report | Oct 24, 2017

Political Typology Detailed Tables

Figures read down within each category. Don’t know responses not shown. For full question wording, see toplines. Read more in the full report: Beyond Red and Blue: 2017 Political Typology Demographics Views of the nation and institutions Political attitudes Trump and other political figures Issues and values Demographics Solid Liberals Opportunity Democrats Disaffected Democrats Devout and Diverse New […]

report | Aug 26, 2016

How we placed you

The Political Party scale was determined by selecting a set of questions from Pew Research Center’s March 2016 political survey representing a range of policy issues and political values that are each consistently associated with party identification. A logistic regression, a technique employed to estimate the independent contribution of multiple factors in predicting a particular […]

report | Jun 2, 2016

Trump ‘Thermometer’ Topline and Methodology

American Trends Panel Survey (ATP) Methodology The American Trends Panel (ATP), created by the Pew Research Center, is a nationally representative panel of randomly selected U.S. adults living in households. Respondents who self-identify as internet users and who provided an email address participate in the panel via monthly self-administered Web surveys, and those who do […]

report | Aug 25, 2014

Libertarians Topline

Survey Topline About the Surveys The data in this report are based on two independent survey administrations with the same randomly selected, nationally representative group of respondents. The first is the center’s largest survey on domestic politics to date: the 2014 Political Polarization and Typology Survey, a telephone survey of just over 10,000 Americans. The […]

report | Aug 1, 2014

Political Typology Quiz Help Center

This page provides resources to help you create and share the Pew Research Center’s political typology quiz with your students or community group. Below are links to step-by-step instructions for creating your own version of the quiz, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and tips for sharing the quiz with your group. If […]

report | Aug 1, 2014

Take Your Classroom Beyond Red vs. Blue

The Pew Research Center’s Political Typology sorts voters into cohesive groups based on their political attitudes and values. The 2014 Typology, the sixth of its kind, has eight groups – from Solid Liberals and Steadfast Conservatives, to groups that hold more mixed ideological views, such as the Young Outsiders and Hard-Pressed Skeptics. Educators have often used […]

report | Aug 1, 2014

Share the Political Typology Quiz With Your Class or Group

This page includes sample language for sharing your political typology quiz with your students, community or other group, including sample language for email and social media sharing. The sample text included on this page is entirely optional; we provide it only for your convenience. No matter how you share your quiz with your class or community, be sure to use either your […]

report | Jun 30, 2014

Americans show modest interest in Iraq news, less interest in World Cup

About the Survey The analysis in this report is based on telephone interviews conducted June 26-29, 2014 among a national sample of 1,002 adults 18 years of age or older living in the continental United States (501respondents were interviewed on a landline telephone, and 501were interviewed on a cell phone, including 303 who had no […]

report | Jun 12, 2014

2014 Political Polarization Survey

Detailed tables that accompany the report:  Political Polarization in the American Public. Section 1: Growing Ideological Consistency Table 1.1 Ideological Consistency Section 2: Growing Partisan Antipathy Table 2.1 Partisan Antipathy Section 3: Political Polarization and Personal Life Table 3.1 Preferred Community Table 3.2 Ideal Community Type Table 3.3 Important Community Qualities Table 3.4 Important Community Qualities Table 3.5 Family Member Marrying Republican/Democrat Table 3.6 Family […]

report | Mar 4, 2014

February 2014 Topline and Survey Methods

Survey Topline Survey results are based on a national sample of adults, including an oversample of young adults ages 18 to 33. Due to rounding, percentages may not total 100%. Not all questions included in the February 14-23, 2014 survey are presented in this topline. Omitted questions have either been previously released or will be […]

report | Jan 8, 2014

News Anchor Topline

Survey Topline Other questions from this survey previously released. About the Survey The analysis in this report is based on a survey conducted August 7-14, 2013 among a sample of 1,052 adults, 18 years of age or older. The survey was conducted by the GfK Group using KnowledgePanel, its nationally representative online research panel. KnowledgePanel […]

report | Nov 7, 2013

Trans Fats Topline

Survey Topline Other questions from this survey are held for future release About the Survey The survey was conducted by telephone October 30-November 6, 2013 among a national sample of 2,003 adults, 18 years of age or older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia (1,001 respondents were interviews on a […]

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