July 12, 2013

The politics and demographics of food stamp recipients

Democrats are about twice as likely as Republicans to have received food stamps at some point in their lives—a participation gap that echoes the deep partisan divide in the U.S. House of Representatives, which on Thursday produced a farm bill that did not include funding for the food stamp program.

Overall, a Pew Research Center survey conducted late last year found that about one-in-five Americans (18%) has participated in the food stamp program, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. About a quarter (26%) lives in a household with a current or former food stamp recipient.

Of these, about one-in-five (22%) of Democrats say they had received food stamps compared with 10% of Republicans. About 17% of political independents say they have received food stamps.

The share of food stamp beneficiaries swells even further when respondents are asked if someone else living in their household had ever received food stamps. According to the survey, about three in ten Democrats (31%) and about half as many Republicans (17%) say they or someone in their household has benefitted from the food stamp program.

But when the political lens shifts from partisanship to ideology, the participation gap vanishes. Self-described political conservatives were no more likely than liberals or moderates to have received food stamps (17% for each group), according to the survey.

Beyond politics, equally large or larger gaps emerge in the participation rates of many core social and demographic groups. For example, women were about twice as likely as men (23% vs. 12%) to have received food stamps at some point in their lives. Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to have used this benefit during their lives (31% vs. 15%). Among Hispanics, about 22% say they have collected food stamps.

Minority women in particular are far more likely than their male counterparts to have used food stamps. About four-in-ten black women (39%) have gotten help compared with 21% of black men. The gender-race participation gap is also wide among Hispanics: 31% of Hispanic women but 14% of Hispanic men received assistance.

Among whites, the gender-race gap is smaller. Still, white women are about twice as likely as white men to receive food stamp assistance (19% vs. 11%).

The survey also found that adults 65 and older are significantly less likely than other age groups to say they have received food stamps. For example, about 18% of adults aged 18 to 29 have benefitted from this entitlement program compared with 8% of those 65 and older. Those who have a high school diploma or less formal education are roughly three times more likely than college graduates to have been helped.

The farm bill passed by the House on Thursday, after a day of intense and sometimes hostile debate, was stripped of about $740 billion in funding for food stamps, setting up a confrontation with the Senate which has approved a very different version of the legislation.

The legislation represented the first time since 1973 that a House version failed to provide support for food stamps. The vote Thursday was 216-208, with all 196 Democrats present voting to oppose the measure. Twelve Republicans also voted against the bill.

While politically, congressional Republicans have focused on reducing spending on federal entitlement programs, the Pew Research survey found the U.S. to be “a “bipartisan nation of beneficiaries.”

The survey found that significant proportions of Democrats (60%) and Republicans (52%) say they have benefited from a major entitlement program at some point in their lives. So have nearly equal shares of self-identifying conservatives (57%), liberals (53%) and moderates (53%). The programs were Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, unemployment benefits and food stamps.

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    is a senior editor focusing on social and demographic trends at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous1 year ago

    I love the way that Social Security u s lumped in with entitlement programs. For all the others, there is nothing the recipients have done to earn them. SS, on the other hand, is a government mandated savings program. If politicians had kept their hands off this money throughout the years, the program would still be solvent. This is earned money that our government is now telling us we have no ‘right’ to. SHAME ON THEM AND THEIR PREDICESSORS.

  2. Patricia Branigan1 year ago

    Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment are benefits paid for by us, in payroll deductions and/or our employers who count them towards our compensation package. These do not use income tax dollars, they use the money collected for the benefit. They should never be lumped with welfare and food stamps which are funded from non payroll taxes. It is confusion to lump these together as entitlements.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      That’s ‘interesting. Cause when both Social Security and Medicare were first introduced Republicans railed against them as Commie influenced programs.

      In fact, The Patron Saint of the Rabid Right, Ronnie Ray Gun made a famous recording in the early Sixties in Ronnie’s sanctimonious way, declaring Medicare to be Socialism and that it would unquestionably lead to the loss of all our freedoms. He predicted that we would be telling our grand children “what it was like to live in a free nation”.

      I suggest that Republicans poll all the little blue haired, Republican Grannies they can find and inform them that the GOP is doing away with their Medicare.

      50 years hence and for the life of me I can find no evidence of this. The only threat to freedom is Donald Drumpf and his shameless bigotry along with his minions who actually believe this demagogue is fit to be the Leader of the Free World.

  3. Jeffrey Stone1 year ago

    Since when are programs we pay into entitlements? Social Security, medicare, and unemployment benefits are not entitlements anymore than filing an auto or home insurance claim are!

  4. Anonymous1 year ago

    Can we stop repeating stats that most of us do not know how to analyze! Pointing fingers and whining about entitlement! I am so happy that I was raised to work and not start at the top and work my way backwards! We want too much $$$$$$ and have all contributed to this mess

    1. Jeffrey Stone1 year ago

      It is pretty simple to analyze. If you go one step further, you will find that the majority of those who receive benefits also have children. People don’t normally collect benefits for themselves but rather to feed their kids when things get tough and the savings has run out.

      1. Rich Marshall1 year ago

        Jeffrey, every year almost half of all newborns are already on some form of government support. Out of wedlock births continue to drive this situation with the annual rate for Blacks in excess of 70% and Hispanics in excess of 50%. And the monthly check increases for each new out of wedlock child a mother has (while the government does not pursue the father for support).


      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        True – the dependant children are the common denominator -and the absconding father contributes to child poverty

  5. Ola Fischer1 year ago

    NEWS FLASH!! Social Security IS NOT an entitlement program! Our employers and we have paid into the program as a retirement fund.

  6. Anonymous1 year ago

    When did Social Security and Medicare start being classified as a “special entitlement program”? As I recall, I and my employer over many years paid into these programs for my benefit, as well as other workers down the road. Was the politicians over many years from both parties that changed the narrative as “entitlement” programs by giving away to non working folks to get votes. This country is on the road to ruin with the political hacks in Washington treating taxes as their personal slush fund to dole out for special interests and votes.

  7. Anonymous1 year ago

    I am so tired of the government calling it The Farm Bill, when billions of dollars in food stamps are included in it. All hand outs need to be separated from other bills so hard working taxpayers can see what is going on with their taxes!

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      The Farm Bill SHOULD include subsidies, which are HUGE lump sum payments paid to farmers and other producers so that they do NOT grow crops! People that want to complain about Americans that get taxpayer-funded gifts and hand-outs should start talking about these folks and leave poor, under-employed families ALONE!

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        I am a farmer in the midwest and I do not recieve lump sum payments by the USDA to not raise crops. This may have happened many year ago, but there is no such program in place at this time for grain farmers. I beleive around 80% or more of the entire farm programs budget go to food assistance programs. Look it up before you spew untrue facts probably heard from some other uninformed person. USDA.gov.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          While the Farm bill does not pay farmers to not grow crops, like they used too. It does pay out large sums in Agricultural subsidies to large farms that are very profitable. The recent farm bill does this in a variety of ways, including price supports for various crops. While many of the subsidized crops are the backbone of the American diet, they shouldn’t be: sugar beets, soybeans, wheat and corn. While the subsidies can run into the millions, we the taxpayer will no longer be able to find out how much and to whom the money is given, as the last farm bill made it illegal for the government to do so.

  8. Brian Zerega1 year ago

    The department of agriculture shows white people receive 40 percent of food stamps, African Americans 25. I’m skeptical of the pew research survey since the first thing it mentions is political affiliation. I sense an agenda here

    1. Isaiah Izzy1 year ago

      You are skeptical of an independent research group with a good track record but you are not skeptical of the federal government agency? Makes sense.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Good call!

    2. Chris Murphy1 year ago

      If the stat you posted is correct and blacks who are less than 13% of the population receive 25% of food stamps, then they are about twice as likely as the rest of the population to receive them. That’s consistent with the chart above which is about the rate of use, not the total number of people of each race.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      It’s notand agenda it’s just straight facts there is a higher percentage of African-Americans and Hispanics on food stamps then whites

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      Exactly! The media will lie everytime they get and omit the truth about whites being the largest group of recipients of food stamps. This shows anyone who has EVER had food stamps instead of who currently receives the majority of them!

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Whites make up a higher percentage of the population.

    5. Anonymous1 year ago

      My brother has been a quad for over 41 years from a broken neck he received when he was 18. He was told the first time he applied for food stamps that they were sorry but he was the wrong color. He is white. The second time he applied about 15 years later he was told he qualified for 21 dollars a month but he had to come back every month to requalify. He made 300 dollars a month. He gave up. Wrong color and then made too much! I don’t even try to get the help for him now as he is completely bed bound. We may not have a lot but we get by on my social security that I worked hard for all my life and payed into. We do fine.

  9. Anonymous1 year ago

    If we add up the (average) total paid into social security and medicare (easy check: get a print out on line at SSA.GOV, and the lifetime total contribution is figured) BY AN INDIVIDUAL….. And then add up: total social security payout in retirement + the cost of medical coverage, and then subtract the contribution – the estimated benefit over (minimal) 25 years, you will see there is USUALLY a gap, that gap, is the additional (UNFUNDED)amount covered by the government. So, while a portion is certainly paid by the recipient, commonly, an additional LARGE chunk is not. That helps INFLATE the deficit. While it may be uncomfortable to think about, it doesn’t make it any less true.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      If you’re using the average, it will NEVER match up.

    2. Rich Marshall1 year ago

      Why have you excluded the employer’s contributions in your analysis? And since the contributions for both the employee and employer are included in the general fund (with paper IOU’s held by the SSA), why are you not including the saved borrowing costs by the Treasury as well?

  10. J David Zubas1 year ago

    Both Social Security and Medicare were a forced pay out tax program which I would have preferred to be optional and the money put into my own personal savings program. The federal government, as it always does, used the Social Security escrow money to supplement the general fund and left IOUs in the SS account. Neither of these programs are entitlement programs like welfare programs. We cannot trust the federal government anymore as it will confiscate as much of our earned income to spend in the way they think is best for their special interests including the politicians themselves. Obamacare is a forced program, and totally out of control cost wise, that if we do not subscribe to one of their expensive healthcare insurance programs, we are fined through the IRS. Just more government costs and employment at the expense of the taxpayers.

    The national debt has doubled in the last seven years as the federal government is spending almost a trillion each year (annual deficit) over the revenue coming into the government. 2015 was the first year under Obama that the deficit was reduced to $500 Billion and that only happened because of new taxes and manipulation of the tax structure to increase the taxes we pay. The annual interest on the national debt is close to $500 Billion alone. It is mind boggling but the uncontrolled borrowing and spending continues. Anytime a Republican in Congress suggests cutting spending they get crucified by the Democrats and the liberal media.

    Donald Trump is promising to reduce the national debt…so how is he going to do that?
    He and every Republican who wants to reduce the national debt by cutting spending is going to be forced to explain that…and you can bet he will be grilled on that in the national campaign for President. What do you think he should do?

    He wants to cut taxes for the middle class. He wants to reduce government spending which means cutting the size of the government and cutting entitlement spending which is the largest part of the annual costs of government. It is a hard problem and there is not a national commitment by anyone other then conservatives in Congress to cut the spending. Every time the Republicans refuse to raise the debt limit and balance the budget by cutting spending, the Obama administration blames them for shutting down the government.

    Sooner or later the crap has to hit the fan as the credit rating of the USA has already been dropped one level down. When the Chinese and the Russians and other countries decide to use another money denomination instead of the dollar for trade, etc. the value of the dollar is going to dump and then we will be in deep trouble. It is coming because we are not even trying to cut the borrowing and spending…thanks to the Democrats in Congress and Obama.

  11. Cindi Stinson1 year ago

    Social security is not a benefit; it’s earned and is your own contribution to your retirement.

  12. Anonymous1 year ago

    How is social security an entitlement program? I pay into the damn thing every month.

  13. Anonymous1 year ago

    You list social security as an entitlement. I strongly disagree since I have been paying into that program since I started working at the age of 14.

  14. Anonymous1 year ago

    When will they get it through their thick skulls that Social Security IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT!!! We worked hard our entire lives, having money forcefully taken from our checks. And this program would be solvent if the Government hadn’t robbed it blind for pet projects. Why is Social Security always being told it is going broke, but not one thing is said about welfare going broke!

  15. Anonymous1 year ago

    I was unaware that the Department that issues food stamps collects data on the political affiliation of the recipient. Not in Michigan anyway. Are these facts from a survey of the entire population that have received SNAP benefits or a phone survey of 1,000 people?

    1. Max Dragonard1 year ago

      “… a Pew Research Center survey conducted late last year.”

  16. Anonymous1 year ago

    Social security is not a benefit.
    I payed in to it for 56 years.
    This needs to be brought to every ones attention.

  17. Anonymous1 year ago

    That scale is incorrect, there are more whites receiving food stamps than blacks.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Not when you do it by percentages.

  18. Anonymous1 year ago

    Very interesting but i would bring up the point how many more republicans take advantage of tax loopholes or get subsidized which isn’t brought up by this chart ummm making people feel guilty for using the safety nets provided by are own government wow so my question is why is it considered a smart business decision when businesses take advantage of tax loopholes but bad when a family tries to provide for there family America this is why we fail as a country

  19. Ricardo Mayfield1 year ago

    Very interesting but i would bring up the point how many more republicans take advantage of tax loopholes or get subsidized which isn’t brought up by this chart ummm making people feel guilty for using the safety nets provided by are own government wow so my question is why is it considered a smart business decision when businesses take advantage of tax loopholes but bad when a family tries to provide for there family America this is why we fail as a country

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      We fail as a country because no matter what, the libs have to be right…

      You don’t feel the least bit of guilt or shame for needing more handouts…you only ask for more, while you trash hardworking small business owners…classic victim.

  20. Don Kirk Green1 year ago

    Your info is incorrect. There are more whites on food stamps than any other race. The media portrays blacks as the recipients of welfare. It’s the ole “if I say something enough people will believe it” psych game.

  21. Anonymous1 year ago

    40.2% of whites are on food stamps.
    25% of blacks are on food stamps

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Now for the truth!
      About 41.5% of Black households were using SNAP/Food Stamps in 2013 compared to 19.6% of all households and 11.4 percent of White households. (SOURCES: U.S. Census Bureau, 2013 American Community Survey, Fiscal Year 2013 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Quality Control sample)

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      40.2% of food stamps go to whites. 25% of food stamps go to blacks–that is the proper way to look at that statistic, not 40.2% of whites are on food stamps and 25% of blacks! Does that distinction make sense? because there are so many more whites their 40.2% gets diluted, and only 15% of the population of whites use food stamps. Because blacks are a relatively small percent of the population, their rate of use within the demographic is higher–31%. So more whites total use food stamps because there are more whites, but the percent of whites who have used them is smaller. I hope that helps!

  22. Anonymous1 year ago

    This scale is a lie the whites receive more then blacks

    1. Cameron Channell1 year ago

      Depends on how you look at it. Numerically more whites receive benefits, but that’s only because there are a lot more white people (approximately 68% of the population versus about 13%). If you read the article, you’ll notice they’re talking about what percentage of people that subscribe to a specific racial group, party ideology, or gender receive stamps.

  23. Anonymous1 year ago

    Watch Louisiana. .they must take job training..get job and stop the stamps. .we must stop carrying those that refuse to work..

  24. Anonymous1 year ago

    Food (stamps) for thought…. An E6 in the US military qualifies for means tested assistance, or welfare.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      That’s not true they make to much money.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Listen E6 just told stated a fact. Their income may be higher than a cashier or office clerk BUT still low enough to be eligible for food stamps. Learn!

    2. Debbie Dee1 year ago

      Many enlisted families qualify for WIC (Women, Infants, Children’s) program, which is a USDA program that provides/pays for dairy items and other foodstuffs on a monthly basis…

  25. Francis Jacob1 year ago

    Sorry, I do not consider Social Security or Medicare “entitlements”. I paid a tax every paycheck to receive a monthly annuity from the Federal Government under FICA, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. It’s, in effect, an insurance policy for having WORKED all of my adult life. I also paid a tax every paycheck for Medicare (to fund the program -Social Security’s Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program and Medicare’s Hospital Insurance (HI) program are financed primarily by employment taxes.)
    Now that I am retired and collecting my Social Security Insurance annuity, there is still a deduction (tax) from that payment for Medicare under the OASDI & HI programs. Not an entitlement – a tax-funded insurance plan. It’s not free; I pay a fee (tax) to have Medicare. It’s most certainly NOT an “entitlement”.

    1. James R. Madden1 year ago

      Sorry. You don’t understand how Social Security works. It is not an annuity nor an insurance program. There is a Trust Fund — it is a file drawer full of IOU’s from the Federal Government to put the cash back sometime in the future. Every payday, a person’s Social Security tax payment (cash) along with the employer’s contribution (cash) are received by the Treasury. The cash goes into the general fund and an IOU is placed in the Social Security Trust Fund file drawer. Then, when it is time to calculate the latest National Debt figure, whether or not to include the money owed to the Social Security Trust Fund is argued about — should we include it or not? So far, the choice has been, “not.” At the moment, the current SS taxes are paying the current SS benefits. You have no “account” paying your personal SS benefits (an entitlement as defined when talking about a law).

      1. Max Dragonard1 year ago

        When I call the SS Department they can tell me exactly how much I’ve paid into the system and how much those payments “entitle” me to when I start collecting.

        Now, I’m willing to go along with the definition of entitlement. I’m also going to say that I definitely feel entitled to it since I’ve been paying into it for over 50 years now.

        So, if anyone wants to scrap the program, they should figure out how to do so AFTER the Federal government meets it’s obligations to the people that are entitled to receive Social Security.

  26. Anonymous1 year ago

    Why do a survey which is incorrect. The government already knows who is receiving food stamps. We already know the majority is white not black and surveys skew the figures?

  27. Tracy E Fulford1 year ago

    Recheck your facts, your information is wrong.

  28. Anonymous1 year ago

    The article states that they based their data on the information that people told them. Meaning they simply conducted some kind of poll. Does it occur to anyone that people lie? They have proven themselves to be an invalid source for facts and accurate information.

  29. Anonymous1 year ago

    82 percent of blacks are drawing some type of welfare entitlement whereas the number of whites is significantly lower about 40% now while there are more whites drawing entitlement benefits of some type they have a much larger population percentage than the 12% of the black population in his country about 60 percent so if you must look at the statistics based on race then you have to look at the percentage of each population that is drawing not the totals because the whites outnumber the blacks in this country. Whites make up nearly 60 percent of the country again compared to only 12 percent by blacks. Let’s put it into perspective if blacks made up 100 percent of the population 82 out of a hundred people would be on some type of welfare. These numbers come from the USDA Website check for yourselves

    1. Kathy Larocque1 year ago

      Source for your 82% comment?

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        He DID leave his source!

  30. Anonymous1 year ago

    So, what I gather here, are that republican white men are by FAR the least likely to use food stamps?

    Who didn’t already know this ?

  31. Jim Storks1 year ago

    It would be interesting to see how many of these people who receive Food Stamps are immigrants the refugees that are receiving his benefit

  32. Anonymous1 year ago

    Pew is a right wing organization. First time these facts are weighted toward Minorities. Everyone I’ve read always indicated White received more.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      This shows percentage of demographic not total numbers. The total number of white recipients is larger(in fact the largest group)-they make up the larger total percentage of all welfare recipients. huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/28/fo…

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Sharing a huff post article to back up your claim is absurd. That article is full of cherry picked data, most of which the USDA doesn’t even provide: fns.usda.gov/pd/supplemental-nut…

        Huff post is trash and massaging numbers to fit their narrative. The Pew Research Center is a legitimate organization which has ACCURATE data to share.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Huff Po is like the Enquirer

      3. Anonymous1 year ago

        “Welfare Statistics

        Welfare Statistics
        Total number of Americans on welfare 110,489,000
        Total number of Americans on food stamps 41,700,000
        Total number of Americans on unemployment insurance 10,200,000
        Percent of the US population on welfare 35.4 %
        Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment) $131,900,000,000
        Welfare Demographics
        Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
        Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
        Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
        Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
        Percent of recipients who are Other”—Source: US Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Commerce, CATO Institute, Research Date: January 14th, 2015

        Now, don’t forget that blacks make up 12.6% of the population in America.

        “- 11,400,000 people are on Welfare
        -38.8 % white:
        -39.8 % black:

        “According to- US population: 313,544,041
        – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
        – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549


        Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
        Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%”—Department of Commerce, Research Date: January 14th, 2015

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      “Welfare Statistics

      Welfare Statistics
      Total number of Americans on welfare 110,489,000
      Total number of Americans on food stamps 41,700,000
      Total number of Americans on unemployment insurance 10,200,000
      Percent of the US population on welfare 35.4 %
      Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment) $131,900,000,000
      Welfare Demographics
      Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
      Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
      Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
      Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
      Percent of recipients who are Other”—Source: US Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Commerce, CATO Institute, Research Date: January 14th, 2015

      Now, don’t forget that blacks make up 12.6% of the population in America.

      “- 11,400,000 people are on Welfare
      -38.8 % white:
      -39.8 % black:

      “According to- US population: 313,544,041
      – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
      – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549


      Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
      Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%”—Department of Commerce, Research Date: January 14th, 2015

  33. Anonymous1 year ago

    Social security is not the same as food stamps and welfare. It is a program workers put money in so they will have it when they retire.

  34. Terry Michael Fitzgerald1 year ago

    This is such a shame. The basic idea of the food stamp program, that is to provide food to Americans who are hungry and in part to shore up a weakened farming system, is at heart a very good one. Unfortunately, like most government projects that can be used politically, it has been fundamentally abused. The problem is not that we should have the morality to take care of our own but that political and social groups have been allowed to misuse the resources. Given our system of misguided and mishandled cronyism, this is not likely to be remedied entirely, but defunding the project is akin to throwing out the baby with the bathwater…and I am a conservative, by the way.

  35. Anonymous1 year ago

    I think the Republicans are lying.look at the areas that use food stamps now and earlier years.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Yeah, the top 15 welfare cities are democrats, even tho some are in red states

  36. John Corley1 year ago

    I am disabled and raising my 10 year old daughter by myself and I only receive $135 per month for snap benefits. Because of my SSDI payments

  37. Anonymous1 year ago

    Social Security is not a entitlement program.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Umm… Last I checked social security is an entitlement and our veterans also have a right to collect as they served this country. Welfare how ever is NOT An ENTITLEMENT that’s for lazy ass people who don’t wanna work and think its ok to receive benefits off the hard working peoples damn taxes.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        You are absolutely correct.

      2. Rhonald Jackson1 year ago

        Social security is not an entitlement! Subsidies to the major corporations are. What is it with you folks, help for the people is called entitlements and the grants to big business is called subsidies that we the people never benefit from. I think that it is way past time to phase out the republican party…they are as unAmerican and treasonous party and a detriment to the success of this country!

        1. Pete Maxwell1 year ago

          Yeah. Phase out the conservative party in an overwhelmingly majority conservative nation.. A nation where those that identify as conservative or right of center politically outnumber those who identify as liberal or left of enter by more than 2 to 1… Awesome idea.

      3. Anonymous1 year ago

        So being disabled and getting needed benefits makes one lazy as well??

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      I was waiting for someone to say that. Medicare isn’t an entitlement either. I paid for both of them for 50 years. It is my money. If the Republicans had not “borrowed” so much from them, they would be solvent. Then they add to the insult by calling them “entitlements” and lumping them in with Medicaid other welfare programs.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      I agree. You can’t call a program that was set up to take your money and “save” it for you to use in retirement an entitlement program. If they insist on doing so they need to call it federal income tax.

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      I agree. You can’t call a program that was set up to take your money and “save” it for you to use in retirement an entitlement program. If they insist on doing so they need to call it federal income tax. Key word there being income. Meaning we actually worked for it. And we’re probably more capable of saving it than the government is. Which is why they set it up. Because the ignorant public was incapable of saving for retirement so they would do it for us. Keep it safe. Then look at who couldn’t sve it. Ironic isn’t it.

    5. Anonymous1 year ago

      No it is not.

  38. cali reeves1 year ago

    Where did you obtain your data? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this information is incorrect.

  39. casey b1 year ago

    I get food stamps. Of course I work as a independent contractor. Due to the nature of my job if I work more then 24 hours my average pay per hour goes down very rapidly, from 8 dollars a hour to more like 4-5 dollars a hour. This is because I already work the highest paying hours, and all other hours will earn me less then minimum wage. I barely make enough to pay my rent and that is with food stamps propping me up. I willingly work this sort of job because of a severe sleeping disorder that makes regular shift work impossible for me.

    Before that I worked in telemarketing. Despite every facet of my job being controlled by them from what I said to what time I came in and left, I was still a “independent contractor” and was paid commission only. Which means no sales, no pay, no mater how many hours you dialed for them. They were breaking the law. The company I work for now is also probably breaking the law. Does it matter? No, because there is no enforcement and the Independent contractor definition is being purposely left undefined.

    Most illegals also work as independent contractors, since the company using their labor doesn’t have to claim them or take responsibility for them. (Which gives the company legal cover if its found out it’s workers are illegal.)

    It’s a trend that’s only going to get worse. A huge number of poor people are trapped in the “1099 economy”. Want to get a lot of people off food stamps? Close up the 1099 labor loophole.

  40. Scott W Trent Jr2 years ago

    OK, what then is MAINE doing now or planning to do later to ensure that their citizens will have JOBS to go to? Are they working on bringing JOBS back from overseas and to build plants for the new employers that will be coming in? or is this a one-sided deal?

  41. Barbara H2 years ago

    Biggest welfare payments go to the rich. They are the real feeders at the trough. Get the little pamphlet “take the rich off welfare” and see who really takes and takes and takes.

  42. CWD2 years ago

    Let’s talk about percentages in a more realistic way….. Who pays the most taxes supporting food stamp recipients – Whites? Blacks? Mexicans? Muslims and others? Using criminal activities as an example.. Approx 85 percent of murders nation wide are committed by non whites. The same for armed robberies, rapes and theft. More accurate figures are available but it’s not politically correct to simply broadcast those figures.

    1. Brier Rabbit2 years ago

      Go to fbi.gov to review crime. Whites prevent 4 times as many crimes as blacks. Number of murders per race is close. White on white crime is just as prevalent as black on black crime. Other violent crimes such as assault and rape are more likely to be done by whites. Check it out, especially table 43 on fbi.gov

      1. I mean come on2 years ago

        Adjust for the size of each demographic, Brier.

        The number of murders IS close, but not when you adjust for population size. How does 13 percent of the population rep almost 50 percent of Murders?

  43. Randy W.2 years ago

    Illegals can’t get welfare but their American born children qualify. 73% of households headed by illegals from Mexico receive welfare in the names of their American born children.

  44. scott s2 years ago

    First off, Social Security is paid for by the worker just like most people pay into a 401k or company provided pension. Do you Mr Rich Morin look at your pension account as an entitlement? Probably not.
    Next, Unemployment Insurance. Also paid for by the worker and company, not an entitlement. Do you look at your disability insurance that most employers offer as an entitlement? I think not.
    Medicare is a social insurance program that serves more than 44 million enrollees (as of 2008). The program costs about $432 billion, or 3.2% of GDP, in 2007. Medicaid is a social welfare (or social protection) program that serves about 40 million people (as of 2007) and costs about $330 billion, or 2.4% of GDP, in 2007. Together, Medicare and Medicaid represent 21% of the FY 2007 U.S. federal government.
    Food stamps or SNAP is an entitlement that those who draw this does not directly pay for it except for taxes.
    Welfare, well you should know that welfare is a term the encompasses all of the entitlement programs and not an actual benefit that is provided. I think you did that last part so that you can feel better about pointing out who actually draws these benefits.

  45. Peacemaker2 years ago

    Why has it become standard practice to include social security in the list of entitlements. Social security is a benefit that is payed for by the recipient all of their working life forcefully so I might add. This does not meet the criteria for an entitlement. Please until social security tax becomes voluntary stop calling it an entitlement.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      i guess ssi is an entitlement because its not from working at all. its like welfare in a way.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Social security is paid for by the workers so they will have the benefit upon retirement. It is not an entitlement.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        People work for the money that is taken out of their checks every month to pay for social security that is paid back to them after they retire.

  46. Richard Rites2 years ago

    I would like to know why places like Puerto Rico which is considered a U.S. territory and they receive over $17 billion a year in subsidies from hard working American taxpayers. Most of us worked a long time to be able to collect Social Security and Medicare and are always faced with cuts or higher premiums this doesn’t include the out of pocket expense for supplemental health insurance to offset medical costs. I find it ludicrous that the morons running this country do not see that as long as you keep giving away our money there will never be an incentive for these people to work. If they don’t want to be a state and pay taxes like everyone else cut the damn umbilical cord and put the money back in the hands of those who deserve it!!!!!. I have to agree with Donald Trump on his issues even though I feel he wouldn’t make a good President but he sure as HELL has the right IDEAS. In closing there is really no candidate on either side that is deserving of this office but personally Congressman Boehner would be a great prospect.

    1. Kristina2 years ago

      Though the Commonwealth government has its own tax laws, Puerto Ricans are also required to pay most U.S. federal taxes, with the major exception being that most residents do not have to pay the federal personal income tax. The federal taxes paid by Puerto Rico residents include import/export taxes and federal commodity taxes, among others. Residents also pay Federal payroll taxes, such as Social Security and Medicare taxes. Residents of Puerto Rico pay into Social Security, and are thus eligible for Social Security benefits upon retirement. However, they are excluded from the Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and the island actually receives a small fraction of the Medicaid funding it would receive if it were a U.S. state. Also, Medicare providers receive less-than-full state-like reimbursements for services rendered to beneficiaries in Puerto Rico, even though the latter paid fully into the system. It’s also important to note that as a territory of the United States, Puerto Rico does not have the same representation in Congress as the states. It sends a delegate to the House of Representatives, called the Resident Commissioner, with essentially no voting privileges and has no senators in the United States Congress. Delegates may vote within committees but they are not permitted to vote on anything on the House floor, including on bills. Thus delegates have a marginal role in Congress, and their constituents are not represented in Congress in the same manner as most citizens. I assume this is the reason why they aren’t charged federal income tax, due to the whole “No taxation without representation” thing that was the founding principal behind the Revolutionary War.

      Now that we have all of that out of the way, I would like to say that I actually kind of agree with you on Boehner. Although I don’t agree with much of his ideology, I greatly respect his willingness to compromise. At times, he’s appeared to be the only person on either side of the aisle that cared more about the American people than advancing his own career or political party. Unfortunately, this resulted in political suicide due to a political climate that equates compromise with failure. To the left, he didn’t do enough. To the right, he went too far. Ironically, these are the exact same reasons why Obama’s approval ratings are so low.

  47. Steven H Rust2 years ago

    Here where I live in Yakima, Wa. I went to the food stamp office to apply for affordable housing, I am a disabled veteran witch lives of a limited income, and the food stamp office was named packed with Mexicans, here 51% of the population is Mexican and over 35% are illegal. I was put at the bottom of the list because I was not Mexican, I find it a shame where the welfare of Mexicans, and Illegals come before an American born veteran of 2 different branches of service has to take a back seat to Mexicans. I have over a 2 year wait on affordable housing. The whole system is broken here ICE is never called on Illegals and take priority over American born veteran. If they deported all the Illegals our government would save millions on medicade, and food stamps, Obama has thrown out the welcome mat for they know they can come here and live off the backs of hard working Americans dollar, I served 4 yrs in the US Navy, then 6Years in the US Army, it sickens me to know that I can’t find a place to live over a bunch of Mexicans, I PRAY Donald Trump wins the election and reports these law breakers.

    1. mike miller2 years ago

      what you do fail to see is that those Mexicans are the ones doing the work you are not willing or cannot do. The majority of these “Mexicans” are here to work and they are taken advantage and don’t get paid what you or I would ask to get paid. Thus having to rely on the “system”. If employers were fair they would not ask for services. The government asks them to come over for cheap and the people are the ones that complain.

      You are right to ask for a better system but you also need to understand that society works for all not just you.

      1. Dolce2 years ago

        Regarding Hispanics,
        Anyone employing an undocumented worker is breaking the law and should be fined heavily. Plain and simple.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          The same should go for paying taxes. Large corporations keep most of their money overseas to avoid paying taxes! They should be made to pay also.

      2. Mickey Ford2 years ago

        You think all the Mexicans in the food stamp office trying to get welfare and food stamps and public housing is working? If they are working then why are they in gov office trying to get a hand out? You have no idea what you are saying you should think before opening your mouth and inserting your foot!!!!

      3. Robin2 years ago

        you are wrong! Mexican illegals are taking jobs that native born Americans are willing to do. We are spending $113 Billion dollars on the Illegals in our country. You need to take a look at the research and see for yourself! If you also include the cost of the loss of native born Americans not being able to do those jobs and end up on welfare the costs are unimaginable! You need to do some research, and learn the truth before you say comments like that.

        Please do the research and see for yourself!

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Here in California Natives or White Americans are Lazy they won’t work in agriculture and here most people panhandling are white and they are the first in the wellfare linea.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      They should just do with food stamp no one should get it.Mexicans are born here too,I was born here and I’m Mexican and I never asked for assistant from the state

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        If you were born here you are American, not Mexican.

  48. Courtney2 years ago

    This is incorrect information!!!!! The percentages are not that different.

  49. Diane Hovinga2 years ago

    I don’t think it’s fair to lump in Social Security and Medicare into this group of entitlements! We paid into both for years and years! The people receiving welfare, food stamps and Medicaid have payed nothing in! Because of this I think your poll is skewed!

    1. P2 years ago

      I agree

    2. Huh2 years ago

      Huh? Lots of people work and pay taxes for years then need Medicaid or food stamps! You think all those people in nursing homes paid by Medicaid never worked or paid taxes? It’s social insurance… You too may need it some day especially if you don’t want your children to go broke paying 90k a year for your nursing home stay someday!

    3. Ed C.2 years ago

      There are people who have paid taxes for decades that went to others as food stamps. When these people take benefits, they paid into that, as well. It’s not accurate to say food stamp recipients paid nothing into the benefits received. That’s just ignorant and biggotted. If minorities and women could get a fair shake from a system not pitched against them, you would see a narrower welfare gap among the classes. The report clearly shows the action of Conflict Theory.

  50. Alex2 years ago

    A white republican who works for Donald Trump did this report right?

  51. Colleen Nagle2 years ago

    SOCIAL security is not an entitlement !! These were benefits from hard working Americans ! Get that straight !!

    1. KS2 years ago

      You get far more out of it than you paid into it. On average, for every 2 dollars you pay in, you’ll collect 3. That’s why it’s an entitlement… it’s not a savings account. If you don’t mind taking a 1/3 decrease in your social security benefits, then you’ll have a point. Otherwise it’s an entitlement.

      1. Ryan2 years ago

        Your point does not make sense. Because someone who paid into social security receives more from it than they paid into it makes them a recipient of an entitlement? So then everyone who has a 401k or similar retirement plan and comes out ahead is a recipient of an entitlement program? With my retirement I will receive 3-5 times the amount I put into it. Anyone who receives a pension would be similar. So social security wouldn’t be an entitlement. It would be a seriously faulty an inadequate system established by the government.

        1. ginger porter2 years ago

          I think there are also many who pay into it and never receive a cent, do to an untimely death. The money’s collected are invested at an interest rate.

      2. Mark2 years ago

        That is dollar for dollar. If that money had been investe instead of spent elsewhere it would cover all costs. You can’t use government stupidity as an excuse.

    2. Brian2 years ago

      Entitlement is actually a technical accounting term that refers to fixed payments that must be honored. Republicans and their spinmeisters have taken this accounting term and used it in a vernacular form which suggests that an entitlement is, “something you feel you are entitled to.”
      It’s a linguistics trick which has worked well in influencing the minds of conservatives that our society is full of ‘takers’ who are getting something for nothing.

  52. Jim2 years ago

    This is not a reliable statistic because people were asked if they received welfare! Anybody who knows anything about statistics knows that this invalidates the sample. Clearly Republicans would have a hard time admitting this. The truth is that most welfare recipients are poor midwestern and southern Republicans! Also the military industrial complex, which is five times greater than it should be, makes up HALF of federal taxes. Obviously most people who are in the military and weapons manufacturing and contracting are Republicans. If Republicans truly want a smaller government, then stop taking all the tax money!

    Please stop lying to people with this website.

    1. Dan2 years ago

      I think that they were referring to actual percentages NOT actual numbers. Blacks only account for 13 % of the population so for example, even if 100% of blacks received aid, the actual number would be less than the number of whites that receive it.

    2. Samm2 years ago

      This post is not true at all!!

    3. Jeff2 years ago

      Can you identify what makes the military fives times too large other than blaming Republicans? It’s difficult to understand one’s point when it’s based on opinion instead of fact. The report has obvious flaws (like grouping programs workers pay in to with programs handing out tax dollars to help people) and the same statistics can tell multiple stories depending on what someone wants them to say, but to say half of federal taxes goes to the military makes one thing very obvious: you don’t understand what you’re talking about. Read up on discretionary spending, mandatory spending, and interest on debt so you understand where tax dollars actually go.

  53. John m2 years ago

    Beautifully done.. The article in titled politics and demographics of food stamps and you incorporated all forms of government programs in the stats ? Bad bad horrible report . If you were getting graded you would get an f for improper stats.. PEW, I almost trusted you

  54. ScubaBebe2 years ago

    I think your statistics speak to the original premise for welfare “assistance” programs but you’re not really covering the problem. When the construction industry bottomed out in the late 70’s I had 2 small children and it took my husband a few weeks to find a new job. We received food stamps for a month. While his new job didn’t pay nearly what his construction job did we cinched our belt.
    Our one month is equal in your chart to someone who made a living on the system. It would also be interesting to see how many women need assistance after divorce as opposed to women who have children within the system.
    I want to see a chart of people who have been on welfare programs (not entitlements ie SS and Medicare) for more than 1 year, 5 yrs. 10 yrs, from birth, how many have never had a job. Then break it down. I’d love to see that chart. There you will find the real divide between Republicans and Democrats.

  55. Jesse Callison2 years ago

    Why is Social Security and Medicare identified as entitlements? Those funds came out of our earnings to be put in trust for our later years. How many people getting food stamps, Medicaid or welfare earned the money that was taxed to fund these programs?

    1. Susan Rousseau2 years ago

      Thank you for pointing that out Jesse!

      1. R Wolkwitz2 years ago

        thats why you are ENTITLED to it, its not a hand out ……..

    2. Brandon2 years ago

      Unfortunately it’s not put in a trust. It’s put into a general fund and the government spends it on whatever they want. Social security has been this way since the Greenspan commission was passed in the 80s.

  56. Chris B.2 years ago

    Except welfare and Food Stamps are not entitlements. By very definition, an entitlement is something you are owed, i.e. Social Security, which is paid into with a promise of a return after age 65. Unemployment is also paid into, which is why it is actually Unemployment Insurance. Welfare and Food Assistance are paid into, but NOT by the recipients, which makes them a hand-out, not an entitlement. When people start getting this straight, I will start taking articles like yours seriously. Thank you.

    1. peggy2 years ago

      unemployment is not paid into. It is 100 percent employer funded. I know, I owned a business for 10 years.

      1. lew882 years ago

        So you, the employer, paid in on behalf of an employee. And the rate you paid was based on how many were laid off during a select amount of time. In other words your cost reflected the risk of how often there were people laid off or fired.

  57. Jocelyn Wilson2 years ago

    It’s funny how everyone saying that white this and black that, hello it’s like telling me that a white person sign up for food stamp and said his black. They static is base on how the food stamp recipients answer the questionnaire.

    1. Shooter2 years ago

      I doubt many people are lying about their race on the questionairre

  58. MiChelle2 years ago

    Is it not obvious that women of any race would be the ones who apply for and getting support. What this report fails to mention is that women have always been paid less than men. Most women, including my own Mother could not support herself and her two girls without some help, all the while, dear ol dads got a new family and is supporting them over his first obligation. So, yes women would be the primary beneficiaries of SNAP. Let’s see the study of men who don’t support their kids, work that into the equation. NoPE not ever have I responded to this post. The event that I may have is hugely false.. much like the study itself.

  59. MiChelle2 years ago

    Is it not obvious that women of any race would be the ones who apply for and getting support. What this report fails to mention is that women have always been paid less than men. Most women, including my own Mother could not support herself and her two girls without some help, all the while, dear ol dads got a new family and is supporting them over his first obligation. So, yes women would be the primary beneficiaries of SNAP. Let’s see the study of men who don’t support their kids, work that into the equation.

    1. Mandy2 years ago

      Good point MiChelle, an I know this isn’t an article on child support but I believe that a father’s first obligation is to his own household, it would be selfish to say that just because the first family didn’t work out that should mean that man should spend the rest of his life alone just to work and give their ex money who insists on having full costody, and I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have to contribute at all but if paying cs puts food in the mouth of the children who receive it and takes food out of the mouth of his children in his home, those children will also need food stamps, it’s a no win.

  60. gilbert2 years ago

    I have to disagree on the social security part as being an entitlement, I paid for my benefits the same amount as my employers. Again social security isn’t an ENTITLEMENT.

    1. peggy2 years ago

      yes it is an entitlement. we are entitled by definition, because we paid into it. Entitlement is not a nasty word.

      1. P2 years ago

        Unfortunately the government labels assistance that has not been earned as an entitlement. Should be the other way around.

  61. Tom Lytle2 years ago

    Only problem with that stat is 75% of the republicans lied about ever receiving assistance…Bahahaha

    1. marilyn2 years ago

      Ba ha ha ha…..That was funny.

    2. Vladimir Andropov2 years ago

      75% of Democrats were too dumb to know what an entitlement is, so they couldn’t answer honestly.

  62. COCO2 years ago

    Please people do not believe these statcis or be quick to judge. I would not trust a blog post on a serious topic. I have googled this question many times and no true legal government website has this answer. He did not even site his source on this site. The truth is maybe instead of asking what groups are on this. We should be asking how do we help those in our country who need it the most no matter ones color and how do we fix a crumbling America.

    1. Cheryl2 years ago

      Actually he did cite his source.
      Source: Pew research social & demographic trends project November 2012 gender and generations study.

    2. Vladimir Andropov2 years ago

      This isn’t a blog. It’s one of the most reputable, non-partisan polling institutions in the United States…

      1. j bradley2 years ago

        i invite anybody to come to Davidson County NC social services for a week and count who comes in, its mostly white folks and hispanics, a LOT of single mothers for SNAP benifits too.

  63. Van2 years ago

    Statistics are somewhat misleading because the question was have you ever benefited? (even once and how much and how often) I am certain that if frequency and dollar amounts had been included in the question the statistics would be dramatically more skewed.

  64. Trench Warfare2 years ago

    From Pew research: pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/0…
    Whites 15%, Blacks 31%, Hispanics 22%.
    Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to have used this benefit during their lives (31% vs. 15%). Among Hispanics, about 22% say they have collected food stamps.

  65. Lindsey F2 years ago

    This is a lie! The Majority of people who have ever had food stamps is always WHITE PEOPLE!
    Check out this link:

    1. Dawn K2 years ago

      It’s not a lie.I think it is based on percentage of individual races. There are more white people so the percentage is lower. 30% of black people is like 7% of white people. I am not using correct numbers. It is per capita. There are more murders in Chicago but more murders per capita in new orleans. And yes there have always been more white purple on welfare. I was unemployed for two months and used food stamps not to die. I am white. I am 40 and have been employed sometimes with three jobs since I was 17. It saved me and my sons’ lives.

    2. Hi-Dee-Ho2 years ago

      Where do these numbers say that is not the case? You have to look at them in percentage terms, however, to make the comparison fair. I am sure there are more traffic accidents in California than in Alaska. It doesn’t necessarily follow that California drivers are worse than their Alaskan counterparts. There are a lot more cars on the road in California than in Alaska.

    3. Tyler2 years ago

      Lindsey, this chart and the one you cited are measuring two entirely different things.

      Of course the majority of recipients are white — white people make up nearly 77% of the entire population while African-Americans make up only 13% of the population.

      What this chart is showing is that if you had a room of 100 random white people and another room of 100 random black people, then only 15 of the white people would have received benefits while 31 of the black people would have received benefits.

      So yes, there are more white people on welfare. But as a percentage of their race, there are far fewer white recipients than black.

    4. Mike2 years ago

      You are kind of right. More white people recive food stamps. That doesn’t factor in population percentage. When you look and see black people only make up 12% of the population and 33% of welfare recipients, it’s extremely disproportionate.

  66. Justin Cohee2 years ago

    Haha that graph is not a surprise

  67. Michele2 years ago

    Social security and Medicare are not an entitlements. They were paid for or we wouldn’t be getting it. I grew up dirt poor and never ever got help from the government. My family and I worked hard to better ourselves by working 2,3 and some times 4 jobs to survive.

    1. Vladimir Andropov2 years ago

      Another often repeated lie. You will never pay into the Social Security system the amount you will receive. Someone else is paying the difference (rich people and corporations). Since you aren’t funding it yourself, it’s an entitlement.

      1. gilbert2 years ago

        Idoubt that rich people and corporations paid my social security benefits, another if youre sowellinformed about people getting more than what they paid in. What happens to the money that people who have passed away and never collected a dime from it. I would like for you to answer that for me. I’m sure that there are several million that this happened to

      2. Sandra2 years ago

        You can’t possibly know how much SS someone will receive unless you know how long they will live.

  68. nelva June Durrett2 years ago

    These people are the ones who lost there .jobs to the immigrant that came into our country and I am sure they hate you just as much for putting them on foods stamps that’s right the united states government did this to those people Americans I do not aprishate being trapped in poverty by my own government.

    1. fred2 years ago

      the majority of immigrants that came here legally have jobs and are doing fine its the ones that are here illegally that are sucking the welfare system

      1. Cheryl2 years ago

        Illegal immigrants don’t qualify for welfare benefits so they are not sucking it dry. Yes, we treat them in hospitals if they go because it would be immoral not to. Even a legal immigrant does not qualify for welfare until after they have been in the US for at five years.

    2. The KING2 years ago

      Have you ever met someone on government assistance? Would you say the majority of them lost a job to affirmative action? I would beg to differ. The majority of people on government assistance barely have the soft skills to communicate on a basic level, let alone the hard skills and work ethic necessary to compete with someone that shows up on time, gives 110%, wants to be a top quality employee etc. Most are just lazy and would rather get something for free while having more kids so they can rationalize staying home and making the taxpayer pay for their lazyness.

  69. Vincent Limas2 years ago

    Americans do not need to have research pencil pushers tell them there is no separation between the parties on decency!!!! We are talking about decency here, & signing your name to this article conveys just how foolish you are inspite of education… Ethics is the crash course you need to concisely write harsh things to some…”truth”, precisely!!! … A white washed, mottled, less than genuine effort is what belongs on your headstone when that time comes… You’ve deliberately left out specific criteria implicating Conservatives as no less reserved… Here’s a phase, “human nature” observing basic habits in society clearly illustrates far better than your wallet impulses… If I meet anyone from the Pew, I’ll determine if in fact you pose a credibility threat, & if so, take swift action to defend myself… “Classless Idiots Blirring the Line”… I wouldn’t let you near a playground!

  70. Larry Smith2 years ago

    Please explain to me how Social Security, medicare and medicaid are considered “entitlements” when i have paid for them my entire life?

    1. Chris Harrison2 years ago

      Yes, people are due social security, medicare, and medicaid should be paid those to that have paid. However, the raising cost to keep those programs operating is driving them into near certain bankruptcy. Thus causing the future generations to be the life line, bearing the burden of financially supporting system that will not be there for them when they retire. Even though they are currently investing into those programs with each passing paycheck.

  71. Darrell2 years ago

    Social Security & unemployment benefits should not be listed as Entitlement program.
    This would drastically change the data.

  72. Mary Moore2 years ago

    Since when are Social Security and Medicare ‘entitlements’. I paid for mine as a productive working member of society who passed all the drug tests to be able to work and provide for my family and to pay into social security and Medicare. Your other ‘entitlements’ are received by persons able to work who can’t pass a drug test and contribute nothing to society. Maybe 50% of those on welfare, food stamps, etc really need it. The rest are those who believe they are ‘entitled’ to everything without having to work for it.

    1. Cheryl2 years ago

      Your other ‘entitlements’ are received by persons able to work who can’t pass a drug test and contribute nothing to society. Maybe 50% of those on welfare, food stamps, etc really need it. The rest are those who believe they are ‘entitled’ to everything without having to work for it.

      False, you might want to do some research about welfare. The welfare system is used by elderly, disabled, people who have lost their jobs as they went overseas, families who do work and don’t make enough money, single parents who can only work a few hours a day while their children are in school.
      Less than 1% of welfare recipients are abusing the system and we have also proven that less than .5% of welfare recipients are drug users. In the last three years more than 100,000 recipients have been drug tested in thirteen different states, between 500-600 of them tested positive and some of those that tested positive were hit for prescription medications such as heart medications.

  73. maizenbluedoc2 years ago

    How many see the correlation between the Democrats and the recipients?

    1. Tarik Dean2 years ago

      “How many see the correlation between the Democrats and the recipients?”

      It would appear that you’ve never actually studied US history and the growth of US cities in the North and Mid-West and Western expansion during the industrial revolution. That being the case you clearly have not studied the unequal effects of financialization in the US which fueled recent decades of de-industrialization in major manufacturing metro areas which are concentrated in historically democratic states and cities.

  74. Don Pritchard2 years ago

    I protest the inclusion of Medicare and social security among these welfare programs. I am 64 years old, have paid my social security and medicare taxes for at least 45 years without collecting one dime. When and if I do retire I will NOT be collecting welfare, I will be reaping the benefit I paid for.

    1. James Wood2 years ago

      You are confusing the term. Welfare is welfare, no matter where the funding comes from. They are simply programs to ensure the welfare of the recipient. Social security and medicare are welfare programs.

      “welfare” is not a dirty word.

      1. Robin Robertson2 years ago

        You are incorrect. Under the federal social security act, social security is referred to as ‘a benefit’ and welfare as ‘an entitlement.’

      2. marilyn milam2 years ago

        he democrats have made ‘Welfare” a dirty word. They have made a cheap vote buying scheme out of it.

        1. donjuan2 years ago

          Its only entitled to the current recipients of it’s benefits. Unfortunately the unsustainable costs will ensure these programs that I am currently contributing to will no longer exist. Should be angry at that, but i dont mind helping make sure our elders are taken care of. Not so different from having my taxes pay for people to have food. It is welfare cause im paying for it and it wont be there when i need it.

    2. David Toothman2 years ago

      Welfare in this case is: A statutory procedure or social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need. Social security and medicare fall under that definition. Have a nice day.

      1. Robert2 years ago

        You are so wrong. I worked and paid into the Social Security/Medicare Program for twenty-five years. Now that I’m disabled, I am entitled to my benefits They didn’t come freely. There are those programs that meets the needs of people that don’t pay into the system. Those programs I help support through my state and federal taxes that I continue to pay on my social security. Today there is a social disaster of women baby makers using the welfare system for sure workless income (benefits). As our Government taught this type of social disaster, whereas these women would rather have another baby to get free benefits than to have a job to self support their family or even think of paying into social security, medicare, medicaid food stamps, housing etc.!

        1. donjuan2 years ago

          I agree our current welfare system needs to be reformed so people can’t decide to live off the govt rather than work for a living. But how can SS and Medicare not be considered a type of welfare? Im 26 and I pay into this every week, knowing full well that in 40 years when i am forced to retire, those programs will likely not exist for me to use. Im paying happily still cause our older generation and disabled population really need this. Just like millions of poor people really need help paying for food.
          Still needs to be redesigned so people are motivated and helped into stable jobs and not falling into a dependency mindset where theres no hope and no desire of hope. I know this wont work though without ending the corporate fascism hijacking our politics and bringing manufacturing back to America. Millions of people flipping burgers or stocking shelves could be working good factory jobs, have benefits, and reignite us into a exporting superpower again. I cant stand that 90% of the crap i own says “made in china” when WE could be easily building this crap and bringing a strong middle class back. If the people become more prosperous its good for everyone. Millions of hard workers in the factories opens more service and retail jobs to those in true poverty, and welfare would become much more affordable and worthwhile.

          Bernie Sanders 2016

          1. Tarik Dean2 years ago

            “I agree our current welfare system needs to be reformed so people can’t decide to live off the govt rather than work for a living.”

            That being the case you should probably educate yourself on the various types of benefits almost all of which are limited in duration for just about all applicants except for the elderly and disabled.

        2. Anonymous1 year ago

          These women didn’t get pregnant by immaculate conception…. Two people are responsible parties… I’m not saying the practice isn’t happening and pre slant I’m just saying you are demonizing “these women” by blaming them for getting pregnant….

    3. Fraud Fighter2 years ago

      Any time you pay into a retirement program and receive benefits from said program you are really entitled to those benefits.

      Food stamps, cash assistance, low cost housing and free health care are usually received by those who have paid nothing into the system yet reap the benefits of those taxpayers who pay. If the country continues this course, eventually all able-bodied people won’t want to work.

      Enjoy your retirement sir. You deserve it.

    4. Arla Poer2 years ago

      I agree with you 101%. Social Security and Medicare are entitlements (to hose who have paid into them). I have paid into both for as long as they have been mandatory; I don’t know when Medicare began to e withdrawn from my earnings. I did start paying into SS during the mid 60’s however, and if I had to rely solely on SS it would barely make my house payment. My wife and i survive, (and that s about all it is-survival) on my modest SS check and hers which is even smaller along with a modest VA Disability check. I doubt these 3 sources combined equal what the average welfare recipient or illegal alien gets from the US government. It certainly seems that way when I am transferring my small amount of groceries into my 2 year old vehicle and parked beside a NEW full sized pickup unloading 2-3 grocery carts o food which I have just seen paid for with food stamps. Due to the Medicare premium I would be forced to pay I chose not to subscribe to Medicare after I became eligible, opting to depend upon the VA care, which requires long waiting periods and driving extensive distances. Too many people confuse entitlements with freebies.

    5. Deekay2 years ago


  75. Monica Lucas2 years ago

    Is this about people who are on food stamps, or those that have been on them at one time or another? Because there’s a lot more white people than any other race in the United States, and they are the majority of takers right now.

    1. Rod Davis2 years ago

      It’s bogus… PEW is a known RW rag!

  76. HD2 years ago

    There are more white taking food stamps (40% white, 25% blacks) that’s 6 million more white mouths to feed out of my pay check yet they still think I am lazy (because I am black).

    huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/28/fo… trivisonno.com/food-stamps-charts

    1. Jacob2 years ago

      There’s no need to play race war, but you’re reading misreading the statistic (to be fair, it’s presented poorly). The statistic does not say that 40% of White people are using food stamps, rather that 40% of food stamp recipients are White. Since Whites make up 60-78 % of the population (depending on whether or not Hispanic Whites were used in this statistic) they are actually severely underrepresented as food stamp recipients, while Blacks, who make up about 12-13% of the population, are overrepresented twofold.

    2. Ben2 years ago

      HD – You need more math in your life.

      There over 5 times as many white people in America than black people
      So, if 40% of recipients are white, then under 8% should be black. The very fact that it’s 25% shows there’s something very wrong. Also, 10% of the black population is on welfare, 1.7% of white, 0.3% of hispanics.

      All this race baiting is being driven by media companies, like huffingtonpost, cnn, fox, etc. for clicks. People like you are buying into it hook line and sinker because you don’t know any better 🙁 Now it’s also about how “misogynist culture” has ruined women. If management has to fire someone for doing a bad job, they are automatically called a sexist and misogynist if they are a man firing a woman. With all this fighting going on, everybody is pissed and no one can work on the real problems.

    3. Fraud Fighter2 years ago

      This quote from the above story disputes your comment.

      “Blacks are about twice as likely as whites to have used this benefit during their lives (31% vs. 15%).”

    4. Luke2 years ago

      Obviously if you are getting a paycheck no one can consider you lazy.

  77. Taffy Dugan2 years ago

    The title of your article is misleading as are your words. The “major benefits” these people say they received includes Veteran benefits, college grants and loans, and Social Security (which could easily be retirement benefits). If you follow the link back to the original post, here is what was asked:

    “Respondents were asked “whether you or anyone in your household has ever received any of the following government services and benefits”: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, unemployment benefits, food stamps, college grants and loans, and veteran benefits. Those who answered yes they alone had received the benefit and those who said they and someone else had received it were coded as having received the benefit. Those who answered no, refused to answer or said they did not know were coded as not having received the benefit. “

  78. jimmyjohn2 years ago

    Not sure where they got the exact numbers, but it’s not a big surprise that poor vote for candidates the give a damn about the poor. Why vote for a conservative who would just as soon see you starve.

    1. Lee Martines2 years ago

      The poor keep voting for those who will make sure that they keep them poor! Check the government of every large failing city and see which political party pulls the strings! 50 years of the War on Poverty, and poor folks are not much better off than they were in the 60s. The Republicans would rather see the poor get jobs so they can get off the public dole, pay taxes, and become productive members of society instead of creating the next generation of public welfare leaches.

      1. Peter2 years ago

        Actually, if you look at Eastern and Western (wealthier) states–as opposed to Southern–they tend to be more democratic-voting (blue states) than republican (red states). Very strange that people think being a democrat suggests you prefer not having a job; democrats in reality tend to be better educated and more gainfully employed. What red vs. blue simply suggests is your stance on guns and religion–red states like their Christianity and guns more than blue. (I happen to be a Christian but do not own a gun).

  79. Jeanne McCrea Pyfer Rapp2 years ago

    Democrats about twice as likely as Republicans to have received Food Stamps sometime in their lives.

    1. gilbert2 years ago

      and you know that to be factual. How do you make an asumtion of what a persons political affiliation is?

  80. yamama2 years ago

    Really? I thought you were going to report on the demographics, not political affiliation. How do you know for sure who’s a real Democrat or not?

    1. jason2 years ago

      Because people are legally registered to vote as such?

    2. richard2 years ago

      Go to your local McDonald’s and ask those highly educated folks who they voted for in the last election.

      1. Clair Carney2 years ago

        Richard – You don’t even go to McDonalds. Just go to any college and ask the kids there any simple question. Watch Waters World on fox for and very disturbing laugh. Some of these kid’s don’t even know who the president is. Or you can type in Waters World on you tube and watch. Very very disturbing.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Fox news right wing propaganda

    3. Mama J2 years ago

      And there is no way really, to know how many responded truthfully to the main question itself? Those refusing to answer should not be lumped together with those responding ‘No’ as they may be entirely different groups. Under-reporting and self-assessment bias may be issues that are likely to have marred these results and may have confounded with political affiliations.

  81. Carole Zoller2 years ago

    While I gathered much information from your study I strongly disagree that Social Security is an entitlement. I worked for that money and it was banked. Did I bank more than I will ever recieve, that is unknown as life expectancy is uncertain. Your lumping all seniors who earned both Social Security and mandated Medicare into your study squews the issues presented.

    1. Curt2 years ago

      The word “entitlement” means you are entitled to it. Social Security is an entitlement. The problem is when people see things like welfare as an entitlement when it isn’t.

    2. Sally Stewart2 years ago

      Hello Carole, I find most people overestimate what they have actually paid towards their Social Security & Medicare. What I find is how little we actually put into those programs compared to what we receive. Have you ever researched the ceilings & percentages that are used to calculate? It’s an eye opener but I’m only looking at what is taken from our paychecks. One can argue that he/she could invest that money themselves & do better, however, just look at Americans’ willingness to save & it’s dismal. I used, for my examples, the “National Average Wage Indexing Series’ starting with 1966 (the year Medicare was enacted) to 2005, then retiring & Social Security & Medicare’s history of wage ceiling & percentages. In this example I’m only looking at Medicare & using every year’s average income starting with 1966 @ $4,938.36, that employee would have contributed @ .35%, $17 that year (dbl for employer share)–total contribution employee share at final 2005 year, $9,673 ($19,346 including employer share). At the cost of medical care today how paltry is that? That scenario is for a person born in 1941 & earning the exact average just for the sake of having numbers to use. This next example is someone earning the ceiling amounts for Social Security wages (again just to see the cold hard cash from our checks). Starting with year 1965 (ceiling was $4,800) to 2010 (ceiling was $106,800) it would be $135,418 that was contributed toward SS (dbl. for employer share). The reality is the majority of people do not earn that, so their contribution would be considerably less. Now for Medicare since there is no ceiling, I used the same wages I used for SS. That person would have paid $33,276 in Medicare (dbl. for employer). My point was just to see what actual $$ we put into it & I find it amazingly low compared to what seniors, on average, receive back. So I would say there’s some welfare in there too! Medicare rate taken from our paycheck is 1.45% & has been since 1986, how sustainable is that?!

  82. Paula Cee2 years ago

    The people getting paid for doling it out should be considered on the welfare rolls also. It is all taxpayer money or money that could be used for something more important than feeding the disadvantaged. And was this research done for free? I think not. I am sure any American on the take will get some. Save our energies for the take down of the real thieves.

  83. FattCatt2 years ago

    These are not facts. This is propaganda

  84. David2 years ago

    Different definitions of “entitlements”!! Mine is–A person is entitled to something if he has contributed to something (like Soc Sec as an example). If you haven’t contributed, what makes you think you deserve (or are entitled) to anything?? Why should a person be “entitled” to freebies, other than physical or mental handicaps? So, if you have contributed to Soc Sec, medicare, etc. then you ARE entitled to a portion of it. If you haven’t, then you are NOT entitled to it. So, cut back (or out) the freebies, which most are NOT ENTITLED to!!

    1. Chas2 years ago

      I guess children are not eligible for any government assistance in your book because they haven’t contributed to the system.

      1. just me2 years ago

        Chas, things need to be changed. I agree with you. I have a disabled child. Never received a dime from SS. Well, not until our divorce. Now she gets over $500 a month, everything my son needs or wants is paid for by the government, and I mean EVERYTHING, yet I still pay child support. And yes, the support she receives allows her to work full time. Oh yeah, still paying for her masters degrees.

  85. john2 years ago

    Blacks are only 12% of the population compared to 63% of whites. How can 12% of the population consume 33% of the welfare?

    1. Luke2 years ago

      But that’s the point! 😉 The real question is why as a society we are unable to face reality. We stripped a primative, Stone Age people from the jungle and savannah…thereby screwing up natural selection and leading to inbred deficiencies in said people. Unfortunately, now the only real solution is eugenics. We need to stop encouraging those who are the least talented and intelligent in our society from procreating.

      1. tammy2 years ago

        Eugenics is a sick and perverted idea. Call it what it is, genocide. Then maybe we should just kill off all the elderly, or maybe everyone who is mentally or physically disabled? What about people with a limp? Or gays?? Or maybe we should just abort all black babies, that way we can get rid of them in a generation. And who is to decide? You and the head Czar over Obamacare think alike. That is one of the main reasons why many of us do not want BOCare. We do not want people like you deciding if we are worth keeping alive, or if we have out lived our usefulness

        1. Leland2 years ago

          Look-up Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Aborting children of blacks, feeble minded, etc, out of society was her goal. She supported and believed in eugenics.

    2. Mike2 years ago

      Blacks do NOT consume 31% of the benefits …… That’s not what the study said. It says that 31% of Blacks receive benefits. To use your figures (Blacks are 12% of the population), then approx., then less than 12 million actually receive benefits. And since Whites are 80% of the population, and 15% of them receive benefits, then more 36 million whites receive benefits (more than 3x the number of blacks. That’s where the $$ goes.

      Mike (a White Guy)

      1. Rusty Shackleford2 years ago

        So whites get 3x the amount of food stamps, but there are 5x as many whites as blacks. Your point is?

    3. Nadia Bee2 years ago

      Because black people are more likely to be poor.

  86. Jesse Hanson2 years ago

    White vs. Black regarding Food Stamp recipients as posted by the Dept. Of Commerce:

    Stats don’t lie…

    Approx. 318 million Americans… (US Census Bureau)

    62.6% White = approx. 200 million;
    17.1% Hispanic = approx. 54.5 million;
    13.2% Black = approx. 42 million.

    Approx. 41.7 million Americans on Food Stamps…

    39.8% Black = 16.6 million = 39.5% of all Black Americans
    38.8% White = 16.2 million = 8% of all White Americans
    17.1% Hispanic = 6.5 million = 12% of all Hispanic Americans

    1. Chas2 years ago

      First error, according to the SNAP database, as of the end of 2013 the number of black recipients was about 12 million, not 16 million.

      Second error, at the same time the number of white recipients was about 19 million.

      Where are you getting your stats?

      If you bother to read the PEW article above, you’ll see that 31% of blacks received food stamps “at some time in their lives.” It’s pretty hard to get from 31% who were ever on SNAP to your absurd 39.8% currently receiving SNAP.

      Your statistics are, shall we say, mathematically challenged.

      1. Luke2 years ago

        We can all argue about the finer points of statistical analysis. Are you implying that the rational conclusion that Blacks use government entitlements at rates several times higher than Whites is incorrect? If so, I guess all this Great Society spending and affirmative action over the last 50 years has effectively remedied all of this horrible institutional racism and white privilege that was unfairly holding down the Black race from succeeding in AmeriKKKa. I guess since we are all now colorblind and the world has been made to be fair, we can discontinue all entitlement programs…Don’t Hold Your Breath, you’ll suffocate.

    2. BG2 years ago

      Black males aged 15-34 are only 3% of the total US population.

      According to 2012 FBI crime statistics, this 3% is responsible for:
      54.9% of all Robbery
      49.4% of all Murders
      34.1% of all Aggravated Assaults
      32.5% of Forcible Rapes

  87. fourleaf2 years ago

    Wouldn’t the dept that actually administers the program have miss accurate numbers? m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6771938?…

  88. Jacquina Bondeville2 years ago

    It is always about percentages,not raw numbers. A group that makes up 12 percent of the total populations has 31 percent on food stamps? They don’t look like they are starving to me? Would you like to know what is really going on? Hit the cell phone booth at the swapmeet.

  89. kmarcol12 years ago

    Actually the US Department of Agriculture reports 40% whitewhites and 25% black are recipient of Food Stamps/SNAP. This study is clearly a biased joke.

  90. Richard Moore2 years ago

    Pew Research – 31% of Blacks have received Food Stamps during their lifetime and 15% of Whites. I believe Food Stamps are justified, but you don’t have to distort the facts. There are a lot more Whites in the population, so of course more are on Food Stamps, but not by percentage.

    1. kmarcol12 years ago

      Agreed just go to the US Department of Agriculture site.

  91. dionneglenn3 years ago

    Rumor has it that the majority of foodstamps and Aid to Dependent families benefits go to single parent or low income families. For single parent families again black, white or hispanic, the custodial parent, is by in large typically female. For low income families, again the majority would be female single parent, unable to hold viable employment because of the prohibitive cost of child care. The data presented in this article seems a little bit unrealistic.The main problem is the system that perpetuates itself by actively discouraging independence when they hand over benefits without providing education that will help improve employability and financial management skills. There are numerous people who gladly accept benefits because there is always a handout available. On the flip side, there are others who just need a hand up to get back on their feet and take care of their own lives. You would think that someone who received benefits but no longer does would not be counted in this survey. Unless they were cut off because of fraud, they would technically be the success stories of how this is supposed to work.

    1. Katherine Stevens2 years ago

      I guess the working people have to pay the bills for the absent baby daddies and the mothers who irresponsibly continue to get pregnant though they can’t afford the children they already have! NOT FAIR! You know what happens if this continues? The people who work hard stop working and collect government benefits too? Socialism! And those kids who grow up with no fathers turn to gangs and become criminals. Then we get to support them for life in prison on the tax payers dime. Welfare recipients should be cut off after a pre-determined number of children.

  92. W Swegle3 years ago

    unemployment and social security are not entitlement programs.

    1. Pat3 years ago

      Exactly!!! You have to have worked in order to be able to receive either of those “benefits”.

      1. Mike2 years ago

        That’s why your “entitled” to them ….. duh!

    2. prariemary2 years ago

      ABSOLUTELY! Social Security/ Medicare are funds that each working American paid to our government holding account (Social Security under the IRS) expecting (and hoping) to get their funds returned to them when they retire! Social Security is a Pension fund holding money earned and taken from working people by our government and used interest free! If our government wants to take our earned pensions then the retiring working class Americans need to stop donating and sue for their stolen money AND the interest lost!

  93. Joe cosella3 years ago

    Those who ADMIT to needing food stamps. People described as republican who think govt is the problem I’m sure would be less likely to tell the truth whether they we on assistance.

    1. Pat3 years ago

      Typical Lib response. White Conservatives are the majority of the working class. WE are the ones proving those “benefits” for those who are too sorry to be responsible for their own well being.

      1. Tom2 years ago

        Uhhh Hispanics and Asians are even harder working than Whites. Stop thinking you are so special, just because you’re white.

    2. Elaine Hardy2 years ago

      The average American family spends $36 a month helping another average American family put food on the table (SNAP).

      Here – let me help you with the math: $36 a month, x 12 months, is $432 a year.

      The average American family also pays about $6,000 a year, in corporate subsidies – which allow corporations to continue letting YOU support THEIR tax responsibilities. Food stamp participation since 1980 has grown the fastest among workers with some college training, a sign that the safety net has stretched further to cover America’s former middle class, according to an analysis of government data for The Associated Press by economists at the University of Kentucky. Formally called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, or SNAP, the program now covers 1 in 7 Americans.Since 2009, more than 50 percent of U.S. households receiving food stamps have been adults ages 18 to 59, according to the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey. The food stamp program defines non-elderly adults as anyone younger than 60.

      As recently as 1998, the working-age share of food stamp households was at a low of 44 percent, before the dot-com bust and subsequent recessions in 2001 and 2007 pushed new enrollees into the program, according to the analysis by James Ziliak, director of the Center for Poverty Research at the University of Kentucky.

      By education, about 28 percent of food stamp households are headed by a person with at least some college training, up from 8 percent in 1980. Among those with four-year college degrees, the share rose from 3 percent to 7 percent. High-school graduates head the bulk of food stamp households at 37 percent, up from 28 percent. In contrast, food stamp households headed by a high-school dropout have dropped by more than half, to 28 percent.

      The findings coincide with the latest economic data showing workers’ wages and salaries growing at the lowest rate relative to corporate profits in U.S. history.


      1. Mr. H2 years ago

        Your numbers are ridiculous!!! Most corporate subsidies are monies those corporations don’t pay not checks from the government.

      2. Marnie2 years ago

        It is not $36 a month it is $36 a year. About 10¢ a day.

    3. jt2 years ago

      Right you are Joe!!

    4. cliff blaze2 years ago

      kinda like Ds won the vote of the nonvoting last time around?

    5. Alan Ray2 years ago

      I was thinking the same thing, Joe.

  94. DJW3 years ago

    I am a 30 year old white male that has had a tax paying job since I was 14. I have served in the out great Marine Corps. and have served my country and community for over the last decade. I have three rules I live by in life; do my best, do the right thing, and treat others the way I would expect to be treated in their circumstances.

    I am married and have a wonderful son. We own a home and have food on our table everyday. I have not once asked the government for a handout nor would I ever. If I have to work 30 days straight once in a while to pay all the bills then that is what I have to do. If I have to work at McDonalds, Taco Bell and Burger King everyday, that is what I will do to pay my part in society.

    My wife did not go out and have children with unknown men before she met me and we did not have kids for almost 10 years. She did not collect food stamps or government assistance before me and certainly not while with me as it is my job, and responsibility, to take care of my family.

    We encourage seeking assistance from the government and I have even seen classes offered to teach how to apply for and receive as much as possible. Instead of teaching how to try and get nothing for free, why not teach life skills and responsibilities. Teach people to own their decisions and make better their lives for themselves.

    I do not care what color, creed or nationality you are. My pay check is earned for me and my family and my country. To take away from any of those to feed a mother of 3 with no known fathers living in free government housing while somehow still driving a $40,000 Cadillac is wrong.

    If there were a way for me to pick where my taxes went, I would let them go anywhere but the pockets of those unwilling to first help themselves.

    1. Patrick Spier3 years ago

      You get government assistance, you just didn’t know it.
      Did you claim earned income credit, did you report interest paid on your home, are you receiving social security or Medicare, you definitely definitely got subsidies thru your health care provider for all kinds of stuff.
      Google : What kind of subsidies do Americans claim.
      Even the rich get government assistance thru subsidies.

      1. Dizzy3 years ago

        Not only that… The percentage vs actually numbers aren’t reflected.

      2. Rex3 years ago

        None of the things you list are “government assistance,” including Social Security or Medicare. Tax deductions are ways to preserve income. Social Security and Medicare are forced savings accounts.

    2. Alvin73 years ago


      I am a 65 year old black male. I have worked since the age of 14. I have served in the Air Force and in combat for my country. I have always been employed except for three weeks after leaving the military.

      I have been married twice both were wonderful career oriented black women that elected not to have children. We decided to put our careers first and strive to better the community. The statisticians rank my income as upper middle class.

      DJW, every year money comes out of my household and into your family’s bank account. When you file your Federal taxes and claim a deduction for your children those are MY tax dollars going into YOUR pocket.

      1. stevie3 years ago

        Alvin, it’s not going into anybody’s bank account, you’re still paying off Cheney’s mechanical heart – something you’ll be doing for the next 6 lifetimes. lol

      2. Rex3 years ago

        You’re wrong and intellectually dishonest. It’s not your tax dollars going into his pocket. He is simply protecting his income from going into the government coffers.

      3. Mag G3 years ago

        Alvin7, you are correct. But DJW and others don’t see it that way. Even the huge business farmers out west that get huge subsidies from the government mostly vote Republican. The government even buys their farmer’s insurance. Look it up how much subsidies goes to rich corporations. ——>and the conservative right thinks that the National Debt is because of giving food coupons to mothers to feed their children? No way. Just look at the billions a year that go into the military with discretionary spending.—> Alvin7, I thank you very much for your service to this country.

      4. CDW2 years ago

        That’s not how this works at all. This simply lowers his tax bill, unless he had 0 taxable income. So technically those are HIS dollars going back into HIS pocket. If he takes a deduction, it doesn’t come out of your pocket.

    3. Scott Kochman2 years ago

      Never went to public school, never traveled out of the house, never received a letter, never had any financial assets that were only worth anything because there was a government to protect them……

    4. Mike Garcia2 years ago

      You’re already doing that my fellow Marine. Corporate welfare is costing us far more than that mother with 3 children with different fathers. What she gets is far less than the huge tax breaks and other support Corporations get from our Government. The part about the car though is wrong and should be investigated.

    5. Roniece2 years ago

      If you’re driving a Cadillac you don’t get food stamps. I understand what your trying to say but dont let the “welfare queen” stereotype make you make harsh decisions.

    6. John Boston2 years ago

      Cute story but incredible naive and arrogant.

      What happens when the bottom opens up and you lose that house?
      What happens when Taco Bell, McDonald’s or Burger King won’t hire you because they recognize the fact that as soon as times get better you will be out the door?

      Will you still then be so adamant in your refusal to take government assistance to feed your child? I wasn’t and when push comes to shove neither will you. I paid my taxes for over 20 years and when I needed it this one time I took it and none of your arrogance or stupidity will make me feel any less about it.

      I especially love these two bits.

      “To take away from any of those to feed a mother of 3 with no known fathers living in free government housing while somehow still driving a $40,000 Cadillac is wrong.”

      This is such a ridiculously stupid cliche that to even mention it displays a depth and breath of ignorance that compares with the Laurentian Abyss.

      “If there were a way for me to pick where my taxes went, I would let them go anywhere but the pockets of those unwilling to first help themselves.”

      I’ll be sure to remember that if ever there comes a time when, due to forces well beyond your control, you are forced to ask others for assistance.

      1. RP2 years ago

        It’s not a ridiculously stupid cliche. I see it every day, and can name the people guilty of exactly this. The people I know aren’t malicious thieves trying to steal every penny they can, rather lifetime welfare recipients who have absolutely no idea how to live any differently. That’s the problem. They do no have any understanding of fiscal responsibility or what it’s like to earn a living. They don’t care to know. They’ve told me “Workers are slaves of the system”. I’ve had conversations with these people regarding this exact topic. Why would they want to work to get barely-better-than-what-they-have-now when they could not work and spend their free time (AKA all the time) as they wish? It’s dependency at the highest level, yet there’s a level of freedom that isn’t found in middle class America. These people do not place the same value on family units, home-ownership, retirement, medical security, etc. as the majority of Americans do (AKA the ‘middle’ class). It’s like a completely different world where priorities are not even remotely similar and things that ‘matter’ to the general public have absolutely zero resonance to these people. I do not dehumanize these people, or even find malice towards them. I just wonder how we can all progress in this country with such vastly different perceptions of what is valuable.

      2. Tammy Thompson2 years ago

        Welfare and food stamps were suppose to help people when they have a temporary problem, ie sickness, unemployment, divorce etc. It was never intended to be a live choice. There needs to be a time limit for people to get on their feet and back to work. Welfare is for anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation. It was meant to be a hand up not a hand out

    7. Susie Smith2 years ago

      Well said!

    8. Katt2 years ago

      Still believes St. Reagan’s lie about the welfare-momma driving the fancy car. SMH

  95. Arthur Horton3 years ago

    It is amazing how and what statistics are used to support a viewpoint. Blacks are more likely than whites to admit to using food stamps. So, instead of using a survey, why not go to USDA and get the real data on food stamp use. Maybe you did and didn’t like what you found. Whites, even with their many institutional benefits and other forms of welfare (USDA cost share payments, etc.) are the highest users of not just food stamps and SS disability payments, but are the largest users and beneficiaries of government benefits and services across the board. I am a conservative republican who is Black, retired military an worked at the Social Security. The hipocracy of the right, the tea party, and republicans in general is astounding. Most advocate smaller government, but really want it for “those other” people, not themselves. Try taking away their government benefits and services and you will hear a tremendous outcry.

    1. adam3 years ago

      Well it makes since that white people use food stamps more then there black counterparts , there are over 70 million white people living in America, while there are less then 9 million black Americans . Its the fact that they make up a large percent of food stamp, SS..etc. users, while having such a small population in comparison to whites.

      1. johnnyA3 years ago

        Their are over 40 million blacks that live in America not 9 million

      2. Kris3 years ago

        Blacks people don’t make up a LARGE percent of food stamp users, the graph says a large percent of black people use food stamps. 31% of black people use food stamps! NOT, 31% of food stamp users are black people.
        15% of 70 million white people is a bigger amount of food stamp users than 31% of 40 million black people. So white republicans voting down food stamps hurts more of their voter base than helps. Which is what I always believed, Republicans use fear and racism to rally up their voter base to win elections, but they only prey on these lower income and poor white people for votes, they never really have their best interest in mind. They get their votes, then want to take away their food stamps, and freeze their minimum wages, make them pay an arm and a leg for health insurance and make them pay more taxes to make up for the top 1% they give tax breaks to.
        Which is why I believe they want to ruin the education system in this country and change the Constitutionality of religion in public schools, to keep people dumb and distracted so they never catch on to what they are doing.

        1. Archie2 years ago

          Good point of view!

        2. Dee2 years ago

          Well said…

        3. SoCalTorrance2 years ago

          I don’t know where you learned to do math but you are wrong about whites using more. Let’s see, you say for the whites- 15% of 70 million use food stamps. blacks-31% of 40 million. If you made it to the 5th grade you would know blacks use more, not a lot more, but still more. Here is a very easy way to break it down for you. 10% of 70 million is 7 million. Half of 7 million is 3.5 million, which would be the other 5%. Now add those two together and you get 10.5 million. Now lets just say 30% of 40 million, not really worried about the other one percent. To make it really easy 10% of 40 million is 4 million. 4 times 3 is 12 right? So that would mean 12 million +. Don’t get me wrong, I think any person who truly needs help should absolutely get it. But some stereotypes are true to a point. Here in L.A. there are tons of people on welfare living in public housing driving cars that they definitely should not own and getting every type of public assistance possible. I lived in NJ for a while and was shocked at how many people always tried selling me their food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar. Unfortunately the minority that does it makes everyone look bad. Oh, not minority meaning race either, minority as in the small group lol. Single mothers, single fathers, people who have fallen on hard times deserve help. But as far as public housing and cash assistance there should be a limit on how long they can receive it. If you can live for free forever why would they want to work. I wish I was independently wealthy and could just hang out and go on vacations but I’m not. So I have to work to get the things I want and do the things I want to do.

      3. MRW2 years ago

        Maybe the % is of the group and not the recipients.

      4. Jesse Hanson2 years ago

        Check your stats…

        47 million Americans on Food Stamps…
        39.8% Black or 16.5966 million
        38.8% White or 16.1796 million
        15.7% Hispanic or 6.5469 million

        Of the 318 million Americans…

        62.6% are White or 200 million
        17.1% are Hispanic or 54.5 million
        13.2% are Black or 42 million

        8% of White Americans receive Food Stamps
        12% of Hispanic Americans receive Food Stamps
        39.5% of Black Americans receive Food Stamps

        Stats published by the Department of Commerce at statisticbrain.com

    2. jivingston3 years ago

      Would love for all government assistance be stopped. White or black doesn’t matter.

      1. Frannie3 years ago

        Why? Do you get joy in taking food and medical assistance and more from childern…the elderly…veterans…the handicap? Are you “christain?” Well, that doesn’t matter because every religion directs its followers to treat others the way they want to be treated.

        1. Jim Youngblood3 years ago

          What does one’s religion have to do with Government assistance?

        2. Jim Youngblood3 years ago

          2 Thessalonians 3:10New International Version (NIV)
          10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

          1. duh3 years ago

            The LAW of God:

            15:1 At the end of [every] seven years thou shalt make a release.
            15:2 And this [is] the manner of the release: Every creditor that lendeth [ought] unto his neighbour shall release [it]; he shall not exact [it] of his neighbour, or of his brother; because it is called the “I AM”‘s release.
            15:3 Of a Gentile (someone who is not an Israelite) thou mayest exact [it again]: but [that] which is thine with thy brother thine hand shall release;
            15:4 TO THE END THAT THERE BE NO POOR AMONG YOU; for the “I AM” shall greatly bless thee in the land which the “I AM” thy God giveth thee [for] an inheritance to possess it:
            15:5 Only if thou carefully hearken unto the voice of the “I AM” thy God, to observe to do all these Commandments which I command thee this day.
            15:6 For the “I AM” thy God blesseth thee, as He promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee [if ye keep The Covenant].
            15:7 If there be among you a poor man of one of thy brethren within any of thy gates in thy land which the “I AM” thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not harden thine heart, nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother:
            15:8 But thou shalt open thine hand wide unto him, and shalt surely lend him sufficient for his need, [in that] which he wanteth.

            Those that can work are required to work – see Genesis. Look for the words: “sweat of your brow”.

          2. bob phillips2 years ago

            jim youngblood…nice cherry picking of the book…i suppose your quote trumps the beatitudes, right?

          3. Fake McCoy2 years ago

            A nation is never better than how it treats its least fortunate citizen.

      2. radford3 years ago

        So you would rather children, elderly,disabled and veterans starve?
        How heartless can on be?

        1. Aliza2 years ago

          not the elderly, veterans, or disabled. But those children have parents…If they starve it’s the parents fault

          1. Bunch of racist assholes2 years ago

            The elderly have kids or had a whole lifetime to look out for their golden years. The veterans have no reason not to work either. They are adults and should be resourceful. The disabled also have parents and/or kids.
            The most vulnerable people in society are poor children. Who are you to decide they don’t get something but the people you deem worthy do?

    3. jennifer3 years ago

      I find it funny that you claim that your a conservative black republican yet you trash them in the end of your comment.. If you truly were a conservative republican you would know that we are for less Gov and less handouts… Welfare was started years ago not to help the little man but to keep him down.. Feed a man and he will not have to feed himself. Democrats don’t really care about you they just want your vote if that takes keeping you fat and happy then so be it.. I’m for the party thats for encouraging people to help themselves..

  96. Don3 years ago

    All this and now those in florida are being arrested for feeding homeless RIDICULOUS

  97. cindy3 years ago

    we need better education-throw out our current systems and adopt the model used by the countries who lead the world in education not the USA who is 38th of industrial nations,secondly by bringing back jobs,jobs,more jobs-lower the corporate tax rate so they will make it here in america, we have to to drill and make our energy cheaper -cheaper cost to make it here- put tariffs on all products coming from china making our products cheaper for us to buy american made merchandise .. do this it will end welfare-everyone will have a job. stop illegal immigration deport them they come back put the in jail 5 years,they are breaking our laws,commit a crime , do the time in jail- after serve time send them back but not before the serve the time for rape,murder robbery-end get out of jail free card buy deportation only for them to come back to commit more crimes in our country put Americans first.stop sending money to other countries who hate us or to their leaders Swiss bank accounts -spend it on our military and the elderly here we have rebuilt their countries and ours is going broke..stop the madness -use that money to pay the debit -no foreign aid of any kind until our world debit is zero- we help them make them pay us back for our cost for their freedoms

  98. Death Of Christianity?3 years ago

    Why is that Republicans will identify themselves as Christians, yet would be willing to see the sick, the poor, the weak, and the old suffer?


    All these excuses are just that: excuses.

    We will always have the poor. It is our responsibility to care for them. We provide for general welfare because it amoral not to.

    We are not animals by virtue of our minds. Let us not act like animals.

    1. Kalek Centurian3 years ago

      As a Christian man, I am often amazed to hear comments like this. Christian organizations do tremendous work in the communities. The problem with us is that we don’t go around and telling everyone about it. We do not want pats on the back. We have a job to do.

      In my area (Flint), we run numerous soup kitchens. We also have a large outreach agency that is located in downtown Flint called Carriage Town Ministries. We also have a local chapter of LOVE, inc.,. These two organizations help countless numbers of people in the community, from helping pay bills, feeding and clothing, appliciances help, infant and neo-natal help, and a ton of other forms of assistance.

      Our church has an active food pantry. There is also a local church that has a clothing ministry, for those who need clothing. Our church has also helped out numerous people each year with bills. Our church has about 115-120 people each Sunday, yet we spend almost $3,000 a year in financial support alone! We also have a year round program that goes out into the community and cleans up vacant lots in the city and surrounding areas. We have worked on people’s homes, doing everything from painting to installing new bathroom floors. We do all of this, not once charging funds or preaching the word of Christ. All of our sister churches in the area do the same thing.

      On a national level, we have the Southern Baptist Convention, which runs the North American Mission Board Disaster Relief organization. It is run by the SBC, but all of its workers are volunteers and the program runs on donations. Disaster Relief responds worldwide, to disasters. Currently, DR cooks all of the Meals for the American Red Cross. I could go on as to what this organization does, but it would be easier for you to check them out yourself.

      We make no excuses. Why? Because we do not have to. We are extremely busy. But unlike others, we do it without fanfare.

      Please look around you and ask. You may find we do alot more than what you could even imagine.

      1. Logan3 years ago

        And you don’t pay tax, do you?

        1. rnv3223 years ago

          Churches are only tax exempt in certain instances, and because they are non-profit, this simply makes sense… what profit is there to tax? This church in paricular is giving back to the community… taxing that would discourage private giving, which is a substantial source of what you call welfare..The Federal Government is not the sole provider of what the left would like to think is their hallmark of compassion. Check this out for yourself.

        2. Commentor2 years ago

          Do you Logan, before you want to try and act all superior? Tell me do you do anything to help your community, as much as a local church might? Do you think they get the funding equal to that of the Vatican itself to do things? But to answer your question HE does most likely pay taxes, its the church that most likely doesn’t.

    2. Keith3 years ago

      What? Wow!
      You are painting Republicans with a broad stroke.
      I am a social and envronmental liberal, but I am a fiscal conservative. Bring me a politician that will balance the budget, even reduce taxes, I will tend to vote for that person. Which is often a republican.
      I work hard for my money. So I hope the system looks for welfare cheats.
      I lean republican, yet every year I write checks to Habitat for humanity, amnesty international, even the ACLU, also NPR (love NPR).
      Also in favor of Obama’s healthcare reform. We were paying for broke peoples emergency room visits all along. Hopefully they can see a doctor more often.
      To say republicans are “willing to see the sick, the poor, the weak, and the old suffer” is just silly.

    3. Misty3 years ago

      We as Republican “Christians” don’t want to see anyone go hungry, poor, ill, etc..What we want is for all Americans to be gainfully employed. Assistance should be used for a short time. We don’t want food stamps traded for ANYTHING! With the thousands of grants and scholarships available, there is no EXCUSE to pass up on a yes, free education.

  99. ed3 years ago

    I would post an argument to this but as I read the post I found that it had turned to a race argument. WHO cares what race you are. The fact is we, as a country send billions of dollars overseas to feed the hungry and then refuse to feed the very people that they used to borrow that money from China . China has eaten our Gross national product and will in time own the United States. I fought and bled for this country only to see it turn into something ugly. I am a White male by the accepted method of configuration and would NOT be here to day if it were not for a BLACK male all considerations of Race should disappear and this country would again be an unstoppable Force to the world.

    1. Jimmy L. Shirley Jr.3 years ago

      American Blacks will NEVER permit a colour-blind society. They benefit so much, they would be fools to let it go.

  100. Chris3 years ago

    Really, what is a person who says they are “conservative” but votes Deomcrat?

    No I don’t buy it. if you vote for Democrats (and Democrat policies) you are twice as likely to be on food stamps as if you vote republican.

    And I’ll bet you are more likely a government employee if you vote Democrat as well.

    Nope, I don’t buy it.

    1. Harold3 years ago

      I’m a democrat worked all my life retired, never had government assistance
      and I’m sure there’s a lot more like me, never worked for the government served in the Vietnam era,I say if we don’t hurry up and turn back to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we will destroy this world, that includes Republicans Democrats specially the name callers, the holier than thou killing people and trying to justify it I’m not saying that I’m an angel but we all know wrong and right God made this earth for everybody I don’t have a side of the street and nobody else does it’s all Gods let’s stop the fighting and I hate you and love each other at least try we all know what’s in our heart but God knows better what’s in our heart thank you and God bless us all

    2. Lydia3 years ago


      You may not buy it but your broad characterizations are not correct either.

      Look at those states that rely on the federal government for the bulk of their “welfare” budgets, or who have the greatest need for government assistance and most are in the “red” states with Republican majorities.

      Many have large populations of citizens on social services, are uninsured and their education is high-school or less. And no, they are not Democrats nor considered themselves to be aligned with the left at all.

      They want to live and let live or so they say until an environmental disaster hits and then they have their hand outs for federal government assistance to build their levees, rebuild their homes so they can rebuild in the same place and wait for the next environmental disaster that will surely hit.

      So who pays for that? We all do.

      I don’t begrudge anyone but we have to stop name calling and putting each other down because we want to feel better.

  101. norma3 years ago

    Social Security was paid in by the workers of our United States an was taken out of the working class pay check. It is not a freebee like the Medicaid an food stamps . Our government needs to filter the ones who needs the help from those who mooch off our government.

  102. Chadman3 years ago

    I think some people honestly need food assistance, but I also think some game the system. I do think that many of the people on food stamps reflect a common problem across the US: a minimum wage that has not even come close to matching the rate of inflation…and some minimum wage earners are or will be stuck in those same positions for far too long without any form of raises, not to mention a lack of offered healthcare through their jobs.

  103. Floyd Gingrich3 years ago

    All citizens are required by force of law to pay into Social Security and Medicare. How dare you lump those funds into victim-identified safety-net programs.

  104. Gayle3 years ago

    Let’s see, we can afford to squander a trillion dollars in Iraq, but we can’t afford to feed our own people because a few defraud the system.

    1. Berry3 years ago

      Since when is it the government’s job to feed people? Last time I checked, that was the market’s role…a role it is having difficulty fulfilling because of all the distortions imposed by federal regulations. Government “solutions” only beget more problems to solve. That’s the nature of legislation and regulation, the real purpose of which isn’t to benefit the masses, but rather to provide a constantly fertile ground for the perpetual litigation that results. The regulators, legislators and lawyers are the real beneficiaries.

      1. conradca3 years ago

        We have wasted hundreds of trillions of dollars on welfare for able bodied people

        1. Guy Mansterson3 years ago

          Where do you get your numbers from?

      2. Fr Luke3 years ago

        It has always been the job of a Christian to: Feed the hungry, cloth the naked and house the homeless. I guess according to the Republicans, God is wrong. I’d be somewhat afraid to hold those views, but unlike conservative, I suppose their right and God is wrong. That about sum it up for you?

        1. Anonymous Blogger2 years ago

          Religion is not even a factor in this. God or no God, political and economic issues are “people” issues. Politicians aren’t biblical, we can’t say that religion has much to do with who gets food stamps or who doesn’t, etc. it’s best to keep that one out of the equation altogether…I have many beliefs, but I state facts as they are. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be considered important, just that it isn’t a big influence here. Any reasonable person knows the difference between religion and politics. Like oil and water.

    2. Kris3 years ago

      Awesome point, it’s not about how much money the government (our taxes) pays out, it is all about not liking (or simply being jeloious of) the people who may benefit.

  105. Mike Franken3 years ago

    Social security recipients do pay into the system, but nearly everyone collects more than they ever paid in. That is the problem with any social program. If you only withdrew what you paid in, then why have a social program to being with? Why wouldn’t you simply have a (tax deferred) payroll deduction made into a private savings account and withdraw it in hard times? Why have the government do this? All that any of these programs have ever done is create government jobs.

    1. Rita0033 years ago

      Why shouldn’t they collect more? They paired into just like one would if they had a savings account or if they invested in the stock market. It is not an entitlement program, it is one we invested in year after year. It is monies that we earned by working 40 years or more. This program works. And, it is one program that Reagan stole monies from to pay down the debt. How about they pay that back to Social Security.

      1. ginny monsma3 years ago

        I agree…thanks for saying that, as it is as so true.

      2. Tom Brady3 years ago

        “There has never been any change in the way… that Social Security payroll taxes are used by the federal government;” however, “Starting in 1969, the transactions to the Trust Fund were included in what is known as the ‘unified budget’.” (ssa.gov/history/InternetMyths2.html)

    2. Chris Townsend3 years ago

      Social Security has done exactly what it set out to do…make certain no one who worked dies in poverty…the alternative, is remove it, then as people get old and can no longer work they will become a burden on society…the idea that every one should save for their own retirement does not address those who will refuse to prepare for retirement…and sure you can take the approach if they do not save that is their problem…only in the end it will be YOUR problem…

      1. Chris Townsend3 years ago

        The only PROBLEM with Social Security is the cap…

        $110K was a lot of money in the 1980’s but in 2014 the cap should have grown to account for inflation….raise the cap to $250K and Social Security is fine…

    3. Floyd Gingrich3 years ago

      You can’t convert the Social Security payments to required savings because the demagogues go crazy claiming that you are trying to end Social Security and scaring the blue hairs, and the dastardly plan is ended. Yes, you would receive more from that sizable investment from simple interest, but that would deprive the congressional spendthrifts of money they can “borrow” to pay for their favorite programs. Borrow is in quotes, because the ONLY source to repay is increased taxation. So, they “borrow” taxpayer money and force taxpayers to repay it. Any private business that tried this maneuver would be shut down by the governmental watchdogs. Who’s watching the store?

  106. Barbara Sonin3 years ago

    Social Security is not an entitlement program. Although it’s technically possible to collect after 40 quarters of work, most people pay into the system for 40 or more years before collecting. Medicare IS an entitlement program. What most people have paid into the system is dwarfed by the costs that will be paid on their behalf.

    All of these programs have suffered from fraud. Social Security loses money to people who “forget” to tell the government the beneficiary died. Medicare loses money to doctors who bill for procedures they didn’t do. Food stamps are sold for cash. You can never completely eliminate fraud. We either do or don’t support these types of safety nets. But cutting off all funding for food stamps is not a way to have a reasoned political debate.

    1. Floyd Gingrich3 years ago

      But, the issue should be debated as an issue separate from the farm bill, where is has been neatly tucked out of sight.

  107. Marcia Gaskins3 years ago

    Soldiers, widows and their children, senior citizens, disables vets, disabled employees and other hard working people for no fault of their own receive food stamps. You self righteous bigoted people stop hating and complaining because a few people are getting food stamps. So few pennies of your tax dollars go to food stamp program, find out what the rest of your money is spent on! Power to the people!

    1. jim3 years ago

      Pretty sure no one is complaining about the small percentage of people you noted above.
      It’s the people who make a life of living off assistance that passes people off. And, or should pass people off whether it’s a few cents or not.

    2. Robert3 years ago

      Not sure I would call 12% of our annulal budget being spent on safety net programs a small amount, not to mention there are over 45 million people on food stamps currently. If someone has a real need thats one thing, abusing the system is something entirely different.

  108. Denice3 years ago

    Social security and Medicare are not to be grouped in with welfare etc. Both of these programs are funded by payroll deductions and therefore paid by the recipients.

    1. Hope3 years ago

      DeniceI I agree with you. Instead of picking on Social Security and Medicare that people pay a tax when they work. they shouldn’t get rid of the Food Stamp Program altogether. If the Republicans want to cut why don”t they get rid of welfare and give SSI people less money? They don’t need all the money they get and they never paid into it. They can live cheaper then the rest of us hard working People. They just buy drugs with it. They shouldn’t get food stamps either, they just sell them to get cash to by Drugs.

      1. Lydia3 years ago

        My son is bipolar/ADHD and is 34 yrs old. He’s been in and out of hospitals and has been on SSI since 16yrs.

        If it hadn’t been for SSI, he would be homeless. He receives $818 per month of which his rent is $750. He does not live high on the hog and is only surviving.

        He pays for his own heat, electric & gas with the same money. There is nothing left over for anything else. As his parents, we subsidize him because if we didn’t he would have absolutely nothing.

        All his furniture is used, donated furniture. He gets food stamps and they last till probably mid month.

        There is no living cheaper here in Orange County, NY. There is no reliable public transportation after 5pm and weekends.

        Employers are not hiring and when they do, it’s all part-time work with no benefits. Plus you are never sure how many hours they are willing to give you.

        Without public transportation, there is no way to work the graveyard shifts or even after 5pm.

        So please stop being sanctimonious and tell me all on SSI just buy drugs with it and all who work are “hard working people”.

        So many people are ignorant of the working poor that they have no clue what they are talking about.

        And “Hope”, you are one of them.

  109. Frank Komitsky Jr3 years ago

    I paid for my social security and I paid for my medicare through payroll deductions! Given the choice, I would much rather have opted out of social security and invested the money on my own which would have brought a much greater return! Instead of being invested as the government claims, social security contributions are spent! That is why we are in trouble with the program! I paid taxes when I was 11 years old and I am still paying now at 76. I have never received welfare or unemployment benefits or food stamps. I worked full time until I was 72 and part time since then!

  110. George3 years ago

    They had to add social security and medicare so that it didn’t seem like only democrats are mooching entitlements. It’s the way the statistics game is played.

  111. Kay Yetter3 years ago

    Wondering, why Social Security is included in this. It is NOT a freebee. We pay into this Account our entire working life, along with our employers. It should NEVER be included along with Welfare and Food Stamps.

  112. Nelson3 years ago

    This informations are misleading when number are not shown, percentage does not show anyone the number of people we are talking about. can we see the Number of people involve and not the percentage.

    1. Ron3 years ago

      Agree! the Department of Labor Statistics tells a different story.

    2. Don Odom3 years ago

      Percentages are used because it’s a more accurate gauge when there are differing sizes in the groups being discussed.

      If you have 100 whites, 20 blacks, 15 Hispanics, and 10 “others” and 50% of each are found to be doing the same thing; it is statistically misleading to say:

      “There are 50 whites doing _____________ for every 10 blacks, 7.5 Hispanics, and 5 “others” This means whites are 5 times more likely to do _______________ than blacks. ”

      Of course this method is used every day to push the preferred agenda according to which method works for the “pushers” purposes. As it has been said:

      “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  113. Fay3 years ago

    It really annoys me that you call Social Security and Medicare entitlements. I PAID for both ALL my life. It is true that I’m entitled to them but the word entitlement has come to mean that it’s free to me, like food stamps or welfare. Also I’m sick of hearing the Affordable Care Act referred to as Obamacare. Yes, he called it that to start with but the Republicans seized upon the name to denigrate it. STOP calling it that so that it gets well deserved respect.

    1. Chris Townsend3 years ago

      The reason it is called a entitlement is because you are ENTITLED to it because you paid in…quit making the word entitlement the enemy…the word is fine…Social Security and Medicare are ENTITLEMENTS…SNAP and TANF are hand outs (not entitlements)…

  114. Shanimal3 years ago

    Your statement seems misleading as 63.4% of the us population is white-non-hispanic. What are these numbers per capita?

  115. Haze3 years ago

    This is a survey that interviewed individuals so it is based on individuals being honest, not facts. Check the US department of commerce website for facts. Whites make up the total percentage of welfare recipients.

    1. Patsy B3 years ago


    2. Lolly3 years ago

      WHITES make up the TOTAL percentage of welfare recipients? Really? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Of course, they don’t! Welfare and food stamps are received by people from every spot on the brown range. Members of the human race (the only race there is in regard to human beings) are all just on the brown spectrum: Blacks having more brown on the brown spectrum and whites having much less on the brown spectrum. Perhaps, you are a troll; but I just had to respond to your ridiculous and completely false assertion.

  116. Ace Truth3 years ago

    As a frustrated “frugal” 47 year old… I say let’s take RACE, demographic, sex, gay, straight, democrat/republican, bisexual OUT OF THE CONVERSATION.

    Please people…let’s remove the labels. Leave the President out of this conversation.
    It’s not important.

    We as people individually are smarter than buying into this DIVISIVENESS mentality. “Us vs. them.”… “those” people… “those” (fill in the blank). THIS is what the media DOES.

    WE…YOU…reading this aren’t stupid.

    All I ask is this. Please ponder this fact quietly in your own heads. When faced with the following fact, please ask yourself HONESTLY if it “bothers” you…if you REALLY believe that this is GOOD for America. Does this fact makes you PROUD, as an individual or an American?

    We in this nation have more people on Food Stamps than the entire population of Spain!
    Don’t take MY word for it…here is what I googled:
    Food Stamps than population of Spain

    Ask yourselves…is THIS the America we once knew?
    Is THIS something to brag about on the World Stage?
    Is THIS a statistic that makes you PROUD?
    Is THIS the shining beacon of light in a rotten world?

  117. bob3 years ago

    minority women? how does that make sense? if you a female, you are a minority!

    1. squid3 years ago

      Do you even know what a minority is?
      51% of the US population is female making men the minority.

      1. Lolly3 years ago

        While that is true, females have been considered a minority because males are the ones in power–generally. Doesn’t completely make sense, I know, but there it is. The previous speaker was commenting with that fact in mind.

  118. EC_Esq3 years ago

    How does this jibe w/ the fact that residents in Red states, presumabely Republicans, are the greatest recipients of Welfare programs?

    1. jeff3 years ago

      Maybe its a ajjority of democrats in the red states that are on welfare. Just because its a “red” state doesnt mean everyone is a republican. Just s thought.

      1. Shari3 years ago

        or it could mean exactly what it is. Republicans collect freebies
        Just hide the fact. I know many more conservatives collecting freebies than I do liberals in Alabama.

  119. Faye Norton3 years ago

    Social Security and Medicare should not be part if the equation with Medicaid and food stamps. I started work right out of high school and had both taken out of my check. The government should have kept there hands off our money. How can they change the name and call it theirs. They should be in prison for embezzlement.

  120. BG3 years ago

    My analysis of the breakdown by ideology is different than yours. While you wrote that “Self-described political conservatives were no more likely than liberals or moderates to have received food stamps (17% for each group), according to the survey.”, I interpreted that as conservatives were JUST AS likely to have received them or that liberals or moderates were the ones who were NO MORE likely than conservatives. So you know, I consider myself to be conservative.

  121. Tyshaun Johnson3 years ago

    I haven’t read all the reply’s but I still feel the need to write this just from what I have read thus far. So let me start by saying that I am a 18yr old male graduating high school in a matter of months. I identify as African American-fully African American, not mixed and i will go on to say that I was raised by a single mother whom never completed high school. With that being said i’ll start by speaking to the basic facts of our nation. There ARE in fact more White-non Hispanics receiving government benefits than any other ethnicity in the nation, that is a fact. But the thing that all the die hard arguers must realize is that minorities are called minorities for a reason people. There are far more White-non Hispanics in this nation than any other single ethnicity within this country. So people with that in mind the issue becomes the percentages of each ethnicity that rely on these programs White-non Hispanics account for roughly 64% of the united states population and occupy only 35% of EBT participation, while African Americans account for 12% of the overall population but occupy 22% of EBT participation. There has been a lot of injustice in the past against my ethnicity and there is still injustice occurring, but simply complaining about this will change nothing. We as a people need to become more self-sufficient and not content to live under this government pacification. Now on to another issue, this program in meant to be a stimulus and to sustain only the severely needy. People of all ethnicity have become content with simply existing under these programs instead of using them to better themselves. This is not to say that all people who use these programs abuse them, since there is an actual need for these programs, but the number of people who abuse the EBT and other programs is much to high and is steadily growing. People we need to change some root issues instead of trying to point fingers and assign blame, assigning blame without accomplishing anything is a useless waist of time. if you acknowledge wrong or injustice make a move to change it instead of arguing on a blog with people who you will most likely never meet in person.
    Now i am currently working on my graduation project and would welcome any useful views and opinions on the topic of EBT even if the clash with my own feel free to reach out to me AS LONG AS YOUR INPUT IS PRODUCTIVE i have no use for offensive of oppressive works or ideals.
    -Thank You

    1. Jettie3 years ago

      Tyshaun, that is a well-researched and thoughtful post.
      You are correct in wanting to address the core issues of why folks depend on benefits. In some ways, it could be the breakdown of the traditional family unit, the destruction of the stigma that accepting hand-outs was shameful, a culture that is shifting from self-reliance to dependency. However, you may want to add these factors as backup so you do not clutter the focus of your project.
      I wish you well and much success. I admire your fortitude and your mother’s love and strength to raise you so well.

    2. AuAgFinder3 years ago

      What a lucid and well-written post, Mr. Johnson. I’m sorry I have no inside knowledge of this topic with which to help you, sir, but you have my admiration for clearly presenting your position.

    3. Ray Potter3 years ago

      I am half Latina half Caucasian. One thing I can tell you that’s vastly different from my caucasian & mexican sides are 2 simple things: no marriage & illegitimate babies. There are at least 60% more of these issues on my Hispanic side & have caused poverty, govnt dependence, & indefinite living w/ mom & dad. I grew up in the Barrio determined to be married & have kids LATER in life & boy has my life turned out different than my cousins!

    4. bob3 years ago

      MINORITY does NOT mean ”NON WHITE”. white women are considered minorites! gay white men are cindered minorities. the word minority is so misleading

      1. Nadia Bee2 years ago

        White women and women in general are not considered minorities. They are a marginalized majority.

    5. Jessie3 years ago

      I really liked your response and your input was valuable 🙂 you sound to be a very intelligent young man. I am a non Hispanic white woman, as well as a single mother of three children. I work a full time job while attending college and am also a recipient of food stamps, you were one of the few people I have heard say that while these programs are necessary and needed they are a means to get ourselves in a position to take care of ourselves not to position us so as to never have to do for ourselves. my only grief in life is knowing at this time that if it was not for the food stamp program I would have to choose every month between feeding my children were putting a roof over their heads. my goal is the day that I am able to pay it forward. Good luck in life and congratulations on graduation

      1. Tim3 years ago

        Jesse I commend you for your had work and determination, its people like yourself that people support getting the assistance, because you are working hard at giving yourself a better opportunity to succeed! You are a great roll model for your children. Keep up the good work and you will be successful in your endeavors.

    6. Denice3 years ago

      Congratulations young man. I wish you well in your studies and hope that you have the opportunity to further your education.

    7. iz3 years ago

      very well said young man. most of the information on this page is biased. we all know that white americans take the bigger chunk of government assistance.

  122. pRIS3 years ago


    1. Jessie3 years ago

      well gee that’s probably because they’re the highest percent of the population! all that really proves is that there is a far greater percentage of people who claim themselves to be Caucasian nothing more nothing less 😛

    2. Lolly3 years ago

      pRIS, It would help you greatly to go up a few posts and read Tyshaun Johnson’s post. He has put in a great number of cogent FACTS which would help relieve your vehement misinformation. I’ll sum it up for you:
      MOre white folk are on welfare, etc. because white folk make up 64% of the population. Meanwhile, black folk make up 12% of the population. Now, consider this fact, pRIS:
      35% of Welfare is used by white folk who make up 65% of the population.
      22% of Welfare is used by black folk who make up 12% of the population.
      Do you see where the vehemence in your post is misplaced? Look at the numbers and analyze them.
      By the way, this isn’t an issue of race for me–YOU made it into such a thing. This is an issue of poverty.

  123. JLP3 years ago

    Let’s look at the numbers the way the media doesn’t want to:

    8.94% of white people are on food stamps
    27.85% of black people are on food stamps

    How so?

    There are 47.6 million people on food stamps. The population of the U.S. is 309 million.

    White people use 37% of food stamps (17.6 million) and are 63.7% of the population (196.8 million).

    Black people use 22% of food stamps (10.5 million) and are 12.2% of the population (37.7 million).

    17.6/196.8 = 8.94%
    10.5/37.7 = 27.85%

    So, it is dishonest to simply say white people use more food stamps, without taking into account population percentages. When one segment is 63.7% of the population, it makes sense that they would use more food stamps.

    1. Howard Louis3 years ago

      But no matter how you try to twist it, 17600000 is greater than 10500000.

    2. PRIS3 years ago

      Numbers don’t lie: More white Americans on food stamps and welfare than any other group in America….period.

      1. Brian3 years ago

        Do you always have such a hard time comprehending the facts, or are you in denial?

      2. Fred Whetstine3 years ago

        It’s a simple matter of proportions. My 7th grade math students can understand this. Proportionally, more african americans receive assistance than whites. Is it really that difficult to understand this simple concept?

    3. Gwendolyn Carter3 years ago


      Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t 17.6 greater than 10.5 and istn’t 196.8 greater than 37.7? I’m just asking, I do not know about your math however mine works just fine and 17 will always be greater than 10.

      1. Mike3 years ago

        Yes, there are more total white non-Hispanics on food stamps and welfare than any other group. There are however about 6 times more white non-Hispanics paying for the programs than there are blacks. Are there 6 times less blacks receiving benefits? My math says no.

    4. darwin mcleod3 years ago

      True that

  124. Emmanuel Nkono4 years ago

    What about passing also a bill to suspend government free hand-outs (called subsidies) to corporations? Why should tax-payers’ money be used only for those that already have? The government should either assist all that are in need of assistance, disadvantaged individuals and struggling companies, or no one at all. Uhh, I forgot most senate and house of representatives members are owned by big corporations, so tomorrow ain’t the eve of the day when such a bill will be passed.

    1. PRIS3 years ago

      Totally agree but righties treat corporations with kid gloves while denigrating its people….shameful!

  125. Annette Burns4 years ago

    I enjoyed reading this article, however; I take exception with the last paragraph. I do agree that Medicaid, Welfare, and Food Stamps are Major Entitlement Programs. As for Unemployment Benefits, I am on the fence. Unemployment is charged and paid for by the Employer, not the employee. What one is paid from Unemployment is a complicated mix of Federal and State laws. As for Social Security and Medicare, I would be hard pressed to call them entitlement programs. Retirement Social Security Benefits are based on each Individual’s work record. There is no Poverty Line that the benefits must meet, it is just based on what you or you spouse have contributed, period. Both the worker and the Employer equally pay into the Social Security Fund. If Congress had not decided years ago to use the huge sum of money that was coming in from Social Security contributions, there would still be a surplus. When has Congress ever paid back, with interest, any government program that had a surplus? I don’t remember a time when that happened. It was not Congress’ money to spend. All the money in the Social Security Fund was to pay the Benefits to the workers or their surviving dependents.

  126. chris4 years ago

    You are correct!

  127. spayyourpets4 years ago

    I read this article 15 minutes ago:

    politicalblindspot.com/the-food-… In spite of the prevailing stereotypes and assumptions about who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton, Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census.

  128. N.Jones4 years ago

    These claims are unsubstantiated. Clearly by the lack of detail regarding research methods, sampling groups and the obvious lack of use of the U.S department of commerce that clearly states whites are the main consumers of U.S welfare. Certainly someone of your background should be ashamed of publishing such a backless piece of foolishness. Try again…

    1. JDub4 years ago

      Source please

      1. E4 years ago

        Food Stamp Use By Race* (as of the 2010 FY)

        Whites: 35% participation | 63.7% of US population
        African Americans: 22% participation | 12.2% of US population
        Hispanic: 10% participation | 16.3% of US population
        Asian: 2% participation | 4.7% of US population
        American Indian: 4% participation | 0.7% of US population
        Unknown race: 19% participation | 0.2% of US population

        *Sources: U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Census

        1. JLP3 years ago

          So, blacks are 12.2% of the population, but use 22% of the food stamps? Wow.

          1. SAW3 years ago

            No, try again. 22% of that 12% of the population is participating in food stamps. That means they use, what, .03% of the food stamps? Unless you want to tell me where the other 3.2% went after adding all those percentages up.

          2. Brian3 years ago

            You’re right! Blacks make up 12% of the population but over 22% of food stamps takers. Sad SAW you are wrong. Go back and read it again.

          3. Kim Kowalski3 years ago

            I hate to say it, SAW, but you are incorrect. Those percentages are based on their respective categories. The fact of the matter is that more whites (total numbers) receive benefits (more overall, but lower percentage of their population), but a higher percentage of the black population receive benefits. This shows you how easy it is to skew statistics to suit one’s agenda. Present the same exact stats in two different ways and assign two different meanings.

          4. LK3 years ago

            Why are you stuck on race? Clearly there is a reason why anyone needs this type of assistance. Who cares what group uses it the most. How about focusing on ending the abuse of this assistance and helping people get off of it!

  129. Almost got ME4 years ago

    Interesting article Rich, but due to the lack of data source citations and sampling methodologies I’m inclined to believe that these figures and percentages are not as accurate as you present them to be.

    1. S.M.4 years ago

      Um yes, more white people are on welfare type benefits. You failed to take into consideration that Blacks make up a significantly smaller portion of the population. They’re looking at per capita. 31% of blacks in the U.S. is a smaller total number than 15% of whites.. it still means if you’re black you are more likely statistically to have been on some type of benefits. Mostly due to overwhelming social/economic disparities between the races.

      1. FJ4 years ago

        Blacks are 13% and use a much higher per capita rate of welfare programs, as do American Indians and Latinos. Asians? Not sure.

  130. Ashley4 years ago

    don’t know the percentage of the us correctly but down here in the south its about 30/30/30 white black and latin, but i do know that not very many white men recieve any goverment aid except SSI if you don’t believe me find a white guy send him into the dhs and wait a mouth and half in the mail for a denail and do the same for the others its not racist its facts if you feel so strong realy try it. Another thing to look at is the amount recieved i know some white men only get abouts 20 bucks a month (and others can’t get anything)

  131. Gary Gross4 years ago

    It seems to me that this thought provoking data could have been used by lobbyists to prevent the huge did stamp cuts in the recent House farm bill. Where are the boxes of reasons? .

  132. Stephen Ard4 years ago

    I don’t consider Social Security and Medicare as “entitlements” as they are paid for through taxation of the workers that receive them. I would happily opt out of these programs if I could. I only feel “entitled” to them because I have payed for them.

    1. Nathan4 years ago

      People receive more from those programs than they pay in, in general.

      1. Grue4 years ago

        True for Medicare. Not true for Social Security.

        The government has been raiding Social Security funds for decades to pay for other spending.

        1. SteveD4 years ago


          The trust fund is an accounting fiction. The trust fund exists only on paper in a three ring binder at the National Accounting Center in Parkersburg, WV as required by law. The federal govt creates T-Securities (the federal debt) out of thin air, just like it creates dollars out of thin air. Dollars are not physical. Dollars for FICA or any other federal tax ‘sent’ to UDT are destroyed and simply no longer exist (instructions are sent to banks to DEBIT the taxpayers account). The govt creates ALL dollars by SPENDING (sending instructions to banks to mark up numbers in bank accounts). With Congressional approval, it can do this infinitely, no taxes or borrowing (except to offset the deficit) are necessary.Prior to 1971, dollars were essentially physical, as based on the gold standard. In ’71 Nixon closed the gold window and instituted a fiat based currency. Yes, over 40 years ago the trust fund was raided. Today that is impossible under a fiat currency regime.

      2. Jim Moore4 years ago

        While one may argue that receiving more Social Security benefits than one pays into the program constitutes ‘entitlement’, the term itself infers an expectation of deserved benefit by the recipient over and above actual achievement – “I am entitled”. Such is not the case with Social Security.

        The only reason many receive more in Social Security benefits than they have paid into the program is political – Congress refuses to increase qualification ages to levels of actuarial reality. Receipts that exceed contributions are NOT the fault of the recipient, therefore they are not receiving them due to a sense of excess value entitlement. They receive them because the program was and is misdesigned, implemented and structured by the federal government.

        Many would be glad to simply be given back the value of the money they paid in and walk away from Social Security, but federeal law will not permit it – the government requires they receive more than they paid in (in many cases) and then labels such payments “entitlements”, as if the recipient is “on the dole” and receiving something he did not earn based upon his own desire to do so.

        Only in government do such contradictions exist.

        1. Ed Fickey4 years ago

          The problem comes as Social Security has been bastardized to include many entitlements. It is no longer only the payment received post retirement – but includes many programs that the government has decided to use the funds directly from the SS administration to pay – disguising payments of SS. Backdoor is open, wide. Unfortunately most would never believe this.

          1. SteveD4 years ago

            Widow(er) benefits,Children’s benefits,Disability benefits

            In the case of Widow’s benefits my mother was able to obtain a college degree and spent over 40 years as a Public School educator. In my case, I received ‘benefits’ until 22 yoa, which allowed me to obtain an advanced degree and was applicable to me being gainfully employed for over 45 years. Gee, I guess we both pretty much paid back those entitlements.

        2. SteveD4 years ago

          Please research Monetary Sovereignty as to WHY it is no problem for a currency issuing nation to pay for anything beyond taxation or without actually borrowing. Borrowing for a Monetary Sovereign only drains reserves (to regulate the overnight lending rate at the FRB), it does not create new dollars for spending. In the case of SS, only the ready availability of goods and services to be consumed by SS recipients is a NECESSITY. Output and productivity (especially now on a worldwide scale) , NOT a lack of dollars is the key to sustaining SS.

          1. SteveD4 years ago

            ‘NOT a lack of dollars is the key to sustaining SS.’

            I should rephrase this to read:

            Not a LACK or ABUNDANCE of dollars is the key to sustaining SS.

  133. Don Birkholz4 years ago

    Would like to see a study on the reasons for starting the need for food stamps. Divorce, death of a spouse, medical costs, loss of job, DUI costs, mandatory auto insurance costs, etc. A food stamp survey done at my request, done in Billings, Montana showed 18 of the 96 food stamp applicants said auto insurance, DUI, or traffic fines were a reason for needing food stamps. Can’t we give community service instead of traffic fines and get these people off food stamps? That would equal 70,000 over the last 30 years.

    1. SteveD4 years ago

      Federal taxes DO NOT pay for federal spending. Federal taxes smooth demand and basically force you to use the currency ONLY. Federal tax liabilities can only be paid in US dollars. SNAP rolls have nearly doubled in less than a decade, yet for 98% of the population, federal taxes have NOT increased. How is this even possible? Monetary Sovereignty. The govt pays its bills by spending (debits), which CREATE dollars. ‘Taxpayers’ pay their federal taxes which destroy dollars (credits) on the UDT ledger spreadsheets. These federal ‘dollars’ do not enter the banking system, unlike your state or local tax payments which are indeed bank transfers of ‘dollars.’

  134. Tafari Shambe4 years ago

    According the percentages listed Whites are about 3 times more likely to use food stamps than Blacks even though Whites account for 5 times more of the population. So yes, more Whites use food stamps but it still shows how much inequality persists in education and opportunity for non-whites versus whites. For those who are mathematically challenged as seems the case from some posts below here is a simple way to break it down.

    (Total Estimated Populationn) 313,914,040 x (Percent of population that is White only) 77% = 241,713,811 Whites
    (Total Estimated Population) 313,914,040 x (Percent that is Black only) 13.1% = 41,122,740 Blacks
    (White Population) 241,713,811 x (Percentage that used food stamps) 15% = 36,257,072 Whites who have used food stamps
    (Black Population) 41,122,739.24 x (Percentage that used food stamps) 31% = 12,748,050 Blacks who have used food stamps

    1. Nathan4 years ago

      So your point is that whites are less likely to use food stamps as a percentage, but more whites are on food stamps than non-whites because they account for a greater percentage of the population?

      I thought everyone knew that..

      1. PRIS3 years ago

        Not if you read many of the comments on this site. Folks here refuse to believe that more whites are on welfare and food stamps.

    2. LMAO4 years ago

      In your attempt to mislead and twist the numbers you have shown that blacks are twice as likely to accept food stamps than whites, exactly what you were trying to say in the other direction. No matter how anyone tries to twist it, there are less blacks (13%) than whites (+/- 70%) in the USA but the demographics are nowhere close to that in “government aid” category. The amount of blacks on “welfare” is very close to the amount of whites even though they make up more than 5X less of the population. Twist it however you want, black people as a group are far more likely to use government aid than white people as a group.

      1. chuck4 years ago

        @LMAO: You state “black people as a group are far more likely to use government aid than white people as a group.”How is that possible when in fact whites get 69% of Government Benefits and that includes welfare? You may want to do some fact checking before you post.

  135. NoLie4 years ago

    This story is 126% false, because whites, republicans, and conservatives has never used food stamp or accept handouts. and they are the only ones who pays taxes.

    I know, because they say so all the time on the forums.

    They repeated it so much, that I must believe it.

  136. cd4 years ago

    lets us see who suffers the most, 15% of whites = 31 million whites receiving food stamp.
    39% blacks = 14 million blacks receiving food stamps.

  137. Kile James4 years ago

    Why the flying circus kick does it matter which race is receiving food stamps? As long as they are actually poor and actually need them, who cares what their skin color is?

    1. Bill Gryan4 years ago

      Yes, we should endeavor to hide data if it’s not pretty or does not fit our preconceived notions.

      1. ARG3 years ago

        Why is the race of recipients important? Unless you want to generalize an entire group in a more than likely negative way, it shouldn’t be. Factoring race into something that should generate concern for the welfare of all humans, not black or white humans only, is the reason for preconceived notions in the first place.

    2. Deborah Hill3 years ago

      Because of Racism! Having a big number of white people (in fact the majority of snap recipients being white doesn’t play well for the TeaGOP who like to perpetuate the non white welfare recipient image on our social safety net.) Of all recipients benefiting from SNAP over 50% of them are children under 6 years of age. Tell those lazy little slackers to go back to work in the coal mines or cotton mills like they did at the turn of the century! No work no food! (Oh wait farmers benefit from the SNAP program in more than one way. Some of them get better prices when they sell their crops as a result of increased demand. Some farmers are actually poor enough to qualify for the program themselves and depend on it and medicaid as well for insurance. The grocery chains will lose a huge revenue source to if the SNAP program is discontinued so we can all expect to pay for yet another increase in prices at the checkout counter as the stores pass their losses on to the buying public.

  138. Datruth4 years ago

    Wayne you are wrong, its 21% of black men vs 11% of white men. Not really close in fact black men are twice as likely to receive food stamps.

  139. Wayne4 years ago

    So white men are nearly as dependent on food stamps as black men (21% for black men and 19% for white men) and white men are also more likely to use food stamps than hispanic men (14%). Also, while black and hispanic men use food stamps at a lower rate than black and hispanic mothers (likely single mothers contribute to the higher number), white men use food stamps at a higher rate than white women. Ain’t that something.

  140. Dave4 years ago

    Obviously, Jenene Cook has never taken a math or logic class.

    Since white people are, for the moment, still a majority, one would expect more whites to benefit from food stamps than non-whites.

    But when one looks at the *percentages* of whites vs non-whites on food stamps, it’s clear that whites benefit less from them than do non-whites.


    Liberals – they they just don’t like to do math.

    1. Jeremy4 years ago

      Actually Dave, you are wrong and seriously need to retake those math and logic classes you’re referring to because it seems like you failed. 72.4% of the U.S. population is White, so 27.6% of the population is non-White. 15% of 72.4% is 10.86% of the U.S. population, for non-Whites let’s just take the 31%, so 31% of 27.6% is 8.556% of the U.S. population. So that means more white people have received food stamps at some point in their life than non-white people.

      The disparity in percentages only speaks to the income and social inequality that still exists in America today.

      1. Jarvis4 years ago

        That’s an interesting take.
        Most whites would refer to that as the work ethic and cultural inequality that still exists in America today.

        1. wiseoldsnail3 years ago

          of course most whites might say this, because most whites are intentionally ignorant of systemic sexism and racism, which still creates inequities in employment and pay scale, regardless of laws that prohibit such inequities . insinuating that a working person (eligible for assistance when pay is below poverty level) has no work ethic says much more about you than those whom you judge

  141. Informer4 years ago

    Percentage of whites vs blacks in the USA? Now let’s look at the percentage of whites on welfare vs blacks on welfare….

    1. SteveD4 years ago

      Not many blacks in the hollowed halls of Wall St. where entitlements and handouts , AKA”corporate welfare’ reign supreme. read on:

      JP Morgan’s board decided to give Jamie Dimon a raise. The amount was not disclosed, but it will be somewhere above the $11.3 million he earned last year. And the year before that he earned about $20 million.

      JP Morgan, the firm, earned $17 billion last year on assets of $2.5 trillion. That is a 0.7% return on assets. For this he’s making tens of millions?

      In contrast Ben Bernanke steered the Fed to a 3.0% return on assets of around $3 trillion (2012) yet he earned only $199,000.

      Both the Fed and JP Morgan are banks. Their investments are roughly the same–government securities and loans. So why does Dimon earn anywhere from 50 to 100 times more than Bernanke?

      Not only that, but the Fed’s earnings ($90 billion in 2012) were pretty much all turned back over to taxpayers whereas JP Morgan’s earnings were a result of PAYMENTS FROM ‘TAXPAYERS.’

      That’s right, the vast reserves of JP Morgan, which were put there by the government (‘taxpayers’) earned interest from payments made by the Treasury (‘taxpayers’). So in reality, were it not for ‘taxpayers’ GIVING JP MORGAN MONEY, it would have earned nothing.

      In other words, not only does JP Morgan serve no purpose other than maybe transaction clearing (and that’s only if I want to be kind), it’s also a parasite on ‘taxpayers.’

      At the very MOST, Jamie Dimon should earn $46,000 based on performance when you look at what Bernake did at the Fed.

      And this guy is treated like some god. It’s really outrageous. -details at Mike Norman economics

    2. PRIS3 years ago

      Percentages are good but remember raw numbers show what groups receives the most welfare and food stamps. Get over it!

      1. Scientific Squirrel3 years ago

        Those that pay in the most should receive the most.

  142. Jenene Cook4 years ago

    Thank you Tom Crumley. The way this information is being presented using percentages is quite deceiving. If you were to look at the raw numbers, there are MANY more white people benefiting from food stamps than Black and Latinos but that would take the wind out of the “better than thou” attitude white people have toward all those lazy Black and Latino people getting food stamps and living off of our hard work.

    1. eric4 years ago

      Facts never seem to work for liberals do they – unless they work for liberals…

    2. LMAO4 years ago

      Ok so I am going to break it down for you in a way hopefully you can understand but I have my doubts. You mentioned lazy black people so that is what I am going to use as well. (people on welfare are not necessarily lazy or sorry) 31% of black people report using welfare to 15% of white people, then by a per capita group statistic black people are more than twice as likely to be lazy than white people. Can you not understand that using raw numbers only shows your ignorance? If we are discussing whites or blacks are more likely to be on welfare it is not even close.

      1. chuck4 years ago

        Sorry LOMAO you’re incorrect. This is from the New York Times and not my opinion, they state and I quote ” blacks comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits. Conversely, whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits” So your comment ” black people are more than twice as likely to be lazy than white people.” is not based on facts but is based on your nonfactual opinion.

        1. Mindy Utz4 years ago

          Regardless of color…the “fact debate” here is wrong on both accounts. The MAJORITY of people receiving aid are children, elderly, disabled, and people who have lost their job and are looking for work or to further their education to better themselves. The majority, regardless of percentages being thrown around, are not lazy whites, lazy blacks, etc. They are people who are getting help they honestly need.

          1. Deborah Hill3 years ago

            Exactly Mindy. Most recipients of aid would prefer to be working a job that would pay them a living wage so that they wouldn’t have to put up with all the Bull hockey thrown their way when they present a SNAP card at the checkout. They would prefer to only have to go to one job rather than work 2 or three minimum wage jobs to try to keep a roof over their heads and pay bills. I am tired of paying the WALTON family a huge subsidy in the form of SNAP benefits and Medicaid for their workforce because they refuse to pay their employees a living wage. It is not the workers fault. It is the fault of greedy corporations who are the biggest welfare queens in the USA.

  143. Tom Crumley4 years ago

    Percentage by nature can be misleading. Does anyone have the actual numbers. It would appear there are a lot more whites that have received benefits than all others combined. To make it truly food program Congress would have to do some hard work. Do not pay deposit on pop, possibly not allow pop to be purchased. Food would have to have a minimum nutritional value(to be worked out)
    Sugar as a ingredient would need to be regulated. Salt as a percentage should be minimized. Of course is a real preservative, so this would be tricky.

    Of course many special interests would fight against this. These are the groups that actually get the money. Sugar companies, soda companies, retailers, and a myriad of other groups that suck at the teat of the taxpayer. It would reduce fraud also, because retailers would need to show they actually ordered nutritional items to sell. Pringles, candy, Oreos, etc. This would really take some work, but it could be done with the technology available today. Congress is just too lazy, and dependent on these special interests to even try and improve the food experience, and make some real demands on the people that receive these tax payer financed safety nets. I do not begrudge someone from using SNAP, but it should be for real food, not just something you can shove in your mouth. If this is too demanding, do not accept them.

  144. nvwhitehawk4 years ago

    Why are programs like Social Security and Medicare considered “social welare” when workers have put money into the program from every paycheck they get? You are calling it a tax and are condemning any who collect on their “investment.”

  145. Canof Sand4 years ago

    You don’t “benefit” from Social Security. You are FORCED to pay into it and then, when you’re old enough, if you live that long, you can attempt to get your money back — less than you COULD have gotten if you were allowed to invest it wisely even in programs with fairly conservative returns.

    1. Thomas4 years ago

      Like the stock market circa 2006-2009?

      1. Nathan4 years ago

        Yes, it’s still better than Social Security.


        Or one could invest in Treasuries, gold, silver, whatever they want. It’s their money. Should people only be allowed to invest in what you deem to be safe?

  146. Marilyn Wheeler4 years ago

    What is the percentage of Blacks who receive Food Tamps?

    1. Eddy4 years ago

      The article contains a nice little chart with the answer to your question.

    2. Cam4 years ago

      I agree. They wanted to avoid that question. According to USDA, 36% whites, 22% blacks, 10% Hispanics.

      1. Kevin4 years ago

        Your numbers are the exact opposite of the survey.

        1. noobystok4 years ago

          This survey is based on asking people questions, and generally speaking people are dumb and will not always be accurate. Also, the percentages in this article are for the percentage of people who HAVE received benefits. Current numbers are much different. This article helps in no way to identify anything about the current program. The current numbers, according to the agency that oversees the distribution of funds (USDA) are exactly what “Cam” said. When “liberals” talk about how there are so many white people it’s because “right-wing” people out there try to paint the president as the Welfare president probably because he’s black and they’re trying to get old white people to watch their shows and because the numbers have exploded since 2007. People don’t think to wonder why it hasn’t grown even more, since the number of unemployed had doubled or gone up by about 96% and SNAP benefits have gone up only by 70%.

    3. JD Straw4 years ago

      Miss Wheeler, even if the race if people you hate weren’t getting ANY food stamps would cause you to sleep better at night? On other websites that have charts breaking down the percentage of Caucasians vs other races, the percentage of Caucasians far out number those people you have such hatred for. I’ve seen the same numbers on many other sites showing that Caucasians have the highest percentage followed by the race of people you hate, with Hispanics being the next group. Do some research on various sites and you’ll see the same thing. Stop hating so much. You’ll be more content once you shed your hatred and racial biases.

      1. Lolly3 years ago

        How do you know Miss Wheeler hates people of the HUMAN RACE who happen to be brown in color?

  147. Gregory Krabbe4 years ago

    Do you have any idea how many defraud the taxpayers by either buying candy or drinks and selling for cash or fill up their canteen trucks and ice cream trucks? Yeah trust me i see it and similar abuses all the time! The food stamp recipients who utilize the program as it was intended and are legitimately in need are few and far between. People no longer feel the shame they since did for receiving charity, Except people who really need it. Do It Is a sign of the time.

    1. Croot4 years ago

      Is there any research on food stamp abuse? I imagine it is hard to quantify but isn’t that the most important issue. That and seeing that children are sufficiently fed?

      1. wiseoldsnail3 years ago

        there is research, and it doesn’t back up the claims of the krabbe . in fact, it’s a waste of money to finance research, because it always finds the same truth : nobody wants welfare if are able to work and can find a job …

        unfortunately, folks like krabbe don’t want to know that a large percentage of those receiving benefits are working full time … and the taxpayer subsidized benefits they receive are basically supporting the continuation of massive profits to the likes of walmart and mcdonalds … which pay so low that we subsidize their profits by subsidizing their workers’ income

      2. Deborah Hill3 years ago

        Actually there has been research on food stamp abuse and there is actually very little abuse of the system going on. People who go to the system for aid have to demonstrate a genuine need of it. I would rather see all of the people in this country well nourished than see a single dollar go to another war for profit. Too bad we have a government that doesn’t listen to the people who vote them in and only seem to want to serve themselves these days.

    2. Mindy Utz4 years ago

      Do you know how stupid that sounds? They are not committing fraud by purchasing candy, soft drinks, chips, etc.
      They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. You food nazi’s think you can tell others what they can and can’t eat. Pathetic.
      The system is set up to fail. Most healthy foods cost more than junk food. So if these people want to actually eat for the entire month, they are generally going to purchase the cheapest foods.
      One moron goes and buys steak or lobster on a food card and suddenly EVERYONE is accused of doing it. I guarantee you…the average person on assistance can not afford to buy steak or lobster. By doing so, they would be using a weeks worth of their food allotment on one item. That is simply asinine.
      Let me break this down for you…
      A family of two receiving $93/month in food assistance.
      $93.00 x 12 months = $1,116.00 per year
      $1,116.00 / 365 days per year = $3.058/day per person
      $3.058 / 2 people = $1.529 per person
      $1.529 / 3 meals a day = $.51

      Wow!! $.51 for a meal. I would like to see YOU go purchase healthy meals with that…and lobster and steak to boot.
      That is exactly what my disabled child and myself receive. We are both disabled. I began working at the age of 15 and worked for many years in the health care field until I could not anymore after my spine surgery and brain surgery…all while raising an autistic adult son after my divorce alone. So sorry if you find if offensive…but with all due respect…suck it up, Cupcake. I have busted my butt just like you and every other hard working american. Our only “crime” is being disabled. So if my son wants a Reese’s Cup once every couple months he’s going to get it! When it’s his birthday, he is getting a cake and ice cream! If he want’s an occasional bag of chips, you guessed it…he’s going to get it! How DARE you think you have the right to tell someone else what they are allowed to consume. You can use the argument that YOU are paying for my food. Well, let’s go with that. If we are going to think that way then I guess since your boss pays YOU…he/she should now have the right to decide what you and your family are allowed to eat or not eat. Don’t say it’s different because it’s not. That would not only make you a food nazi…but a hypocritical one at that!

      So there go the ignorant stereotypes!!

      1. wiseoldsnail3 years ago

        thank you

  148. Sandra Miller4 years ago

    I’d like to point out that in the last paragraph, and consequently in the survey, a number of entitlement programs have been omitted skewing the racial statistics at the very least. One major omission was the GI Bill, and post World War II especially, white veterans took significant advantage of education and housing entitlements that were often denied blacks. Indeed, in my personal experience a great number of conservative Republicans began to accumulate their property wealth and access to high paying jobs through this program.

    1. Kevin4 years ago

      It isn’t an entitlement if you did something to earn it. Nice try though!

      1. JD Straw4 years ago

        No, welfare and other give-away programs are NOT entitlements and I get sick of these programs being called “entitlements.”

      2. ARG3 years ago

        And you’ll address the black soldiers who earned it but were denied because of racism…when exactly?? Didn’t think so.

    2. Lolly3 years ago

      We paid for the G.I. Bill!! During my first year of active duty, money was taken OUT of every single one of my paychecks and put into the G.I. Bill fund for my later use. Additionally, every single one of the non-white veterans who put had money taken out of THEIR paychecks for future use RECEIVED it, also. People of our human race–NO MATTER THEIR COLOR–who DECIDE to get an education and work hard at a job that will eventually pay them well are the ones who (ahem) get jobs that will eventually pay them well. NO MATTER THEIR COLOR.

  149. Independent NYorker4 years ago

    Nobody saves for Social Security
    It was designed as an insurance policy

    From Wikipedia:

    A limited form of the Social Security program began, during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first term, as a measure to implement “social insurance” during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when poverty rates among senior citizens exceeded 50 percent.[8] The Act was an attempt to limit what were seen as dangers in the modern American life, including old age, poverty, unemployment, and the burdens of widows and fatherless children.

  150. ErikKengaard4 years ago

    The middle class pays into Social Security & Medicare. They are lucky to get back what they put in, with interest. Medicaid, welfare, unemployment benefits and food stamps – different story.

  151. ErikKengaard4 years ago

    Those who are dependent on government are more likely to vote democrat, and democrats are more likely to effect policies that increase dependence.

    1. dietrich4 years ago

      As usual, Erik, the facts fly in the face of your beliefs. “The survey found that significant proportions of Democrats (60%) and Republicans (52%) say they have benefited from a major entitlement program at some point in their lives. So have nearly equal shares of self-identifying conservatives (57%), liberals (53%) and moderates (53%). The programs were Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, unemployment benefits and food stamps.”

      According to your reasoning, Republicans and Conservatives are more likely to vote democrat, and they are more likely to effect policies that increase dependence since more than half of all Republicans and Conservatives have benefited from at least one major entitlement program.

      1. Canof Sand4 years ago

        The facts only speak to your beliefs if you believe the nonsense the writer of the article above seems to believe, that programs you are forced to pay into like Social Security are on par with programs like food stamps.

  152. Mark Smith4 years ago

    I think you should mention that 80% of all households who receive SNAP benefits have at least one person working with 25% of all households having 2 jobs.

    That might go some way to dispelling the myth that SNAP recipients are “lazy” and “should get a job”.

  153. Bill Govier4 years ago

    Social Security IS NOT an entitlement. I have paid into it for 53 years and so has my employer. I will most likely never receive even what I paid in.

    1. bmtt4 years ago

      As taxpayers, we “pay into” all social entitlement programs. Food Stamps recipients pay into the Food Stamps program in the same way that Social Security recipients pay into Social Security. Moralizing about and stratifying social entitlement programs into good ones and bad ones makes sense only for those trying to demonize others and sow resentments. The truth is that most “make and take” – at different points in their lives – whether they see it that way or not.

      1. Russ4 years ago

        Not true. You can get food stamps without ever having a job. Just need a kid.

  154. Tom Young4 years ago

    You wrote, “significant proportions of Democrats (60%) and Republicans (52%) say they have benefited from a major entitlement program . . . Social Security . . .”
    Excuse me, sir! I saved 40 years for my social security payments. Unlike the other programs mentioned, I EARNED THE RIGHT to my SS checks. Lumping Social Security in with Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, ADC, etc. and combining the results in a single figure is like counting potatoes, oranges, apples, and bananas. Where were you taught statistics?

    1. Eva4 years ago

      Well, I don’t know about you, but I also have a deduction for medicare taken out of my check.

      To be honest, I don’t really care if recipients are Republican or Democrat, or what race they are. It matters to me that half of the recipients are children and therefore legally could not have “earned the right” to food stamps. Maybe we should just make children go back to work! Or maybe just the poor ones! Tell those kids that eating is not an “entitlement” and that they must earn their keep! And those gawdawful disabled people are another drag on society (especially the vets 😉 ) . If someone is too handicapped to work, they should be subjects of medical research if they want to eat! Now, what’s to be done with all of the old people? Well, I say they’ve outlived their welcome anyway! Let’s face it. They are pretty useless. Unless you want to consider them a cheap protein source for all those working poor children!

      What? Too far? Ok, but if you get rid of the elderly, disabled, and poor children (and their single moms) then you’ve gotten rid of almost everyone who depends on a government handout. So let’s just get rid of the freeloaders!!! Only then can we live in a truly just and fair society!

      1. wiseoldsnail3 years ago

        thanks for the laugh . this thread was making me feel ill

  155. Petra4 years ago

    ALL recipients of government assistance of ANY, (other than social security retirement benefits) kind should be randomly drug tested.

    1. Carlos Sanchez4 years ago

      I agree. All government workers and Congress should be drug-tested before they receive taxpayer money. All military contractors, oil and gas CEOs and their boards who receive gov’t money and subsidies should be drug tested. All farmers who recieve subsidies, all hospitals, doctors, and nurses who receive federal dollars, and all businesses that deduct business-related expenses from thier tax bill (i.e., a subsidy or gov’t assistance) should be drug tested. Even the average Joe who itemizes on his tax return has his hand out for taxpayer dollars shoul dbe tested. Guess we will have to drug test the entire country.

      1. Bar Kokhba4 years ago

        I actually agree with some of what you write, Mr. Sanchez, but the fact that you equate business-related tax deductions with ‘subsidies’ or ‘govt. assistance’ shows a serious flaw in your ideology. The money belongs to those who earn it – but you seem to think it’s the government’s money, and they merely allow you to keep what they think you need. A tax deduction is nothing like a handout – it’s allowing an entity to keep the money it worked for. And you’re against this?…

        1. wiseoldsnail3 years ago

          this is not true . the system was built on taxes … giving exemptions to, for instance, churches (which violate the terms of those exemptions daily), and large corporations … places a larger tax burden on the rest of us . this results in higher taxes for the majority of hard working people, loss of services : everything from infrastructure on which corporations depend (roads, bridges, etc) to education … the loss of which degrades society as a whole

          tax exemptions are not different than subsidies

          look at the situation with companies like walmart … which is basically subsidized indirectly :::

          first of all, they manage to convince small and large towns alike to give them exemptions for supposedly bringing ‘jobs’ to town … when in fact what they do is run all the existing jobs out of town, by undercutting the prices small businesses can charge

          next, they pay below living wages … below poverty level wages … which makes their full time employees eligible for assistance …

          that assistance, in the form of food stamps and housing subsidies, comes from us … from our (and their own) taxes

          so … our taxes are subsidizing big business ::: they’re CLAIMING billions of dollars in profits (and of course not claiming some of their profits) … paying little to no taxes, relatively speaking … while their employees depend upon us to make up the difference between the pittance they earn by WORKING, and the amount they need to survive and hopefully send their kids off to college

    2. Tim Kirtland3 years ago

      I’m curious though. Why do we assume that if someone is not using drugs, then they should be responsible with their government subsidies? I mean, they could still spend much of their welfare and food stamps on stuff they don’t need like electronics (TV, video games, iPhones), house-cleaning services, junk food (though to be fair, healthier foods are a bit more expensive and harder to find), alcohol (unless alcohol is a drug), and entertainment (live shows, movies, strip clubs). There are plenty of dead-beat parents and care-free individuals who blatantly misuse their welfare payments, or simply have no plans to get off of welfare anytime soon. I am NOT denying that many people require some form of long-term financial assistance, possibly from the government, and simply cannot make ends meet on their own. I’m just saying that there really isn’t a clear-cut way to ensure that recipients will use their taxpayer-financed subsidies the way we’d like them to. Too many citizens don’t get that welfare is (supposedly) meant to help them get out of poverty and become financially independent, not simply a free ticket from homelessness or complete bankruptcy. Drug tests, while certainly important, probably don’t do a whole lot to stop welfare dependency or make people more responsible with it.

  156. Neeferduir4 years ago

    It would be interesting to know what the breakdown is on which Americans got food stamps for children and themselves verses just themselves.

  157. David4 years ago

    Thanks. Your update on Social Security only reinforces the notion that its is NOT an entitlement program.

  158. M B NEACE4 years ago

    I’m on Social Security. I paid into to the system from the time I was 18 till retirement at age 70. I DO NOT consider this an entitlement. It’s funds I paid into the SS system, now being returned as required by law because I earned it. SS was deducted regularly from every paycheck. Is this a benefit? NO – it’s a return on monies invested for many years. Because Congress mismanaged SS funds, does not entitle them to now tell me, and millions like me, that faithfully paid into the system, we’re receiving an ‘entitlement.’ NOT TRUE. These are funds I EARNED and paid into the system. Yes, my employer paid into my account which I always considered a part of my total earned income – not an employer ‘benefit.,’ which was accounted for every year when I prepared my tax forms.

    1. Rich Morin4 years ago

      My smart colleague Dee Cohn has looked into Social Security payments and found something interesting: According to the government, it is no longer true that Social Security recipients take out more in benefits than they contributed in taxes. In fact, it’s just the opposite for the latest crop of retirees. Here’s what she found:

      CBO numbers on this point are on page 21 of this: cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbof… “The first generation of Social Security participants received more in benefits than they paid in taxes. However, for people retiring today, the present value of taxes will be, on average, more than the present value of benefits. Moreover, scheduled taxes are projected to be insufficient to pay for scheduled benefits, so benefit-to-tax ratios for payable benefits are even lower.” (The CBO document distinguishes between “scheduled” benefits, which are those that would be paid if funds are sufficient, and “payable” benefits, which are those that will be paid with funds available under current scenarios.)

    2. wiseoldsnail3 years ago

      entitlement |enˈtītlmənt| noun
      the fact of having a right to something

      ‘entitlement’ is not a bad word

      as i just posted in response to another comment ::: ‘i sure wish people would stop allowing extremists to take ownership of words’

      we are entitled to receive benefits from the program we paid into for decades to support … to save for ourselves in time of need : disability, retirement, etc … social security belongs to us . we are entitled to it

  159. David4 years ago

    I think the ending paragraph skews the numbers on entitlement program recipients by including Social Security and Medicare. Most of the recipients of these programs paid for them via payroll deductions in their working years. I would suggest that entitlement programs (welfare) are programs in which the recipients were basically non-contributors; otherwise, I guess one’s pension would be an entitlement as well – just one provided by an entity other than the government!

    1. Seanmom4 years ago

      Also, the first portion of unemployment isn’t a “free” benefit fr gvt. The employer paid into it on your behalf, and probably reduced your potential income because of that cost.

    2. bmtt4 years ago

      It’s not true that “entitlement programs (welfare) are programs in which the recipients were basically non-contributors.” This is easily fact-checked.

  160. TONY4 years ago

    I have a brilliant idea – What if all Government Contracts currently being serviced by Republican / Conservative thinking contractors were abruptly terminated due to the fact that they [conservatives] don’t believe in Big Gov’t spending – Where would they get their major contracts from ? Globally is cool, but, prior to Globalization where did the majority of the contracts come from ? Big Gov’t !!

  161. Micheal4 years ago

    This does show where the money has not trickled down to!

  162. Lidia R4 years ago

    Perhaps the reason race is so divided is because Whites have a below state average unemployment, in southern states Blacks are double and whites are extremely below, Hispanics are of course in the middle, still above the state level in unemployment. Of course blacks and hispanics will need it more than whites when their unemployment level reflects this. As to Republicans and Democrats, Hispanics and Blacks are more likely to be independent or Democrats. Obviously, the conclusion is that Hispanics and Blacks will more likely need this because they lean towards being Democrats and with their high levels of unemployment in almost all states. The real question should be is why is the white level of unemployment not reflective of other races in our society, they should be similar (in a fair society)?



  163. cHERYL mARTIN4 years ago

    If a Republican was receiving “food stamps” they would never admit it. Anyone i”ve ever known to get foodstamps have been either hard core republicans or apolitical with very few exceptions.

  164. Rob Houck4 years ago

    No surprise that more women than men are (direct) recipents – they are traditionally more responsible for feeding the family, including children and possibly husbands and boy friends. I wonder if men who are indirect recipients (or even direct) are reporting reliably – or even view themselves as recipients. I also wonder how recipients feel about the program – more or less likely to support it for others. I also wonder if Republicans – generally more rural than Democrats – have more non-cash sources of food. As to Pew – clearly the best source of lots of kinds of information. Thanks. I have heard Bruce Stokes several times recently, on both sides of the Atlantic. 1st rate.

    1. Rich Morin4 years ago

      Good questions. We did ask about “people in your household,” which might capture some but not all of the shy esponders. As for Bruce, I agree: He’s a rock star.

  165. Jim4 years ago

    Rich–Do you know when the survey data upon which this report is based will be made public?

    1. Rich Morin4 years ago

      We usually wait a year before releasing SPSS datasets, which means November. But email me.

  166. Emm4 years ago

    Not sure why the author uses the term “food stamp” so liberally when the current program is called SNAP. SNAP recipient or SNAP benefits would be the precise term.

  167. arrai4564 years ago

    curious about the states where the recipients are highest, lowest. . . .

    1. Rich Morin4 years ago

      Even with our large sample (about 2,500) we don’t have enough to break down results by states. I wish we did! I hope some of the state pollsters add a question on food stamps and other entitlement programs to their polls. It certainly is a timely topic and likely will stay in the news for quite a while I expect the feds have stats by state on current recipients though they might not have figures estimating use over a lifetime (but they may), Perhaps someone reading this could supply a link.

      1. Ann Myatt James4 years ago

        I research food assistance policies and programs in the US. The USDA makes a variety of county and state data available to the general public.
        A couple of good starting links:

        Time-Series Data on SNAP participation (and documentation): ers.usda.gov/data-products/suppl…

        US Food Environment Atlas: ers.usda.gov/data-products/food-…

        FNS program data: fns.usda.gov/pd/snapmain.htm

        Good luck in your search!

        1. Rich Morin4 years ago

          Thank you for the great links! I’m copying them as soon as I post this reply.

    2. Pia Elworthy4 years ago

      In recently speaking with the manager of a local Walmart store (Charles Town, W.V. about an hour outside of D.C.), I learned that 7 out of every 10 sales at his store were paid with food stamps. I also became aware today that West Virginia has recently eliminated all taxes on food products…even the good old candy bar. So evidently the cost of food has become a significant burden to a great many people, wouldn’t it be wiser to tear down the food commodities trade which is causing food prices to rise at such unfathomable rates, than make tax payers struggle to subsidize the people who cannot afford their food?

  168. Kipran Wise4 years ago

    I love the stats… May I ask to see the total breakdown of the overall total recipients… The total number of Whites, the total number of Blacks, the total number of Hispanics (Non-Black) and others… I am not asking about the percentage, the total amount…

    1. Rich Morin4 years ago

      Very good question, Klpran. The data we reported came from a nationally representative sample of about 2,500 adults (click on the link in the post to view the original report, which contains a detailed description of the methodology). We do not produce actual point estimates of the numbers of adults in each of the groups, just as we do not produce estimates of the actual number of adults who approve of the job that Barack Obama is doing as president or say they plan to take a vacation this year. But it could be done if you wanted to do it. Here’s how. Take any group of interest; I’ll use non-Hispanic whites. if approximately 77% of the population is white non-Hispanic and about 75% of the white population is 18 and older (that’s close but I could not find an exact percentage) and 15% of all non-Hispanic white adults have ever received food stamps then non-Hispanic white adults who have gotten food stamps comprise about 9% of the total population (check my math by multiplying .77*.75*.15). Okay, we’re almost there. Now multiply that estimate by the total US population (about 313 million in 2012) and you get–finally–about 28 million adult whites who ever received food stamps. BUT since your estimate is based on a survey, you have to compute the margin of sampling error factoring in the design effect for the white subsample (or whatever group you’re interested in) and apply that to your estimate to get the upward and lower boundaries of the range. Roughly speaking, it’s about +-3 percentage points. Stir all of this together and you have your answer: You could be fairly confident that the total number of whites who ever got food stamps is somewhere between 25 and 31 million, with 28 million being your “best” guess. We find it more useful and understandable to report percentages rather than estimates of actual numbers, which take some work to produce, can imply a false precision and might be misinterpreted. That said, I might take a crack at it on Monday and post the results, just for fun. (Apologies in advance for any arithmetic errors I committed in the production of this comment.)

      1. Emm4 years ago

        You can obtain the data you mention from the USDA Economic Research Service.

        1. Rich Morin4 years ago

          Thank you! Always knew the Pew Research Center served the most informed audience in the country.

      2. Jeremy4 years ago

        Hi Rich,

        Although the information that you provide is important, I think it is also just as important to provide the greater context associated with the frequencies and percentages of total food stamp recipients, even if those frequencies and percentages are inferred from a random sample. While providing an accurate snapshot of the proportion of those who have ever received food stamps, your infographic, for example, could exaggerate minority participation in the supplemental nutritional assistance program among those who do not take the time to understand what it means fully. While it is true that a higher proportion of minorities receive supplemental nutritional assistance, it is also just as true that minorities constitute a minority of all Americans, a minority of those who are poor, and a minority of those who receive supplemental nutritional assistance. Despite this, however, news coverage of poverty and social welfare programs in the United States over the past 40 years has disproportionately personified the poor – especially when it comes to social welfare programs and abuses of those programs – as minorities (particularly black) (see Gilens’ Why Americans Hate Welfare). This exaggeration primes Americans to believe that minorities actually receive the lion’s share of social welfare benefits, when, in fact, this perception is grossly untrue. Gilens argues that this exaggeration is largely responsible for this disparity between the proportion of Americans who report that they want the government to do more to help the poor (which is high) and the proportion of Americans who report that they support government funding of social welfare programs (which is low). Using your formula above (% population * % adult * % SNAP * total population) and data from the U.S. census bureau (quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states…), here is the greater context that your story misses: the frequencies and percentages of total food stamp recipients by race:

        White (0.64 * 0.75 * 0.15 * 313,000,000 = 22,536,000 (51.5% of all food stamp recipients)
        Black (0.13 * 0.75 * 0.15 * 313,000,000 = 9,533,198 (21.8% of all food stamp recipients)
        Hispanic (0.17 * 0.75 * 0.15 * 313,000,000 = 8,728,005 (19.9% of all food stamp recipients)
        Other (0.07 * 0.75 * 0.15 * 313,000,000 = 2,957,850 (7.8% of all food stamp recipients).

        As you can see, even though a higher proportion of those within minority groups have ever received food stamps, white still account for the lion’s share of all food stamp recipients. I realize that your story does not mean to imply anything different; I only think the additional context is important.

        1. Rich Morin4 years ago

          Excellent points, all. I agree about the importance of Martin GIllen’s contribution to the national conversation about entitlements. Thank you for enriching the thread.

          1. Dena M Dall-Pickett4 years ago

            Jeremy, great continuation of the article…

            I think the ratio or men to women who use food-stamps (SNAP) is also important to point to. Even within white communities your article shows that the need is two to one women over men who need this. By isolating this number to also show which party they are voting for would also reveal why the Republicans feel they garner support for doing this within their voting ranks.

            I would also like to know what level employment that these families have that are using this supplement. I think this speaks to the living wage and what I perceive a false view of the lazy american.

        2. Rich Morin4 years ago

          PS: The estimate I used for the non-Hispanic white population is the Census “white alone” estimate. I now see that the “white alone” number includes white Hispanics so the true non-Hispanic white percentage (and population estimate) should be lower. I see you use an estimate of 64% to derive a total of about 22.5 million non-Hispanic white adults who ever received food stamps, which doubtlessly is closer to the truth. It’s wise for readers to remember that all sorts of little problems contribute scraps of error to nearly all population estimates derived from survey data. We typically don’t factor in the institutionalized population from the base, telephone surveys don’t cover the total population, design effects can be tricky to compute, etc. With enough time and resources, some of these problems can be addressed but it still pays to be careful.

        3. Kipran Wise4 years ago

          Thank you Jeremy for the clarification. I wish I possessed your math skills. This article has been a wonderful eye opener.

  169. Thomas Lutey4 years ago

    Interesting report. However, it is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that replaced food stamps. Mr. Morin state’s the exact opposite in the second graph of his report.
    SNAP replaced food stamps Oct. 1, 2008.


    1. Rich Morin4 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. The second paragraph is not intended to suggest that the food stamp program replaced SNAP. As you note, the food stamp program is now officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. The program is still popularly referenced as “the food stamp program,” as it was today (7/13) in the headline and text of the lead editorial in the New York Times (“Missing: The Food Stamp Program”).