January 21, 2015

5 facts about abortion

Forty-two years after Roe v. Wade, the debate over the issue continues even as public opinion has held relatively steady. Supporters on both sides plan to commemorate the day Thursday by holding rallies at the Supreme Court building, where the Roe decision establishing a woman’s constitutional right to abortion in the first three months of pregnancy was handed down in 1973.

Here are a few key facts about Americans’ views on the topic, based on recent Pew Research Center polling:

1More than six-in-ten (63%) U.S. adults surveyed in 2013 said they would not like to see the Supreme Court completely overturn Roe v. Wade, while about three-in-ten (29%) want to see the ruling overturned. When asked directly about the legality of abortion, 51% of U.S. adults say it should be legal in all or most cases, compared to 43% who say it should be illegal all or most of the time. In both cases, these figures have remained relatively stable for more than 20 years.

FT-abortion-01-22-2014-012There is a growing regional divide in opinions about abortion. Three-quarters of New Englanders (75%) say that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while four-in-ten residents (40%) of South Central states (Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas) say the same. Many states have enacted new abortion restrictions in recent years, and challenges to several of those laws are making their way through the courts.

3Roughly six-in-ten Americans (62%) know that Roe v. Wade was a decision about abortion, but among adults under 30 years old, only 44% know. Younger adults also are less likely to view abortion as an important issue: 62% of Americans ages 18-29 say it is “not that important” compared with other issues, while 53% of adults overall say this.

FT-abortion-01-22-2014-024According to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights, 15 states enacted 26 new abortion restrictions in 2014, substantially fewer than the 22 states that enacted 70 restrictions the year before. Still, from 2011 to 2014, 231 abortion restrictions were enacted, while 189 were enacted during the previous decade (2001-2010).

5There’s a difference between what Americans think should be legal and what they think is moral. About half of Americans (49%) say that having an abortion is morally wrong, while 15% think it is morally acceptable and 23% say it is not a moral issue. These views differ by religious affiliation: While 75% of white evangelical Protestants say that having an abortion is morally wrong, 25% of religiously unaffiliated people say so.


Note: This blog post was updated on Jan. 21, 2015.

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  1. priyadharshini1 month ago

    Hi Mate,

    I do request you all to gothrough the stats abortion in graphical representation here.,


  2. Fred Lowe2 months ago

    Pew Research has a most interesting blog on this subject. I see that the responses are from a wide variety of backgrounds and faith beliefs or none at all. This is what I think:
    1. America is a free country; that is you are free to pursue whatever enterprise or work that is legal within the rights established by the constitution and duly elected governing bodies, from local civic jurisdictions and court systems all the way to the Congress of the United States and the Supreme Court which must make decisions from time to time about what is actually legal in this country. We MUST obey the laws or be put under penal restraint or death until justice is considered done.
    2. The Bible clearly gives each human being the privilege to CHOOSE: 1. whether he or she will obey the requirements of scripture from the Christian Bible consisting of both Old and New Testaments; or 2. NOT to obey the Laws as detailed. The Old Testament scripture, which was a legal document for the young Hebrew nation, depended upon immediate punishment of those things that hindered the community. The punishments ranged from animal sacrifice all the way to death depending upon the nature of the crime. We of the faith community in America say “choose life; choose obedience to GOD’S law.” Joshua chose and stated: “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”
    3. The New Testament does not eliminate the Law but gives the lawbreaker an opportunity to “repent” (that is to change or stop the offending behavior) and be forgiven. Regarding abortion I believe that there is much of which to repent not only the act of abortion but many other hurts and crimes that yes even we Christians may find ourselves guilty of. And yes, if we as a people and a nation repent of taking innocent life that too can be forgiven.
    4. Abortion is Legal in the United States of America, I wish it were not. To me it is very sad that the reported number of infants (57,000,000) have had their lives taken from them; even in ONE death of an innocent is difficult to remain silent.
    5. Hypothetically we would talk about a young woman who had gotten “herself into trouble and was expecting (you know what!)” Then it was considered the right thing to do for the father to marry the young woman, be responsible for the outcome and take care of his new family. Of course NOT MANY would DO THAT, but that was considered the ethic about 60 years ago. If the figures that Pew Research reports on how the faithful feel about this issue then I must say that we in the Church have fallen down on our mission to tell the truth about God and how He feels about SIN and what He has done about Sin. Could the abortion story be alleviated if the Church demonstrated Grace to all sin?
    6. In the case of pregnancy resulting from sexual relations outside of wedlock God has only one view: It is a SIN. Sin of any kind whether stealing, murder, lying, anger, profaning the NAME of God, cursing God or another individual. All Sin is worthy of DEATH which is separation from God. Eternal Death, forever in a really awful place we call HELL, where you are not as someone once said, “Holding your breath forever” but are conscious IN a truly awful environment of torture and pain FOREVER. This is not a place I want to visit nor do I want any human being to go there! HELL IS REAL!
    7. There is a way out! IT’S CALLED THE GOOD NEWS! Jesus Christ died for all of the sins of mankind. He Himself, Truly God in the Flesh died for all of us, for we have ALL sinned and fallen short of His glory! Jesus said if you believe in me I will save you from your Sins. One of my very best friends came into this world as the result of the rape of his mother! How many best friends could have been in that huge number reported? C’mon CHURCH! Tell ALL the people the really GOOD NEWS about forgiveness!

  3. Paul J. Dobrowolski2 months ago

    In light of the recent published poll of AAAS scientists and the US public, I would like to recommend that the Pew Research Center poll scientists, especially embryologists, and the American public about when they believe a human life begins. A series of questions can be put forth concerning this issue that would get around the politics and bias that usually accompany his issue.
    My belief is that 100% of embryologists will agree that science supports the fact that a human life truly begins at the moment of conception.
    Thank you.

  4. James r. Richardson2 months ago

    If a person delivers a baby at 5 months and takes a knife and stabs it, this is murder. But if the same baby is in her uterus it is okay to kill it. I guess it is a question of geography. Sad

  5. Colleen Harper2 months ago

    I would be interested to see a statistical comparison by region of the approval/disapproval of abortion compared side-by-side to comprehensive sex education vs. abstinence-only education, teen pregnancy rates and availability of contraception. These four and the rate of divorce by region, I think, would be quite enlightening. It would reveal greater insights into regional attitudes toward sexuality

  6. mb2 months ago

    It would be interesting if the research reflected the percentages by sex. Do men and women share the same views.

    1. Michael Lipka2 months ago

      Thanks for your comment. Views on abortion by sex and other factors can be seen here: people-press.org/2014/06/12/abor…

      Michael Lipka

  7. t smith2 months ago

    if the anti abortion folks were ALSO anti war, because of the killing they would have a somewhat consistent position; but they are not really concerned about “life”they want to punish women for having sex, by making them have children (that they probably cannot afford) and suffer for the next 20 years raising unwanted children.
    i have lived around these types of people and their intellectual leaders are lying hypocrites,
    the masses are generally stupid and lying to themselves about their real motivations.
    has anyone ever heard these folks wailing over the loss of life in the middle east, or how about in Nigeria the other day(2000 folks) or anywhere else in america from lack of health care or lack of economics??? etc?

  8. Amy P2 months ago

    If only 62% of Americans know the Roe v. Wade is “about abortion,” how many do you think know what it really is? So how valuable is the stat that 63% think it should not be overturned? Many incorrectly think that overturning Roe v. Wade would make abortion illegal. It would not. It would mean that the 1972 supreme court would was in error to declared abortion a constitutionally protected right under the right to privacy. It would then allow states to create common sense abortion legislation based on the vote of the people. It would allow for legal restrictions that are the will of the people based on referendums such as illegalizing late term abortions or beyond which a fetus feels pain. I’m all for it. It was an incorrect judicial decision.

  9. Bill Bohlender2 months ago

    Abortion is killing a baby. Christians believe that there is a God Who revealed himself to us as the Lord Jesus Christ. Killing a baby is murder, which God has prohibited. This is not news, but it has to be reiterated over and over, because so many people do not get it.

    1. tesmith2 months ago

      is this the same god who wrote these rules?
      Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)

      Kill Witches

      You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB)

      Kill Homosexuals
      “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.” (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)

      Kill Fortunetellers

      A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death. (Leviticus 20:27 NAB)

      Death for Hitting Dad

      Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. (Exodus 21:15 NAB)

      Death for Cursing Parents

      1) If one curses his father or mother, his lamp will go out at the coming of darkness. (Proverbs 20:20 NAB)

      2) All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. They are guilty of a capital offense. (Leviticus 20:9 NLT)

      Death for Adultery

      If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death. (Leviticus 20:10 NLT)

      Death for Fornication

      1. C Smith4 weeks ago

        Just wow! Thank you for your post.

    2. Cady2 months ago

      It’s not that people don’t get it, it’s that they don’t believe in what you believe. You may think you’re right but you have no proof, and don’t you dare say “The bible is proof enough” no.
      It is the woman’s body, it’s her choice on whether she wants to have an abortion.
      “If you don’t want a child, then put it up for an adoption”
      You see, most women can’t do this because their body is still being affected. They don’t want to go through a process that has a very good percentage of their body being ruined when they won’t even keep the baby. Butt out of peoples privacy honestly this whole debate is just dumb.

  10. Peg2 months ago

    There has always been abortion but when it is illegal women die. There are many reasons why women seek abortions. Should the government be making decisions about families? Where does this desire to control women go…Margaret Atwood told it best.

    1. Anguss2 months ago

      The purpose of government is to make rules to ensure society is civil, i.e. it is illegal to murder. Government intrudes on women’s rights as it does men’s and children’s when it feels it has to in order to maintain a civil society. The real question is how far and how deep does it go? An unborn child also has rights. Calling an unborn a child or fetus or anything does not change what it is. At some point it has a physical heart beating and can feel pain. At what point in the development, should it have the same rights as any other born being? I believe it has a soul from day one, but this is not provable and therefor more arguable. In the back of your mind and in your soul I believe you know the truth.

    2. Thomas R2 months ago

      Malta’s maternal mortality rate is significantly lower than ours. Chile’s is only about 20% higher and it’s a less developed nation.

      It’s said that illegal abortions account for something like 15-17% of maternal deaths, I believe, but it might be hard to know if legal abortions would be especially safe in many of those nations. Many to most of the studies done on this matter are by abortion-rights organizations. Neutral studies on the matter are very difficult to find.

  11. Marti2 months ago

    It looks like most people in favor of abortion live down south so I think the ones that live in other states should move down there.

  12. eric burns2 months ago

    What’s wrong with true Catholics abstaining from abortions and leaving the people who make their own decisions in peace? Whenever has an atheist forced anyone to do anything?

  13. Virginia2 months ago

    Who is protecting the life of the unborn baby who also has a right to life? Has our society degraded so low that there is no conscience left to see that this is wrong? People can call it a political issue, a religious issue, a personal issue, an economic issue or whatever issue they want but they are all excuses for not having to be responsible. The solution to a life issue is not death. Women who have had an abortion can suffer from Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) years later so this is a very serious matter for baby and mother. Have we heard so much about personal “rights” that we have totally forgotten about a whole population (57,000,000 have been aborted since Roe v Wade) of children who have been murdered? My heart goes out to the women who suffer from PAS as they didn’t know it would happen. It isn’t over that one fateful day in the abortionist office, there are consequences years later. So people can make excuses to justify taking the life of a baby by saying it would amount to anything anyway but shame on all of us for accepting that as some sort of justification in an effort to play God.

  14. betina2 months ago

    I do not feel that any religious group should have an impact or voice on this issue. A religious group does not have a legal vote, nor should any religious group’s beliefs govern the entire population. There are many non religious, and non-Christian people in the USA and they should not have their rights infringed or limited by any religious group. Also the only people who should be able to vote on this issue are women, as they are the ONLY ones impacted. Men cannot get pregnant and therefore they should not have a voice in this matter. Whether a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy should be her decision and not limited by any government entity. The government has no right or reason to limit a woman’s choice. Presently the right wing Christian men in politics are waging a war on women and women’s rights and it must stop. Every child born should be a wanted child, and a child that is given a chance at a better life. If a potential mother knows that she cannot provide for a child she should have the choice to terminate the pregnancy. Women that are rape victims or incest survivors should not be denied the opportunity to choose. They should not be forced to carry and raise the child of her attacker. That is a horrid and destructive form of mental and emotional torture to relive your attack every time you look at your own child. We should not be forced to continue to fight for a right that was won almost 45 years ago. We should be moving on to current issues like climate change and renewable energy. Stop allowing conservatives to force their beliefs on the general population. If you don’t want an abortion, then don’t have one. Don’t think for a second that your personal choice gives you the right to decide what my choice will be. You don’t know my personal circumstances and you are NOT qualified to choose for me.

  15. Edd Doerr2 months ago

    Religious right opposition to freedom of choice on abortion must be based on patriarchalism or misogyny, as it is not based on the Bible, which does not condemn abortion. Indeed, what the Bible does say (Gen 1:27 and 2:7) is that humans were created “in the image of God”. As “God” is not flesh and blood and DNA, and personhood begins at birth, this jibes with what we know from science, that the brain is not wired up for consciousness until sometime after 28-32 weeks of gestation. About 90% of abortions are performed by 13 weeks, 99% by 20 weeks, and the remainder only for serious medical reasons. If Republicans and conservatives decry big government, it is strange that they would want to expand Big Brother government to have the power to restrict the religious freedom and rights of conscience of women. — Edd Doerr (arlinc.org)

  16. sammieb512 months ago

    Were the respondents to this poll asked if they had abortions, knew anyone who did and what their race was? I wonder because it seems to me that LOTS of women, married and single, who get pregnant “accidentally” in their 40’s, select abortion over having another child. I know several who have made this choice, with their spouses right next to them. They were white, upwardly mobile folks.

    I also wonder how racial and economics factor into abortions. I think we would all be surprised to find out that minorities are not the ones flocking to the clinics for this procedure.

    1. Maryhelen2 months ago

      This report is only about whether people are for or against the law on abortion and not who has abortion and also not who is Catholic or any other religion.

  17. betina2 months ago

    I do not feel that any religious group should have an impact or voice on this issue. A religious group does not have a legal vote, nor should any religious group’s beliefs govern the entire population. There are many non religious, and non-Christian people in the USA and they should not have their rights infringed or limited by any religious group. Also the only people who should be able to vote on this issue are women, as they are the ONLY ones impacted. Men cannot get pregnant and therefore they should not have a voice in this matter. Whether a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy should be her decision and not limited by any government entity. The government has no right or reason to limit a woman’s choice. Presently the right wing Christian men in politics are waging a war on women and women’s rights and it must stop. Every child born should be a wanted child, and a child that is given a chance at a better life. If a potential mother knows that she cannot provide for a child she should have the choice to terminate the pregnancy. Women that are rape victims or incest survivors should not be denied the opportunity to choose. They should not be forced to carry and raise the child of her attacker. That is a horid and destructive form of mental and emotional torture to relive your attack every time you look at your own child. We should not be forced to continue to fight for a right that was won 45 years ago. We should be moving on to current issues like climate change and renewable energy. Stop allowing conservatives to force their beliefs on the general population. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. Don’t think for a second that your personal choice gives you the right to decide what my choice will be.

  18. vicki2 months ago

    I can’t imagine any rational thinking person that would not understand a embryo is living and until it is disturbed by an abortionist; it will grow to be come a human life. Killing it is murder. It does not matter if it is one week or sixty years; a sperm and egg fertilized and growing is still a human being. What is done to it is the same outcome…common sense. Therefore, in our terms today, it IS murder when you kill it.

    1. Maryhelen2 months ago

      That is exactly what a rational human thing person understands because that is science; thus, it is the emotional, righteous, religious unscientific, and irrational thinking persons who say an embryo is a person.

  19. Gene Morton2 months ago

    Thank you for the data. There is another bit that would be enlightening. How many times has legislation been introduced into the US Congress, and by whom, and what is its status today. While there seems to be a lot of lip service to controlling or eliminating abortions, there seem to be few actions in Congress about doing something about it.

  20. Skeptic2 months ago

    I am always skeptical about tables that show that certain religious groups are more or less supportive of the pro-choice or pro-life position. For instance, 53% of Catholics consider abortion to be morally wrong. However, this figure hides a great deal of heterogeneity in the degree to which individuals who identify themselves as “Catholic” are active in their faith and adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Among high church-attending Catholics, the “abortion is immoral” percentage is much higher. For those identifying themselves as Catholic but who rarely or never participate in the life of the Catholic Church, the “abortion is immoral” percentage is much lower. This suggests that identification with one denomination/tradition or another is far less important than religiosity or doctrinal belief.

    1. Ray2 months ago

      You are entitled to your skepticism; so are Catholics who are less doctrinaire than your version of the ideal catholic.

  21. Ken2 months ago

    When did an embryo or even a fetus become a “baby”?
    How many women’s lives have been saved by not being forced by culture or society to go through child birth?

    1. Anguss2 months ago

      How many children/human lives were denied by civil society allowing abortions?

    2. SciGuy22 months ago

      Is not a caterpillar a butterfly in the making? It’s human perception that “draws the line”, not science. DNA unfolding” is not the same as crystal formation. HMmmm…

    3. Thomas R2 months ago

      Umm, pretty much every time it’s not aborted or miscarried a fetus becomes a baby. Even if you’re pro-choice that’s just how it works. It develops into a baby.

      As for women’s lives South Africa did see a decline in maternal mortality on adopting looser abortion laws. However Poland also saw a decline in maternal mortality after adopting stricter abortion laws post-Communism. (Look it up if you doubt it)

  22. Halley8 months ago

    It’s very simple to find out any topic on net as compared to textbooks, as I found this article at this web page.

  23. Ruth Walker9 months ago

    There has always been abortion. When it was illegal, it killed women and/or left them sterile. Most abortions are early, but some have to be late to save the health/life of the mother, who sometimes has other children to care for. What sort of people think they should decide such things or anyone but themselves?

    Reading ‘This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor’ by Susan Wicklund can help develop empathy. Dr. Wicklund had not even planned to be a physician, let alone an abortion doctor (and couldn’t bear to even watch a late term one, but knows they are sometimes necessary).

    1. E Powell6 months ago

      Reasons given for having abortions in the United States

      … but at the same time most Americans would support limits on elective abortions, e.g.abortions for convenience … 5 Sept. 2011, “Historical abortion statistics …
      Only 2 % of abortion are for anything but convenience.

      1. betina2 months ago

        I sincerely doubt your so called stats are anywhere near the truth. The 2% figure is absolutely ludicrous. Who Johnston? Why should we believe them? Is Johnston another religious based entity/source? Lets not forget the women that cannot afford to raise a child alone. Women still only make about 70 cents on the dollar compared to men. Also many men leave when they find out their wife or girlfriend is pregnant. Lets not forget the fact that we have a over population problem. Your god does not dictate the laws of man. The USA was founded on freedom OF religion, not a Christian god. Read some history on the founding fathers and you will see that I am right. Keep your god out of USA politics and government!

        1. Thomas R2 months ago

          Guttmacher also indicates most abortions, I believe even in the second trimester, are for economic reasons and it’s a respected Pro-Choice source.

          “The most common subreason given was that the woman
          could not afford a baby now because she was unmarried

          One of the reasons “Can’t afford a baby now 73%”

          Health represented more like 12-13% according to them though. This is about the same as “Husband or partner wants me to have an abortion” at 14%.


    2. Gisele Toumi5 months ago

      It’s flawed to say since people do something, it should be legal. Humans have been murdering since the beginning of time, but we shouldn’t legalize murder. The fact is that a fetus is a human being, and abortion is violent. It’s not like an early c-section or early birth/removal. Abortion is poisoning and dismembering another human being. I’m shocked that so many people think this should be allowed and accepted.

      1. Jay2 months ago

        You have quite the twisted view of aborting a fetus. Good thing such a view is an individual’s opinion and not up to the law to decide, hmm?

        1. Ginny2 months ago

          It’s too bad someone’s concern for the life of a baby is viewed as being twisted. Aborting a fetus unto itself is brutal. Anytime you kill it is brutal and like it or not that is a baby being ripped from the mother’s womb. I am amazed how over 57 millions babies have been aborted since Roe v Wade, most out of convenience, that there is so much focus on finding the exceptions trying to make it all okay. If we have any sort of moral conscience left in this country we would acknowledge that wrong is wrong and fix it.

      2. Hereward Pooley2 months ago

        I can’t understand why people who oppose early abortion do not also oppose contraception.

        1. eagle2 months ago

          there is a vital difference–before / after Fertilization.

      3. Maryhelen2 months ago

        I am shocked that all those who would force a women to have children they don’t want are so totally righteous, but insensitive, uncaring and no compassion for the many children who are born unwanted. Just look at child welfare and see all the babies and even grown children that were born to parent who didn’t want them. These are the same people who would then say the parents are , don’t want children don’t have them, so they end up poor, uncared for, and miserable. No connection there, duh

      4. Kathy Walker2 months ago

        How can anyone say that abortion is wrong because murder should not be legal , or that it’s poisoning another human being . Well isn’t that what our death penalty is ,when they manage to get it right and actually kill an inmate who may or may not be guilty. This is an actual grown human being enduring the suffering ,not a fetus who isn’t mature enough to feel what an adult feels. And abortion is not dismembering a fetus who can’t survive on it’s own. However, if our country brings back the firing squad , that would constitute dismemberment. I hate to think of life without a choice for a pregnant girl or woman.

    3. Aaron B.2 months ago

      what sort of people think they should decide things for anyone but themselves? I guess the kind of people who have their children murdered because having those children would be inconvenient at this point in their lives would fall into that category. they are deciding the issue of life or death for someone besides themselves, so there is a prime example of the type of people you were asking about.

  24. Jenna Jackson11 months ago

    I dont even understand how someone could actually do this to a poor baby. A popular saying is “My Body My Rules”. Well think of a baby in a situation like this. Their’s would probably be “My Body No Rules” or something like that. The point i am trying to get to is that abortion should be banned.

  25. louise horan11 months ago

    I think abortion should be banned because you have got to think about the poor baby’s life that you are just about to end it, when it will be entered in the new world very soon. If you abortion a baby you should be prosecuted ans sent to prison for 45 yrs of your life.

  26. Bill Bryan12 months ago

    ABORTION STATS: HIGHLY SUSPECT! Lots of lying by women obtaining
    abortions—especially by Catholics and Evangelicals—who most probably
    have much higher abortion rates due to their strictures against using any
    form of Birth Control.

    “The use of ONE Birth Control Pill or Condom is the Moral Equivalent of
    ONE ABORTION,” said Father Bruce Ritter, US spokesman for the Vatican on
    issues like abortion. The message being: USING BIRTH CONTROL PILLS
    IS THE MORAL EQUIVALENT OF MURDER—So says the Catholic Church
    and other leaders of Conservative Christian groups. Anyway:

    My 1st wife accidently became employed by The Midtown Hospital—an abortion
    mill in Atlanta, GA, which for years was one of the few places 2nd and 3rd Trimester
    could be performed in SE US.

    Every client was given a form where they could voluntarily enter various Demographic
    questions: One being: Religious Faith…………………..

    About half of the Abortion Clients would not fill out the form. Of the ones who
    did: About 80% Identified themselves as Catholic or Conservative Christian whose
    leaders opposed all forms of non-violent birth control methods—except the
    Rhythm Method. Assumptions were made that the vast number of non-Respondents
    were probably Catholic or Conservative Christian.

    This was emphasized by the fact that most of the non-Respondents would come
    in year after year to have abortion after abortion and would still not fill out the
    Demographic Form.

    1. K Brown2 months ago

      it’s scriptures

  27. TJ Krest1 year ago

    What if Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Edi Amin, the men who flew the airplanes into the Towers and on and on, were aborted? Would that be a good thing?
    I think if all you protesters who spend time on being anti abortion, spent time caring for all the starving, abused, homeless children in the world, We might pay a little more attention to you. But that ain’t going to happen because that would be to socialistic and goodness knows you would not want to get your hands dirty touching all those unclean things.

    1. Nahman12 months ago

      That’s not the point, the point is at the very second a fetus is formed, it is a living baby. An abortion is the killing of an innocent child. If they are unable to care for it, at least adoption would be an option here….

      1. Niky11 months ago

        Nahman…I really agree with your opinion.

      2. betina2 months ago

        TJ Crest makes a better point. Who will feed, clothe, and raise all of those unwanted children? Nahman are you volunteering to do it?

      3. DrT Happy2 months ago

        Well I really think you should adopt all those babies and care for them. I am up f or you to do that rather than abort. So step up there Nahman and Niky. Put your views into action. All against abortion adopt at the clinics and hospitals. Step up. If you adopt each one, no more abortions. Your problem is solved. And we know you will not do that. You would rather force people, who don’t want to produce a baby, to to “adopt”. And they don’t want to “adopt”. So it is up to you.
        And as was said above, It has been going on since humans began and will continue. Humans kill and turn their backs on other humans. Religion, race, belief system, Humans kill.

  28. Barbara1 year ago

    The global population has soared past 7 billion. Over population is degrading our quality of life and depleting the precious natural resources we all need to survive and thrive. To address the population crisis, it is essential to provide comprehensive reproductive health care to all US and world citizens. This will greatly decrease the need for abortions. Until this is accomplished, abortion should be an available option.

    1. Selfish1 year ago

      Your view and the view of people like you, says that: Killing in abortion should be available, because you are worried about degrading your quality of life.

      Why don’t you be a little bit less selfish, and be willing to take a more simple quality of life, if it becomes necessary (which it probably never will), in order to help everyone to have a life, rather than death because some don’t want to lower their quality of life, for the sake of saving someone else’s life or helping someone else’s life to exist.

      1. louise horan11 months ago

        Your absolutely right I agree on your opinion

      2. betina2 months ago

        Dear Selfish,
        You are the one that is being selfish to think that your choices should rule or dictate another persons life. You need to pray on this and realize that you don’t have the right to make decisions for another person. You cannot play god and you clearly don’t have the tools for the job.

    2. Choice for Reproductive rights?1 year ago

      By the way. The Pro abortion minority label abortion as reproductive rights.
      And Overpopulation people, claim that people should have the right to reproductive health care (contraception and abortion), in order to choose how many children to have in their reproduction.
      But if this is truly a choice, and a right to reproduce.
      Then what are you going to say when everyone decides they do want to have children? And that the reproduction is higher than the pro abortion people like. And it leads to a bigger population? Then what are you going to do, when people use their freedom of reproduction to have children and for the world population to keep getting bigger?

      You don’t care about people’s freedoms or their rights to reproduce. No. If that happened, you would order that there should be a forced limit on reproduction. Like the one child policy that famously exists in China.

      Some anti reproduction people, have said that there should be a forced no child policy. Which denies anyone the right to reproduce at all.

      Reproductive rights only means the right to have children. It was written into international agreements decades ago, and the term reproductive rights was specifically stated as being about the right to choose to have children.
      And it was against the policies of forced sterilisation and forced abortion which had happened to some minority groups of people in america, and some other countries, to deny people their right to reproduce.
      And it specifically said, it does not include abortion as a reproductive right. Because abortion is not about reproducing, but about not reproducing. And abortion kills a life, and so it is against the right to life.

      People who talk about overpopulation only care about that they don’t want people to live. They don’t care about life. Therefore, when people choose to reproduce, as is the true and only meaning of reproductive rights. Then the population will continue to increase. Which is not a problem! There is no problem with humans existing. The only problem is with the people who think other people don’t have the right to live, and want to kill the human race, until it reaches some made up number, chosen by people, none of who have no right to be a judge of life and death anyway!

      Today you talk about abortion. Tomorrow you will be declaring that if the people have more children than you like, forced abortion and forced prevention of people choosing the right to reproduce, should be forced on people by the state. As already happened in the past in many countries, and currently in some. And as the international human rights laws, and reproductive rights laws, were written to protect life, and prevent this forced denial of right to reproduce, and forced population reduction, and forced propaganda campaigns to promote abortion and force it if people don’t choose to stop reproducing.

      1. Rob Mac1 year ago

        That was an amazing(ly long-winded) attempt at a strawman. You almost had me convinced.

      2. Hereward Pooley2 months ago

        At the start of your article you say “The Pro abortion minority”. If you looked at the Pew research article above you would see that people who are “The Pro abortion” are actually in the majority and have been for some time.

    3. betina2 months ago

      Barbara, you are absolutely right. You made very good points and I like that you brought up that Pro Choice is actually the majority even according to the conservative’s published stats. The right wing needs to stop trying to control everyone. Take care of yourself and stop trying to “play god” for everyone else.

  29. Bryan Barrett1 year ago

    That any person needs to ask, “how many abortions since Roe Vs Wade decision’, is shocking; since 1973 abortions have resulted in the death of more than 57,000.000 Americans. Think about it; children denied the opportunity to experience life. You, the reader has that opportunity, yet you, by your silence , denied it to these innocent children.

    1. Kathy Kennedy1 year ago

      Denied life to innocent children? All I can think of is 57,000,000 unwanted children being abused, unloved, or born to live in physical and psychological pain. Why would you wish that on anyone? Abortion rights in many instances simply facilitate compassion.

      1. Think1 year ago

        So what you are saying is, it is better to kill someone who is unwanted, or who you think in the future might be abused, or poor, or has any negative experience in life (which is every human).

        Even though you don’t know what will happen to a child after it is born, or if it will be wanted by the mother if she kept it until birth, or if it will have adoptive parents who give it a good life.

        Humans don’t know the future. And yet you would like to justify killing someone, based the idea that “you” don’t like the idea of the future you predict for it. When it is not even your life but their’s! And that you can’t know how that future will turn out.
        And regardless that the child is not to blame for existing, but you would like to kill it, for the life it has without any control of it’s own.

        Then you can think about the human beings alive in the world today, who are unwanted or unloved by others, or abused, or poor, or having negative experiences.
        If you would kill them in the womb to avoid the life they have, then there is no difference between killing them now, to stop them continuing to live more of that life. Which you think it is better to kill to prevent them from living, than let them live. And to value their life. And perhaps to treat them like a human being, instead of like a burden. And perhaps care and help get them the help to have a better life.
        If you don’t want to care and help people, then don’t care and don’t help.
        But let them have their life. Don’t kill because you don’t want to care or help.

      2. E Powell6 months ago

        “unwanted,abused” Margaret Sanger would be very proud of your statement.
        Abortion is really Murder, 55.5 million babies, their blood is on our hands.
        More then Chairman Mao of China. More then stalin, hitler, pol pot, ide amine, etc.
        We still are murdering about 1 million a year.

        the United State of Amerika, murdering our babies since 1973.

  30. Elfriede Moore1 year ago

    Abortion should be a personal choice for women and have no place in court decisions.

  31. John Balird1 year ago

    I am convinced that none of the people indicating an opinion on abortion have any idea of the fact that Earth is overpopulated by about 4.5 BILLION people. So none have any idea of the penalties that will be paid as civilization is forced to correct this deficit load on Earth’s life support system.

    So media polls this uninformed population instead of educating it.

    Civilization deserves what is happening to it.

    1. John Balird1 year ago

      The Pew comment policy is just another element of the reason that civilization deserves what is happening to it

    2. You want to kill 4.5 billion people?1 year ago

      You want to kill 4.5 billion people?

      Exactly when would you offer up your life, before the life of the others who you expect to justify killing the live of?

      Sorry that is exactly why I am pro life. Because I have a conscience, and a sense of morality, and I value human life. I value every human life, not just my own life, and there is no human life whose life doesn’t have value and doesn’t have the right to life.

      Every life has the right to live, and every human who is living with the right to life themselves, and who wouldn’t want it taken away, should be pro life.

      Because the alternative is the desired world of the people who do not value human life, reminiscent of every murderer, and so they would even justify all kinds of murder, starting from abortion, and then euthanasia for elderly and weak, and then war and murder of other’s that the murderer doesn’t value the life of.

    3. Amanda Polk1 year ago

      Over populated based on whose data? I could be wrong but I do not recall the Bible saying the Earth could only sustain X number of people. I believe that God created the earth and commanded his people to reproduce so that is what they do. Further, I would also argue that we keep researching cures for multiple dieses and I can’t help but to think that we have probably killed the child that was sent to earth to cure cancer, aids etc. God creates everyone with a purpose and we have no right to terminate a life that he created. In respect to helping the hungry and abused, I have dedicated my life to that very population and I might add that in the worst cases of abuse, I’ve never felt that a child would have been better off if he/she were aborted. The flip side is that many loving parents who want children and have reproductive issues would love to provide a loving and nurturing home to these “unwanted children”. At the end of the day, we all have to make our own decisions and we shall bare the fruits of those decisions be it good fruit our bad fruit. We will definitely bare the fruit.

    4. overpopulated1 year ago

      Overpopulated? Where do you get your facts from last time I checked there’s plenty of room on Earth.

  32. Sue1 year ago

    What is the average age of a woman getting an abortion? Average income? Any demographics? Use of contraception? Lots of questions.

  33. Jack1 year ago

    Since Roe vs Wade, how many abortions per year and in total?

  34. Ron1 year ago

    Interesting that an event called “March for Life” is characterized as “the annual anti-abortion” event.
    Why not use “pro-life”?
    Well, because words are weapons, and rhetoric is thought to be powerful.
    It isn’t.

  35. Mrs Rev Tom1 year ago

    Abortion is a horribly painful choice to make. Women who WANT abortions will still get them, like they always have, legal or not…either in another country (for the wealthy) or in dirty back alley apartments. With all the govt money spent on stupid stuff, why can’t women (and men) have access to convenient, affordable birth control that doesn’t have health side effects? Morality aside, spontaneous passion or the heat of the moment decisions don’t allow much choice for women…if their man lies about having had a vasectomy or if a condom breaks…it is still the woman who is left with that horrible choice to make about her own life and the life of an innocent result of an accidental pregnancy.

  36. See Abortion and Euthanasia. – Think Eugenics and Extermination of the most poor, vulnerable, and unwanted classes1 year ago

    See Abortion and Euthanasia promoted, with an intention of the majority of it’s subjects or victims, being the poor and vulnerable and the most unwanted of society. And think of Eugenics.

    That is to say –

    – Think of hitler killing the jews, gays, gypsies, and other unwanted of society.

    – Think of margaret sanger in the USA, creating the nazi inspired eugenics and abortion and sterilization programs in america, to kill the poor and vulnerable classes, who were also mainly the black and hispanic ethnic minorities.

    – Think of the intentional mass reduction of whole classes or sections of society, primarily targeted at the poor and vulnerable and those “unwanted” by the rich and selfish classes of society. By promoting their destruction by abortion and euthanasia.

    The poor, vulnerable, and those “unwanted” by the rich and selfish of society, should be the ones who are most protected by a civilized society. A society which cares about human beings. They should not be the ones most targeted for encouraging their elimination by abortion and euthanasia.

    A human and loving society protects and cares for those who are most vulnerable and most unwanted.
    An animalistic eugenic society, wants to kill off and reduce the descendants of those who are most vulnerable and most unwanted.

    1. Ron1 year ago

      If you really want to worry, think of the fact that there are more than 7 billion people in this world and the numbers are growing. Realize the earth is a finite place and each year we are using up more and more of the earth’s natural resources. Think of the fact that robots are replacing humans in many tasks that human used to do. I do NOT have an answer of what to do, BUT it would make me smile if our government as well as other governments would realize this and start thinking about how to address disaster in waiting before it.s too late

      1. Finite resources may be finite, but will never be so finite that humans will die because of lack of resources. Unless it is because humans are not sharing the available resources.1 year ago

        There is no reason to think any of those things are a problem.

        The only reason people think it is a problem, is because the eugenics movement, who wants to reduce the population of the poor and undesirables, by preventing birth, and killing those who are born, have said that it is a problem.

        So they encourage people to fear it, and to support abortion and euthanasia to kill the weak.

        And they encourage people to fear pregnancy and so to use birth control and sterilisation, and to encourage people to be obsessed by sex for pleasure so to think of sex only for pleasure, and think of reproduction as something less wanted because it gets in the way of this pleasure. Therefore reducing reproduction again.

        The idea that there would ever not be resources to support the population is false. And even if it had been true, it would be the act of an insane person to say to kill the existing people, or people newly conceived or born, in order to stop people dying from lack of resources.

        It is like saying, we do not have enough food for both of us to live for one month, so one of us should be killed. No, that is not human. If there is not enough food, then ration it. And then, share the food, and let each eat, until it runs out. Each human has an equal right to live as eachother. Don’t kill people off, so that others can keep eating.
        And there is more than enough food in the world for everyone, if people made the effort to share it around. And also don’t be greedy and eat more than you need.
        And the rich use so many more times food, and every other resources than the poorest.
        Killing off the poor makes very little difference to resources, because it is the rich who use many times more resources than the poor. So why are the rich seeking to kill the poor, when some of the poor use for example barely a tenth of the rich?
        Kill ten poor, so there can be one more rich? Is that fair?
        No, make the one rich, be a little less greedy, and to live a little more modestly, and then everyone can live instead of be killed, and can live more equally.

        1. Ron1 year ago

          When I was young & went to school in the 1930’s the estimated world population was 3 billion plus and the U.S. was about 130 million. In about 80 years both these numbers have more than doubled.

          I wrote my comment because I DO NOT want to kill people off and I do not have a ready solution. In past centuries population was controlled by large uncontrolled plagues and large wars which killed millions. I did rule out that plagues & wars, they’re terrible solutions, BUT WHAT

          When we run out of petroleum, we will have to grow the fuel [we have this ability right now] but it will reduce the amount of food we can grow.

          Just take a look, do you or does anyone think the world by the year 2450 or 2500 the way we humans manage or NOT manage the world problem, will still exist anywhere near the way it is now.

          We do not address world warming, we do not prepare for the time that we can not get fuel out of the earth, we’ve expanded life spans and do little about worldwide housing for its large population.

          We have had amazing inventions, but also invented a lot of junk. The combined intellect of all human beings is large enough to figure this out . the only question is when are we going to get started ?

          1. Stephen O’Brien1 year ago

            Malthus proposed a similar theory a couple of centuries ago. Since then the population has grown substantially, and living standards for much of the population has improved dramatically. Two factors have helped. First a free market has helped much of the world use their resources more widely, and second, human productivity has increased dramatically. The doomsday scenario of overpopulation is not impossible, but seems highly unlikely for the foreseeable future.

    2. sammieb512 months ago

      Your facts are wrong — the majority of abortions go to white folks, coming from middle to upper class families. They are not going to minorities as is commonly represented (neither are food stamps or disability — it goes to mostly white folks). LOTS of women in their 40’s get abortions, married or single, with their spouse and/or partner standing next to them. In fact it could be said that the reason pasty old white men promote pro-life is simply a matter voting demographics — not enough white babies being born to middle-upper class families. In short, they are losing their voting block.

      1. tesmith2 months ago

        whoops, THERE IT IS!!!!!
        you hit the nail right on the head along with the fact that inter ethnic marriages are increasing, even to the despised Black minority. and genetically speaking, blonde eves and blue hair are recessive compared to brown eyes and brown / black skin

  37. Troy Jones1 year ago

    I favor legal taxpayer supported abortion for all women during the first three months of pregnancy, especially if they are not married. An early abortion is much less of a burden
    to taxpayers than supporting an unwanted child after it is born or putting it in prison
    after a careless upbringing.

    1. Greed and Injustice1 year ago

      Human life is worth more than money.
      If you think human lives should be killed, for the reason of saving the state some money. Then you are a truly greedy person. And that is exactly why abortion is being promoted, because of other greedy people who have the power in governments and in pro abortion organisations, who spend taxpayer money to fund the abortion organisations, and to fund organisations that promote abortion with propaganda.
      Because of greedy governments who want to cut their bills on helping the poor, to make the rich more rich. Instead of spending whatever is necessary to help the poor and protect life and wellbeing, the government gives even more, to help kill the poor!
      If a person is poor and the unwanted of society, then help them, don’t kill them. Are we human who will value and protect human life? or are we animals who only kill the weak?
      God made us human, and made us to help eachother to live. And we will each be repaid for how we help or do not help other people, especially the weakest.
      What makes a person only want to kill a person rather than help a person? Is it that they lost their humanity and made themselves lowered to be more like an animal instead of a human?
      If a society kills it’s weak, rather than help them, then the society has given up it’s humanity and given up it’s right to exist. If it doesn’t let the weak exist, without trying to promote policies to kill them off, then why should the society responsible for this have a right to exist?

  38. Troy Jones1 year ago

    Personally, I believe that a person has a right to privacy above almost all other things.
    I also believe a person should not have to pay for something someone else did out of
    carelessness or convenience, I am a tax payer and therefore believe taxes should not pay for abortions. I also believe that the use of illegal drugs should not be a burden to the taxpayer. So…the message to drug users should be that it negates their right to taxpayer
    supported medical care. I would like to see more bad habits eliminated from taxpayer
    supported medical care, but some lines are very hard to draw and enforce …and therefore
    enforcement may cost more than providing the medical care with tax money. Among these
    are riding motor cycles, eating too much of obviously ‘wrong’ food, etc.

    1. Dusty1 year ago

      I am a taxpayer also and I help to create the wealth that all the “pencil pushers” live off of. Do you make a difference by actually doing something? Or are you another layer of “management” that is unnecessary and just a burden yourself. There are two sides to every story. This post is about taxpayer funded abortion not a judgment of other people.

  39. Joan1 year ago

    Why was my comment not printed?

  40. Darlene Clements1 year ago

    Let me assure you that if men were the ones who got pregnant and bore children Abortiion would be considered a sacrament and adequate contraception methods would be mandatory and provided by the Government.

  41. RICHARD D. STACY1 year ago

    These percentage numbers would radically change if there was a larger spectra of safe, affordable oral contraceptives available. Presently, there is just one for women and none for men.

  42. KR1 year ago

    This is not a political issue — “period”. Drinking and drug use at some level is legal. Assisted suicide for those with a short time to live is being put forward and will likely become part of every day life (eh hem). Philosophically, what is the difference?

    I suggest we outlaw sex. If you outlaw sex, then you won’t have any unwanted pregnancies. If you don’t have any unwanted pregnancies, you won’t have families agonizing over what their 16 year old child will do with their life. If you don’t have to agonize over your 16 year old child going to college and raising a young child on welfare, or have the parents support the next generation too, then you won’t have grand parents supporting grand kids. If you don’t have grand parents supporting grand kids, you will have grand parents that don’t need to work as long and will be able to retire more comfortably (since their pensions were decimated…another rant). If you have grand parents that can comfortably retire, you will have an ever aging population that is happier to not support the younger more complacent youth. If you have younger more complacent youth, then everyone will relax and have fun during their lives. So, stop having so much fun and outlaw sex. That will solve the problem. Worry about the things in your life you can control and stop worrying about controlling others. Politics is not the solution. Duh!

  43. Patrick Venton1 year ago

    Most state lines are not too far away , or international boarders can be readily accessed, making abortion not to difficult to achieve. The nitty make up of the polarised groups are given to much hay and the media / press make sure the polarised positions and their extreme positions are dramatised to sell copy. Kind of a pissing contest continuum .

    1. Williams Katherine1 year ago

      “Most state lines are not too far away , or international boarders can be readily accessed, making abortion not to difficult to achieve.”

      Tell that to a woman living in the middle of Texas, who doesn’t own a car and can’t afford a bus ticket. Tell that to a woman living in Africa, whose nearest access to ANY medical attention is hundred miles away. You’re perception of the availability of abortion is, at best, inaccurate.

      The poorest humans on the planet (and in this country) have the least access to adequate birth control and abortion, have the least access to reliable obstetrics, and have the highest maternal mortality rates. In New York in 2013, 10 in 100,000 Caucasian woman died from child birth or pregnancy, 79 in 100,000 African-American women died.

      The notion that this is a non-issue, is an insult to the hundreds of thousands of women dying, without access to proper medical care, and pregnancy prevention – and to the families they leave behind.

      1. Al Devault1 year ago

        Let’s separate “proper medical care” from “abortion on demand’ because they are two totally different issues. Medical care borders on being a “right.” Abortion on demand is a choice, basically one that is used to avoid responsibility. It is disingenuous to put the two together.
        Since Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, I really don’t care what decisions a woman makes about her pregnancy. I do object strongly that I should have to pay for her choices!

  44. Linda Szymanski1 year ago

    On a personal basis, I believe that aborting a child is wrong- I believe it is murder- I do not see how it can be called anything else. I do, however, believe that abortion does not have to be the “go to solution” for birth control, when educating our young teenagers and adults as to the responsibility of having sex, the very real possibility of conception and the resulting baby that will enter their lives as a result. I firmly believe that bringing up awareness, instilling personal responsibility and making it less than easy to get an abortion, will help to curb the behavior and irresponsibility of this age group. I do think that abortion should be available as the result of rape and threat to the mother’s life. Once again, our government is trying to control everything and in the end we alone are responsible for our actions and the results of those actions, even if everything is made legal, if we believe in God and His laws, we are indeed responsible for our actions. Legalizing something does not make it right, but it does remove the constant focus on battling this and other issues of a moral contest and allows us to turn our attentions to things the government CAN help us make better and more equitable- such as the creation of jobs and creating a favorable economic atmosphere in which to create and support these jobs. Also demanding higher accountability from our nation’s parents and our educational system that is WAY behind on a world basis. THAT is the purpose of government- not to be our conscious, but to offer support and opportunity with productive policy and standards.

  45. Susan1 year ago

    For those that truly believe life begins at inception is it not TWO people that come into the equation and question as to the decision to have an abortion. “The mother has the right to choose for herself” but what about the second life in this equation where does his or her right come in.

  46. Mike lipscomb1 year ago

    I wonder what the connection between Wade v Roe in 1973 and the halving of our National Crime rate 20 years later have to each other.
    I see it as aborting babies that are unwanted . It keeps those unwanted babies from being raised as unwanted children that don’t get proper nurture and grow up as predatators that don’t have normal feelings of love and empathy for others and become our street criminals. If the Evangical Right want to stop abortions, they have to be willing to correct the circumstances of young resentful mothers or parents though proper child care, family counseling, and financial aid in helping the young mothers gain a more fulfilling life so they can nurture their child they didn’t want.

  47. Jean Mundell1 year ago

    “There’s a difference between what Americans think should be legal and what they think is moral.” Sadly, in a country that supports separation of church and state, religious morals/beliefs are increasingly used to create laws that impose their moral beliefs on all, taking away the moral choices of the rest.

    1. george1 year ago

      Moral beliefs are not the sole preserve of religious people. Abortion is wrong, except in the most limited of circumstances. It is never acceptable for social reasons.

    2. Joe1 year ago

      Murder is just as much a legal issue as it is a moral issue !! Everyone knows this, but those who are selfish choose to ignore that fact !!

  48. Joan1 year ago

    Why is adoption not stressed more? I used to have a bumper sticker “Adoption not Abortion” but I never see any nor hear anything like that now. it is only abortion. In my 90-plus years I’ve learned there has always been and always will be women who choose abortion sad to say. I do not believe in criminalizing it, as none of us knows what it would be like to walk in the shoes of someone who finds herself in an unwanted pregnancy, whether thru rape, incest, life-threatening illness of the mother. Let God be the judge.

  49. Frances Frainaguirre1 year ago

    What percentage of Baptized Catholics support the abortion law? What percent of practicing Catholics support the law? These facts are not included in these statistics!

    1. June1 year ago

      There is a bar graph at bottom right of page – I don’t know how more specific you want it to be (i.e. – are these Catholics baptized?).

  50. Janice1 year ago

    A woman’s right to choose, says it all.

    1. george1 year ago

      A woman’s right to choose not to do what? Have sex or have the child?

    2. Joe1 year ago

      Why should a woman have the right to choose the death of another human being ? That’s called “murder” according to the laws of the U. S. !

    3. SGK1 year ago

      You mean a woman’s “right” to take a life.

  51. JR1 year ago

    The only way we will really know how the nation feels about abortion is to hold a nation wide vote, instead of asking a few thousand random participants on their opinion. That is what irritates me about so-called “statistics”, as they apply to only a handful of people vs. the entire country.

    1. fire11 year ago

      We DO know how the nation feels on a multitude of topics through SCIENTIFIC polling. That is the meaning of statistics – they are real, not “so-called”.

      Please read the background materials thoughtfully provided by the Pew Research site. Correctly sampled and bias-neutral survey questions reliably predict the total population opinion. That’s also why Nate Silver and his recently sold blog fivethirtyeight.com correctly predicted multitudes of political races and issue outcomes when the faux news commentators were putting on happy faces before their gloom after the last national elections. Wishin’ just don’t make it so!

    2. Williams Katherine1 year ago

      Unfortunately,what the nation “feels” is irrelevant to the law – and a national referendum is a truly appalling and disgusting suggestion. We should vote on taking the right to live away from women? Because regardless of what you “feel,” thousands of women die, every single day, due to pregnancy and childbirth.

      Also, you have confused statistics with polling data. An independent poll (like Pew) gathers info from demographics of people who match the general census data of the nation, and try to gather the general consensus by comparing results of that data.

      Statistical modeling, is gathering data and trying to determine facts and information from that analysis. For instance, it’s a poll result, that 63% of American’s believe that Roe v. Wade functions as it is written. It’s a statistic, that 99% of the world Maternal Mortality rate, takes place in “First World” nations, or that for every 100,000 pregnancies, 15-30 women will die. Statistics tell us what is – polls tell us what people THINK is. And I would prefer if laws continued to reflect statistics and scientific facts, over people’s emotional attitudes.

      1. SGK1 year ago

        Williams Katherine asks “We should vote on taking the right to live away from women?” No. Women should have the right to kill their unborn children!

      2. william1 year ago

        W. Katherine, “thousands of women die every day…..” is a statistic you cited. From whence did that gem emanate? The remainder of your discussion about statistics seems to be based on facts, too bad you preceded it with unsupported rhetoric and tainted the discussion.

  52. Paul1 year ago

    The U.S. Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade decided that life begins at the end of the first trimester and no being should be aborted after that term (with few exceptions). Now Texas has determined that life begins at conception and no abort should be permitted in any case. Some people are trying to establish that life begins when the putative parents have amorous thoughts and therefor contraception should not be permitted, especially the ‘morning-after’ pill. Where will it all end?

    1. Williams Katherine1 year ago

      Technically, Roe v. Wade asserts that the rights of the fetus do not begin at all – over the rights to privacy of the mother – until after the first trimester. Life is not defined as beginning at any particular point, in Roe v. Wade, and the justices did agree that viability takes place close to the end of the second trimester, and is a an equally valid (and potentially equally arbitrary) cut off for completely unrestricted access to abortion.

      “…the Court stated that during the first trimester, when the procedure is more safe than childbirth, the decision to abort must be left to the mother and her physician. The State has the right to intervene prior to fetal viability only to protect the health of the mother, and may regulate the procedure after viability so long as there is always an exception for preserving maternal health.”

      But your overall point is entirely accurate – Roe v. Wade already places all the necessary restrictions on abortion, that could potentially lead to an abortion ending a viable fetus. It’s the ultimate case of – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  53. Robert Reinsel1 year ago

    Abortion may be morally wrong in most cases. That is no reason to criminalize it or to make criminals out of those that have abortions or those who provide abortions. Those who have abortions must live with the fact of what they did.

    1. BOB C1 year ago

      You are dead right, My Mother rest her soul had an abortion early in life ( in her early twenties ) and carried the guilt and remorse for the rest of her tormented life .

    2. Joe1 year ago

      It is already “criminalized” — it’s called “murder.” The fact that the Supreme Court has refused to acknowledge it as such doesn’t change the definition of murder. If a human being with a beating heart and a functioning brain who has done nothing wrong is purposely killed, that is murder regardless of what a court says.

  54. Mikki Mack1 year ago

    I find it interesting that those in the Southern states who are against abortion, are also states that have the highest number of teenagers drop out of high school, have the highest number of teen pregnancies, have the highest number of obese residents. Is there a lack of education, knowledge, and understanding on pregnancy, contraception, and an over-all lack of understanding about conception and sex?

  55. Mikki Mack1 year ago

    What I find interesting, is that the states that are mostly against abortion, are also states that have the highest teen pregnancies, highest high school teen drop-out rate, and the highest obesity rates – is there a connection with lack of education, knowledge, understanding, etc.?

  56. 84% of americans want abortion restricted. Only 9 percent want abortion unrestricted.1 year ago

    You might take this new poll into account, to rethink the statistics you claim.

    The title is:
    “New poll: 62% Americans see abortion as ‘morally wrong’, 84% support restrictions”

    It is from a pro life site. But it deserves investigation, considering it is so opposite to your interpretation isn’t it? In that it’s conclusion is most people want abortion restricted more than currently, and they are not happy with the situation as it is. And are not happy with the idea of promoting abortion, instead of the acknowledgement and valueing of human life either.
    They see that the majority of americans see abortion as morally wrong. But more importantly, 84% want restrictions of some sort on abortion.
    I am sure you know too, that the majority of people want restrictions on abortion, and not abortion free and without limits. But you choose to say they want it legal in most or all cases. They may want it not totally illegal, but the fact is the majority want it restricted and to at least around the first trimester. And that wish for restriction is getting to a more and more early time in pregnancy, each year. As medical knowledge about the embryo and fetus improves. And awareness of the public (so slowly) gets to know any of those facts that favour a child’s life rather than killing it.


    Which as we can see, your questions are of course tainted by the way you want to ask the question, and group the answers, and interpret them.
    To say that most support abortion being legal in most cases. Without mentioning that most want it to be “restricted in most cases”, and think it is bad and is killing a life, and shouldn’t be promoted, and that education should be promoted showing that life should be valued.

    I mean. if a majority say abortion should be legal in nearly all cases. But restricted in nearly all cases, except for honest risk to the mother’s health.
    Isn’t the most important fact, in this debate where currently abortion can’t be made illegal, and the pro abortionists are trying to prevent laws that even allow it to be restricted. That the majority of americans do want it restricted in most cases except for honest risk to the mother’s health.

    But you only report, a majority say abortion should be legal in nearly all cases. You are ommitting the most important part, that they want abortion restricted, and that they think it is not a good thing to encourage abortion and to deny the right to life of the human life in the womb.

    The poll in the link I gave above, says:
    “Only 9 percent believe that abortion should be available to a woman any time she wants one during her entire pregnancy.”
    But 84% support restrictions on abortion.
    62% say abortion is morally wrong.
    58% of strongly pro choice americans want abortion restricted.

    1. Williams Katherine1 year ago

      “It is from a pro life site. But it deserves investigation, considering it is so opposite to your interpretation isn’t it?:”

      And here, is the crux of the problem with your entire argument. Something giving opposite results, does NOT mean it is a reliable source. You have to look at the factors that make the poll unbiased, and the effort of the source, to report the findings without interpreting them falsely. A poll on a pro-life site is not automatically going to be biased, but THAT’S what makes it data worth considering – how hard the site works to make sure the data is untarnished, not the fact that it says something opposite to what other data says. In fact saying that your results show the exact opposite of a nationally recognized independent polling group, like Pew, is not a strong indicator that your data is unbiased.

      And the poll, was actually sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and run by Maris – whose methods I think need serious consideration…

      “Respondents in the household were selected by asking for the youngest male.”

      How exactly is that creating a viable statistical model?

      Additionally, the questions you mention are incredibly vague and misleading. By all rights, every person who said that abortion should be restricted, could ALSO believe that it’s already restricted more than enough, and that it was adequately restricted under Roe v. Wade, BEFORE others started trying to tack on additional restrictions.

      I suggest you stop assuming that, just because you take a moral position that you think is popular, you don’t trust every random poll that agrees with you, and you argue that the poll Pew conducted is flawed – based on evidence – if you think their numbers are in accurate.

      1. SGK1 year ago

        Those of you responding to Williams Katherine are wasting your time. Her mind is made up and viewpoints other than hers are just nonsense.

  57. Will any media ever write about abortion, and say pro life is normal and preferable to abortion. How amazingly strange that life is never defended by the state and media powers of the world.1 year ago

    And most of the people who support abortion , or choice to kill, do so because of propaganda.
    Of which the western world media almost unanimously is pro abortion.
    Including this article. Which talks about guttmacher supporting abortion rights (There is no right to abortion. There is only a right to life. Which makes a right to abortion impossible), instead of just saying guttmacher support abortion. Because it is their business which makes their ally planned parenthood millions or billions of dollars.

    The only reason most people claim to be pro choice or think abortion is acceptable. Is because they don’t have any education about it, and they do not think about it very hard. And they certainly don’t think about the life of the human being which abortion kills. These people are just lazy thinkers or do not think about the issue at all. And they accept the view that is taught to them by the schools and media, which is abortion is good. And they have no human rights education or education such as doctors and nurses have, that life should be protected, not ended intentionally.

    Abortion (or acceptance of choice to abort) has moderate support only because of an intentional lack of education for truth about fetal development on the part of western states, and even about human rights and the right to life. Or to educate for protecting life, instead of favouring abortion. The people are just thinking what they are socially engineered to think.
    Which is to support abortion, because it kills human beings, as wanted by the eugenics movement. And it is a business which makes money from ending the lives of human beings on a mass scale, and for promoting the view that those lifes are without value. Honestly is it any different than the holocaust frame of mind?

    The latin american countries and countries which have less of an anti religion lobby, shame the USA state, and western states, on public education about fetal development, and human rights especially the right of every human being to life, and the obligation to protect life and never to intentionally end it.

    Almost all people who are pro life support the pro life position because they know the truth, that every human life is equal and has the right to life.

    And no state has the right to legalise the killing of life.
    And even less any right to legalise killing of life, and promote it on a mass scale such as the USA does, in the USA, as well as also trying to spread it around the world, because of the disgusting population control agenda of individuals who love themselves and value their life above others. But who dehumanise others, and try to encourage them to be killed. Again it is an exact reminder and type of inhumanity and abhorrence of the holocaust.
    The only worse thing is, the legalising and promoting of abortion by the USA, since roe vs wade, has led to over 55 million human beings killed in the womb intentionally legally in the USA, and over 1 billion in the world since 1980, largely because of the USA efforts to make abortion accepted, and calling it a right, and denying it as killing a human life, or denying that life any right to life. Just like the victims of the holocaust were denied right to life, because they were considered not equal humans to the ones who are controlling the killing and wanting to increase the killing.

    And the propaganda, that socially engineers people to be so unaware of the truth, and to be too lazy to think about the truth. Has to have huge amounts of billions of money and media control put into educating people into this belief that abortion is normal and even good.
    Compared to the idea that every human life is equal and has a right to be protected, as declared in the universal declaration of human rights, after the killing of the holocaust and world war 2, which taught people of that generation and the whole of humanity, a lesson. That every human life has to be protected. And intentional killing is never something that can be accepted as legal.

    And as ignored by the main powers of the world for the last several decades especially in the case of the USA and roe vs wade which allowed killing human beings in the womb legally and for any reason. And without even education to promote protecting life, as being preferable to an abortion.

    Life is the human right of every life, it is beyond even laws. It should be in our moral conscience. But failing that due to the existence of sociopaths who don’t care about morality or human life, there are the human rights conventions, which make it law to protect right to life. The states including the USA are bound to protect life, and abortion is illegal by these international binding human rights conventions. But why isn’t anyone carrying out prosecution and punishment and forcing compliance to the existing laws protecting life?
    Power has corrupted all those who fail to do protect life. And who allow laws legalising aboriton.

    Laws legalising abortion cannot last forever, because they do not make any sense, when compared with the natural right to life, and the binding laws protecting it.

    1. Williams Katherine1 year ago

      First of all, tune into Fox News and other conservative news outlets, and you’ll find plenty of people who share your positions. Just because more of the media disagrees with you, doesn’t make it skewed – especially when poll after poll indicates that the bulk of the population doesn’t agree with you. There are still press outlets that agree with segregation and men having social dominion over women – it doesn’t make any of those positions morally superior to the rest of the media.

      Second, killing is your word, and it’s hyperbolic as hell. If you want your position – and your moral superiority – to be taken seriously, I suggest you use language that isn’t blatantly manipulated and inflammatory.

      Most people who do not agree with your clearly uninformed opinions about abortion, do NOT do so based on propaganda. Their position is based on the scientific understanding, that human life does NOT exist the second a sperm inseminates an egg, but instead begins near the point of viability, when synaptic brain function begins, and the fetus is first capable of living outside of the mother’s body. A brain dead person is no longer a person – by that same token, a collection of cells which does not yet have brain function, is not yet a person.

      If you don’t agree with at what point life begins, that’s your prerogative – but it is a completely and utter LIE, to state that pre viable zygotes and fetuses do have synaptic brain function, or that those who support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions, are making that fact up just to justify ‘killing babies’. And NO abortion takes place after viability – because that’s one of the rules already IN Roe v. Wade, which most people agree makes it a great judicial decision. If a fetus is considered viable, and the mother’s life is in danger, the fetus is delivered and they attempt to save it. Roe v. Wade already gives the fetus more rights, as it approaches viability, and before that protects the mother’s rights first.

      Additionally – a WOMAN has as much right to life as a viable fetus, and before viability a LIVE WOMAN has MORE right to LIFE, than a zygote (which is the state of most aborted pregnancies). Abortion is a right, because pregnancy can end a woman’s life – and regardless of your opinions on the subject, she has a right to life too.

      ONE WOMAN A MINUTE dies in this world, due to complications from pregnancy and childbirth. That is NOT propaganda, it is a fact – and it’s been a fact in every legitimate review of the data for more than a decade. If you were educated on how pregnancy works, you would also know that for every one woman who dies, 20 more suffer injury, infection or disease, which can cause chronic issues and death, years later. You would also know, that many women who seek abortions are already parents – and if you force those women to carry a pregnancy they do not want, to term, you are potentially killing that woman and destroying an existing family. And that IS killing. Because you are forcing a condition on a living and thinking being, which has a potential to terminate her life, against her will.

      You can tell yourself, until you’re blue in the face, that pregnancy is a benign condition that isn’t really dangerous to women, and that right to life exists first with the mass of cells that is a POTENTIAL LIFE over the woman who is an EXISTING LIFE. You can tell yourself that deep down, we all agree that life begins at conception, and abortion is killing life, instead of preventing it from becoming a life. You can speak, all you like, about how a fetus’ right to life exists, while a woman’s right to protect her own life with a medical procedure, is murder…

      But why don’t you try telling it to family’s of the 10 women who died, in the time it took me to write this? Tell them that your perceptions of conception are the only RIGHT ones – even though they’re clearly not based on science or legitimate statistics about death and human suffering – and are more important than the lives of the women they lost. Somehow, I don’t think they’ll give a damn about your misguided moral outrage, or agree that killing and harming WOMEN is preferable, to providing access to all medical forms of birth control.

      1. SGK1 year ago

        Abortion is not killing a life. No — it’s just having a wart removed. If the life is not growing, what makes removing it necessary?

    2. Victoria Fleischer1 year ago

      You can keep your sense of morality, I’ll take care of mine and yes, I am a humanist. I was also raised in an educated household so I would question your position that women (and I use women purposely cause it really is about them) aren’t educated about and don’t understand it. Abortion is ugly, absolutely ugly and of the many women I know who have had them, I have never met one who didn’t take it seriously and understood the consequences of their actions. Legal abortion has support because we recognize the value of the woman dealing with pregnancy, we have collective memory of the horrors of illegal abortion and don’t wish that upon anyone. You can make all the laws you want against it but that won’t make it go away, it just forces women to take drastic actions. You can sermonize all you want about the sanctity of life, which I always find ironic when I read about children being killed by the adults responsible for them, people killing each other with guns daily and governments that wage wars that kill their own people. After my abortion, I had four children in a committed marriage. After experiencing birth I understood even more what my actions meant. I am not proud, I am not “happy” with my abortion. But I am grateful that I had the option to have a legal, safe abortion. I am very grateful that I had a chance at the life I wanted. And after giving birth, there is absolutely no way I could ever give a baby up for adoption. So the lives we are protecting are those of the women already here.

    3. Joe1 year ago

      I really enjoyed reading your comment, you are one of the ones who see the problem. God Bless.

    4. Joe1 year ago

      Outstanding points !! Thank you !!