Short Read | Jun 26, 2019
6 facts about Democrats in 2019

Self-identified liberals make up a larger share of the Democratic Party than they once did. Democrats are united in their opposition to Donald Trump.

Report | May 16, 2019
Trump’s Staunch GOP Supporters Have Roots in the Tea Party

Republicans who did not agree with the tea party during Obama era were somewhat less likely to remain affiliated with GOP years later. Republicans who had positive views of the tea party movement in 2014 or 2015 were among Trump’s most enthusiastic backers during the 2016 campaign.

Short Read | May 15, 2019
6 facts about U.S. political independents

Partisan divides in America are as wide as they’ve ever been in the modern political era. But what about those who identify as independents?

Report | Apr 4, 2019
Growing Partisan Divide Over Fairness of the Nation’s Tax System

As the April 15 tax deadline approaches, overall public views of the fairness of the nation’s tax system have changed only modestly since 2017, before passage of major tax legislation. However, partisan differences on tax fairness have increased considerably since then, and now are wider than at any point in at least two decades. Two […]

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