Evangelical Christians were among former President Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters. So it is no surprise that half of all U.S. adults think evangelical Christians will lose influence in Washington under President Joe Biden’s new administration, while just 9% think they will gain influence, according to a January survey.

Most of the remainder, 39%, say evangelical Christians will not be affected by the change in administrations.

White evangelical Protestants are particularly likely to expect a loss of influence during the Biden presidency. 72% say evangelical Christians will lose influence, as do 61% of White Protestants who do not identify as born-again or evangelical. In both cases, just 5% expect evangelicals to gain influence.

In general, White Americans are especially likely to say evangelical Christians will lose influence as Biden takes office. Black Americans are divided on this question, including Black Protestants, who are equally likely to say evangelicals are set to gain or lose sway under Biden.