report | Oct 20, 2011

Bloggers Cheer as Netflix Reverses Course

The Netflix decision to drop earlier plans to split its services was seen as a victory for the power of social media last week. The iPhone 4S continued to be a hot topic on both blogs and Twitter. And a bloody goring at a bullfight was the most popular YouTube video.

report | Oct 16, 2011

Coverage of Wall St. Protests Keeps Growing, Gets More Political

With more and more partisans choosing up sides on the issue, the Occupy Wall Street protests continued to fuel economic coverage last week. Mitt Romney took front and center in the 2012 presidential campaign, and the unraveling of an Iranian plot on U.S. soil raised more questions than answers.

report | Oct 14, 2011

From the iPhone 4S to Steve Jobs’ Passing, Apple Dominates Social Media

Last week, many in social media were consumed by two major events, the unveiling of a feverishly anticipated Apple iPhone and the death of the genius and driving force behind that company, Steve Jobs. Meanwhile, a TV interview that spelled doom for one of TV’s signature theme songs was the most-viewed YouTube media.

report | Oct 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Drives Economic Coverage

After several weeks of attracting modest attention, the protests in New York and beyond emerged as a major newsmaker last week. Meanwhile, 2012 campaign coverage reached its high point to date, a high-profile murder case was resolved, and a world infatuated with Apple technology mourned the death of the man behind it all.

report | Oct 6, 2011

iPhone Rumors Ignite the Social Media

The recently announced iPhone 4S triggered huge anticipation online last week, with many tech bloggers expecting an iPhone 5 instead. Changes to social networks Facebook and Google+ also fueled the online conversation. And the protests on Wall Street were among the top subjects on YouTube and Twitter.

report | Oct 2, 2011

Christie Speculation Gives Campaign Top Billing

The presidential campaign was the top story last week for the first time since mid-June, largely due to the buzz over a potential Chris Christie entrance into the GOP race. The economy followed close behind, with the emphasis on jobs, the banking industry and public unrest. And the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor ranked among the top stories.

report | Sep 29, 2011

Social Media Discuss Tech Changes

In social media last week, it was new tech entrants versus familiar tech services—and both bloggers and Twitterers gave much better marks to the new entrants. The iPhone and Google+ received praise while changes to Facebook and Netflix were roundly criticized. And on YouTube, millions viewed a tragic crash at an air show.

report | Sep 24, 2011

A Tax Fight Fuels the Economic Narrative

President Obama’s deficit reduction plan set off a partisan skirmish that generated major headlines last week. The second biggest story, the presidential campaign, was marked by a shaky debate performance by GOP frontrunner Rick Perry. And the latest chapter in the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict registered as the No. 3 topic.

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