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report | Apr 5, 2022

4. How COVID-19 has impacted the work of some statehouse journalists

Like many aspects of U.S. society, coverage of the nation’s statehouses appears to have been significantly – and perhaps permanently – affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Amid shutdowns of capitols, shifting public health protocols inside those buildings and COVID-19 outbreaks within statehouses, legislators and state officials, along with the reporters who cover them, have increasingly […]

report | Feb 24, 2023

The Future of Human Agency

Experts are split about how much control people will retain over essential decision-making as digital systems and artificial intelligence spread. They agree that powerful corporate and government authorities will expand the role of AI in people’s daily lives in useful ways. But, many worry these systems will diminish individuals’ ability to control their choices.

report | Nov 18, 2021

1. Finding meaning in others

In almost every public surveyed, substantial shares identify others in their life as a source of meaning. Family is most frequently mentioned in almost all survey publics and appears within the top five sources of meaning in every place surveyed. Some people also cite romantic partners and their friends and community. When mentioning finding meaning […]

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