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Report | Dec 5, 2005
The Biology Wars: The Religion, Science and Education Controversy

Key West, Florida Some of the nation’s leading journalists gathered in Key West, Florida, in December 2005 for the Pew Forum’s biannual Faith Angle Conference on religion, politics and public life. Conference speaker Edward J. Larson, Talmadge Chair of Law and Russell Professor of American History at the University of Georgia, discussed the history of […]

Report | Sep 28, 2005
Reading the Polls on Evolution and Creationism

This week in federal district court, a group of parents is challenging the Dover, Pa. school board’s decision to require the teaching of “intelligent design” in science classes, on the grounds that this policy violates the principle of separation of church and state. The case is just the latest in a long series of court […]

Report | Sep 22, 2005
From Darwin to Dover: An Overview of Important Cases in the Evolution Debate

Almost 150 years after Charles Darwin published his groundbreaking theory on the origins of life, Americans are still fighting over evolution. If anything, the controversy is growing in both size and intensity. Recent polls indicate that challenges to Darwinian evolution have substantial support among the American people. According to a July 2005 survey sponsored by […]

Report | Sep 22, 2005
From Scopes to Dover : Should the Courts Permit Public Schools to Teach Intelligent Design?

National Press Club Washington, D.C. In late September 2005, Kitzmiller, et al. v. Dover Area School District et al. went to trial in federal district court in Pennsylvania. The plaintiffs challenged the decision of the Dover School Board requiring that public schools teach that intelligent design is an alternative theory to evolution. The plaintiffs alleged […]

Report | Aug 30, 2005
Religion A Strength And Weakness For Both Parties

Summary of Findings Both major political parties have a problem with their approach toward religion, in the eyes of many Americans. More than four-in-ten say that liberals who are not religious have too much control over the Democratic Party, while an almost identical percentage says that religious conservatives have too much influence over the Republican […]

Report | Aug 30, 2005
Public Divided on Origins of Life

Religion A Strength And Weakness For Both Parties Navigate this Report Executive Summary Contrasting Party Images: The Political Parties and Religion Evolution & Creationism Religion & Politics Promoting Democracy Support for Israel Religion & Mideast Views Faith-Based Aid Gays in the Military Other Issues Executive Summary Both major political parties have a problem with their […]

Report | Feb 16, 2005
Internet Pioneers Honored with Turing Award

While neither Cerf nor Kahn could anticipate just how revolutionary their initial contributions would ultimately be, both recognized the demand for a global communications network long before it entered mainstream consciousness.

Report | Jan 9, 2005
The Future of the Internet I

A wide-ranging survey of technology leaders, scholars, industry officials, and interested members of the public finds that most experts expect the internet to be more deeply integrated in our physical environments—with mixed results.

Report | Mar 31, 2004
The Pursuit of Perfection: A Conversation on the Ethics of Genetic Engineering

3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Washington, D.C. Featuring: Michael Sandel, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government, Harvard University; member, President’s Council on Bioethics; author of “The Case Against Perfection,” The Atlantic Monthly, April 2004 Responding: Lee M. Silver, Professor at Princeton University in the Department of Molecular Biology and the Woodrow Wilson School […]

Report | Nov 15, 2002
Stem Cells & Clones: Theological Perspectives on Biomedical Research

9:30am – 12:30pm University of Chicago Divinity School Chicago, Illinois Gilbert Meilaender is the Phyllis and Richard Duesenberg Professor of Christian Ethics at Valparaiso University. His work focuses upon theological and medical ethics. In 2001 he was appointed to the President’s Council on Bioethics, which recently issued a major report entitled “Human Cloning and Human […]

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