press release | Apr 29, 2019

Les Européens reconnaissent que l’UE favorise la paix et la prospérité, mais déclarent que Bruxelles est en décalage avec ses citoyens

La majorité des personnes dans la plupart des pays européens sondés exprime une opinion favorable de l'Union européenne, selon un nouveau rapport du Pew Research Center, mais beaucoup tendent également à décrire l'institution basée à Bruxelles comme inefficace, intrusive et en décalage avec les besoins de ses citoyens.

feature | Apr 3, 2019

Remittance flows worldwide in 2017

Worldwide, an estimated $625 billion (USD) was sent by migrants to individuals in their home countries in 2017, a 7% increase from 2016, when the amount was $586 billion, according to economists at the World Bank. This increase follows two consecutive years of decline.

report | Mar 25, 2019

A Sampling of Public Opinion in India

Most Indians are satisfied with their country's direction and the economic prospects of the next generation despite dissatisfaction over issues including unemployment and the efficacy of elections.

report | Mar 7, 2019

Mobile Connectivity in Emerging Economies

Access to mobile phones and social media is common across emerging economies. People around the world see certain benefits from these technologies, yet there are also concerns about their impact on children.

report | Dec 6, 2018

Image of Putin, Russia Suffers Internationally

People around the world broadly think Russia plays a more important role in international affairs than it did a decade ago. But increased stature does not mean being better liked.

report | Oct 17, 2018

Many Around the World Are Disengaged From Politics

Aside from voting, relatively few people take part in other forms of political and civic participation. But a 14-country survey finds that some could be motivated to participate on issues like health care, poverty and education.

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