Report | Apr 30, 2001
The First 100 Days

Did George W. Bush really get an easier ride from the media in his first months in office?

Report | Apr 26, 2001
Bush’s Base Backs Him to the Hilt

Introduction and Summary After three months in office, George W. Bush is doing about as well with the American public as did his predecessors, because Republicans love what they are seeing and Democrats are expressing only modest opposition to his stewardship of the country. Bush’s approval ratings among the GOP faithful are slightly higher than […]

Report | Feb 22, 2001
Bush Approval on Par, No Tax Cut Momentum

Introduction and Summary The public’s view of George W. Bush’s first month in office is remarkably unremarkable. Despite the extraordinary path he took to the White House, Americans are reacting to Bush in much the same way they responded to his predecessors. Bush’s modest February job approval rating (53%) is comparable to ratings accorded Bill […]

Transcript | Jan 30, 2001
From Promise to Policy: A Discussion of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

National Press Club Washington, D.C. Discussants: John DiIulio, White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Richard Foltin, American Jewish Committee Senator Rick Santorum,(R-PA) Representative Bobby Scott, (D-VA) Jim Wallis, Call to Renewal Moderated by: E.J. Dionne, Jr., Senior Fellow, the Brookings Institution and Co-Chair, The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life See press […]

Report | Jan 11, 2001
Clinton Nostalgia Sets in, Bush Reaction Mixed

Introduction and Summary As the country awaits the formal transfer of presidential power, Bill Clinton has never looked better to the American public, while his successor George W. Bush is receiving initial reviews that are more mixed, though still positive. The president leaves office with 61% of the public approving of the way he is […]

Report | Dec 1, 2000
Many Question Bush Or Gore As Legitimate Winner

Introduction and Summary No matter who wins the presidency, George W. Bush or Al Gore, many Americans think that the victor will come to office because of the way the voting was conducted or counted rather than because he legitimately won the election in Florida. Ironically, this view has become more prevalent regarding a potential […]

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