fact sheet | Mar 19, 2004

Health Care Experiences

This survey brief examines Latinos' experiences with health care in the United States. Topics discussed include coverage, accessing health care services, and communicating with health care providers.

fact sheet | Jan 26, 2004

Pew Hispanic Center/Kaiser Family Foundation National Survey of Latinos

I. Overview Methodology The Pew Hispanic Center/Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation National Survey of Latinos: Education was conducted by telephone between August 7 and October 15, 2003 among a nationally representative sample of 3,421 adults, 18 years and older, who were selected at random. Representatives of the Pew Hispanic Center and The Kaiser Family Foundation […]

fact sheet | Jan 1, 2002

Hispanic Health: Divergent and Changing

Latinos are in good health relative to most other Americans. Their favorable health does not stem from better access to medical care. In fact, many lack health insurance and regular care.

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