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Report | Feb 9, 2009
The News Narrative Turns Bearish on Obama

It wasn’t much of a honeymoon, at least so far. And nowhere did the discussion of the economic crisis and the new Administration seem to beat up the President more roundly than in the studios of cable talk shows and, of course, on the radio.

Report | Feb 3, 2009
The Economic Crisis Returns with a Vengeance

One week after Barack Obama’s swearing in, the battle over a stimulus plan restored the financial meltdown to a dominant role in the news agenda and triggered early questions about the President’s political skills. In the media narrative, the honeymoon chapter seemed over before it began.

Report | Jan 12, 2009
Storyline Shifts from War to Washington

A number of major stories—the Gaza conflict, Blago-gate, and the faltering economy—grabbed the attention of the news media last week. But with his inauguration looming, the challenges facing the President-elect emerged as the dominant theme.

Report | Jan 6, 2009
War in Gaza Casts Shadow over Transition

The economic crisis showed few signs of easing, a scandal-plagued governor tried to anoint a Senator, and the incoming President moved to Washington. But last week, the guns of the Middle East dominated the news agenda.

Report | Dec 22, 2008
A Christmas Present—No Story Eats the News

As 2008 drew to a close, the media’s attention was more divided than any point all year. The economy and Obama’s transition were still top stories. But two scandals and the U.S. auto industry also competed for coverage.

Report | Dec 15, 2008
Blago-gate Dominates the Week’s News

Congress voted on a Detroit bailout, the media focused on fallout from the economic meltdown, and Barack Obama rolled out a key appointment. But a political scandal bleepin’ swamped ‘em all.

Report | Dec 8, 2008
The News Gets Grimmer at Home and Abroad

Barack Obama made headlines with some major appointments last week. But the bigger story was the deepening crises the new administration will face—a cratering economy domestically and a set of global challenges highlighted by the Mumbai terror attack.

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