The Pew Research Center provides several ways for publishers to use its content. These range from WordPress widgets and embeddable iframes to content feeds that can be programmatically scraped.  Any third-party use of Pew Research Center content indicates acceptance of  the Pew Research Center Terms & Conditions. Such use should include appropriate attribution to the Pew Research Center and should in no way imply Pew Research Center’s endorsement of any candidate, party, brand, product, religion or policy position.

Embeddable widgets

Provide your users with high-quality editorial content from the Pew Research Center’s Fact Tank blog with a continuously updated feed.

Content feeds

Email us if you are interested in JSON or Prism feeds beyond headlines and blurbs, describing your site, your audience and your editorial interest.

  • All Pew Research Center Headlines: RSS
  • Fact Tank Blog:  RSS
  • U.S. Politics & Policy Views:  RSS
  • Internet & American Life:  RSS
  • Religion & Public Life:  RSS
  • Social & Demographic Trends:  RSS
  • Media & Journalism:  RSS
  • Hispanic Trends:  RSS
  • Global Attitudes:  RSS

Embeddable interactives

To obtain iframe embed code for each of these interactives, look for an embed button at the bottom of each graphic.