Newspaper 2014 (Total average Monday-Friday circulation) 2015 (Total average Monday-Friday circulation)
El Diario La Prensa (New York) 32,150 29,339
El Nuevo Herald* (Miami) 46,960 40,315
La Opinión (Los Angeles) 64,260 49,953
+La Opinión Contigo 116,060 100,775

* Publisher statement was used.
Note: Circulation for La Opinión here is presented both including and not including the average circulation for La Opinión Contigo, which is a free weekly insert. Alliance for Audited Media data for El Nuevo Herald is for six months ended Sept. 30 through 2014, and for three months ended Sept. 30 for 2015.
Source: Alliance for Audited Media.
“State of the News Media 2016”