Presentation | Oct 3, 2013
The New Library

What people do at libraries and what they’d like libraries to become

Presentation | Sep 30, 2013
Networked Learners

Four big points about the impact of technology on learning

Presentation | Sep 26, 2013
The next rural library

Lee Rainie speaks about the Project’s latest research about the way people use libraries and the role they play in their communities.

Presentation | Sep 20, 2013
The Mobile Difference

Overview of Pew Internet's mobile connectivity findings and their implications for libraries

Sep 5, 2013
Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online

86% of online adults have taken steps to avoid surveillance by other people or organizations when using the internet. Despite precautions, 21% have had an email or social media account hijacked and 11% have had vital information stolen.

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