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report | Jul 2, 2010

The future of social relations

Overview of responses Background Technology experts embrace the use of networked communications technologies and are naturally inclined to find them to be useful in social relations, so it is no surprise to see the high level of agreement that the Internet is a tool that gets positive results. Still, quite a few people took advantage […]

report | Feb 19, 2010

Future of the Internet IV

Is Google making us stupid? Most experts surveyed in a new Pew Internet/Elon University study say the Internet enhances and augments human intelligence.

report | Feb 19, 2010

Part 5: A review of responses to a tension pair about the future of anonymity online

The future of anonymous activity online Respondents were asked to explain their choice and “share your view about the future of anonymous activity online by the year 2020.” What follows is a selection of the hundreds of written elaborations and some of the recurring themes in those answers: The pressures for authentication of internet users […]

report | Feb 19, 2010

Part 4: A review of responses to a tension pair about the evolution of the architecture and structure of the Internet: Will the Internet still be dominated by the end-to-end principle?

The structure of the Internet Respondents were asked to explain their choice and “note organizations you expect to be most likely to influence the future of the Internet and share your view of the effects of this between now and 2020.” A number of respondents pointed out that some of the key issues related to […]

report | Mar 31, 2010

The Impact of the Internet on Institutions in the Future

Main findings One of the long-running hopes of technology supporters is that the internet and cell phones will bring positive change to institutions of all kinds. This tension pair was designed to assess those hopes. While the largely pro-technology group of respondents expressed overall enthusiasm for the change they hope will come to all kinds […]

report | Feb 19, 2010

Part 1: A review of responses to a tension pair about whether Google will make people stupid.

The future of intelligence Eminent tech scholar and analyst Nicholas Carr wrote a provocative cover story for the Atlantic Monthly magazine in the summer of 20082 with the cover line: “Is Google Making us Stupid?” He argued that the ease of online searching and distractions of browsing through the web were possibly limiting his capacity […]

transcript | Jan 27, 2003

Sources of Basic Human Rights Ideas: A Christian Perspective

4:00 p.m. University of Chicago Divinity School Chicago, Illinois Dr. Max Stackhouse is director of the Kuyper Center for Public Theology and Stephen Colwell Professor of Christian Ethics at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is the author and editor of numerous books on a wide variety of topics including most recently (with Peter Paris) a three-volume […]

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