April 9, 2012

Speed Cited as the Top Reason for Getting an E-Book


Among readers of both printed books and e-books, the top reason cited for choosing a digital book is the ability to get it quickly. More than eight-in-ten (83%) people expressed this view.

Among readers of both printed books and e-books, 83% said that the digital format has an advantage because of the quickness by which they can be acquired. Those most likely to choose e-books for this reason are between 18 and 50, live in households earning more than $50,000 and look to websites for book recommendations.

The second most-cited reason for preferring e-books was the ability to read on the move. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of readers of both formats shared the view that e-books were better for reading while traveling or commuting.

Readers voiced support for printed books over e-books when being read to a child (cited by 81%). Printed books were also seen by respondents as being easier to share with other people. Read More

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