January 6, 2011

America Losing Ground

9 of 12

Majorities or pluralities of Americans think the country is losing ground on nine of 12 major issues.

Asked to assess the progress, or lack thereof, the country is making on 12 issues, a majority of plurality of the public sees America losing ground on nine major issues. Large numbers of Americans see the country losing ground on the budget deficit (67%), the financial condition of Social Security (64%), the cost of living (64%), and the availability of good-paying jobs (63%). A majority sees the country losing ground on the rich-poor gap (58%), the ability to compete internationally (55%) and the financial condition of Medicare (51%). On no issue asked about do more than three-in-ten Americans see the country making progress. A plurality, though, at least sees the country “staying about the same” on international terrorism and environmental pollution. Read More

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