March 2, 2011

Millennials and Music


Three-fourths of adults younger than age 34 own an iPod or another mp3 player.

Portable music devices, like the iPod or other mp3 player, are especially popular among Millennials. Fully 74% of adults younger than age 34 own such a device, and more Millennials own an iPod or similar device than own other popular tech devices such as a laptop (70%) or game console (63%). Only cell phones — owned by nearly all Millennials (95%) — are a more popular gadget among this age group. Overall, just less than half (47%) of all adults own an iPod or related device. A 56%-majority of Gen X members own such a device, as do 42% of Young Boomers. Far fewer Older Boomers (26%) or members of the Silent (16%) and G.I. (3%) generations have an iPod or similar device, though. Read More

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