short read | Feb 25, 2022

5 facts about the Supreme Court

Here is a roundup of Americans’ views of the court, perceptions of its ideology, the history of confirmations and justices’ backgrounds.

short read | Mar 6, 2019

Americans’ drinking habits vary by faith

Religiously active Americans are less likely to drink alcohol than those who are not as religious – but religion's relationship with drinking is more nuanced.

short read | Jan 18, 2016

5 facts about race in America

The latest data on the state of race relations in the U.S. and how much progress has been made -- or not -- in achieving racial equality.

short read | Nov 10, 2015

5 facts about Republicans in 2015

Republican voters give the current field of presidential candidates higher ratings than at comparable times in the past two nomination contests.

short read | Sep 16, 2015

Polls show Republicans in a restive mood

Even before Donald Trump and Ben Carson surged past more traditional GOP presidential candidates in the polls, Republicans were feeling restive about their party and its leaders.

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