fact sheet | Apr 13, 2006

The Labor Force Status of Short-Term Unauthorized Workers

In order to better understand the impact of some proposals before Congress, this fact sheet examines the labor force status of unauthorized workers who have been in the country for five years or less.

fact sheet | Oct 1, 2004

The Hispanic Electorate in Florida

About 1.5 million Latinos are eligible to vote in Florida, representing approximately 14 percent of the more than 11 million eligible voters in the state, according to analysis of data from Current Population Surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of the Census in 2003.

fact sheet | Jul 22, 2004

The Hispanic Electorate in 2004

The rapid growth of the Latino population has been a subject of intense public attention since the 2000 Census reported a 58% increase over the 1990 total and later Census Bureau estimates concluded that Hispanics had surpassed African Americans in number.

fact sheet | Mar 19, 2004

Assimilation and Language

This survey brief explores the concept of assimilation and the role of language in explaining this process.

fact sheet | Mar 19, 2004


This survey brief explores the languages Latinos speak in the United States. A close look is taken at those Latinos who speak both English and Spanish.

fact sheet | Mar 19, 2004

Generational Differences

This survey brief explores the differences in demographics, attitudes and experiences of first, second and third generation or higher Latinos. It also looks at "generation one and a half," those Latinos who arrived in the United States before age 10.

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