Feature | May 12, 2015
Religious Landscape Study

Explore the geographic distribution and demographics of America's major religious groups.

Video | Apr 23, 2015
Event: The Future of World Religions

Thursday, April 23, 10 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. The Pew Research Center’s new demographic projections– the first formal forecasts using data on age, fertility, mortality, migration and religious switching for the world’s eight major religious groups – finds that the religious profile of the world is rapidly changing. By 2050, the number of Muslims around […]

Feature | Apr 16, 2015
Number of Executions in Each State Since 1977

Over 1300 executions have occurred in the U.S. since 1977, the year after the Supreme Court reaffirmed its approval of the death penalty. See how many executions have been performed in each state since the ruling.

Feature | Jan 5, 2015
Members of Congress: Religious Affiliations

Explore the religious affiliation of each of the members to be sworn into the 114th Congress on Jan. 6, 2015. Data were compiled by CQ Roll Call and the Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project.

Feature | May 7, 2014
Religious Switching Among Hispanics

A major survey of U.S. Hispanics conducted by the Pew Research Center finds that nearly one-third of Hispanics (32%) no longer belong to the religion in which they were raised.

Feature | May 7, 2014
U.S. Hispanics: Religious, Social and Political Differences

A major survey of U.S. Hispanics conducted by the Pew Research Center asked more than 5,000 respondents about their religious, social and political views. See how their responses compare to the U.S. general public, and note the differences within the Hispanic population among four major religious groups.

Feature | Apr 4, 2014
Table: Religious Diversity Index Scores by Country

Download table as: Excel The Religious Diversity Index (RDI) Table is based on the index scores in Global Religious Diversity. For more information on how we calculated these scores, see the Methodology. Click on the column header to resort the column. Percentages represent the share of each country’s 2010 population that belongs to each religious […]

Feature | Feb 11, 2014
Laws aimed at LGBT community in the former Soviet Union

The sortable table below shows major laws aimed at the LGBT community in the 15 countries that once made up Soviet Union. The five categories are not intended to be comprehensive. Click on the column headers to sort the table.

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