March 31, 2014

Data Feed: New climate change report, survey of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, the 1% versus the 0.01%

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Va. voters back medical marijuana; 50% support same-sex marriage, Quinnipiac
Analysis: Midterms pose formidable challenge for Democrats, Pew Research via WSJ

Consumer confidence in March survives harsh winter, University of Michigan
Inequality within the ranks of the 1%, The Atlantic
260K college, professional grads earned minimum wage or less in 2013, CNN Money
Texas, North Dakota, California top oil-producing states, EIA
Startups in central cities, walkable suburbs get most venture capital, Atlantic Cities
Pay increases for academic professionals outpace inflation, Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Health & Society
Uninsured Democrats twice as likely as uninsured Republicans to get coverage, Gallup
Interactive: plan explorer, The Wall Street Journal
The long, long wait to be a grandparent, The Wall Street Journal
Nationwide survey of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, KFF/Washington Post
Analysis: Big data… are we making a big mistake? Financial Times
Summary of the latest findings in happiness research, Gallup via Brookings

On eve of election, 70% of Indians dissatisfied with country’s direction, Pew Research
UN panel issues new warnings on climate change, IPCC
Euro area annual inflation falls to 0.5% in March, Eurostat
Government borrowing needs in advanced economies are set to fall, OECD
Map: How the UN General Assembly voted on Ukraine/Crimea crisis,The Atlantic
Chart: The international effort to locate Flight 370, Washington Post

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