013 64% of Canadians had a favorable view of the U.S.: pewglobal.org/database/indicator…

    2. Matt Schwartz3 years ago

      Why on earth would the survey be any less valid just because it didn’t mention two countries?

    3. US Army Soldier3 years ago

      To Francis Mahe. I am an American and also a American soldier of the US Army and we are so close with Canada we call her our sister. Any enemy of hers is an enemy of ours and vice versa. and as far as mexico is concerned, we can’t keep Mexicans out. they love our country so much that 100’s are found dead trying to cross the desert every year just to illegally gain entry into our country.

    4. Kaleb Sagehorn2 years ago

      One would think Mexico and Canada would look at us in a better light. Considering we offer an umbrella to shield both of them from naval strikes as well as air strikes, they would be grateful and give us a good 75%. Suppose we just have to wait for them to get involved in something. Can’t count Mexico in on an offensive (or defensive), since they can’t even seem to govern its own country and people right.

  37. Muhammad Zubair Khan3 years ago

    How about India? India was among the top five fans of U.S. for most of the last decade but is nowhere in top ten today?

    1. Vinay H.3 years ago

      The recent issues surrounding the former visa ban on PM Modi, the arrest of the Indian diplomat in New York, and (to a lesser extent) continued American support of Pakistan have eroded some of the positive sentiment about the US in India.

      However, my personal feeling is that the people would rather be united with the US (democracy, Westernization, etc.) than Russia, which is the obvious alternative for India. How it actually works out is up to future diplomacy between the countries.

      1. Akado2 years ago

        you are wrong.indians want to be left alone and nonaligned with any country.

  38. Richard Tebaldi3 years ago

    How much of this “like, dislike” issue has to do with money “given to these countries, or taken away” since O has gotten into office? Apparently, his “bowing before kings” has proved ineffective?
    Sometimes I think payoff money is the real reason.

  39. Don Nagle3 years ago

    Interestingly, since 2009, it is amazing to me that ANY former admirer of the USA remains.
    Admiration usually requires some measure of honesty and trustworthiness on the part of heads of state.
    America’s present “leaders”
    display neither of these.

  40. Luke3 years ago

    Why isn’t Cote D’Ivoire on here? I say it should be on the list of fans of America, I just wished that the list was expanded like top fifteen or twenty. I read that the Ivory Coast has a very positive outlook on the US too. I thought I read somewhere that somewhere around here that It ranked number one on American loving countries. Yet again, I can’t always trust the internet, that’s for sure. It just saddens me, and breaks my heart to see Greece, and Egypt are on the anti american’s list, because I love those two countries because of the mythologies (Anubis:Egyptian god of the dead, and Poseidon: the Greek god of the seas), the architectures( The Parthenon in Athens, and the Pyramid of Giza.) Well, at least France has been getting a more positive outlook on us, and Quite a shocker that Vietnam likes us,In a good way that is.

  41. Louise Hillock3 years ago

    It would be interesting to know how much U.S. aid is provided to all foreign countries – by country, not as a lump sum. And whether aid tilts the favorable opinion.

  42. AZ3 years ago

    I lived and worked in several of the countries listed. I can’t imagine how they came up with this list! It is way off to us expats that live or have lived in these countries. Example: South Korea, Italy and France fans of the US? Boy can not believe that! I was in SK when they were attacking American fast food restaurants and protesting US troop on thier soil or the forgiener we are watching you campaign in Dague. I love to see the method used to come up with this list!

    1. Tom3 years ago

      Your examples are fallacious and hold no salt.

      “South Korea, Italy and France fans of the US? ”

      Yes, ever since Barack Obama became president positive views have risen.

      South Korea – there were so-called protests 10-20 years ago, but now the U.S. is working with South Korea more than ever against North Korea’s threats/aggression. And if you want to know the truth, go on a South Korean forum and ask them yourselves. Your own perceptions are not true.

      Italy – Italy has always been a fan of the U.S. in this century and late last century. Italians generally have a favorable view of the U.S., and you evidently do not know any Italians. Go on a forum, again, and ask.

      France – France’s score has been rising for the last 4/5 years. Ever since Obama has become president, France’s score has risen. Another thing, the U.S. and France have been working (and agreeing on matters) together a lot in Obama’s presidency, so of course their score has risen. Go on a forum, again, and ask.

      Funny, you think your fallacious views trumps actual surveys. Shame, really.

      1. America3 years ago

        My roommate for college is from South Korea. They love us, why because we gave them freedom and also were over there guarding the boarder. Like my roommate said if US leaves the boarder North Korea will attack them.

  43. Muthyavan.3 years ago

    Most of the highly educated and rich people of the world. Which ever country may be from , their first choice to emigrate is USA.

  44. HK3 years ago

    Its not surprising that under the current administrative cabal fewer people like us. Its time we elect real leaders, not arrogant demagogues.

    1. Matt Schwartz3 years ago

      Work on your reading skills. Anti-Americanism is down worldwide compared to a decade ago. The only main exception is Russia.

  45. Bob3 years ago

    I find it amazing that Vietnam liks us better than Germany! Talk about a sorry European ally.

  46. slk3 years ago

    soon germany will be permanently on the negative side!!!

    1. Bob3 years ago

      Until their next dictator comes along wiping out half their population….

  47. Paul Nelson3 years ago

    What I would like to see are the favorability/unfavorability ratings for the USA given the amount of per capita foreign aid given to countries like Egypt, Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, African countries, South American countries, etc. It would tell us how much it is costing us to buy their friendship, in many cases.

    I don’t know if we give any foreign aid to France however, and I’ve heard from several friends about French animosity towards Americans, so I have to wonder if that 75% positive rating is correct???

    1. Ken Fradkin3 years ago

      Well Egypt, Pakistan and the Palestinian territories get a ton of US aid and they absolutely hate us.

      1. Passant3 years ago

        Hahahahahaha .. I am Egyptian , just want to say to “Ken Fradkin” you have to read more about the reason your country gave aid to Egypt .. there is a big revenue for your US and Treaties .. it isn’t kindness
        I hope your US stop destroying our countries and of course there will be no Hatred.

        1. Christopher Winkler2 years ago

          You’re right, of course, that U.S. aid to Egypt isn’t done out of kindness but to advance U.S. interests, such as maintaining the peace accord between Egypt and Israel. There are other reasons as well. But the fact is, over the last several decades Egypt has been the second largest recipient of U.S. aid behind only Israel. One has one of the most favorable views of the U.S. and the other has the least favorable. In fact, most of the largest recipients of U.S. aid (Jordan, Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, etc) have the least favorable view of us. So clearly we aren’t buying anyone’s friendship, as Paul Nelson suggested.

          All that being said, I know this is really about the perceptions of U.S. foreign policy and not about how the people of these countries feel about Americans in general. Incidentally, I have an Egyptian friend that I have talked to almost every day for nearly two years, so I do know a little something about Egypt at least.


  48. Packard Day3 years ago

    And exactly how much foreign aid money does the United State give each year to Egypt for their collective animus? Hunger makes good sauce.

  49. Min Zee3 years ago

    What about Mexico? How do they feel about the U.S in 2014? or does it go without saying, since Mexico is the 3rd largest trading partner with U.S. Just because they are a neighboring country to the south of US does that automatically mean Mexicans have a positive attitude toward Mexico? because the U.S. has over 30 million people who claim being of Mexican Ancestry or/ Mexican…whether American born or not…does that mean that Mexico has a favorable view of U.S. or perhaps our numbers would not be so high? Because Mexican/Mexican-American died in the thousands defending this country in every war (not including the Mexican-American War of course)? I would say, yes they have a favorable view of this country.

    1. Kochevnik3 years ago

      Mexico gave a 63% favorable/31% unfavorable rating to the US. They’re neither in the top 10, nor the bottom 10, which is why they aren’t in this post, but if you click on the link to the Global Attitudes report it has all the data there.

    2. Kochevnik3 years ago

      Mexico gave a 63% favorable/31% unfavorable rating to the US. Mexico is neither in the top 10, nor the bottom 10, which is why it isn’t in this post, but data about Mexico is included in the Global Attitudes report mentioned in the post.

    3. John3 years ago

      Good point. Don’t understand why Mexico or for that matter Brazil, Columbia was left out of the survey.

      1. Matt Schwartz3 years ago

        @ John: They weren’t left out of the survey; they were left out of the article brief.

        This ain’t rocket science, folks.

    4. Hernan Diaz3 years ago

      Mexico has a 63% favorable opinion regarding US. See this chart: pewglobal.org/database/indicator/1

  50. Delicia Reyes3 years ago

    Israel is 2nd biggest fan of USA… well, it isn’t a surprise, at all… with all that armamentist support…

    1. Saiful3 years ago

      In complete agreement!

    2. slk3 years ago

      thank God it offsets all the iranian rockets that hamas gets!!!