Administration Share of Cabinet positions held by women
Johnson 0.0%
Nixon, term 1 0.0%
Nixon, term 2 N/A
Ford 4.5%
Carter 11.1%
Reagan, term 1 17.6%
Reagan, term 2 17.6%
G.H.W. Bush 17.6%
Clinton, term 1 31.8%
Clinton, term 2 40.9%
G.W. Bush, term 1 19.0%
G.W. Bush, term 2 23.8%
Obama, term 1 30.4%
Obama, term 2 34.8%
Trump 26.1%
Biden (nominees) 48.0%

Source: Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University.

Percentage for Biden’s Cabinet is based on his nominees as of January 2021, before the confirmation process was finalized. All other percentages are based on the maximum number of women serving concurrently in a given administration and include only women presidential appointees confirmed by the Senate to Cabinet or Cabinet-level positions. One woman served in a Cabinet-level position during Nixon’s second term but the changing number of positions over the course of the term makes it impossible to provide a share.