Report | Oct 1, 2013
A Portrait of Jewish Americans

American Jews overwhelmingly say they are proud to be Jewish and have a strong sense of belonging to the Jewish people, but their identity is also changing: 22% of American Jews now say they have no religion.

Feature | Oct 1, 2013
Calculate the Size of the U.S. Jewish Population

A major new Pew Research Center survey illuminates the many different ways in which Americans may self-identify as Jewish or partially Jewish. The survey provides a sense of how the size of the population varies depending on one’s definition of who is a Jew. Use the checkboxes below to calculate the size of the U.S. […]

Feature | Aug 19, 2013
Audio and Slides: Religion Trends in the U.S.

Event Audio Download mp3 Americans’ Weakening Ties to Organized Religion, 1973-2012: Generations & Politics Michael Hout New York University Claude S. Fischer University of California, Berkeley Hout&fischer pew 8 aug from Pew Research Center The Significance of the Rise of the Nones: Fundamental Change in Religiosity or Change in Labeling? Frank Newport Gallup Pew […]

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