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Who is sponsoring the study? How was my household selected? 

The study is being done for Pew Research Center. Your household was selected at random through a scientific process to accurately reflect the national population.

What is the American Trends Panel?

It consists of adults from all across America who were invited to take surveys. People who participate come from all ages, groups and lifestyles, just like other nationwide public opinion polls. Ipsos is assisting Pew Research Center in managing the American Trends Panel and its surveys.

Who is eligible to participate in the American Trends Panel?

If you are the only adult (age 18 or older) in your household, we ask you to participate in the study. If two or more adults live in your household, please have the adult who will have the next birthday go to the website provided to participate. 

Why should I participate in the American Trends Panel? 

Participation is very important to make sure that all viewpoints and people of all backgrounds are represented.

What do I have to do to participate? 

Go to the website address listed on the letter with this packet to take the first survey, which will take about 15 minutes. Afterwards we will send the participant $10 for completing it. 

How will this research be used? 

Your answers are combined with the other people who participate and are used in reports that are shared on the Pew Research Center website at The reports on the website are nonpartisan, free and available to anyone. 

Will I get anything for my time? 

After you complete a survey we will either mail you a check or email you an Amazon gift card, whichever you prefer.