The Federal Trade Commission and nearly every state sued Facebook on Wednesday, alleging that the firm’s acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp resulted in unfair business practices and calling for these companies to be broken up.

Here are some key findings about Americans’ attitudes toward the tech industry – and social media in particular – based on Pew Research Center surveys.

Americans favor more, not less, regulation of major tech companies, according to a June survey. Some 47% of U.S. adults think the government should be regulating major tech companies more than it is now, while just 11% think these companies should be regulated less.

64% of Americans say social media have a mostly negative effect on the way things are going in the country today, according to a July survey. Just one-in-ten Americans say social media sites have a mostly positive effect on the way things are going, and one-quarter say these platforms have a neither positive nor negative effect.