March 19, 2015

Anti-Russian views on the rise in Poland

Continued fighting in Ukraine between government forces and Russian-backed rebels has catalyzed fears in nearby countries that Russian President Vladimir Putin may soon try to further expand his reach. While the U.S. and European Union have voiced concerns about Russian interference in the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, paramilitary groups have begun forming throughout Poland to thwart what some Poles see as impending attacks. Within this atmosphere of anxiety, Poles view both Russia and its leader in an increasingly negative light compared with the years leading up to the Ukraine crisis.

Poles' Views of RussiaPolish animosity for Russia surged in Pew Research Center’s spring 2014 survey, with 81% saying they had an unfavorable view of the Russian Federation, up 27 percentage points since 2013. (Nearly all interviews in Poland were conducted after Putin’s statement on March 18, 2014, regarding the Russian annexation of Crimea.) These negative feelings permeate Polish society regardless of age, gender, education, employment status, urbanity or ideology.

Opinions of Putin have also soured since 2012. In 2014, just 8% of Poles said they had confidence in Putin to do the right thing regarding world affairs. Fully 86% lacked confidence in the Russian leader, including more than half (57%) who said they had no confidence in him at all. While still negative, views of Putin in 2012 were slightly better, with 19% expressing confidence and 74% with not too much or no confidence in the Russian leader.

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  1. is a research analyst focusing on global attitudes at Pew Research Center.

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  1. munin choudrey2 years ago

    Frankly my view points are similar to German. WW2 over time to move on then to get polarize by Hollywood films to exploit Holocausts to promote Jewish agenda & support of Israel.
    Give Iran a break. Persian culture is 4000 years old. They are intelligent , smart & proud. US anti Iran by Republicans are paranoia to support Israel. Iran is not Saudi Arabia, a Bedouin culture flourished 100 years ago by discovering oil. Other Gulf states are from same background. No oil these rules are gone. Iran is Shiites vs most Arab countries are Sunnis.
    Iran has largest population of Jews in the middle east except. Israel PM is naïve to propose attack on Iran. Russia already given anti defense Missiles to Iran in case US or Israel attack. Plus both China & India wants Iran oil. Nuclear deal w/ Iran should be passed. I bet the warmonger Republicans getting lots of cash from Arabs to speak against it.
    Stop giving financial aid to Israel. Make peace w/ Iran-fund the to fight ISIS. ISIS are radical Sunnis, once promoted by Saudis. Iran is a better bet than dumb Saudis. 3 things US can do 1) Control southern border 2) Cut Muslim immigration. 3)Cut buddy -buddy w/ Israel. Israel is the culprit. 911 happened due to Israel.
    In media war Putin is winning. Russia all over in South America / Middle East w/ Iran/ Syria / Eastern Europe . He has both China & India on occupation of Crimea. Putin has 10 years to go. So Republicans wake up & be smart . Russia is big/ powerful & very rich. Putin has 85% popularity/ Ruskis loves their beloved leader even though he is an autocrat or modern day Tsar.