Report | Aug 9, 2007
Search Privacy Practices

What if your search queries for the last 18 months were archived along with your IP address? Would anything embarrassing come up, like how many times you searched for your own name or the name of your ex?

Report | Jul 31, 2007
What are parents doing to protect teens online?

Recent headlines about the discovery and removal of 29,000 registered sex offenders on MySpace have added fuel to the fiery debate about the safety of online social networks.

Report | Jul 13, 2007
Zombies and Alter Egos at the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission's Spam Summit was an occasion to celebrate the (limited) success of the CAN-SPAM Act and to discuss the latest criminal threats online.

Report | May 23, 2007
Spam 2007

37% of email users said spam had increased in their personal email accounts, up from 28% of email users who said that two years ago.

Report | May 14, 2007
Briefing Panelists Debunk Online Safety Myths

The main point of the recent congressional briefing panel was to stop the misinformation and obfuscation around the issue of online child victimization, and to focus on the facts and observations that had emerged from our collective research.

Report | Sep 24, 2006
The Future of the Internet II

A survey of technology thinkers and stakeholders shows they believe the internet will continue to spread in a "flattening" and improving world. There are many, though, who think major problems will accompany technology advances by 2020. A predictions...

Report | Aug 9, 2006
Warning Unwary Searchers

48% of internet users said they have stopped visiting certain Web sites that they fear might deposit unwanted programs – and that was before Google started warning people about wandering into unsafe territory.

Report | Apr 11, 2006
Are “Wired Seniors” Sitting Ducks?

Older internet users may be easy targets for viruses, spyware and the like. Younger internet users take more chances online, but they also take more precautions.

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