August 27, 2007

Judged Vietnam Had Been a Mistake When U.S. Troop Withdrawals Began


That’s the proportion of Americans who, in January 1973 when the signing of the Paris Peace Accords ended direct U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, said that sending U.S. troops there was a mistake.

As in the case of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, few among the public initially took a dim view of U.S. intervention in Vietnam — in March 1966, only about one-in-four Americans (26%) told a Gallup poll that they thought sending U.S. troops to Vietnam was a mistake — but as that involvement deepened and lengthened, the number taking that view increased more or less steadily, rising to more than half in August 1968 and to 60% by early January 1973 as the U.S. began withdrawal of most American troops. Read More

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