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report | Dec 12, 2019

Religion and Living Arrangements Around the World

Household size and composition often vary by religious affiliation, data from 130 countries and territories reveals. Muslims and Hindus have larger households than Christians and religious “nones,” influenced in part by regional norms.

report | May 11, 2021

6. Anti-Semitism and Jewish views on discrimination

Jewish Americans generally perceive a rise in anti-Semitism. More than nine-in-ten U.S. Jews surveyed say there is at least some anti-Semitism in America, and three-quarters say there is more anti-Semitism in the U.S. today than there was five years ago. The past half-decade has included several high-profile incidents of anti-Semitism, including White nationalists chanting “Jews […]

report | Jun 30, 2020

About this canvassing of experts

The expert predictions reported here about the impact of digital technologies on key aspects of democracy and democratic representation and likely social and civic innovation came in response to a set of questions asked by Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center in an online canvassing conducted July 3-Aug. 5, 2019. This […]

report | Nov 20, 2019

3. Mobile owners: What they struggle to do

In every country surveyed, a majority of people own mobile phones, and, in most countries, mobile phone ownership is nearly ubiquitous. Across the 11 countries surveyed, a median of 89% say they own phones, compared with a median of 7% who share phones and 6% who don’t own or share phones. While phone owners clearly […]

short read | Jul 16, 2019

How is polling done around the world?

The Center conducts polls in many countries other than the U.S. – but the methodology behind our international surveys can vary.

report | Jun 30, 2022

8. More potential negatives of the advancement of XR

When asked to describe some of the negatives of the XR world, these experts highlighted a wide-ranging number of threats. Those included reductions in personal autonomy and people’s ability to control their lives; worsening digital divides; amplified discrimination; new forms of harassment, bullying and hate; new menaces to public safety, especially around sexual violence and […]

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