transcript | Sep 26, 2006

God’s Country? Evangelicals and U.S. Foreign Policy

Pew Research Center Washington, D.C. In his recent article in Foreign Affairs, Walter Russell Mead argues that as U.S. evangelicals exert increasing political influence, they are becoming a powerful force in foreign affairs. In recent years, evangelicals have voted overwhelmingly Republican, helping to put conservatives at the helm of U.S. foreign policy, while focusing their […]

report | May 2, 2006

Will White Evangelicals Desert the GOP?

Although President Bush's approval rating has declined as much among white evangelicals as among the public as a whole, so far evangelicals don't seem likely to abandon the GOP this fall.

transcript | Apr 24, 2006

Moved by the Spirit: Pentecostal Power & Politics after 100 Years

University of Southern California Los Angeles, California April 2006 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles, an event that is often cited as the birth of modern pentecostalism. Since then, pentecostalism has emerged as one of the fastest-growing Christian movements in the world. Nowhere is this more […]

transcript | Apr 12, 2006

The New Face of Global Christianity: The Emergence of ’Progressive Pentecostalism’

Los Angeles, California The Pew Forum interviewed Dr. Donald Miller of the University of Southern California in conjunction with a roundtable on pentecostalism it co-sponsored with the Pacific Council on International Policy in Los Angeles, Calif. Dr. Miller discussed the birth and evolution of pentecostalism and the implications of the movement for social change and […]

transcript | Oct 6, 2005

Evangelicals and the New Global Mission

Ronald Reagan Building Amphitheater 1300 Pennsylvania, NW Washington, D.C. Speakers to include: Deborah Fikes, Midland Ministerial Alliance, Texas Professor Allen Hertzke, University of Oklahoma Dr. Paul Marshall, Center for Religious Freedom, a Division of Freedom House Ambassador Robert A. Seiple, Institute for Global Engagement Moderators: Marvin Kalb, America Abroad Media Kojo Nnamdi, WAMU Opening remarks: […]

transcript | May 23, 2005

Myths of the Modern Megachurch

Key West, Florida Some of the nation’s leading journalists gathered in Key West, Florida, in May 2005 for the Pew Forum’s biannual Faith Angle conference on religion, politics and public life. Conference speaker Rick Warren, pastor of the largest church in America, addressed misconceptions many Americans have about mega-churches. He also discussed his best-selling book, […]

report | Apr 15, 2005

American Evangelicals and Israel

Recent surveys by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life demonstrate that American evangelical Protestants have distinctive – and highly positive – attitudes towards the state of Israel. This group is important both because it constitutes a large share of the American population – about 26% – and because it provided President George W. […]

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