report | Feb 18, 2011

From Madison to Manama, a Week Filled with Protests

The unveiling of the president’s fiscal blueprint as well as a fight over budget priorities in Wisconsin helped push coverage of economic issues to the top of the news agenda last week for the first time in two months. And the media turned their attention away from Egypt to neighboring nations.

report | Feb 17, 2011

Social Media Ponder the Patriot Act

In social media, YouTube viewers remained fixated on the dramatic events that deposed the 30-year leader of Egypt. But on both blogs and Twitter, the attention turned elsewhere—to a domestic issue that many saw as a civil liberties litmus test.

report | Feb 12, 2011

The Fall of Mubarak and the Media

The story from Egypt seemed to ebb and then peak last week, leading to a rush of coverage once the demonstrations turned into a successful revolution. No other story came close to generating that level of coverage last week. Now comes the hard part—understanding what will happen after Hosni Mubarak.

report | Feb 10, 2011

Egypt Takes Center Stage on Blogs

Last week, bloggers tackled the situation in Egypt as both reporter and commentator. More were critical of Obama’s actions but the discussion moved far beyond the current president. And two of the most-viewed videos on YouTube featured scenes of the protests in the streets of Cairo.

report | Feb 5, 2011

Events in Egypt Trigger Record Coverage

A history-making blizzard, major developments in the health care debate and a new set of unemployment numbers all made news last week. But they were overwhelmed by the situation in the Mideast. The dramatic events in Egypt set a new high water mark for international coverage.

report | Feb 3, 2011

Bloggers Focus on a Supreme Court Justice and Social Security

The top subjects for bloggers last week involved Washington-centric stories, but not the one that galvanized much of the mainstream media. The lead subject on Twitter was about online news judgment. And on YouTube, an eight-month-old clip featuring remarks by talk host Glenn Beck became the subject of a debate about inflammatory speech.

report | Jan 29, 2011

First a Speech, then an Uprising, Dominate the News

If President Obama expected his State of the Union address to dominate the media narrative last week, those plans went awry when turmoil in a crucial Mideast ally threatened to remake the region and challenge U.S. strategy. And while coverage of the economy picked up last week, attention to the Tucson shooting plunged.

report | Jan 27, 2011

In the Blogosphere, Calls for Bipartisanship and Confrontation

Senator John McCain’s support for President Obama’s speech at the Arizona memorial and the dawn of a new GOP-led House of Representatives focused bloggers’ attention last week. On Twitter, stories about Apple’s financial health drew the most interest. And on YouTube, the dramatic floods in Australia revealed the impact of the tragedy to the world.

report | Jan 22, 2011

The Tucson Story Fades, but Still Leads

Attention to the health of both Gabrielle Giffords and civic discourse helped fuel continuing coverage of the Tucson shooting spree last week. Some White House summitry, hard times for state treasuries and another round in the legislative battle over health care reform also generated significant coverage.

report | Jan 20, 2011

The Tucson Tragedy Dominates on Blogs

The online conversation last week focused heavily on the aftermath of the Arizona shooting spree that left six dead and 13 wounded. The most prominent element debated, according to a separate PEJ report released earlier this week, was the level of vitriol in political rhetoric today.

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