Report | Jul 3, 2008
Internet Safety Town Hall

On June 30th, Amanda participated in an Internet Safety Town Hall for educators

Report | May 9, 2008
Securing Private Data from Network ‘Zombies’

As more of us integrate social networking into our daily lives online, the layered privacy choices we make through our in-network interactions are becoming increasingly complex.

Presentation | Apr 25, 2008
Teens, Online Stranger Contact & Harassment: What the data tell us

At the request of the Internet Safety Task Force, Amanda Lenhart presented the Pew Internet Project's most recent data on online stranger contact, cyberbullying, the steps that teens take to ensure (or not) their online privacy and the ways in whi...

Presentation | Mar 27, 2008
Digital Footprints

In the era of Web 2.0, individuals and organizations have gone beyond simply being findable to being intimately knowable. These digital footprints are blazing trails and stirring up issues about how we manage our own online identities and those of...

Report | Feb 14, 2008
Privacy Implications of Fast, Mobile Internet Access

Many Americans are jumping into the participatory Web without considering all the implications. If nothing really bad has happened to someone, they tend neither to worry about their personal information nor to take steps to limit the amount of infor...

Report | Dec 16, 2007
Digital Footprints

Internet users are becoming more aware of their digital footprint; 47% have searched for information about themselves online, up from just 22% five years ago.

Report | Oct 1, 2007
Always format your used laptops

Say what you will about the internet--it's certainly helped narrow the line between "doing something stupid" and "doing something stupid in front of millions of witnesses who will now proceed to publicly mock you."

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