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report | Jun 16, 2021

1. Worries about developments in AI

It would be quite difficult – some might say impossible – to design broadly adopted ethical AI systems. A share of the experts responding noted that ethics are hard to define, implement and enforce. They said context matters when it comes to ethical considerations. Any attempt to fashion ethical rules generates countless varying scenarios in […]

report | May 11, 2021

9. Race, ethnicity, heritage and immigration among U.S. Jews

The majority of U.S. Jews identify as White. But in recent years, journalists, scholars and Jewish community leaders have wondered about the percentage of U.S. Jews who are “Jews of color,” “people of color” or “BIPOC” (an acronym for Black, Indigenous and people of color), and who should be included in these groups.33 The new Pew […]

report | Jun 21, 2023

3. Themes: The most harmful or menacing changes in digital life that are likely by 2035

The next two sections of this report include additional comments from experts, organized under the most common themes found in their responses. These remarks generally echo the sentiments expressed by the experts whose comments are included in earlier sections of this report. This chapter includes a selection of responses to the question, “As you look […]

report | May 11, 2021

Jewish Americans in 2020

What does it mean to be Jewish in America? A new Pew Research Center survey looks into this diverse group.

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