report | Feb 6, 2014

Census Data Show Rise in New Marriages

This posting links to a FactTank article about American Community Survey data showing that the rate of new marriages rose in 2012 after declining for the previous three years. The rise is concentrated among certain groups.

report | Jan 13, 2014

Changing Demographics of Poverty

This posting links to a FactTank article about how the demographics of poverty have changed in the U.S. since the launch of the War on Poverty 50 years ago.

report | Dec 11, 2013

Gender Pay Gap Narrows, and Persists

This posting points to a new Pew Research Center report about the gender pay gap, which includes census data about earnings as well as a survey of attitudes.

report | Nov 27, 2013

Marriage and College

This links to a FactTank posting about recently released Census Bureau data on the living arrangements of parents by educational attainment.

report | Nov 22, 2013

Census Migration Estimates, Charted

This links to a posting on FactTank that discusses a graphic charting the movements of 7.1 million Americans who changed states between 2011 and 2012. The graphic is based on the Census Bureau's American Community Survey.

report | Sep 18, 2013

Income Trends and Gaps

This posting links to an article by Pew Research Center's Rick Fry on four takeaways from the Census Bureau's release of annual income and poverty data.

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