Presentation | Mar 9, 2006
Seniors, Youth & Privacy

New analysis of surveys conducted by the Pew Internet Project and the AARP indicate that younger people are more likely to take action to avoid software intrusions and to prevent identity fraud.

Report | Feb 22, 2006
Invasion of the Computer Snatchers

This week’s Washington Post magazine story by Brian Krebs should serve as yet another wake-up call to internet users who do not take precautions against software intrusions.

Presentation | Feb 17, 2006
Parents and Teens: Filters & Content Creation

This presentation covers two main themes -- what are parents currently doing to protect their children from unwanted content, and how are adolescent and adult internet users producing and sharing their own content online.

Presentation | Nov 10, 2005
The Future of the Internet

Thought-provoking scenarios of the future regarding education and network security.

Presentation | Oct 28, 2005
Online Threats and Fears Are Changing Consumer Behavior

Nine out of ten internet users have taken evasive actions to avoid software intrusions, but their guerrilla tactics may not be enough. Two possible future scenarios are presented, along with questions for privacy professionals to consider.

Report | Sep 28, 2005
Online Safety

OnGuard Online is a new site for consumers who want to protect their computers from software intrusions.

Report | Jul 12, 2005
Spyware Definition Offered for Public Debate

In an effort to bring some clarity to the policy debate around spyware, the Anti-Spyware Coalition has attempted to nail down a solid definition for the offending software.

Report | Jul 6, 2005

Spyware and the threat of unwanted programs being secretly loaded onto computers are becoming serious threats online.

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