In the days following the November 2020 election, Black voters were more likely than voters in other racial and ethnic groups to say the 2020 election was administered very well both nationally and locally.

A record number of Americans voted in the election despite logistical challenges faced by state and local governments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The election also featured a record number of votes cast before Election Day. More than 100 million Americans voted early in person or by mail-in or absentee ballot. Overall, the 2020 presidential election had the highest turnout rate among eligible voters since 1900, contributing to Joe Biden and Donald Trump becoming the top two presidential vote-getters in U.S. history.

About nine-in-ten Black voters said the elections nationally were run and administered well in the weeks after the election, including 60% who said they were run very well. Smaller majorities of Asian and Latino voters also said U.S. elections were administered well. And about half of White voters said the elections were run and administered well, with only 31% saying they were run very well.