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report | Sep 13, 2022


This study projects the future population sizes of Christians, religious “nones” and people of other religions in the United States. Since recent religious change in the U.S. has been driven primarily by voluntary changes in religious identity – religious switching – we modeled for the first time how the religious landscape could change in scenarios […]

report | Aug 11, 2022


Pew Research Center’s Spring 2022 Global Attitudes Survey Results for the survey are based on telephone and face-to-face interviews conducted under the direction of Gallup and Langer Research Associates. The results are based on national samples, unless otherwise noted. More details about our international survey methodology and country- specific sample designs are available here. Results for […]

report | Jun 21, 2023

2. Expert essays on the expected impact of digital change by 2035

Most respondents to this canvassing wrote brief reactions to this research question. However, a number of them wrote multilayered responses in a longer essay format. This essay section of the report is quite lengthy, so first we offer a sampler of a some of these essayists’ comments. What follows is the full set of essays […]

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