Report | Dec 18, 2012
Table: Religious Composition by Country, in Percentages

View as: Numbers | Percentages Country Est. 2010 percent that is Christian Est. 2010 percent that is Muslim Est. 2010 percent that is Unaffiliated Est. 2010 percent that is Hindu Est. 2010 percent that is Buddhist Est. 2010 percent that is Folk Religions* Est. 2010 percent that is Other Religions** Est. 2010 percent that is […]

Report | Jun 20, 2012
Mexicans Back Military Campaign Against Cartels

As Felipe Calderón’s term as Mexico’s president draws to a close, Mexicans continue to strongly back his policy of deploying the military to combat the country’s powerful drug cartels, despite public unease about the moral cost of the drug war. Meanwhile, a majority of Mexicans say they have a positive opinion of the U.S.

Feature | Mar 1, 2012
Catholics in Mexico and Cuba

Pope Benedict XVI will travel to Latin America March 23-28 for a much-anticipated visit to Mexico and Cuba. An infographic based on data from a 2011 demographic study by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life explores information on Catholics in Latin America, with a particular focus on the Catholic population in Mexico and Cuba.

Report | Aug 31, 2011
Crime and Drug Cartels Top Concerns in Mexico

Fewer than half of Mexicans say their government is making progress in its campaign against drug cartels. Still, an overwhelming majority continues to endorse the use of the Mexican army to fight drug traffickers, virtually unchanged in recent years.

Report | Oct 12, 2010
What do other countries think about climate change?

Senior research staff answer questions from readers relating to all the areas covered by our seven projects, ranging from polling techniques and findings, to media, technology, religious, demographic and global attitudes trends.

Report | Aug 12, 2010
Mexicans Continue Support for Drug War

Mexicans overwhelmingly continue to endorse President Calderón's campaign against the drug cartels and most -- though somewhat fewer than a year ago -- see progress in the drug war. But opposition to direct U.S. involvement has increased, and Mexican views of the U.S. generally turned negative following passage of the recent Arizona immigration law.

Report | Jul 9, 2009
Gay Marriage Around the World

Navigate this Report: Countries That Allow Gay Marriage The Netherlands Belgium Spain Canada South Africa Norway Sweden Looking Ahead Countries That Ban Gay Marriage Registered Partnerships and Other Legal Arrangements In many countries around the globe, the institution of marriage is in flux as governments consider whether to allow gay and lesbian couples the right […]

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