report | Apr 22, 2014

Census Bureau Considers Whether to Delete Some Questions

This links to a FactTank posting about the Census Bureau's review of questions on the American Community Survey. The agency may drop questions if it determines they do not yield useful, quality data that cannot be found elsewhere.

report | Mar 24, 2014

A New Census Category for Middle East/North Africa Ethnicity?

This posting summarizes a Fact Tank article about the Census Bureau's study of a possible new ethnic category for people of Middle Eastern and North African descent. The bureau has embarked on a broad look at how it asks about race and ethnicity, preparing for the 2020 Census.

report | Mar 15, 2014

Will the Census Bureau Rewrite its Race and Ethnicity Questions?

This posting links to a Fact Tank article explaining the Census Bureau's research into new question wording about race and ethnicity. The bureau is testing a combined question in an attempt to improve response rates and reduce the number of people who check "some other race."

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