Here’s a list of active Pew Research Center Twitter accounts, including pollsters, demographers and others who regularly tweet about our reports and related analysis:



178Bh1omPew Research Center   @pewresearch
Tweeting about: Nonpartisan, non-advocacy data and analysis on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.

FTPew Research Center’s Fact Tank   @facttank
Tweeting about: The news in the numbers from Pew Research Center’s blog; data journalism, polling trends, economic findings and more from the world of data.

FTMethodology Research   @pewmethods
Tweeting about: methods research & the latest trends in the changing research world


Michael Dimock    @MichaelDimock
Tweeting about: U.S. political, economic and foreign policy attitudes; public opinion methods

James Bell   @James_E_Bell
Vice President, Global Strategy
Tweeting about: global public opinion and demographic trends


Claudia Deane  @c_deane
Vice President, Research
Tweeting about: research methods and polling

 gooSara Goo   @sarakgoo
Senior Digital Editor
Tweeting about: data, media and politics

11Dana Page   @dana_lynn_page
Senior Communications Manager
Tweeting about: science, technology, upcoming reports and events

oconnellErin O’Connell  @erinoconn
Senior Communications Advisor
Tweeting about: religion and public life, politics, upcoming reports and events

piccorossiMichael Piccorossi   @mpiccorossi
Director, Digital Strategy and IT
Tweeting about: digital trends, data journalism, web design and data visualization

desilverDrew DeSilver  @DrewDeSilver
Senior Writer
Tweeting about: data, polling and news


Global Attitudes & Trends

Ktl8eAfeGlobal Attitudes Research   
Tweeting about: Data about public opinion, demographic trends and attitudes towards foreign policy around the world

Richard Wike   @RichardWike
Director, Global Attitudes Research
Tweeting about: foreign policy, international public opinion and U.S. global image

James Bell   @James_E_Bell
Vice President, Global Strategy
Tweeting about: global public opinion and demographic trends

stokesBruce Stokes  @BruceEStokes
Director, Global Economic Attitudes
Tweeting about: economic conditions, attitudes and policies around the world


Hispanic Trends

XFlan_TbHispanic Trends Research  @pewhispanic
Tweeting about: data about Hispanic demographics and trends

lopezMark Hugo Lopez   @mhugolopez
Director, Hispanic Research
Tweeting about: immigration, demographics, Latinos and U.S. politics

fryRichard Fry  @R_Fry1
Senior Researcher
Tweeting about: education, generations and economics

QYbfDfTRAna Gonzalez-Barrera  @AnaGonzalezB_MX
Research Associate
Tweeting about: Hispanic economic and demographic trends and immigration

kochharRakesh Kochhar  @RakeshKochhar
Associate Director, Research
Tweeting about: economic, demographic and social trends, with an emphasis on Latinos and immigrants

jensJens Manuel Krogstad  @jensmanuel
Tweeting about: demographics, immigration and social trends


Internet, Science & Technology

zEHsjHGtInternet, Science & Tech Research   @pewinternet
Tweeting about: Data about the Internet, technology, social networking, libraries, e-health and online politics

Lee Rainie   @lrainie
Director, Internet, Science & Technology Research
Tweeting about: technology use, social networking, the future of the internet, online politics and

Cary Funk  @surveyfunk
Associate Director, Research
Tweeting about: religion and politics, research and election polling, science and biotech

Maeve Duggan  @maeveyd
Research Associate
Tweeting about: social media, online harassment

John Horrigan   @JohnBHorrigan
Senior Researcher
Tweeting about: tech usage and adoption, libraries and communities

Aaron Smith   @aaron_w_smith
Associate Director, Research
Tweeting about: mobile technologies, online politics and civic engagement


Journalism & Media

apb9Gl9UJournalism Research  @pewjournalism
Tweeting about: Data on the news media and trends in journalism

Amy Mitchell   @asmitch
Director, Journalism Research
Tweeting about: news media, consumption habits and social platforms

Paul Hitlin @paulhitlin
Senior Researcher
Tweeting about: journalism, politics, social media, big data, content analysis

Jesse Holcomb   @JesseHolcomb
Associate Director, Research
Tweeting about: trends in the news industry, media ecosystems, technology and journalism


U.S. Politics & Policy


Carroll Doherty @CarrollDoherty
Director, Political Research
Tweeting about: U.S. political, economic and foreign policy attitudes


Jocelyn Kiley  @jocelynkiley
Associate Director, Research
Tweeting about: U.S. political attitudes, survey methodology


Alec Tyson  @Alec_H_Tyson
Senior Researcher
Tweeting about: U.S. public opinion on politics and policy


Religion & Public Life

cd9Yj94KReligion & Public Life Research  @pewreligion
Tweeting about: surveys, demographic analyses and trends at the intersection of religion and public affairs around the world

alperBecka Alper  @balper
Research Associate
Tweeting about: religious trends, Jewish Americans

hackett sqConrad Hackett   @conradhackett
Tweeting about: global religious demography

CapturePeter Henne  @pehenne
Research Associate
Tweeting about: global religious restrictions and hostilities

mohammedBesheer Mohamed  @bmoham
Senior Researcher
Tweeting about: polling methodology, Muslim Americans

sahgalNeha Sahgal  @SahgalN
Senior Researcher
Tweeting about: international polling, religious identity and interreligious relations

Greg Smith   @GregSmith_Polls
Associate Director, Research
Tweeting about: polling on religion and politics in the U.S.

f3ee7b64eba3b33f24c6c0ab0b96b2a1Angelina Theodorou @AngTheodorou
Research Analyst
Tweeting about: religious trends, global religious restrictions


Social & Demographic Trends

parkerKim Parker  @Kim_C_Parker
Director, Social Trends Research
Tweeting about: public opinion on marriage, family, gender, work and more


Juliana Horowitz  @jmhorowitz78
Associate Director, Research
Tweeting about: social and demographic change, politics and foreign affairs 

D’Vera Cohn   @allthingscensus
Senior Writer/Editor
Tweeting about: demographic trends, U.S. Census Bureau data and analysis

livingstonGretchen Livingston  @DrGMLivingston
Senior Researcher
Tweeting about: gender, fertility, demographics and the changing American family

morinRich Morin  @richmorin
Senior Editor
Tweeting about: polling, data journalism and demographic trends

wangWendy Wang  @WendyRWang
Senior Researcher
Tweeting about: demographic research on family, gender, race, aging, health and time use