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Report | Apr 13, 2009
Focus Shifts Overseas as Economic News Recedes

Coverage of the financial meltdown dropped to its lowest level in months last week as Somali pirates, a trip to Turkey, a deadly earthquake and a defiant missile launch dominated the news agenda. Is it a trend or an anomaly?

Report | Apr 6, 2009
Overseas and at Home, Economy Dominates

Yes, Michelle Obama set some hearts a flutter and generated some headlines when she laid hands on the Queen last week. But most of the coverage of the President’s overseas trip focused on the same challenge he faces at home.

Report | Mar 30, 2009
Geithner’s Plan Drives the Economic Narrative

Another aspect of the financial crisis took center stage last week as the storyline moved from the AIG bonuses to Tim Geithner’s plan for “toxic assets” in the financial sector. The verdict is far from final, but Geithner seemed to at least stem a recent run of negative news.

Report | Mar 23, 2009
One Story Dominates: AIG in the Crosshairs

Last week, the economic meltdown generated its highest weekly level of coverage since the crisis exploded last fall. And the majority of media attention was focused on a three-letter acronym that became a four-letter word.

Report | Mar 16, 2009
Media Focus on Economic Villains: Bonuses, Bernie and Blather

The financial crisis dominated the news for the seventh week in a row as earmarks, bailouts, and talk of a second stimulus package helped fuel the narrative. And with Bernard Madoff heading to jail, greed and excess were recurring themes in the news.

Report | Mar 9, 2009
Falling Stocks and Rising Rush Fuel the News

For the fourth week in a row, a different component of the faltering economy drove coverage of a crisis now overshadowing every other news event. And the White House and a radio host locked horns in what may actually be a symbiotic relationship.

Report | Mar 3, 2009
The New Obama Narrative: “Change” was an Understatement

As the White House moved on a number of economic fronts last week, the financial meltdown and Obama’s big speech accounted for nearly half the news agenda. And the media distilled an unmistakable message about the direction of the new administration.

Report | Feb 23, 2009
Fresh Challenges, New Debates Drive a Grim Economy Story

Just as the stimulus fight was ending, another debate erupted last week over the President’s new housing package. And Detroit was back, once again with its hand outstretched. Another day, another storyline in the metastasizing economic meltdown.

Report | Feb 17, 2009
Stimulus Success Shifts the Storyline

The country’s financial crisis last week became the biggest story in more than three months. The Treasury Secretary got unflattering media reviews, but the press narrative turned more positive for President Obama.

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