June 9, 2014

Southern Baptists confront a ‘third way’ on homosexuality and sin

FT_14.06.06_homosexualsBaptistsAs the Southern Baptist Convention begins its annual meeting Tuesday in Baltimore, the country’s largest Protestant body will confront an issue agitating many conservative evangelical Christian churches: How to navigate the rapidly shifting landscape of same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

The denomination, which claims 16 million members but also has been struggling with declining membership, defines God’s plan for marriage and sexual intimacy as between “one man and one woman,” and teaches that homosexuality is “not a ‘valid alternative lifestyle.’” According to its constitution, if a congregation decides to “affirm, approve or endorse homosexual behavior,” it is considered no longer “in cooperation with” the wider body.

But in February, a California pastor told his Southern Baptist congregation that he no longer believed the traditional teachings of the church regarding homosexuality. The Rev. Danny Cortez said members of New Heart Community Church and his own son, who had recently come out as gay, had helped convince him that homosexuality is not a sin.

Last month, New Heart church members voted against firing Cortez, choosing instead to welcome the gay community as a “Third Way” congregation, described by the pastor as “agree to disagree…and not cast judgment on one another.” But in a blog post headlined, “There is no ‘Third Way’ – Southern Baptists Face a Moment of Decision (and so will you),” prominent evangelical leader Albert Mohler wrote last week that, “A church will either believe and teach that same-sex behaviors and relationships are sinful, or it will affirm them.”

Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote that eventually, “every congregation in America will make a public declaration of its position on this issue.” He also predicted that the Southern Baptist body “will act in accordance with its own convictions, confession of faith, and constitution” at this week’s meeting.

White evangelical Protestants are particularly likely to believe that homosexuality is a sin. In 2013, a Pew Research Center survey found that about eight-in-ten white evangelicals (78%) said it is a sin to engage in homosexual behavior, similar to the percentage saying the same 10 years earlier (82%). In 2013, about eight-in-ten black Protestants (79%) also said homosexual behavior is a sin, but far fewer white mainline Protestants (38%), Catholics (33%) or religiously unaffiliated people (18%) agreed. Overall, among the general public 45% said homosexual behavior is a sin.

In the same 2013 survey, six-in-ten white evangelical Protestants (59%) said homosexuality should be discouraged by society and 74% said there was a conflict between their religious beliefs and homosexuality, both more than any other major religious group besides black Protestants. In another 2013 survey, we found that 66% of white evangelicals said homosexuality is morally unacceptable. Overall, only 37% of Americans said this.

Young people tend to express more positive views of homosexuality and more support for same-sex marriage as compared with older generations. And the same pattern seems to be true of young evangelicals. In aggregated polling from 2012 to February 2014, 29% of white evangelicals under the age of 30 expressed support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally, compared with 24% of evangelicals age 30-49, 19% among evangelicals age 50-64, and 14% of evangelicals age 65 and older.

But young evangelicals tend to look much more like other evangelicals than like other young people on this question. Among all adults under age 30, fully 67% expressed support for same-sex marriage in our aggregated 2012-2014 data, more than doubling the level of support from young white evangelicals.

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  1. Linda McMillan3 years ago

    I thought Al Mohler had died. Or did I just stop paying attention to him? Yeah, that’s it.

  2. Carla3 years ago

    The 3rd Way is not about accepting homosexual behavior. It is about accepting those who have same sex attraction, about loving them and helping them to live chaste lives within the Church! The 3rd way is really the only WAY as the first way is to reject persons with SSA, the 2nd way is to accept gay lifestyles, but the 3rd way is to acknowledge that many people can develop SSA over their developing years and that they are neither born this way nor have they chosen to feel these attractions. The important thing to remember is that we are all sinners and all striving to live holy lives according to God’s word. Learn more and you will be more charitable in your thoughts and actions. ssahope.com/same_sex_attraction_…
    This film represents more clearly what the 3rd way should be:blackstonefilms.org/films/the-th…

  3. SAM3 years ago

    I believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. That said, why has it become considered judgmental and bigoted and intolerant to follow God’s word? It is the times we live in I suppose. As for me, I can let society change me or I can be changed by His word. I prefer the later.

    For those who want to hit me with the snark, please understand, as I tell my 4 kids all the time, that making a judgement about a situation or behavior does not mean you do not or cannot love someone. I make judgements all the time, about behavior in my children. I worry about character traits that may become harmful to them if left unchallenged.

    I do not agree with the Third-Way that many churches are taking in this poll. It is a moral cop-out and I am thankful that I am not one of those who decided to not decide on this issue.

    I totally get how unfair this all seems. I have a few acquaintances who identify as being homosexual. To say I hate them, or judge them or whatever is absurd. They are wonderful people whom I love dearly BUT, I do make a judgement on their behavior and it saddens me deeply to know just like when my kids sin, that this is a trait (sin) that will cause no end of harm to them.

    The percentage of people who identify as homosexual is small in comparison with the overall population, but the sway they are given to change our entire culture is wholly out of line with the rest of the population. To demand that people tolerate their sin is beyond bold and bullying. If you disagree with their position then you are deemed a bully.

    I ask where the majority of the population falls on pedophilia? My guess is that we find it morally wrong and socially wrong. My own children some of whom are adults now, struggle with their position on homosexuality and lean toward the tolerance preached by the world. When I posed this question, there was no hesitation in stating that it was wrong.

    If you place the same arguments against judging pedophilia as homosexuality then to be against it seems illogical. However, everyone I know is against it. I know why I am against it but with no moral compass such as God’s word, it won’t be long before society is buying into a push to make this acceptable behavior.

    Before you get out your snark fingers to type away your indignation, please remember that 50 years ago, the reaction to homosexuality was basically the same to that of pedophilia today. There are groups who want to make it as accepted as homosexuality. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will take another 50 years to arrive at this position given today’s culture unless some group….say The Church of Believers (for clarification, I don’t mean a set denomination here I mean God’s people.) Stands up for what is right!

    Even then I am afraid prophesy shows that our moral decline has been foretold and while we believers stand our ground, the rest are sinking and sliding with the moving sand. It is hard to watch and given that typically we believers love our fellow man as ourselves it is heartbreaking to watch.
    So, just like your mother’s fussed at you for your behavior, it was BECAUSE they loved you enough to call you out on it. If you call your mother intolerant for taking a stand for your benefit, or judgmental for wanting the best for you, or bigoted because she knew that bad company corrupts good character…well that is too bad. You missed the point.

    1. Ice3 years ago

      Great comment! I agree 100%

    2. Linda McMillan3 years ago

      What do you mean when you say that you take the Bible literally? Because we don’t actually have an autographic record, you know. So do you believe that the translators are literally speaking the word of God? Because that’s crazy.

      Also, if you do take — oh, let me go out on a limb here — the KJV literally, do you believe you can drink deadly things and they will not hurt you? Do you believe that you can heal the sick like Jesus commanded his followers to do? If so, get with it! Are you ready to sell all that you own? Live with only one set of clothes? Hate your mother and father? Or is that, perhaps, not literal?

      You’d better think that “literal” thing over a little bit, sister.

  4. Mitchell The Creationist.3 years ago

    “As the Southern Baptist Convention begins its annual meeting Tuesday in Baltimore, the country’s largest Protestant body”

    I disagree with this statement, Baptists have NEVER symbolized with Rome
    We are NOT protestant. we are Baptist.
    Get the book “The trail of blood” more on Baptist history.
    we have NEVER affiliated with Rome, we are NOT protestant.

    1. Believer3 years ago

      In the end it won’t matter what church we are a part of. There won’t be any Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, or Southern Baptists in heaven. Just believers!

    2. So Bapt Christian3 years ago

      Understand the meaning of ‘protestant’ – in essence, ‘protestant’ means ‘not catholic’.

  5. Cheryl Spooner3 years ago

    Well, I do not know how your research was conducted, but I do know that those who choose to call themselves Catholic are expected to be united in thought according to the teachings of the Church, in union with Scripture.

    The Church teachings that we are to love the sinner but hate the sin. Romans Chapter 1 shows the practice of homosexual actions is what is the sin. If a person has same-sex attraction but does not act on it, and is instead remaining chaste in his thinking, his words, and his actions, then there is no sin. An unmarried heterosexual is also expected to remain chaste in the same way. It is only in the carrying out of sexual lust that the person sins.

    We are supposed to help each other come out of our sins by gently showing us why what we are doing is wrong and possibly pointing the way to a possibly change. We are not meant to condemn each other, but we are certainly meant to cast sin out of our lives. We need each other to do that. Just follow up your reading of Romans 1 with Romans 2 to see how much guilt all of us bear.

    1. Believer3 years ago

      Cheryl, very well said! You stuck to scripture, and if we all did that there wouldn’t be any argument about what we should or shouldn’t do. Our opinion should always follow God’s Word and how he speaks to our hearts. Thank you for sharing!

  6. AzaleaAnnie3 years ago

    There appears to be a tendency to label people who believe marriage is between one man and one woman as bigots. I would ask those who use terms such as bigot to remember that President Obama believed that marriage is between one man and one woman during his 2008 campaign and during his first two and two-thirds years in the White House.

    I don’t recall people (of all races, beliefs, sexual orientation) calling Barack Obama prejudiced and bigoted. So calling others prejudiced and bigoted for having the same beliefs should be morally and ethically reprehensible to those who make such accusations. Yet we see this in print and on television, by writers and pundits and politicians, and no one calls out those who show this kind of situational ethics for their own bias. More properly, it’s situational lack of ethics: it’s wrong when A does it but not wrong when B does it.

  7. AzaleaAnnie3 years ago

    Interesting research. I would have expected Pew to be consistent in presenting data. But the first graph (showing moral acceptability) does not include Black protestants. Opinions on these topics generally show that White evangelicals and Black protestants have similar views.

    Interesting that Black protestants, who are primarily evangelicals, are not identified as such. Bias against White evangelicals? Bias against identifying Black evangelicals? Consistency is expected in unbiased data presentation.

  8. bbeckt3 years ago

    Typical. Making comments and they are being bled out. Must be god interfering spiritually to erase free speech.

    1. eric burns3 years ago

      Same happened to me, the truth is somewhat hard to swallow for believers

  9. Buddy Lang3 years ago

    I can appreciate all the statistics but I wonder if God will set out to do some research, compile the statistical data, publish a report and then make a decision about how we should stand concerning homosexuality. Perhaps He will put out a survey to see how we feel about it and try to accommodate those feelings with a new church. Of course this is tongue in cheek. God and only God gets to set the rules about what is acceptable behavior for his children and that has already been done. Churches who willfully go against scripture and accommodate the homosexual lifestyle without a conversion and change of behavior are clearly out of line with scripture. Of course we have no authority to judge others as that is God’s business. But accepting that which scripture clearly speaks against can only lead to a weakened gospel that is no gospel at all. To tell someone they are approved and acceptable without conversion is a damnable lie.

    1. bbeckt3 years ago

      If your god is not a barometer, your scripture not believed, it won’t matter what you say. Typical baptist trying to convince us his god is the only way.

      1. Believer3 years ago

        That’s what scripture says. Jesus Christ is the only way. As Christians we need to follow scripture and not our own opinion. Our own opinion should be God’s opinion because He never changes.

        1. Woody3 years ago

          Don’t you think it’s quite arrogant of us down here on earth voting on Christ’s doctrine that he spelled out quite clearly on what it is? It’s been prophesied time and again in the scriptures that in the last days we would be tried and tested like no other time before, that as the day of Jesus Christs second coming nears, there will be more sin and tribulation than at any time before. We can see clearly the dilution of doctrine and societal degradation as it relates to the last days. This is is happening now with acceptance of the sin of homosexual acts and gay marriage. There is immense pressure on religious organizations to change the doctrine that Christ died for, and I think this is a grave mistake. Those who are in charge of changing something that once was a grave sin to acceptance and purity in act, will be held accountable in the hereafter for corrupting their flock – this is not a biblical interpretation issue, it’s plainly been spelled out as a grave sin. The Lord did not say pick and choose what you will believe, we are all expected to live all the commandments and doctrine, to lead an organization with the teachings He laid out in scripture, love the sinner (all of us), repent when you sin, not change it to purity when members want to commit the act.
          How sad that the place God wants us to be and go to for religious direction is morally degrading with society – we look to religion for strength, council, to learn the gospel of Christ and how we should live, and many of those institutions are now teaching against what Christ taught, actually teaching sin is now moral because people here on earth voted it not sin anymore! Such arrogance! Religious leaders have a huge responsibility to hold the line and be a source of strength for their members, be an example of the Word, and LEAD their flock, not lead them astray.
          Mark my words, as we desensitize as a society, when churches and governments make these unfortunate decisions, there will come a time when other ugly immoral acts that are illegal now and currently considered sin become accepted, as they have over and over again throughout the ages. The bible is full of histories of societies as they evolve from obeying the commandments, blessed for doing so, become rich, become vain, forget God, revert back to the natural man, then ultimately fall.
          The ONLY way to keep on the straight and narrow path is to choose to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, which means following His doctrine, repentance when when we sin, NOT acceptance of that sin because your flock is dwindling or under pressure.

          1. Beryl3 years ago

            So well explained.

  10. Bob3 years ago

    I (personally) will never accept homosexual lifestyle as being normal human behavior. And I don’t personally care how others with more liberal views perceive my individual beliefs. But never, ever, expect me to tolerate an elective lifestyle which I find to be both abhorrent and morally repugnant to me.

    1. Believer3 years ago

      You’re right Bob, but don’t forget to love thy neighbor as yourself and show that with actions and words.

  11. Daniel Michaels3 years ago

    Bottom line: man created god to keep all the simpletons in line with the threat of burning in hell. Long live Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

    1. Believer3 years ago

      In the end every knee shall bow to the Lord no matter who you are. If you accept the Lord in your heart what will it hurt if you are right? But, if you choose not to accept the Lord and nothing happens, then you remain the same. Why don’t you try asking the Lord to come into your heart, speak to you, and show you the way. What will it hurt? Just do it and see what happens out of curiosity. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Life is too precious to not want something better for yourself and the others around you. I respect what you have to say. Please respect what I have to say. Please let me know what you think.

  12. Robert3 years ago

    I think I’ll stick with God who is very clear about the abomination that is homosexuality. He created us and He would know. That people change over time in favor of homosexuality is really sad, but then it was really sad how many people must have died in the flood although they were warned for 120 years. I’m not sure which is worse though, killing tens of millions of babies through abortion or homosexing. I’m opposed to both because God is opposed to both and since God has judged such behavior wrong all I’m doing is agreeing with God, which at the beginning of the day is much better than putting my own thinking above my Creator since His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are not my ways.

  13. Tim Mayeaux3 years ago


  14. noah3 years ago

    The answer is clearly given to us by God and in His Word as to whether homosexuality is a sin. See chapters eighteen and nineteen in Genesis, the first book of the Bible and see the first chapter in the New Testament’s Book of Romans. The answer is abundantly clear as to whether it is a sin or not.

  15. Mac Hoban3 years ago

    Marvelous how confident people are that the Bible supports their prejudice but I wonder how they decide which bits of the Bible are the infallible word of God and which bits are best ignored. Why aren’t these folks condemning the wickedness of people who eat shellfish? Why are they not demanding the death penalty for children who back-chat their parents?

    1. PaulD3 years ago

      Those who defend homosexuality online usually post entries replete with loaded questions and snark. Apart from the assertion that Christians adopt views to support their prejudices, this one is fairly benign.

      The shellfish question is a good one for Jews, and I suppose the more conservative Jews observe it. Most Christians would point to Acts and Galatians as NT books which teach that Christians are not under the Law, per se. The moral aspects of the Law transcend the Mosaic Law and are for the most part repeated in the New Testament. With the exception of observing the Sabbath, for example, all ten of the Ten Commandments are repeated in the NT.

      The second question is more difficult to be sure. It probably never did apply to back-chat, but rather to more serious rebellion. Why don’t we enforce that today? For the same reason that we don’t execute Sabbath breakers or those who blaspheme God or adulterers: Because we are not living in a theocracy. In the NT the idea is that God will do any punishing that needs to be done in the afterlife. The government has the power to punish evildoers, but the assumption is that it will only punish in accordance with popular views, not necessarily in accordance with the Scriptures.

      What I encounter from most atheists is that Christians shouldn’t be bringing their religion into discussions about gay marriage and the like — as though atheists themselves have some pure, unbiased source of wisdom untainted by theism which they themselves are able to draw from. Of course, we all vote and make decisions as we see fit in our heart of hearts. Atheists don’t weigh Scriptural doctrines when they make decisions, and Christians don’t ignore them.

      The truly remarkable thing is how many people who claim to be Bible-believing Christians have embraced homosexual marriage in the past decade — as though the Bible itself has changed in the intervening ten years. Though I disagree with it, I can see how Christians might shift in the following way: I still think homosexuality is wrong, but I don’t want to impose my views on others. But this is happening within the churches themselves. That is sad to me.

      1. bbeckt3 years ago

        Snark, snark, snark.

        1. PaulD3 years ago

          OK, at least that was funny.

  16. Diderot3 years ago

    How refreshing to read of the third way: agreeing to disagree and not judging one’s neighbors.

    Jesus said nothing of homosexuality but he did warn us not to judge others. Of course, he also said to love your neighbor as yourself. Apparently, many Americans feel it is justifiable to ignore these teachings and judge anyway.

    The notion that homosexuality is a sin is curious, since it suggests what everyone knows to be false: that sexual identity is a conscious, moral choice. No one chooses sexual orientation. And even if it were a choice, is the choice to discriminate – rather than love your neighbor – a less sinful choice?

    The language of “special rights” is incorrect. All LBGT people seek is the same rights as everyone else already enjoys. The subjective religious views of some people are no basis for a system of laws in a nation whose existence is predicated on the separation of church and state. We are no theocracy. And there are American religious denominations that welcome LBGT worshipers, with clergy who will marry them. Should those churches and clergy be deprived of the right to exercise their religious liberty, especially as they are loving their neighbors, not judging them?

    It would be wonderful if everyone understood that accepting LBGT people is merely loving our neighbors. It would be great if people didn’t have to discover they have a gay child or grandchild in order to realize that loving your neighbor does not depend on whether he or she is your own flesh and blood. Remember the good Samaritan, who showed kindness and compassion to someone who would ordinarily have been an enemy.

    Perhaps church membership would not be declining if churches were true to their own teachings. As we saw when mainstream churches failed to oppose the Vietnam war, and as we are seeing now as churches condemn gays and lesbians, all too often religion provides a pretext for hypocrisy rather than the impetus for doing good.

  17. craig gosling3 years ago

    Nonaffiliated results are impressive. The other religions should be ashamed. Recently several Evangelical pastors have suggested that homosexuals should e stoned as God commanded in the Old Testament. I wonder why they do not pick up a stone and kill the first person in their congregation who “comes out”. After all, which is more important…Man’s law or God’s law. Pastors should practice what they preach. Why don’t they?

  18. Peter Nuthak3 years ago


    1. Doug Mathias3 years ago

      “God” really doesn’t say anything clearly in either testament that isn’t self-contradicted at another point in the same document. Be that as it may, the point of interest in these survey findings is that as we collectively become more civilized, the trend apparently is to be more accepting of the individual differences that “God” built into the human race. The corollary is that perhaps we will become less adamant that we can force our particular beliefs about private behaviours onto others.

  19. Larry Lynch3 years ago

    In the past few years the homosexuals have been voicing their concerns over “gay rights.” We all know being a homosexual is not a right and being given special consideration for being homosexual is as ludicrous as having rights because one is red-head. But their concerns are valid and they cannot be ignored or brushed aside.

    My view is contrary to traditional belief regarding the origin of homosexuality. I have known homosexual males all my life, and some I grew up with started out as just plain kids like me before we were ever interested in sexual matters. No one I know ever sat down and consciously and thoughtfully made the decision to be straight or “queer.” Many gays tried very hard to be “straight,” and failed. They are simply the way they are because they were made that way…by God.

    In accepting the traditional definition of marriage, how does one accommodate those of the same sex? We already have “common law marriages” recognized by some states in which a marriage license was not obtained, but certain property rights are recognized. Property rights remain a central focus on the same-sex marital issue, and this is an issue that must be resolved.

    What I propose, and it would certainly be a controversial move, is that we have a State Law or Constitutional Amendment (if required by the State Constitution) to: 1) Affirm the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman only, but more importantly, 2) establish a legal status as “Civil Union Spouse,” establish the legal basis for “Civil Union Spousal Relationships,” and confirmed in the same manner as marriages by legal authorities.

    Now, let’s muddy the waters. How are we to address “neutrals,” those who have no defined sex organs or sexual identity? And how do we address “hermaphrodites,” individuals who have sex organs for both sexes with an ambiguous sexual identity? Excluding the transsexuals, God made both neutrals and hermaphrodites, and yet, I suppose for marriage purposes we allow them to pick their sex as is convenient.

    And this brings us back to the concept for a “Civil Union Spouse.” In allowing same sex partners in a civil union spousal relationship to enjoy the same legal freedoms and property rights as anyone else in a marital relationship, we do not violate the sanctimony of marriage. It would allow persons to name a civil union spouse as “spouse” for insurance purposes, for contracts, for securing joint property rights (one of the biggest components in the “rights” aspect) and to establish a legal mechanism in which same sex partners may enjoy recognition in the legal system, even in regards to not forcing testimony against a spouse.

    Homosexuality and Lesbianism has always been a part of every society, whether in the open or in the closets, whether condoned or condemned, and it is not going away. From a political standpoint, your state could take a huge lead in establishing this status, and maybe, just maybe mitigate the gay-marriage controversy. Furthermore, if a couple in a civil union spousal relationship want to have a marriage ceremony to establish their bond, and call themselves married, so be it, it would be none of our business, nor the business of the state. From a legal standpoint, they would be in a civil union spousal relationship.

    Homosexuals deserve the chance to have a spousal relationship with a partner legally recognized by the government, and not treated like lepers. I hope this may lead to a solution the “gay right” issue. Consider the 11th Commandment found in John 13:34; “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” From what I have seen, God has accepted plenty of homosexuals into his kingdom. I believe God cares less about sexual orientation than whether or not they love Him.

    Something else to ponder, as being married nearly 25 years, I have found myself learning to love more deeply and more faithfully than I could ever imagine. Although it has been an uphill battle for my wife in enduring my slow progress, I do believe the processes in becoming a better Christian and a better husband have been mutually supportive. I believe the same may apply in a civil union spousal relationship. Besides, the inverse is simply given the percentages of relationships ending in divorce, why should the gay community be exempt from the pain and suffering the straights endure? It’s just a thought. As for the adoption issue, what are the alternatives? Which would be worse for a child, having parents in a civil union spousal relationship, or no parents at all?

    Ultimately it comes down to this: unless God miraculously turns every homosexual into a heterosexual, we have to deal with the problem at hand; whether to stone them, ignore them, or love them. The choice is obvious.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. Janna3 years ago

      Larry, seventeen states already permit same-sex marriage. With the federal gov recently saying that if a gay married couple moves to a state where their marriage is not legally recognized, the federal government will follow the law of the state in which the couple married. This is a radical change. Can you think of any other situation in which the federal government says, “DON’T follow the law of the state in which you legally reside.” I cannot.

  20. Zhen Luo3 years ago

    Male is male and female is female, can two females procreate naturally?

  21. Rufus T+Wifflestomper3 years ago

    A robust discussion between two levels of delusion. Religion made sense when we thought the world was flat. We now know so much that those of us who are rational realize it’s all Stone Age hocus pocus. God’s word was invented by either well intention men or men trying to cement control of a population, or most likely a bit of both. But nobody in the sky with a notebook cares who you sleep with….

    Religion wants to debate these fine points until the cows come home. None of it matters, there is no god, anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the worlds beaches. And we are special? I’ve got a bridge for you….

    I’m certain we have had atheist presidents, they just won’t admit it, it will be some time before it is possible to get elected as an atheist. Religion is dead, it knows it, but won’t admit it.

    1. Tim Mayeaux3 years ago

      only the fool thought the world was flat. GOD’s word told the educated in the Old Testament of the “circle of the earth”. The fool today says Barry Obama is smart. Got zero proof of that. No record. No nothing. No evidence.

      1. Rev. Killjoy3 years ago

        Circles are flat, Tim. Spheres are three-dimensionally round.

        If GOD’s word was so absolute, then why so many revisions of the Bible? Why a New Testament at all?

  22. Sally3 years ago

    Judge Not….

  23. Rufus T+Wifflestomper3 years ago

    Connect the dots folks, they are aging out of relevance. The more striking thing I’ve seen in my life is the growing awareness that religion founded in the belief there is a bearded old man in the sky is nonsense.

    When that goes away, and going it is, everything else religion has been selling looks to be fake. They better get with the times or say goodbye. Their problem is a lack of an exit strategy.

    1. Warren3 years ago

      Glad you have it all figured out. Now, let me praise God in peace. It is my right. We will all find out the truth one day. Religion is not taking away anyone’s right. Your argument is weak, but that’s OK.

      1. Rev. Killjoy3 years ago

        Religion takes away a LOT of people’s rights, actually. Gay marriage, for starters. Let’s not even get going on how many rights women are denied in Muslim countries, all because of RELIGION.

    2. Tim Mayeaux3 years ago

      you will escape death? the wrath of a HOLY GOD? pity, man can be so foolish. Doesn’t trust the witness of his fellow man. What use are you to him? Why should he not kill you, if there is no GOD. THAT judgment is closer than you think. Maybe tomorrow, could be today…..

  24. Bernard Barton3 years ago

    It’s not a matter what a religious group believes on homosexuality & same-sex marriages
    What matters is what the Bible teaches on the matter whether people like it or not-
    Question: are we going to go by what the majority or minority believes or are you stand by what the Bible teaches?
    As for me I will follow what the Bible teaches on the subject: It is a sin!!!
    Even if I have to stand alone or even if the numbers decrease in the churches
    Remember our Lord took a stand for the truth & He was crucified
    Are we willing to follow only the scriptures or some religious stand?!

  25. Warren3 years ago

    Because the Catholic Church is so large and has had a tradition in the family of baptizing babies as a historical habit even in families that do not practice their religion you have to distinguish the difference between practicing Catholics and non-practicing Catholics. For instance they say that the largest denomination outside the Catholic Church are the ex-Catholics. Therefore I think the survey is flawed.

  26. Clyde C. Farris3 years ago

    The SBC is wrong. We’ve got to realize that there is no supernatural and stop letting ancient prejudices influence us.

    1. Jackie3 years ago

      OK – then it is just against nature!

      1. Rev. Killjoy3 years ago

        How so? Thousands of species of animals in nature exhibit homosexual behavior. The Bible teaches about a talking snake and a man in the sky, so let’s not get going on what’s “natural.”

  27. Robin3 years ago

    For us to stand up and say homosexuality is OK, we’d have to say lying is OK, adultery is OK, wife-beating is OK, divorce is OK, sex outside of marriage is OK, backbiting is OK, materialism is OK, racism is OK, etc. These things are not OK, according to the Bible. The Bible has to be our standard; we can’t decide what Scriptures we’re going to abide by and which, because times have changed, we’re going to reject.
    If homosexuals want to go to church, that’s great–but they need to go the way the rest of us sinners do, in sincere repentance, asking God for grace to change, to live in alignment with his word. Condoning or celebrating homosexuality–just like any other sin or sinful lifestyle–would equal heresy.

    1. Rev. Killjoy3 years ago

      Cool, let’s play along. The Bible also says slavery is ok, that selling your daughter is ok, that killing your children is ok if God commands you to, etc.

      It’s amazing how much of the Bible so many Christians seem to forget exists.

  28. smith3 years ago

    church folks can believe what they will, their numbers are dwindling and soon enough americans will stop believing the superstitions of ancient middle eastern nomads

  29. Linda3 years ago

    Since when does anyone’s opinion matter ? The Bible is Very clear in Romans chapter one.
    God calls it a sin, so our opinion doesn’t matter.

    1. Tim Mayeaux3 years ago

      your opinion will TESTIFY for or against you, in the next life.

  30. Randy McTurnan3 years ago

    Churches have to realize you cannot pick and choose which scriptures and laws are valid based on their popularity or societal changes. Sin is sin no matter how hard you attempt to sanitize it. Regarding homosexuality, I have not read anything that eliminates that act as a sin. For a church to embrace same sex marriages and perform the solemnization of these marriages is an direct contradiction to what the scriptures say on the subject, in the Old and New Testaments and I direct these denominations to re-read Matthew 24:24. These people are being deceived by false prophets. I will never attend a church or associate myself with any denomination that condones this. It says what it says in the scriptures, no more, no less.

    1. Bob Johnson3 years ago

      Exactly. Amazing how some family members will cave on basic scriptural reality when they find their loved ones go outside the boundaries. Weak & fraudulent walk of faith, happens frequently now.

      1. Rodney P. Dempsey3 years ago

        Just exactly what is YOUR “Golden Rule”, Bob?
        That Southern Baptists make the rule -or Jesus Christ?

      2. Rev. Killjoy3 years ago

        Yes, much better to alienate and ostracize your children if they happen to be gay. It’s so “Weak and fraudulent” to love your children no matter what.

        It’s so much more Christian to pass judgement on them and cast them out, rather than love them and support them.

    2. 3in13 years ago

      “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand— then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak. How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.

      “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time.

      “So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.

    3. sammieb513 years ago

      My ex-boyfriend, raised evangelical, was sexually and physically abused by his parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles, you name it, I think they all got a shot at him. Bless his heart, he was so damaged. I guess the evangelicals dislike the “consenting adults” part of gay relationships.

      1. Tim Mayeaux3 years ago

        there were laws against that. But only in a “civil” society. Not an Evil Empire like the one “WE” have become. Divide & conquer

    4. Bernard Barton3 years ago

      Amen !!!