report | Nov 29, 2007

English Usage Among Hispanics in the United States

Nearly all Hispanic adults born in the United States of immigrant parents report they are fluent in English. By contrast, only a small minority of their parents describe themselves as skilled English speakers.

fact sheet | Jun 7, 2006

Hispanic Attitudes Toward Learning English

Hispanics by a large margin believe that immigrants have to speak English to be a part of American society and even more so that English should be taught to the children of immigrants.

report | Jul 22, 2004

2004 National Survey of Latinos: Politics and Civic Participation

by The Pew Hispanic Center and the Kaiser Family Foundation Field Dates: 4/21/04 – 6/9/04 Respondents: Nationally-representative sample of 2,288 Latino respondents age 18 and older In order to better understand how the Hispanic population, both voters and non-voters, see the political choices facing the nation this year, the Pew Hispanic Center and the Henry […]

fact sheet | Jul 22, 2004

The Hispanic Electorate in 2004

The rapid growth of the Latino population has been a subject of intense public attention since the 2000 Census reported a 58% increase over the 1990 total and later Census Bureau estimates concluded that Hispanics had surpassed African Americans in number.

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